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Good Afternoon Quotes For Her (2024)

A complete day is made up of, morning, noon and night. And oftentimes, people send good morning and good night quotes to their loved ones and forget the fact that there is noon. Have you imagined how beautiful it would be for your loved one to receive a sweet good afternoon quote from you? It would be awesome!

However, just like every other time of the day, afternoon is a beautiful time to send a lovely quote to the woman you love; your wife or girlfriend. It could just be all she needs to be relieved of a stressful day. And because it’s unexpected, she would feel happy and excited, knowing you have her in mind.

And so, if you find it a bit uneasy or tasking to come up with a romantic message for your wife or girlfriend, bother not. Here are romantic and sweet good afternoon quotes for her that will put a smile on her face.

So, go through this collection and simply pick anyone of your choice for her.

Good Afternoon Wishes Quotes for Girlfriend or Wife

Make your girlfriend have the best of today’s afternoon by sharing these afternoon wishes and quotes with her, whether it’s to say, in just checking on you or to express your feelings of love and affection. You’re married? They’re great noon wishes and quotes for your wife too.

1. Right now, I’m out here under the shade, resting. But I still feel like the afternoon breeze is not blowing around me because you are not around to keep me company. Baby, I just want to say that I adore every moment spent with you. Take care of yourself, okay?

2. When I raise my eyes to see the rays of the sun, my mind brings back your memories and how you brought a light into my dark moments and completely turned my life around. good afternoon, sweetie.

3. Since morning, there has been no single hour that passed without thinking of you, baby. How was your day today? I hope you are doing good as usual? Take care, baby.

4. As the wind gently passes around, may your lunch break and entire noon hours be full of laughter and happiness, dear. Good afternoon to you, my love.

5. Since my teenage, when I first started dating. I’ve never come across a loving and caring lover like you. Baby, I just want to say another good afternoon to you. Take care of yourself, honey.

6. It’s afternoon again when the lovely breeze blows all around and the sun comes out to show in its full glory. I’m wishing you a fun-filled lunchtime, at your workplace this afternoon.

7. I just want to remind you of my love for you, this afternoon. May you find more strength to endure the stress that awaits you in the evening, in your workplace. Just want to wish a blissful afternoon to you, baby.

8. As you begin to round up your work till the time you will come home in the evening. I half want to wish you happy work hours this afternoon. Take care of yourself, baby.

9. How are you feeling right now? Does your body feel weak, sleepy and tired? Are you itching to round up for the day to go back home? Eiyaaa, sorry babe. You’ll only have to spend a few more hours, okay? Take care of yourself.

10. Afternoon is that time of the day when you call or text to greet your old school mates, childhood friends and previous colleagues. But when I’m not, all I think of is you. Good Afternoon to you, my sweet angel.

11. I know that my angel will see this text and smile, knowing fully well that; her lover will always be there for her. Whether in sadness or joy. Because I always want to see you smile, just like the sun smiles over the earth when it’s afternoon.

12. As I sit here in my office this bright afternoon, my mind keeps bringing back memories of the lovely and romantic night we had yesterday. I wish you were here, so I can cuddle you once again. Good afternoon, baby.

13. Every time I raise my face to admire the smiling sun. It reminds me of how depressed and sad I felt when I was lonely and the brightness that your love brought into my life. Good afternoon, baby.

14. The sun shines so brightly, just like your life illuminates my world. Giving it a new look, unlike when I was still single and yet to find your love.

15. It’s the time of the day again when everything looks so beautiful and cool. Oh! How I wish you were here. Because I always enjoy spending my afternoons with you, baby. Take care of yourself, for me.

16. It’s the time of the day again when you begin to think of going home and those lovely moments you share with your man. I can’t wait for you to come back. Good afternoon dear.

17. Sweetie, I know you’re tired because you’ve been working since morning, right? Well, you’re supposed to take some nap by now. Okay? Get some rest before you resume work. I’m also wishing you a fun-filled afternoon.

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18. Baby, do you know that this afternoon feels so empty despite the smiles of the sun? I mean my words, your absence always makes me feel so lonely, sweetie.

19. Just like the midday sun shines so bright above us, may the rays of your impact on humanity shine so bright like the afternoon sun too. I just want to say “Hi”, sweetie.

