2023 Monday Morning Prayers for the Best of a Week

Starting the week with a wonderful prayer from a loving heart is a beautiful thing, it instills the confidence and inspiration needed to face the week and conquer.

Don’t just wish the best for yourself and others, speak the blessings and favour into your week. Here are some of the best Monday morning prayers to start your week in 2023.

Powerful Monday Morning Prayers for the Best of a Week

Inspiring Monday Morning prayers for a beautiful week.

1. Blessed Lord, thank you for the Grace of today, thank you for bringing me into this new week. Oh God, go with me, keep me from evil, guide my steps and protect me from harm. I pray this week will be better than last week, filled with greater blessings and testimony. Thank you for being there for me always. I am forever grateful.

2. Mighty father, I bless your name for this beautiful week that you have prepared for me. I go with confidence in your name, bless the works of my hands. You are a faithful God, I commit all spheres of my life in your able hands, make me fruitful. As I go through the week, open my eyes to see new strategies for success and keep evil away from me. Thank you for answered prayers.

3. It’s the beginning of a wonderful week and I pray God will help you to fulfill all your heart desires, he will make a way where there seems to be no way, everything will work for your favour. God will send men to favour you this week, it will be far better and greater than your past and you would have no cause to weep over any of your family members in Jesus name. Have a blessed week my dear.

4. Oh lord, as I go into this week, I pray that you help me in every way. I pray the heavens will open and pour down blessings into my life. Let everything I lay my hands on prosper, bless my way and let everything favour me. Make this week a week filled with testimony of abundance, and make me happy all through. Thank you for making it so.

5. It’s the beginning of another glorious week and I’m starting with you oh lord, without you this week will be gory, so I invite you lord, go with me this week. Make every crooked ways straight, make a way from me where I least expect, surprise me with miracles and let me be filled with the abundance of your joy. I look forward to enjoying the week with you. Thank you for being with me. I’m forever grateful for your love.

6. As I start this week, I proclaim favour from all angles and blessings beyond human comprehension into my week. I speak divine help and I pray the angels of the Lord will protect me from harm. The Lord will help me fulfill all my heart desires and he will be gracious and merciful unto me. I declare It’s gonna be the best week of my life and so shall it be.

7. God is wonderful, he has kept us alive and he will make us a living testimony of his greatness. As you embark on the journey of this new week. I pray that all long-term promises will come to fulfilment and joy will envelop you, everything in life will favour you and you will be enlarged on every side. Have a beautiful week.

8. May this week be better than the previous one, I pray the Lord grant you divine inspiration for success and breakthrough. New ideas and new strategies will be revealed to you, also no evil shall befall you, all plans of the wicked over you shall be destroyed. Go into your week and do exploits. Have a beautiful week ahead.

9. God has been wonderful, and he has been there week in, week out. As you enter into this new week, he will surprise you with unlimited blessings, I pray God will take you higher beyond your expectations, greater doors will be opened unto you and you will have every cause to celebrate. Happy new week, go enjoy yourself.

10. I open this week for you with prayers of strength, may God grant you divine grace to do exploits and achieve the extraordinary this new week. May his blessings be abundant in your life, this week shall be one of your best weeks ever and all your heart desires will be fulfilled. It’s going to be a wonderful week. Go and enjoy.

11. Lord Jesus, thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to see this beautiful week. I pray that as I set out, guide my steps to make the best decisions. Let all my plans be perfected according to your will. Thank you for being there for me always.

12. it’s a great day and the beginning of a wonderful week. May this week be blessed beyond your comprehension and may you have every cause to laugh at the innumerable success manifested in the week. Have a blessed week.

13. Oh Lord God, guide all my utterances this new week. I refuse to do anything against your will, help me to stand firm in your word all through. I pray everything I lay my hands on will prosper and I would have good success.

14. Our father in heaven, thank you for bringing us into this wonderful week, as I go into this new week, I commit my ways in your hands, guide me and help me to do according to your will. Oh God, let your favour be my daily experience. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

15. It’s another opportunity to make things happen, go out this new week and explore with grace, shine with light, glow with favour, grow in love, multiply in fruitfulness and don’t forget to testify for God is making and taking you for higher height this week.

16. It’s a new week, a new glory, a fresh anointing, a brand new joy, a blessing without stress, favour with flavour is all I wish and pray for you this new week. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

17. I pray that as you start your this new week, you will have every course to celebrate and appreciate God everyday because he will surprise you with beautiful and wonderful things this week. Go and do exploits. Have a glorious week.

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18. Suddenly, within a twinkle of an eye there is an old week and a new week, relax, every good thing will come suddenly as you go out and come in this week. I pray this week will bring you joy and make you fulfilled.

