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110+ Good Morning Messages for Friends in English

How you start a day matters a whole lot. The momentum, energy, and drive you use to start your day can be the determining factor of your success for the whole day.

This is why starting the day with the right words are important because you awaken something much deeper within you to drive you for the day.

Unfortunately, not so many people have good mantras to start the day with. Now that you know how important words are, you can help your loved ones by speaking life and positivity to their day very early before any atom of doubt has the chance to wake up.

Here are 110+ Good Morning Messages for Friends in English:


Inspirational Good Morning Text Messages for Friends

Send the following good morning messages for friends to your male or female friend to inspire their day. Here are heart touching early morning messages, quotes and wishes that you can send to a friend, just to grace the day for him or her.

1. As you go out today, dare to be a bit different than the others in this world full of greed, hate and envy. Good morning, my dear friend.

2. As the sun has risen this morning, your happiness shall rise to its very peak for the rest of the day. Go and conquer today, my friend.

3. It doesn’t matter what the weather is for the rest of the day, you are well equipped to handle it, so enjoy the warmth of the sun and dance happily in the rain.

4. Everyone around the world does the same thing by waking up in the morning every day, so ensure you are different by doing something different for the rest of the day. Good morning, my friend.

5. I know you have a heart bigger than the world itself, but don’t let hit be heavy. Also, do not let people use it as a playing field to toy with emotions. Good morning, sweet friend.

6. Endeavour to fill your heart with love, joy and enough peace today no matter what life throws at you. Have a blessed day, friend.

7. Welcome to this beautiful day, my friend! I am happy to share this day with you. Hope you go through it bursting with joy and loads of energy. Good morning, my dear friend.

8. I guess the sun has risen so beautifully today to show you that today is not about to be a normal day. It is the perfect day to break boundaries! Enjoy today, my dear friend.

9. If there is anything I know about today, it’s that it is about to be an extraordinary day. I pray you partake in it, my friend. Good morning.

10. Be kind and go about today with a high spirit. Greet everyone with a smile and avoid grudges. Have a sweet day, my friend.

11. I pray you enjoy the wonderful feeling whatever weather today brings. You deserve it and more. Have a nice day, friend.

12. Remember that every task today can only be difficult, not impossible. Enter the day with this mindset and success will be yours at the end. Joyous morning, my friend!

13. Keep your thoughts clean and positive throughout the day and end up with positive results at the end. Good morning, my friend.

14. It’s such a pleasure to share this beautiful day with you, homie. I pray all the blessings of today locate you wherever you go. Have a nice day, friend.

15. Allow the fire of life mould you and turn you into the beautiful diamond you have on the inside of you. Good morning, friend.

16. As you take a look outside your window, I suggest you focus on the beautiful things you see rather than the others. Good morning, friend.

17. Life is beautiful when you decide to overlook the hurt you feel and place your thoughts on the beautiful things you see. I hope this will be your story at the end of today, my friend.

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18. Today, I want you to focus on growth, love and happiness for you and everyone around you. Have a nice day.

19. Things won’t get better until you work on them. So get yourself up today and work on things you want to be better in your life. Do it now!

20. Remember to have a healthy breakfast, healthy bath and healthy state of mind. It keeps you young forever!

21. Do not get so caught up in pleasures today that you forget your responsibilities. Get up and work, that job is not going to do itself!

22. Whenever you feel like you are struggling and you need someone to turn to, remember that I am just one phone call away. Have a swell day, my friend.

23. Your boss, partners, co-workers, subordinates and anyone else you come in contact with today only have the power to trouble you when you give it to them. Ensure you keep all your power to yourself!

24. Rise and shine like the sun and the early birds and go for your worms. Believe me, they are out there waiting for you!

25. Have a nice cup of tea or coffee and take in the freshness of the air while you get set for the work of today. Today is your day!

26. In all, remember that the right thoughts will always get your farther than thoughts of negativity and harm. Have a nice day!

27. Listen to good music and feed your soul with the right messages when you are idle. Believe me, there is too much negativity waiting to work on you if you do not keep yourself busy.

28. Smile for no reason today. Even if no one else needs it, believe me, you do. Good morning, my dearest friend.

29. Life is broad and so should you smile. Ensure you make someone happy with your infectious smile today, even if it’s you. Good morning.

30. Do not look to dish some of your anger out to someone or share in someone else’s negativity. Believe me, everyone has enough of that, including you.

31. Life can be sweet when you find your purpose and walk in it. Ensure you walk purposefully today to achieve all your dreams.

32. Wake up today with a mind to achieve a million dreams you had yesterday. It’s not too late! Good morning, dear.

33. The world is exactly how you make it. Ensure you mould your world today into something sweet and nice that can be viewed by everyone. Happy morning, friend.

34. Be like the fresh coconut. Tough enough to withstand the pressure of the world outside but filled with sweetness and freshness inside.