20. Honey, I know that you are currently working your ass off; typing a lot of things on your laptop, reading, researching and editing to make sure your final year project is beyond average. But as you strife, don’t forget to take a nap and eat your lunch this afternoon, baby you need it.

21. As I take my afternoon nap, I keep on thinking about your love and how you have me a hot kiss before leaving this morning. I just can’t wait for you to come back home. Good afternoon, sweetie.

22. As I wrap my kiss in these words and send them to you. I hope that it will reach you while it’s still warm. Good afternoon my heart mistress.

23. May this time of the day, when the sun smiles across the sky bring you divine blessings, unmerited favours, smiles and endless reasons to feel happy about life. Good afternoon, dear.

24. It’s a good time of the day, ensure that you engage only with protest will make you smile and avoid interactions that take away your peace of mind. In all that you’ll do, find joy. Good afternoon, my love.

25. You are always caring. That is why I am forever grateful to the cat that I found. And as you go out for lunch, relax or take a nap at your workplace, may your energy be restored to crush your daily tasks. Good afternoon, sweetie.

26. Don’t let bad advice or discouragements make you relent or laze around. Strife hard for your dreams, chase it. It’s the time of the day again when smart workers utilize nature’s gift, time to achieve greatness. Good afternoon, baby.

27. Just like a patient living on drugs on a sickbed. I need you every single moment of my day. Morning, noon and night. I’m really missing you right now. Good afternoon, honey.

28. I don’t think there is any woman besides my mom and yours that I tag “special”. Baby, you are such a special person in my life that I can’t afford to hurt. Good afternoon, my love.

29. All I pray is that you get to come back safely from your trip, this afternoon. So we can spend some time together because I’ve missed you so much, honey.

30. I have tasted several sweet fruits, foods and drinks. But they’ve never tasted as sweet as the taste of your soft lips. As I type this to wish you a Good Afternoon, just know that I miss you too.

31. I’ve watched lots of movies about love and I’ve heard stories of lovers too. But yours sounds a lot sweeter to me whenever I recall the sweet moments we share. Good afternoon, baby.

32. I don’t usually suspend my work for anything. But the more I try to call you later, the more the urge to dial your number keeps itching my heart. Baby, I just want to say that I love you, this afternoon.

33. Good afternoon to the girl who makes me pursue goals that put me on my toes. It’s always being a motivational experience to be around you, dear. Good afternoon.

34. I wish that I had the power to command this hot afternoon sun to lessen its heat and be a bit cool on your tender skin. Because I know that’s going to be so scorching. But never mind, you will soon be home to spend a romantic evening with me. Good afternoon, dear.

35. My pearl, I love the way you kiss my neck and keep whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Baby, I just can’t wait for this night to fall, so we can cuddle and while away into dreamland. Good afternoon to you, honey.

36. This afternoon, I just want to wish a lovely break time to the angel of my life as she goes out to rest and eat her lunch. May you keep soaring to greater heights in all that you do, baby.

37. As you work through the day, baby. Ensure that you don’t stress out yourself. Try and eat good food, relax or take a nap. So you don’t break down one of these days, okay? Good afternoon, sweetheart.

38. Good afternoon to my best friend in the world. Your business moves make me feel like I’m just lazing around in this life. May you be fulfilled in all that you do dear. Enjoy your afternoon, baby.

39. Today’s sun is mild and gentle, it’s just so sweet to stare at it, as it smiles above the lovely blue sky. Baby, wherever you are, may you find comfort and peace, this afternoon.

40. Whenever you are around, life feels so good, fulfilling, exciting and lovely. I just can’t wait to see you by nightfall, so we can keep blowing kisses on each other’s soft lips. Good afternoon, my love.

41. If there is really a thing like “next life”. I won’t mind getting married to you again. Your love makes me feel like I’m living in heaven on earth. I wish that you were here, so we could relax under the shade this afternoon.

42. The sky is looking so blue and nice, while the sun shines its rays over the greenish surroundings, here. It’s so nice. But it could have been heavenly if you are here with me. Good afternoon, sweetie.