19. My earnest prayer for you this new week is that you will experience God’s miraculous hands anywhere your feet step in this week. God will favour you on every side and make all your dreams come through. It’s going to be a blessed week.

20. My prayer for you this week. A marvelous Monday, testimony filled Tuesday, wonderful Wednesday, triumphant Thursday, fruitful Friday, stress-free Saturday and a blessed Sunday. Have a testimony filled week.

21. Prayer is the key to all the treasures of life. I pray for you this week, the key to the good things you treasure will be given to you. Everything you lay your hands on will prosper, and you would be fulfilled. Have a blessed week.

22. Cheers to the beginning of a new week. May you be favoured in your labour this week, favour unlimited and blessings beyond measure will be your portion. Have a testimony filled week.

23. I pray for you today..your going out will be blessed, your coming in will be blessed for the rest of this week. Go will protect you and keep you from evil, all your heart desires will be fulfilled according to God’s will. Have a beautiful week ahead.

24. The week is young and is filled with many positive and negatives things. I pray God will direct your path towards the positive and guide your steps away from the negative. He will grant you grace to fulfill your aspirations and you will complete the week with a testimony.

25. Dear lord, this is the beginning of a new week, you know the future of this week more than I do, let every second, minute and hour of this week be a blessing for me, make me happy and fulfilled this week according to your will.

26. Oh Lord, thank you for the past week, it was filled with many blessings and favour. By His Grace, I decree that this week will be better than the previous one. I pray for multiplied blessings and achievements in peace and comfort in Jesus name.

27. Heavenly Lord, thank you for your Grace, for your peace, for your love and care. Thank you for bringing me into this new week, I commit the week in your hands, let all my heart be fulfilled this week.

28. Father, as I go into this new week, bless the works of my hands, let everything work for my favour. Keep me from evil and guide my steps all through. You’re my God, destroy all evil in my way and give me peace.

29. You are alpha and omega, oh lord as the week starts, come and start with me, make all my ways prosperous, bless everything I do. Keep me safe from every evil plot and make me happy forever in you.

30. Thank you, Lord, for being there for me always. You are my shield and my strength, as I go into this week, go with me, be my strength, be my guardian. Help me to fulfill all my plans and keep me safe under your wings.

31. Hello! I usher you into this new week filled fresh blessings and glory. I pray your ways will be prosperous, you will enjoy favour from every side and everything will work together for you good. Enjoy your week.

32. Welcome to this beautiful week. I pray that you’re overwhelmed with blessings, that will overflow to everyone you come in contact with this week. I pray you will radiate like a shining light and you would be a source of joy to many. Have a wonderful week ahead.

33. It’s a glorious opportunity to be alive to witness yet another great week. I pray all your aspirations will be accomplished. May you have cause to laugh and remain joyfully all through the week. Go and do exploits. God bless you.

34. In this new week, as you go into it, you will walk into open doors, unmerited favours will be your portion. Good health, sound mind and blessings will be your lot. Have a wonderful week, enjoy yourself to the fullest.

35. As you step into this week, may you be blessed beyond your understanding, may your heart desires come through, and you would be successful in all spheres of life. Go and fulfill your dreams this week. Have a prosperous week ahead.

36. New week comes with new plans and new schedule, may all your plans and schedule bring favour to you in Jesus name. Go into and do exploits. Enjoy your week.

37. The past week is gone forget about the disappointments and unachieved goals, all the things you struggled to get last week, you will get them with ease this week, happy new week

38. As you go this week, may the angels of the lord, go with you, blessings from all angles will be your portion. Keep basking in the euphoria of God’s grace and favor. Enjoy your week.

39. I want to specially welcome you to a week of unlimited favour. it is God that gave you life to see this new week, he will make you experience double of his grace for exploit. Have a wonderful week ahead.

40. I wish you the week that will bring favour and not labour, I wish you a week that will erase all obstacles and bring miracles and I wish you the week that will zero all evil plans and make you a hero. Go and enjoy the week.

41. When life throws anything at us, we determine how we react to it to bring out the best result. Go into this week with a positive mindset and everything will work in your favour. I pray this week will bring you good tidings, and make you fulfilled.

42. As you go into this week, may the Lord guide you and make every crooked way straight. May the Lord bless the work of your hands and make your way prosperous. Have a blessed week.

43. May the blessings from above envelope you throughout this week in Jesus name. Happy new week, go into it and do exploits, you deserve the best blessings of God. Enjoy.

44. When men say there is a casting down, in your life and in your home, there shall be a lifting in Jesus name. Go into a new level of greatness. Have a great week.

