Most Powerful Afternoon Prayers and Blessings

70 Most Powerful Afternoon Prayers and Blessings

The Afternoon could either be described literally as a period of the day between morning and nightfall or symbolically as the middle-aged period of life.

Whichever way, it’s a time of reflection. A time of taking stock of achievements so far and preparation for the night.

A time to pray for a night of rest. I hope you find these short afternoon prayers helpful as a guide.

Amazing Good Afternoon Prayers and Blessings Quotes

Do you feel like being a blessing to your friends and family on an afternoon like this? Then the following good afternoon prayers and blessing messages are all you need.

1. I Rely on Your Grace
Dear Lord,
Your wind woke me this morning. Your hand has kept me till now. I rely on your grace to see me through the day. That my lips may render praise when the night is come.

2. Help Me
Half the day is gone, spent in toil and sweat. Help now oh Lord that my gruel may yield fruit and my labour prosperity and when night comes I’ll remember you helped me and return all praise to you.

3. Safe in Your Arms
I commit this afternoon to you Lord, knowing I’m safe in your arms. I thrust myself completely to you and pray my day ends in good success.

4. While I Pursue
While I pursue my daily labour this afternoon, grant me courage in difficulty, grant me perseverance in toil. Crown my day with the success that I may smile when the day is done.

5. My Navigator
Your hand navigates me through the paths of life. I’ve seen It time and again. I pray now oh Lord, this afternoon, kindly make my ways straight. Kindly light my path. That all glory might be yours when I lay to sleep.

6. Your Help
Morning is done, it’s been your help. Grant me grace and strength and courage to continue in the rest of the day. That I may find sweet sleep when I lay to rest.

7. Peace in Labour
Mark a straight road for me that I may follow. Be a light unto my path as you’ve promised. Help me this afternoon that I may find peace in my labour.

8. All I Think And Do
May you guide me in your will as I continue in my day. Let all I think and do be a sweet smelling savour to you.

9. My Anchor
Lead me by your right hand. Don’t let my day end in grief. You anchored me through the morning, please guide me as night comes.

10. Dear Lord,
Grant me forbearance that I may end this day with courage. Grant me wisdom to answer appropriately every question of life. Grant me strength and see me through this day.

11. Life’s Goodies
May this afternoon bring life’s goodies. May it yield luscious fruits from the morning’s toil and as night approaches, may my soul rest in the promise of your grace.

12. No Fear
Beautiful morning of sweet labour gone by. Your help was felt every step of the way. I have no fear, I’ll waver not for I know you’re still here to guide me till night.

13. Lost Without You
I started my day, thinking I could go it alone. I’m at the point now where I’ve realised I’m lost without you. Help me now Lord while it is still day. That when the night comes, I’ll have nothing but praise.

14. Morning Past
Morning is passed. The day’s almost done. Hear my cry oh Lord, my heart is filled with unfulfilled desires, unmet expectations. Help me that my day may end in Joy.

15. I’ll Bask in You
I’ll bask in your sun, the son of righteousness. Your love guides me through. Your hand leads me. I glide on through as night comes. I rest in the blessed assurance of your grace.

16. I Look to You
The source of my strength, my strong tower, shelter from the rain, shield from the sun, I rely on you. I can’t help myself. Please help me as evening draws near.

17. Night Beckons
The day so bright and clear, yet night beckons. Grant me Lord that this afternoon might be as blessed as my morning and subsequently give way to a more blessed night.

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18. Dear Lord,
Dear Lord from whom all blessings flow. To thee alone do I raise my voice. Let my days be blessed with the brightness of the sun that I might bring thee praise when the night comes.

19. Look on Me
My strength is spent with little to show forth. Thou who blesses without added sorrow, please look on me and cause your face to shine.

20. Source of Strength
The exuberance of morning wanes. The freshness of dawn pales. The sun hits and strength flails. Source of my strength, breathe on me. Fill me with life.

21. Breathe on Me
The dew of morn is gone. Breathe on me freshness from above. May I find in you the strength to complete the journey ahead.

22. Give me Wisdom
The morning is spent. Experience’s been gathered. May you give me the wisdom to apply all I’ve learnt, that when the evening comes, no stone is left unturned.

23. May I Be Spent For You
This afternoon, Lord, May I work tirelessly in your will. May I be spent in honour of your name that when the night is come, there’ll be nothing left but praise.

24. Prime of Day
In this prime of my day, guide me in Your wisdom. Keep me from error and temptations that seek to devour that I may proceed to spent my night in lasting peace.

