Past Always Hurts Quotes

Past Always Hurts Quotes

Virtually everyone experiences pain. And, for some people, it is easier to forget about the past hurting. The problems that seem so large tend to shrink when it is not shoved down your face constantly. But what about when the past still hurts years later?

Things that happened in the past always hurt later in the future, whether it’s a bad breakup, losing contact with someone in your life, or even getting into an argument that you wish you could take back.

It is hurtful because it reminds us of things we can’t change. We can’t go back and edit mistakes or amend the past. All we can do is live in the now, be mindful of the mistakes that have been made, and take steps to ensure they don’t happen again moving forward.

Most of us make mistakes when we are young, just like we have regrets when we are older. Regret is a waste of time and energy because we cannot change the past. We need to impose the pain on us from our past experiences as lessons to be learned for future ones, or we will start to make similar mistakes again in the future.

If you want to be successful, you must learn from your past. If you never learn from your past, you will never change the things that made you fail in the first place. The past always hurts, but sometimes it’s necessary to look back on experiences to move forward.

We will examine a number of quotes and sayings on the topic of the hurt that comes from the past. Check below to see a collection of past always hurts quotes that are inspirational and enlightening.

Past Always Hurts Quotes

Past always hurts. When you recall the past and think of how things were, you’ll always be sad. But when you look forward to how things could be, then look at how they are now and make the most of it, this will all work out for your best.

1. Past always hurts but it also teaches you. If you learn from the pain of your past, there will be no regrets.

2. Past always hurts. If you can’t stand the past, then you will never be able to build a better future.

3. Past never stays behind, always remains in front of you and hurts. You can’t change the past, but you can make a better future.

4. The past always hurts. You’re not remembered for what you’ve done, but for what you are about to do.

5. Past always hurts. But it’s not the past that needs to be forgiven, it’s ourselves.

6. Past always hurts, doesn’t define you, but it does remind you of who your true friends are.

7. Our past always hurts but it’s how we learn from our mistakes, and how we become stronger than the pain of loss.

8. The past is never dead. It’s not even past. There’s a past behind every door. No matter how hard you try, the past will always catch up to you.

9. The past is just a story but it always hurts. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, it can be a good teacher. You can’t change the past, but you can affect the future.

10. The always past hurts. Don’t forget it is a starting point, not an ending point. Never forget the past, but always build an idea of the future.

11. Painful past. But the road to recovery is paved with new memories, a brighter future and lots of hope.

12. The always past hurts. You can’t go back in time and change the past. You can only learn from it.

13. Past always hurts but the pain is a gift. It allows you to grow, learn, and become who you want to be. Sometimes we need to revisit the past so that we can move forward.

14. The past hurts but we balance it with the future, so we can never be truly lost.

15. Past always hurts. But you can learn from it, and it can shape who you are today, tomorrow and beyond.

16. Don’t let past relationships drag you down. The past hurts but it’s time to move on with your life and love again.

17. Past is past. It’s done but it always hurts. You can’t go back to change it. But you can change your attitude about it and make something positive out of it.

18. No matter how hard you try, the past is never going to let you go. You can never get over the past, but you can always use it to make your future brighter.

19. Life isn’t always perfect. We’ve all had past experiences that we wish we could take back but can’t and it always hurts. Don’t forget to forgive yourself, it will make it easier to move forward.

20. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, the past will always hurt. But don’t let it define who you are.

21. The past will always hurt, but you can’t let it hold you back. Past doesn’t have to define your future.

22. Past hurts are what make us who we are. We just have to learn to let them go and move on with our lives.

23. The past always hurts. We all have a past we’re not proud of. Don’t forget to forgive yourself for your mistakes and move on with your life.

24. The past always comes back to hurt. Sometimes you can’t change it, but you can always change your future.

25. Past always hurts but moving on is a powerful thing. Don’t forget your past but always remember where you’ve been.

26. Past always hurts. Time will heal all wounds, but some can never be healed.

27. Life is a series of choices. The past is prologue, and we’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next. But we can choose to look forward and make better healthier choices.

28. Past always hurts. But it’s how we move forward that defines us. It doesn’t have to be a haunting reminder of all you missed. It can also be a reminder that you’re still here, meeting new people, learning new things and getting better each day.

29. The past can hurt us, but looking back is not the same as living in the past.

30. The past always hurts but it’s a book that is read only once. The future is a book that is read, only twice. Today is the first page of the first chapter of your life, so make it count.

31. Past always hurts. There’s no way around it. But you can learn from it and use it as a way to make your future better.

32. Sometimes, the past hurts more than it’s worth. Don’t let it define you. It’s never too late to learn from your mistakes.

33. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the past always hurts. Let it go, and let’s get on with our lives.

34. Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself if the past really matters. The pain from your mistakes won’t go away, but it will fade away over time, as memories do.

35. The past always hurts but your past doesn’t have to define you. It’s just a story, and you can write the next chapter.

36. Past is past, but the hurt lingers. A lot of people say that the past is just a memory, but it’s much more than that.

37. When you look back, the things you thought would be gone forever are now gone. But that doesn’t mean they’re not still with you. They may just be a little bit stronger than you are.

38. The past is a cyclical thing. It will always hurt, but it’s good to look back on it at the end of the day.

39. Past always hurts. Always remember that past pains are the seeds that grow into the strongest emotions and experiences of your moments ahead.

40. Past always hurts. We are always learning about ourselves, about life and about how we want to be in this world.

41. It’s always the past that hurts, not the present or the future. You can’t change the past, but you can always move forward and enjoy where you are today.

42. Past, present and future all blend into one. When you’ve lost someone you love, you never really get over them. But time can help heal the pain of loss.

43. Past always hurts, but going back in time is futile. You have to push through if you want to be successful.

44. Past always hurts. It is always a challenge, but it’s never the end.

46. Past always hurts. It’s just a reminder of how far you’ve come. And it’s the only way to learn.

47. Past hurts but it doesn’t have to be painful, only because it’s past. But with wisdom and patience, we can turn things into memories that are full of laughter and love!

48. Past always hurts, but it also teaches us something. And if you can learn from your past mistakes and make wiser choices, then time goes by much faster and a better future is waiting for you.

49. Past always hurts but you can’t change the past. The only thing that matters is what happens now.

50. Past always hurts, but it also shapes us. Painful past experiences can’t be forgotten simply because they’re in the past. They’ll always be there, reminding you that life is short and that mistakes should be learned from.

I have provided you with the best past always hurts quotes here to give you some inspiration. These quotes are so much inspiring and motivational that they can make you or anyone move forward in life with success. I’m sure you found them useful. Thank you for reading.

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