45. Surely, and mercy shall follow you throughout this week in Jesus’ name. Everything you lay your hands on will prosper. Go and fulfill your dreams this new week. Have a blessed week.

46. He was with them in a pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night.
In this new week, his presence will never leave you. You will bask in the euphoria of God’s unlimited blessings.

47. Welcome to a new week, make a difference, touch lives, be a solution, be a blessing and live for God. Have a fruitful week, may it be one of your best week ever.

48. One wonderful and sweet thing about new years, new weeks and new days is the word NEW. Its a time to start over, I pray I would be refreshed and renewed to do greater exploits.

49. Change directions and begin anew.
This new week, may you find strength to move ahead in great leaps and bounds. The Grace to go beyond your past achievements will be released unto you. Happy new week.

50. The past is a history while the present is where we are living, the future is unknown but because we have a wonderful father, he has secured the future of this week for us with blessing in abundance. It’s going to be a wonderful week.

51. May heaven approve your plans and desires as you begin this week in a song of praise. I pray your steps will be ordered this week to a purposeful direction. Have a blessed week.

52. The Bible says that the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. It is my sincere prayer for you that every step you shall take henceforth shall be in the right direction in Jesus mighty name. Have a wonderful week.

53. In this New Week, You shall have a new and great testimony, all your heart desires will be fulfilled. It’s going to be a wonderful week. Get ready to enjoy. Happy new week to you.

54. God will break protocols to favour you. Natural laws will be suspended for your sake, the blessing will come upon you from every side. Go and achieve your dreams this week, have a wonderful week ahead.

55. May the divine wisdom that comes from God almighty go with me today and every day of this new week to experience unspeakable joy, I pray it would be a stress-free week, filled with blessings and lots of achievements.

56. May God bless you with what you pray for, reward you with what you work for, grant you what you hope for, surprise you with what you have not asked for. It’s going to be a week to remember. Go and do exploits.

57. This week, God will take you to a level beyond any human expectations, he will open great doors and enlarge your coast. Whatsoever you lay your hands on will prosper. Have a blessed week ahead.

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58. He shall build your life upon a solid rock today & beyond, such that no storm shall be able to sink or wreck your ship. The Almighty God shall put a smile on your face this beautiful day, and all through this week in Jesus name.

59. May your broken hope be renewed this new week, things that you have stretched your spiritual and physical muscles to get and couldn’t get, the mercy of God shall bring it to you without struggle in Jesus name.

60. Your movement today and the rest of the days of this new glorious week will be full of gladness. The hosts of heaven shall fight and defeat, every open and secret opposition to your advancement, in life this new week in Jesus name. Have a wonderful week.

61. The Lord will grant unto you supernatural grace to accomplish all your goals, he will lift you above your enemies. He will crush every evil opposition and make you victorious. Welcome to a victorious week.

62. I declare into this wonderful week, everywhere I go, men and women will compete to favour and bless me. I will achieve everything I set my heart to and God’s blessings will encompass me all round.

63. This week is your week of good news. You will receive mercy beyond measure. Heaven will bless you with new ideas, that will open many opportunities to usher your life to higher ground in Jesus name. Enjoy a graceful week

64. Every mountain standing between you and the fulfilment of your God-given dreams shall become plain, and all withholding blessings of yours shall be delivered to you.
Welcome to a new week of God’s faithfulness.

65. Dear God, I pray for the person reading this right now, let your protection be certain. I pray that God will destroy every evil plan against your life and make you fulfilled. Enjoy your week.

66. Dear God answer my positive prayers and lift me to the position I so dearly desire, grant me my heart desires and fulfill all my plans. It’s going to be a great and rewarding week.

67. May your lamp of glory burn brighter, your ocean of joy flow ceaselessly, your rainbow appear more colourful and consistently in this new week. Have a splendid week

68. You will triumph over all challenges and troubles, you will become unstoppable as the Almighty God will release an excellent spirit upon you to succeed in all your endeavours. Welcome to a week of exploits.

69. As you enter into this new week. You will not dispense labour in the garden of your enemies, your beautiful gate shall not be an open field to your adversaries. God will reward you with abundant blessings.

70. Happy new week, I pray that you have the most excellent, blessed, favoured and uplifting week. Go and achieve your dreams. God is with you all through.

71. I pray that as you enter this week, you will experience more miraculous turnaround beyond your expectations. Walk gallantly Into the new week, it’s going to be one of your best.

72. The power of prayers that worked wonders in the lives of Paul and Silas that liberated them in the hands of their tormentors, shall this week, break every invisible shackle and fetter of the enemies in your life in Jesus name.