43. As you while away the few minutes you have to relax during your lunchtime, I hope that your body will regain the energy you’ve lost while working in the morning. Good afternoon, my lover.

44. Your child has been crying since you left. And I feel so lonely too, knowing that you can’t just leave your workplace to come to take care of us, this afternoon. I can’t wait to see you, honey. Enjoy your afternoon.

45. Your presence is like a match-stick to a match-box(me). I feel empty whenever you are not around me. I wish you were here to make me feel whole again. Just want to say good afternoon to you, my butter.

46. You are the joy giver my life needs daily. Just like a pill that soothes pain. I mean, I just can’t imagine spending another day in your absence. I hope you are here, so we can have a good afternoon cuddle.

47. I’ve just been relaxing under the shade enjoying the warm afternoon breeze that’s blowing around. And I begin to think of you, knowing fully well that my love may just be sleeping and dozing off, by now. Lol. Just want to wish you a good afternoon.

48. Very soon, the sun will begin to fade into the sky and your office hours will end. To come back and relax with me. So don’t worry about missing me. You’ll soon be home. Good afternoon.

49. The day may be a bit hectic and stressful for you. But I pray that as you go out to relax for your break, you will soon regain your lost energy. Good afternoon, dear.

50. I hope you feel fulfilled after spending your morning at your workplace? I’m now sending you this afternoon to remind you of my love. May you have enough strength to crush your goals this afternoon, sweetie.

51. Loving someone like you has been one of the few best investments I’ve ever made in my whole life. It’s why I’m still sending you this “good afternoon” message, despite sending you some wishes in the morning. I love you, dear.

52. Although, life has pushed into different experiences and situations. And so, good and bad memories are always there to either lighten or spoil your day. But whenever you are around someone who truly cares about you, you only experience joy, because it overflows. Good afternoon, my love.

53. Have a splendid afternoon dear. Try and ensure that you don’t spend time with those who don’t really care about you. Make time for the ones who do, so you can keep smiling from now, till night falls. Good afternoon.

54. My mom used to always warn me, to be careful of the sort of friends I mingle with. Bae, ever since our paths crossed, I’ve never regretted letting you into my life. I’m so grateful to have had the privilege of becoming your lover. Good afternoon, my sweetheart.

55. Morning breaks while you prepare for work, then noon is spent with colleagues at the workplace, just evening comes while you begin to walk back home. And night falls with you, your lover and dreams. All summing up to make a near-perfect day. Wishing you a blissful afternoon, dear.

56. It’s very rare to find someone who truly cares for and cherishes you, just the way you are. I’m so grateful to have had the privilege of falling in love with someone like you. I just want to wish you a sweet afternoon, baby.

57. Your ways are so lovely, caring, honest, straightforward, trustworthy, kind, faithful and full of surprises. I know that I normally send you text only in the morning but I want to surprise you too. Good afternoon, sweetie.

58. A life spent without prayers makes life a bit hard to go through. Give that a try while resting during lunchtime, my friend. I’m wishing you a splendid afternoon, too.

59. Don’t let any bad memory or sadness draw you into depression this lovely afternoon. Let the bright rays of the sun brighten your world as you continue to crush your daily target. Wishing you a blissful afternoon, my love.

60. It’s so easy to read about other people’s history. But it is very uneasy to make your history too. But I believe that as you work every day, your name will soon be printed on the sands of time. Good afternoon, dear.

61. I want to be you shining, even more than the sun does. Because you have the ability. Never dim your light for any reason, the world awaits your glory. Good afternoon, sweetie.

62. To be honest, baby. I miss you so much and I can’t hide it away from you. That’s why I want to let you know that even if your day is boring, you will be home to spend a fun-filled evening with me. Wishing you a good afternoon, baby.

63. Good afternoon, my love. Baby, as you go about doing your daily chores. May you find comfort and fulfilment in every single thing that you do. Keep winning, baby.

64. You may be called a bad person by people who don’t really understand or know you on a personal level. You may even be accused of being a bad person. But to me, you’re such a darling, someone who will always stock out her neck for me. I really appreciate you for being part of my life’s story. Good afternoon, my sweetheart.