35. Learn today to swallow difficult words and spit out sweet words easily, no matter how difficult it may be. Good morning.

36. Arise from your slumber, my friend and decide to arrange the world perfectly today, starting with your bed. Good morning, my lovely friend.

37. Ensure you are the right seasoning to everyone’s soup today. What that means is that you should keep your attitude tasty and lovable. Have a splendid day, friend.

38. As you work today, remember the dreams that kept you awake last night and you’ll work with much-renewed energy and vigour. Have a blessed day.

39. Good morning, my friend. Please do not let the side of the bed you woke up on be the determining factor of the side you’ll end up today. Have a nice day.

40. My dear friend, I want you to approach this day with as much energy and vigour as you can muster. You won’t regret it!

41. Go out today to create new evidence that would help you prove that if you put your mind to something, you can do it. I believe in you. Good morning, my friend.

42. Today, I implore you to live a life that is not threatened one bit by wrong beliefs with no basis in reality. Have a nice day.

43. Life is beautiful. I pray that you taste every single bit of that beauty and more today. Good morning, my dear friend.

44. Live a life full of joy and certainty that good things alone are going to happen to you. Don’t forget to infect people with that thought too. Good morning.

45. Let others wonder why you are so full of energy today. Let them think you are high on something. Finally, pay no attention to what they think and keep doing you. Good morning.

46. See every good thing that happens to you as a blessing and takes every “not-so-good” thing as a lesson to grow. Enjoy life today! Good morning.

47. Life is broad. Do not limit yourself to things you are used to only. Expand your horizons and bring forward your frontiers of knowledge.

48. Seeing the sunrise beautifully this morning gives me hope that today is gonna be a good day. I hope this feeling locates you this morning and stays with you throughout the day. Have a nice day.

49. Putting on a tuxedo or fine clothes won’t help you one bit if you do not have the right mindset within. Have a nice day, my friend.

50. Be sure that there is no one like you and no one who can ever be. That means you have a responsibility to share the greatness with us and you have to start this morning. Get started.

51. Look for more reasons why you should succeed today than excuses why you should fail and build on the former. Have a happy day, my friend.

52. Good morning my friend. I pray that you shine throughout today like a star even when the sun is shining. Have a happy day.

53. Good Morning dearest, I pray that today brings out the best in you, making your life fulfilling and happy. Have a great day ahead.

54. Starting your day with a wonderful mindset sets a pace for the rest of the day to go beautifully. Have a wonderful day. Good morning.

55. Early in morning is the time to plan how much you want to get out of the rest of the day, set a good plan for a fun-filled day. Good morning.

56. Night is for dreaming and then by morning we make those dreams come by setting out early to plan and work your plan. May your dreams come true. Good morning friend.

57. It’s another day to be grateful for the gift of life. Make sure not to waste it for what is wasted cannot be gotten back. Good morning.

58. Here is a blank check for a whopping 24 hours to do whatever you please. Remember that how you should spend it is entirely your choice. Good morning.

59. It’s a great privilege to be alive and I’m thankful that among other things you still have life. Be wise and make it count. Good morning.

60. No matter how long the night seems morning comes with great hopes and anticipation for what that day holds. Here it is. Good morning.

61. Great night? Well, I am sure it can’t be as wonderful as this morning that’s unfolding into a great day. Do have a nice day. Good morning.

62. New day, new hopes, new dreams and new goals much bigger than before, ask for all these today. Good morning.

63. A great morning leads to a great day which leads to a great life. Do have a great life. Good morning.

64. We live in a world filled with chaos, trauma and crisis. Thank God this morning is beautiful and I get to share it with you. Have a nice day.

65. Don’t listen to naysayers and charlatans when they bring negativity to your doorstep. Focus on the beautiful day ahead and make it count. Good morning.

66. There is no greater blessing than waking up in this morning to behold the beauty of the sun. So when you feel like you have nothing to be thankful for, remember you were able to behold the beautiful morning and give thanks.

67. Shut down any form of negativity around you and charge up positive thoughts in your mind. Have a nice day.

68. Relief yourself from fake friends and roll with the real ones like me. Friends are sure to brighten up your day when you get cornered in a dark place. Good morning, my dear friend.

69. I can’t wait to see you at the end of the day so that we can discuss how wonderful our day was. I’m sure you’ll have good stories for me like I have for you.

70. Be determined to enjoy today and look up to God when you feel like quitting. You’ll be surprised the kind of peace you’ll feel!

71. You’ll hardly find a person in the world today without stress or problems. You’ll only find people who choose to ignore all their problems and be happy. Be that part of those people today.

72. Enjoy yourself today. Let your face get lit up unexpectedly with smiles and be nice to people even if they don’t deserve it. It’ll make you feel better!