25. Shine Your Countenance
I have laboured in sweat all morning yet your hand alone blesses. If you don’t bless, all work is vain. Please, Lord, I pray thee, while it is still day, shine your countenance and let me smile. Prayer for the Day for Strength

26. Hide Me
Oh God, hide me under your shadow, shield me that the sun might not smite me. Save me from the heat of the day and guide me lovingly into the cool of the evening.

27. Discerning Heart
As I gather oh Lord, help me. I do not wish to gather thorns with wheat. Give me a discerning heart that I may be able to distinguish, telling Right from wrong. May my day not end in grief.

28. Oh Afternoon!
Oh afternoon, the excellency of the day. May you yield for me, sweetness from my morning’s toil.

29. As Night Approaches
A beautiful day, young and bright, metamorphosing into afternoon, sound and wise. Cause me, Lord, not to stumble as night quietly approaches.

30. Lessons Learnt
Your hand led me from morning simple and young. Help me Lord, let the lessons I’ve learnt be turned into beautiful testimonies.

31. ‘Twill End in Praise
I set out today, heart filled with expectations. Hopes high and a wish for a better day. Half the day’s gone. Here I am, expectations yet unmet, hope dwindling, heart flailing. I lift up my eyes to the heavens, to the throne from where help comes. Come to my rescue Lord. Do not let me fail. May my day end in praise.

32. Oh God From Whom Blessings Flow
Oh God of Heaven from whom all blessings flow. You have blessed me all morning with unparalleled strength. You have sustained my vigour even till now. Do not let my strength fail. Do not let me diminish. Rather cause me to increase. Make my barns overflow and let me retire today in Joy.

33. I Will Glory
I will rejoice in you. I will glory in your salvation. For you have blessed my day with luscious prosperity and have given me assurance of a glorious night. My soul, be glad in the Lord who keeps thee.

34. Assurance
You have been my help all morning. You are the sustainer of my youth. You have strengthened my hands and have my work beautiful. I look forward to a peaceful night of rest. I have the assurance of your presence. I know you’ll be there for me always.

35. Let Me Trust and Obey.
Let not by day be blighted by clouds of doubt. Let me always trust and obey you. Your presence has kept me through the morning. Let it not now depart. Envelope me in your love. Lead me on till night is come and even then I’ll still rely on you to be my guide.

36. Hello Afternoon
Morning just left, I’ve got a new visitor. Hello afternoon, I welcome you with cheers and a bit of trepidation. I hand you to your maker. May you be full of blessings for me and joy and goodness. May you herald in for me, an evening of pleasant surprises.

37. When Cool of Dawn Departs
When the cool of dawn departs and the day matures hot and clear, then I will raise my voice to you who have been my help since morning tide. I need more of your strength and more of Your presence. May Your grace be sufficient to see me through today.

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38. Be my Shelter
The sun blazes and consumes in its intensity. Be my shelter and hide me from its fire. Let it not burn me, let it not smite. Do this according to your word. While I continue in labour, bless me goodly and let me go home with a basketful of harvest.

39. Expand my Borders
I can see the golden rays extending from Your sun, bearing testimony of your pleasant countenance. Lord, let Your smile touch my business. Let my work feel Your finger. Enlarge my coast, expand my borders. Let my territory extend and capture the borders of mine enemies, that all men may know that I serve the Almighty.

40. Greater Testimonies Ahead
When I think of your faithfulness from morning tide, how you have upheld me in Your strength. Your loving hand guiding me through the morning to this beautiful afternoon. Your presence, unseen but felt. I am assured that greater testimonies lie ahead. I am assured of Your tender loving care.

41. Lift Me Up
Let Your love lift me from the doldrums of a gruelling morning. Let my day translate to joyous bliss. Let my afternoon assume the beauty of your presence. Speak the word of my lifting and I’ll never be the same again.

42. Your Hand Carries Me
Wind beneath my sail. On whose wings I fly. You beautified my life and everyone calls me blessed. You have been with me all morning. Do not leave me now. Let Yours be the hand that carries me through the day.

43. Set Out in Beauty
The day set out in beauty. The sun is here now in all its glorious splendour. Life is ongoing in various paces of busyness. Here I am Lord, empty without you. Grant that my day be arrayed with the glory of Your beauty.

44. You Kept Me
The day began fresh, innocent in its beauty. Yet in its progression have sent many to destinations unforetold. You alone have kept me. Your bosom a shield from trouble. Guide me oh Lord that this day may end for me in Peace, love and Joy.