65. Almost every single day, my mind keeps bringing back memories of the lovely moments we shared together with you. I almost can’t erase those musings, no matter how hard I try. It’s like a hobby or some sort of addiction I can’t do without. Good Afternoon, my love.

66. Besides the cute, beautiful & pretty damsel reading this short message. There is no lady on earth(besides my mom) who can fill the large void her love has engraved in my heart. Baby, it’s you and no one but you alone that can rule my heart for the rest of my life. I just want to wish you a Good Afternoon, sweetie.

67. All my life. Right from childhood, teenage, tweenage & now that I’m in my thirties. I’ve never craved so much for anything like I do for your love. Baby, I just want to say that I love you and I’m wishing you a blissful afternoon. Enjoy your life, my dear.

68. Ever since I met you, my entire life’s pursuit has always been about making more impact on people’s lives, developing myself and growing my business to fend for the kids we will give birth to, with the pretty damsel reading this message. *smiles*. Good afternoon, my love.

69. I believe in your dreams, you will soar higher than you ever thought you could. Your wildest and biggest dreams will come true when you least expect. Baby, I just want to wish you the best in all you do. And most especially, say a Good Afternoon to you, my sweetheart.

70. Good Afternoon to the only woman who makes me come home with a smile on my face. Even if I just had a fight with someone. I’m so grateful to have you in my life, baby. May you live long to enjoy the fruits of my labour too.

71. Baby, I crave for more of you when I wake up in the morning, when I lay to take a nap beneath the shade of the trees in our house and whenever I want to sleep at night. You are like cocaine to me. I just can’t survive being without you. Good Afternoon, my sweetheart.

72. I want to be around you. Every time I sleep, run, dance, cry, walk, drive, pray, sing or even play. I just want to have a constant feeling of your presence. Because you mean the world to me, just like my breath. I adore you so much. And I just want to wish you a blissful afternoon, sweetie.

73. I’ve tasted a lot of sweet and yummy fruits. But none of them tastes as sweet and yummy as the soft lips, just below your pointed nose. I adore every bit of your making, baby. I just want to say Good Afternoon to you, my love.

74. Of all the girls I’ve ever dated, befriended or got engaged to. You are the only one that stands out. You are like a pearl to me. Every day feels so sweet like heaven. I just can’t ignore how lovely your ways are to me. Good afternoon, my angel.

75. I have read, watched, seen and heard about lovely and romantic stories. But I’ve never come across anyone that is so sexy, adventurous, romantic and lovely as yours. You are indeed, a rare gem anyone will like to be part of his or her life’s story. Good Afternoon, my love.

76. I just want to wish a lovely afternoon to the one who makes my life go round like a Merry-go-round. You are like an angel that makes the heavens so beautiful. And likewise, you make my life so adorable too. I’m happy to have you as my girlfriend.

77. I often get so busy with my work that I don’t even have an hour to spare during workdays. But for the fact that you are my sweetheart, If I don’t sacrifice my time to check up on you, who will? Baby, I really miss you and I want to wish you a Good Afternoon, baby.

78. This May sound too-good-to-be-true. But even if a thousand and one other babes ate placed beside you. I won’t waste my time trying to woo any of them. Because I already have you and I don’t trade your love for anything in this world. Good Afternoon to you, the love of my life.

79. If the task you are on gets so exhausting. Kindly take a glass of water and gulp it down your throat. Don’t outwork yourself, baby. You know I hate seeing you feeling so tired and exhausted, right? Take good care of yourself for us, okay? I just wanna wish you a happy afternoon. Bye.

80. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing during my day or what I’m thinking about while I lay quietly on my bed at night. One thing that will always pop up on my mind is our love. I will never let it fade away for anything in this world. I love you, baby. And I’m wishing you a sweet and lovely afternoon.

81. I know you’re having a good time this afternoon. If not, then I pray that time rushes it’s steps to evening. So you can come home to me and while away our time. I miss you, baby.

82. I know that your morning might not be so exciting because of the stress you have while boarding a taxi back to your workplace. Coupled with the endless traffic and hold-ups you had to pass through. But, I wish you a sweet and lovely afternoon, till when you come home to relax again, okay? Bye for now, my love.