73. This week, you shall share testimonies beyond your expectations, from different directions you shall be favoured. It’s going to be one of your best week ever. Go and enjoy a manifold of God’s grace and favour this week.

74. Every blessing that God has promised you shall not elude you and your household this week in the mighty name of Jesus. It’s going to be a great week. Have a memorable week ahead.

75. As I go into this week, I go with the confidence of God to regain my lost possessions, I release myself for the Grace of fulfiled promises, and I pray everything will work together in my favour. God bless my week.

76. May the almighty God reload your life with a new song. He will rebrand you for excellence and greatness in this new week, go and fulfill your dreams, great exploits await you. Have a blessed week.

77. In this new week, that singular miracle that will sink the pride of your enemies shall happen in your life. Everything you have ever wanted will be given to you freely and your testimonies will abound. Happy new week.

78. The success that will shut the mouth of my haters permanently is activated in my life this new week. This week, I pray God will visit me in a great way and turn all my sorrows to joy.

79. Grace will announce your greatness, mercy will usher you to your table of upliftment, favour will settle you, your feet will not stumble in the name of Jesus. Have a blessed week.

80. Look at your palms, you’ll see some wonderful and natural lines, can you erase them? Not at all. So be assured that nothing can erase God’s wonderful plans for you this week in Jesus name. Enjoy the beautiful week ahead.

81. May God’s grace be sufficient for you in all you do, his mercy is unceasing, his love is genuine, his promise is sure. He’s too faithful to fail, he will give you the reason to smile this week and forever in Jesus Name.

82. This is a week of perfect celebration, the Lord will perfect everything that concerns you and give you pleasant surprises. You are going higher and higher. As the Lord lives, your victory is sure. Have a glorious week.

83. From this week onwards, where the legs of man can’t go, the grace of God will take you there. Where the hands of men can’t reach, God’s favour will speak for you. Go and do exploits. Have a great week ahead.

84. No man anywhere can deny you of your dues, the harvest of your planting shall never elude you, you are blessed today for the rest of your life. Go and achieve your dreams.

85. As you step into this week, may you have a lasting impact of blessing in your life. I proclaim that your breakthrough in life is irreversible. Good morning, have a wonderful week.

86. I pray that you experience supernatural breakthrough, unlimited and uncommon favour as you step into the new week. All your long-term dreams and aspirations will come to fulfilment. Go enjoy yourself.

87. Welcome to a wonderful week that’s filled with sweetness of abundant blessings. You would triumph over your enemies and your testimony will be overwhelming. It’s your week, go and do exploits.

88. As I go out this week, the angel of the Lord will go with me to make every crooked ways straight. God will direct my path from heaven and favour me in everything I do. It’s going to be a blessed week for me.

89. This week, God will announce you for greater and wonderful miracles, he will anoint your head with oil and your cup shall overflow. Have a week filled with thanksgiving and joy.

90. I know all things will work together for my good, this is God’s promise for me. Can’t wait to start enjoying the fullness the week has to offer. Happy new week to me.

91. Congratulation for the uncommon Grace of waking up today to a new day, a new week, dear beloved, Grace makes a man function without struggling, Grace means favour minus labour.

92. When grace speaks, protocols are suspended. Therefore, I pray for you today and beyond, that the grace of God will always speak for you in this week in Jesus name. Go achieve your dreams.

93. Other weeks might be a blessing to you, you must have experienced joy unspeakable and lots wonderful things the previous week, but this week shall be beyond your expectations. It’s going to be your best week ever. Go and enjoy.

94. I pray for you that this new week will favour you, everything you lay your hands on will prosper, continue to bask in wonderful things that this week will bring. Have a great week ahead.

95. I pray as you go into this glorious week, you won’t be delayed, you won’t be denied, you won’t be disgraced, and you won’t be disappointed. Everywhere you get to favour will speak for you.

96. I pray for you today that God will visit you and prosper you this new week, he will open great doors for you and you will be blessed beyond your understanding. Go and do exploits. Have a wonderful week.

97. The oil of grace upon your life will never run dry as you step into the new week. You will receive the strength to achieve all you have set your heart to do. Have a blessed and wonderful week ahead.

98. As little as a key is, it opens a big door without much effort. As from this day and to the end of your life, your little effort will bring unusual success. I pray the key to great success will be given to you this week. Have a wonderful week.

99. God will make your story a testimony, your life will be a source of inspiration and joy to many. Go into this week to achieve your dreams. God is your strength and your shield.

100. I pray this day will open great doors for you. God will direct your steps and protect you from evil, he will give you divine strategies and he will make you a shining light. This is wonderful, enjoy it to the fullest.

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