2023 Safe Journey Quotes for My Mum – I Miss You Mom

So I heard your mom is going on a journey and you will love to have some lovely wishes you can send to her? Let us see your choice from the collection of Safe Journey Wishes and Quotes for Your Mom.

I Miss You Safe Journey Quotes for My Mum

Best I miss you safe trip quotes for mum (mother).

I stretched my hand for your embrace,
In cold I reached out but you were not there.
My best dish; that I miss so much.
But mother, why would you do this to me?

Mum! Guess what!
I was happy when I woke up,
But the thought of you not being here,
Really switched my mood.
Sad you are not here.

Mum, but why!
Why would you do this to us.
A prank to make us miss you right?
What a pro you are.

Mummy, where are you?
Can’t wait to see you soon.
But remember to buy all you promised.
I am missing you, mum.

Have a Safe Journey Mom
The journey is stressful right?
So sorry about that.
You will be back home soonest.
I pray a quick come back. Mwah.

You are such a wonderful woman,
And a great mother at that.
Especially when you don’t keep us waiting forever.
Longing to see you back home mum.

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Sweet mother, how could you make us miss you this much.
The foods are no more sweet,
And no more warm cuddling and your lovely embrace.
We are waiting to see you come mama.
Safe journey.

Please mum, don’t make us wait any longer.
You should be back by now!
Why keep us on suspense of your arrival,
When you know it will make us miss you the more?
Please be back as soon as possible mom.

You left without giving us enough reason to leave,
Now there you are without enough reason to stay.
Waiting for a lifetime to see you is killing.
Mum, it is better you come home soon.

The night is like forever without your good night kiss,
And the morning seems so unending without your smile.
Days go by and I miss you as never before.
Dear mother, your child wants you back home on time.

I feel much emptiness within my soul.
It was like you left with a piece of me.
Mummy, I can’t wait any longer to see you.
I am begging, please be back home for your little child.

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