83. Good afternoon, sweetie. I also want to let you know that no matter how stressful your day may be, you still have someone who is tooting for you at home. And also praying for your success in both your life and business. Enjoy your noon, bae.

84. May all that you intend to accomplish today, be crushed and if it’s not as hard as it used to be. Baby, issue wants to wish you a blissful afternoon.

85. You may not be so excited about your morning. But I hope that you get to crush your daily target before it’s afternoon, today. It’s me, your love… And I just want to be sure your face is full laughter this afternoon, dear.

86. If life doesn’t throw bad experiences at you, it will be hard to know what it feels like to be persevering. If we don’t experience setbacks and disappointments, at one or point or the other, we won’t develop the habit of being patient. Every life experience has a lesson we need to learn from. Good afternoon, my sweetheart.

87. Good afternoon, baby. Just to show you how I love you and want to always see you smiling. I hope you know that we are not allowed to use our phones while at work, right? Well, I sneaked into our restroom with my phone, just to wish you a sweet and exciting afternoon. Bye for now.

88. As you continue to work towards crushing your monthly goal despite the hard times we have found ourselves in. Try and take some time to reflect on the things you’ve done so far, the mistakes you that need correction and the steps you need to take to get there. Good afternoon, my love and bye for now.

89. Right now, I’m lying alone under the shed, musing about the lovely, exciting And romantic moments we shared, sometimes back. I’m just missing every bit of those times we share with you. Have a pleasant afternoon, my love.

90. The lovely rays of the sun shining over the earth remind me of how your affection also brightens my world, too. You are such a rare gem I could’ve been “unlucky” not to have. Wishing you a pleasant afternoon, my love.

91. Wise people love to say; “there is time for everything; a time to be born and a time to die, time to sow and a time to harvest”. But as regards your love, I don’t want to reach a moment where I’ll have to “hate” you. I really want to show back the affection you’ve shown to me since we’ve started this relationship. Have a nice afternoon, baby.

92. Does it feel like you are overworking yourself? Does the thought of completing your daily task make you feel overwhelmed? Baby, you don’t have to stress yourself. It’s okay to take a nap, for some minutes before you wake up to crush your daily target. Good afternoon, dear.

93. Stay safe, even as coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. Just ensure you adhere to the safety rules, okay? I don’t want to lose you, baby. Just want to wish you a good afternoon.

94. Have a splendid afternoon, my sweetness. Finding someone like you was as hard as trying to figure your way out of a labyrinth when you are blind. It’s why I adore the trip that took me to your local government.

95. The day is getting so exciting and full of fun. It’s not too late to make bold moves to crush the goals you’ve set for yourself. I’m wishing you a fun-filled afternoon, sweetie.

96. It’s still a new day, a new beginning and a fresh opportunity to get shit done. Don’t settle for less, baby. I believe in your dreams like you also do. Go crush them as you’ve always done. Good afternoon.

97. Nothing can really hinder you from getting to the top if you are truly determined to succeed. Don’t let the memory of the few failed attempts you had in the morning make you give up. There is still hope, as long as your lungs breathe. Have a splendid afternoon, my love.

98. You make me always feel as if I’m a king. The way you always “crown” my efforts with your consistent support and advice. I must admit that I’ve been one of the few luckiest men to be married to your type. Good afternoon, my sweetheart.

99. Good afternoon, my friend, my heart, my life, my fight mate, my roommate, my love, my bestie and wife of life. Lol. I just want to say “hi” to you.

100. When the day is getting so overwhelming and stressful. Take a nap and relax. You don’t have to exhaust your strength. It’s not too late to restart all over again after you rest, a little. Enjoy your afternoon, baby.

These are the good Afternoon quotes, good afternoon sms and good afternoon messages you can send to your girlfriend, wife or babe to make her feel loved.

Especially now that it’s the time of the day when she is most likely busy and already getting tired and exhausted with her day’s job or household chores.

It’s the time of the day when she needs something nice, cool and a romantic quote from you.

It’s possible she is about to start her lunch break or have started already. So, she will definitely see it as soon as she picks up her phone to catch some fun.

Hope the good afternoon quotes for her was helpful. Let me know what you feel in the comment box. Don’t hesitate to share with friends and loved ones that might need them. Thanks.

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