73. I am totally interested in you and how you spend your day, so ensure you make me happy by enjoying it to the fullest. Good morning, my dearest friend.

74. I feel blessed to behold this wonderful sight of the sun and the hills around me. Hope you receive and enjoy this blessing this morning and I hope it stays with you throughout the day.

75. You are going to feel tired and confused some days. I hope today isn’t one of those days but if it is, realise that there is a brighter tomorrow which can only be better. Good morning.

76. The fact that you got to see this beautiful morning is enough indication that you are meant to do great and beautiful things today. Get to it now!

77. The beauty of this morning is good enough to take away the stress of thousands of years away. Just relax and enjoy it. Have a nice day.

78. Throughout today, ensure you reach out for the stars even when you can only see the sun. Have a nice day.

79. Believe me, nothing could go wrong today. The sunrise is too beautiful for that. If anything doesn’t go as planned, change it to a lesson and make it work in your favour.

80. I am totally convinced that as you go out to achieve your dreams today, you have nothing to lose if you approach your adventure with the right mind and attitude. Do have a nice day.

81. As you go about your day, ensure you do it with a mind of victory, because you already won when you woke up this morning. Happy day, folk!

82. Leave all your worries in bed while you get up with joy and extra happiness in your mind. I love you, homie! Have a nice day.

83. Don’t listen to any thought in your mind that causes you to disbelieve yourself. They have no basis in reality. Go and conquer today, my friend.

84. I just wish you get to realize how wonderful the world truly is so that you can enjoy it this wonderful day. Good morning, my dearest friend.

85. You see how beautiful the sun is? I tell you, it has totally nothing on the kind of beauty that exists within you. Good morning, my friend.

86. I am a hundred per cent sure that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve today if you just believe, my friend. You don’t have to believe me. Go out and see for yourself.

87. A new day comes with new opportunities and believes me, today isn’t any different. Just have faith and work hard and the day will be yours. Good morning, friend.

88. Your day will be successful no matter what the enemy says or tries to push in your way. Keep a joyful heart and you’ll have the last laugh at the end of the day. Good morning.

89. When we meet later in the evening, I hope we have wonderful tales of victory and all the wonderful accomplishments we had. Have a successful day.

90. Your success in life is determined by your ability to manage crisis. In this world of chaos, I wish you strength mentally and physically to

91. When you find yourself at rock bottom at any point today, always remember that the only way to go is up. So pull yourself and go up!

92. Today, remember to use the rocks hurled at you to form stepping stones for your success. Have a nice day, my dearest friend.

93. For breakfast, here is a plate filled with God’s abundant blessing, a glass overflowing with love and contentment for today and every day. Bon appetite. Good morning.

94. As the moon goes away at dawn in order for the sun to come out, so shall the darkness of yesterday give way for today’s light to shine. Enjoy your day.

95. As beautiful as the dreams we have at night are, they must end for a new day to begin and for us to bring those dreams into reality. Good morning, my dear friend.

96. A new day is a chance to begin anew to create something beautiful. Irrespective of the past make each day count. Good morning, my friend.

97. If for every new day we wake up, we are to live as a new person, life would be more meaningful. Have an enjoyable day, good morning.

98. Living every day as though it’s your last, making sure every day is better than the previous should be the priority because who knows, it might be too late tomorrow. Good morning.

99. Morning are great indeed, a time where you decide how the rest of the day should go. It’s such a wonderful day to be alive. Good morning.

100. Attitude could either make or mar a thing, have a good attitude to guarantee a fun-filled day. Good morning.

101. Today can only be as good as you as you see it in your mind’s eye, think positive, think the best and an enjoyable day is certain. Good morning.

102. What other meal could bring smiles and sunshine than a sumptuous, elegant, gracious good morning? Enjoy your day.

103. A wish made some time ago now has a chance to come alive, it is the wish for a beautiful morning. Good morning.

104. As the sun ray pierces through the curtain and the sweet scent of morning coffee tempts my nostrils, it dawns on me how priceless mornings are. Good morning.

105. Even the blind can see the beauty that comes with daybreak and the deaf can hear the melody of time passing by. Enjoy your morning for they only come once a day.

106. As peaceful as the stars in the sky at night appear I would not give up this beautiful morning to keep watching them shine. Good morning.

107. The wind in my hair, my feet on the ground, my gaze in the blue skies and the sweetness of the sunlight is what a wonderful morning entails. Good morning.

108. A peaceful and serene morning hopefully is not too much to ask for you, my dear. Have a wonderful day. Good morning.

109. A cock crow marks the light of a new day, but by the end of the day, it is you who determines how well of a day it is. Welcome each day with hope and a smile. Have a fulfilled day.

110. It’s amazing how well a day can go with the just the right amount of positivity. Do your best at having an awesome day, it will show at the day’s end. Good morning.

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