45. Second Chance
I messed up. Disappointed you. I felt your disapproval but I ignored it. All morning while it was still fresh, I revelled in wastefulness. Have mercy now oh Lord. Please give me a second chance. Let the time be redeemed for my sake that my day may end in testimonies.

46. Redeem my Time
Lord, redeem me from time wasted in the prideful exuberance of the morning. Resources unvalued squandered. Potentials untapped laid fallow. It’s afternoon, almost time of reckoning. Heart beating in trepidation. Guilty hands raised in helplessness. Have mercy now oh Lord, owner of time and days. Let my time be redeemed and I’ll spend it in your praise.

47. Fullness of Days
Let my afternoon bring the joy that surpasses morning’s hurt. Let my afternoon bring prosperity exceeding morning’s poverty. Let my strength be greatly increased. Let me enjoy the fullness of days.

48. The sun is at its peak, my strength at its fullest. Knowledge increased, wisdom imbibed. Health robust.Don’t let all come to waste Lord. Let it be used for Your glory.

49. Let my Sun Not go Down
Mark now a straight way for me. Away from the crookedness of morning. Let my day shine brighter and let my sun never go down.

50. Deliver Me
Deliver me from consequences of the morning spent in prideful vanity. Time squandered in the revelry of morning sweetness. The afternoon is here, the sun shining in relentless vengeance. Deliver me, Lord. Let your hand pour rains of freshness on me. Let my day end in joyous praise of a forgiven spirit.

51. I Pray
Now that afternoon is here, I pray it comes with good tidings, sweet reward for a morning well spent. I pray for rest, I pray for succour. May the rest of the day bring quiet peace.

52. Thank You, God
Thank you, God, for a morning so sweet. The Afternoon approaches with the promise of a better reward. Help me Lord not to jeopardize my chances. Let my consistency yield prosperity, Amen.

53. All Morning
All morning I spent in work, sweat and blood mingled in labour.This afternoon Lord, hear me as I pray for succour. Please grant me sweet relief.

54. I Bask in Your Grace
I bask in your grace this afternoon. You stood by me all morning and have consistently defended me till now. May this grace be sufficient to see me throughout this day, Amen.

55. Spread Before Me
This afternoon is spread before me, more importantly before You Lord. Fill it with blessings, fill it with joy, fill it with love.

56. Fulfilment
I have found fulfilment in labour and it’s all because of you. You have rewarded my early labour with a plentiful harvest. My rest comes early, my heart is fulfilled.

57. Be!
This afternoon, help me to be who you want me to be. Give me the courage to stand out. Help me to grow into the fullness of your grace as I conform to the image of your son.

58. The Day Grows
The day grows, maturing in wisdom, maturing in grace. Help me Lord to find my way. Help me to find my place.

59. My Gaze on You
The day is grown, yet I walk in a haze. My gaze is fixed on You. Help me find my way. Lead me to the prize.

60. Never Let me Walk in Pride
Never let me walk in pride. Never let my achievements fill my head. Help me to walk in quiet deference to You this afternoon and always.

61. May my Dreams Come True
My morning fantasies were of an afternoon blessed with riches and honour. May my dreams come true. May my fantasies materialise.

62. Length of Days
Grant me the length of days that I might accomplish all you will have me do. May my afternoon flow into a victorious evening.

63. Beyond Measure
In my afternoon time, may I not lose all I gathered in the fresh of day. May I be greatly increased and my joy abounds beyond measure.

64. May I Excel
This afternoon, when compared with my contemporaries, don’t let me be found wanting in labour and in gain. May I measure up, may I excel.

65. Let me be The Standard
Let me be a standard for all others. Let my work stand out in excellence. Let my gain be a rich reward. This is my prayer this afternoon.

66. Perseverance
In the race of life this afternoon, grant me perseverance to endure every rigour. Help me to compete triumphantly to the finish line.

67. Almost Tired
I’m almost tired but not yet. I’m almost weary, yet I forbear. I await your salvation. I won’t give up this afternoon until you bless me.

68. Under The Rock
I’m under the rock, safe from onslaught against my afternoon. Safe from the darts of the enemy. Keep thou my soul. Let me berth safely at the shore of night.

69. Bless Me
While the afternoon is still young, while its sun still shines brightly, while it still bears hope and my soul heavy with expectation, bless me Lord, please bless me.

70. Most Merciful
The Lord in whom all things consist. Most merciful, most gracious. Shine your face upon me this afternoon. Let my sweat translate to a rich reward.

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