2024 Safe Journey Wishes and Quotes for Husband or Wife

It is a common experience that lovers do miss each other whenever one is going on a journey. When Such happens, it is ideal to get safe journey messages like these and send to your lover. and they will be glad you did.

I Miss You My Husband (Hubby) Or Wife

Romantic I Miss You My Husband or Wife.

My honey, I wish you were here.
I have really missed you.
Please stay lovely for me.
I love you.

I am not like them who tell lies.
I am not missing you!
I only want to see your face,
And for you to stay here forever.
(Believe the last two statements).

I Miss You My Spouse

If for financial needs,
I have enough money.
If for social needs,
I have enough friends.
But only you can help fulfil this-
The reason why I am living…
Please come back home on time.
Really missing you.

The closer home you come,
The closer to my heart you are.
I couldn’t help you being away
Waiting to see you my love.

Traveling limits our being together,
But can’t just help it.
I wish we stay together forever,
But a fruitless desire, it seems.
I am missing you like forever.

I can’t imagine a moment without you.
How could I have made this happen.
Next time, I would love we go together.
One… Two… Be back on time please.

Missing you takes me out of comfort.
Thinking of you not here saddens me.
it’s like I am missing my breathe, Missing you.
Would love you to be back on time.

Trending Today

Our love is branded forever,
The desire I feel for you is joy in itself.
Whether you are near or far,
I cannot love you less.
Wishing you safe journey back home.

I am tired of handling the house chores all alone.
I have never been in a mess like this before.
I am begging you to be back home on time pls.
I love you, and I missed you.

A palace is but an ordinary house,
Without its King in it,
And nothing has life without the air.
Feeling so lonely you not being here.
Please be back on time my King.

A Palace stays in disorderliness,
In the long absence of its queen.
That is exactly how I feel within me.
I am taking it cool because I am a man.
But you must be here as planned.
I miss you my one and only.

I feel helpless like a bird without its wings
I feel defeated like a soldier robbed of his weapons.
I feel aimless like a car without its steering…
And all these feelings are because I miss you.
Safe journey.

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