Your Partner Cheating on You

Nervous About Your Partner Cheating on You? Learn How to Get an Insight

All relations go through ups and downs now and then. As your relationship grows, your initial days of physical passion and desires mature into comfort and mutual support. But it is not uncommon for the relationship to hit a roadblock, and that often leads to infidelity. Even though most times these roadblocks can be sorted out by talking to each other, people make up all kinds of reasons and excuses for cheating.

Psychics deal with problems of love the most, especially because they can provide an insight that no one else can. Various mediums can uncover the truth for people, and most of the time that truth is about a cheating companion. Tarot cards have revealed many cheating partners with the help of this “cheating” tarot card.

Whenever individuals approach psychics with the suspicion of being cheated on, they have already seen the signs for it. At times they are aware of it subconsciously and need further proof. All of us possess a sixth sense, some stronger than others, and can sense when things are not right.

If you feel that you have that gut feeling of being cheated on, but are still unsure to leap into a confrontation, here are a few telltale signs of a cheating spouse.

Sudden Change in Appearance

If you see your partner suddenly wearing a lot of impressive clothes or getting a bold new haircut, it is a sign that you need to keep a closer eye. Cheating partners often wear expensive clothes, talk about new friends, and avoid questions about what they are up to.

Hiding Their Phone

In the 21st-century cheating partners always have things to hide on their phones. They will always try to keep their phone away from your reach or keep the screen side down to hide their notifications from you. You can see the panic on their face if and when you pick up their phone.


Couples who have been in a relationship for a while tend to know each other’s routines. If you see a sudden change in that, or you can’t find out when they have have been, maybe it is time to ask a few questions. Deceptive answers that change frequently are a sure sign that they are hiding something.

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Lack of Intimacy

If it is only a few months, and there is a drastic lack of intimacy, chances are that someone else is getting your partner’s attention more than you. Couples might face intimacy issues once in a while. But in case there is no intention of rectifying it, something is wrong.

Anger or Nervousness

If your partner seems increasingly angry or nervous around you, chances are that it is not about you. you might be facing the brunt of their insecurities. In case you have been in the relationship for a short time, your partner may have started showing their true colors. But if you have been in the relationship for a considerable amount of time, and your partner’s anger issues don’t seem to make sense, it is probably a cover-up.

Acting Aloof

A change in bedtime or an overall attempt to avoid contact with you in the house does smell fishy. They might be having a guilt trip around you which makes them uncomfortable. Living in the same house on a need-to-know basis is alarming. Maybe it is time to sit down with your partner and have the talk.

Inconsequential Attacks

Is your partner scolding you for the tiniest of issues? They might seem to get angry about things that did not matter to them before, or over minute household issues that can be sorted out in a jiffy. Over-reacting can often be signs of infidelity.

Long “Business Trips”

Your partner might be dropping hints that they will be going on a long business trip, or a conference over the weekend. You should cross-check the details in case you are not entirely satisfied with the story.

Irregular Expenses

Have you noticed any odd charges of his credit card lately, or a sudden dip in your common bank account? Affairs can be quite costly and the charges add up very quickly. But they are usually the easiest to spot and definite proof of unfaithfulness.

Constant Check on Your Schedule

Even though some partners tend to be overprotective, cheating partners display the same signs with a few minor differences. They will be always interested to know where you are going to be, but would not bother with other details like who you are going to be with. Once in a blue moon, it might mean a surprise, but constant inquiries mean they are up to no good.

It is always advisable to talk to your partner before jumping to conclusions. And you mustn’t encroach your partner’s space based on mere suspicion. Confrontation or accusations should be made when you are a hundred percent sure, otherwise, you might cause irreparable damages to your relationship. Consulting a psychic medium is always a safe way to confirm your fears without causing any undue awkwardness. But in case your tarot cards spell out infidelity, approach your partner carefully because it might have dangerous repercussions.

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