Postpartum Body Shaming Quotes

Postpartum Body Shaming Quotes

The postpartum period is a time of extreme physical change to a woman’s body. A woman may have extra skin, stretch marks or other issues that make her feel different from before. But while it’s true that her body will never be the same as it was before she got pregnant, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with her body.

With all these changes happening in the body, it’s easy to understand why some women might feel insecure about themselves and their bodies. But what happens when they’re made to feel even worse about themselves?

The postpartum body is a sensitive subject and being body shamed after giving birth is not only a form of postpartum depression but also a form of abuse. It’s so bad how people think it’s okay to judge someone else’s body. The truth is that body shaming after giving birth can have serious consequences for mothers — especially if they already have low self-esteem or depression as a result of other factors in their lives.

If you want to know more about postpartum body shaming and how it can affect a woman, then you need to go through these postpartum body shaming quotes below.

Postpartum Body Shaming Quotes

Postpartum body shaming also can be hurtful for other women who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth. Some women may feel bad about their bodies after giving birth, but they don’t want to hear people talking about how they should change themselves.

1. Postpartum body shaming is real and it can be devastating. Being put down for how you look after giving birth is not good enough.

2. Postpartum body shaming is real, and it’s causing some serious damage.

3. Postpartum body shaming is a form of body shaming where women who have recently given birth are criticized for their weight, size, and appearance.

4. Postpartum body shaming is when mothers are criticized and ostracized by other moms, frustrated families, and even strangers over the way they look after they give birth.

5. Postpartum body shaming is incredibly common and can be incredibly damaging.

6. Postpartum body shaming is when a new mother is targeted with mean comments, criticism and negative judgment because of her postpartum body.

7. Postpartum body shaming is a type of body-shaming that targets women after they’ve given birth. It usually involves judgments about the new mother’s body, her ability to care for their child, and whether or not she was a good mother based on how she looked after giving birth. The thing is, postpartum body shaming is not good.

8. It’s time we stop shaming women for their postpartum bodies. Instead, let’s encourage and celebrate the strength and beauty of women who have given birth.

9. Postpartum body shaming: It’s not a thing. It’s a reminder that we still have a long way to go to get to a place where women are not judged by their weight and appearance after childbirth.

10. Postpartum body shaming can cause significant mental health consequences for mothers and other caregivers.

11. Postpartum body shaming can cause a lifetime of self-judgement, shame, and anxiety. But when you see mothers around you being shamed for the way they look (and worse), it is hard not to start to feel that way about yourself.

12. Postpartum body shaming can cause emotional and physical damage. It’s not your fault, but it is a reality for many new moms who are struggling to adjust to postpartum changes and their bodies changing shape.

13. Postpartum body shaming can make many women feel misunderstood and alone. Mothers want their family, friends, and even doctors to understand that postpartum bodies are amazing – but only after they’ve fully healed from childbirth.

14. Postpartum body-shaming is nothing new. Not only does it come from the outside, but many new mothers shame themselves after childbirth. We need to stop encouraging this negative behaviour.

15. Postpartum body shaming is the act of deriding or criticizing a woman’s body, style and choices in the weeks and months following her pregnancy. The postpartum period is marked by significant changes in a woman’s physical and mental state.

16. Yeah, I’ve heard of it—the postpartum body-shaming. It’s a lot like postpartum depression, except instead of feeling sad you feel self-conscious about your body, and the way it “used to be” before the baby came along.

17. Postpartum body shaming is a social justice issue. It’s time we all take responsibility for our actions and stop making excuses for others.

18. Imagine not only having to do it all but then being publicly shamed for it. That’s what postpartum body shaming is like.

19. It’s hard to hear that someone has judged you as a mother, but it’s even harder to hear about someone overly criticizing your postpartum body after childbirth.

20. When we shame our bodies after giving birth, we’re perpetuating the cycle of disordered eating and body image issues. We need to stop this practice.

21. Your postpartum body is different from your pre-pregnancy body—that’s normal, and it’s okay to feel self-conscious about it. But you’re allowed to take care of yourself, love yourself and whether you look like a size zero or an old lady.

22. Postpartum body shaming is just as hurtful as other types of body shaming. That’s why it needs to stop.

23. It’s called postpartum body shaming, and it happens when someone objects to a woman’s body after she has given birth. In the same way, you wouldn’t feel good about yourself if your friend told you how fat you looked, or how ugly you’d look pregnant.

24. It’s easy to forget the joys of motherhood. But don’t be ashamed of your body—it’s been through a lot and deserves some love back!

25. Postpartum body shaming is a real thing. And it needs to stop!

26. Postpartum body shaming can cause mothers internal trauma and even harm their self-esteem, so it’s a great idea to avoid engaging in this behaviour at every turn.

27. Postpartum body shaming can cause women to suffer from depression, eating disorders, and other serious mental health issues.

28. Postpartum body shaming can cause psychological distress, including anxiety and depression.

29. Postpartum body shaming can cause a wide range of emotions – including sadness, anger, frustration and embarrassment.

30. Body shaming is not okay. Postpartum recovery is a beautiful time of growth and maturation, so please don’t make it about how you feel about your body.

31. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with your postpartum body, don’t be afraid to tell someone. Everyone is different and at different stages of their own life, but there’s no shame in asking for help.

32. Don’t ever feel ashamed of your postpartum body, don’t ever compare yourself to others—everyone is different.

33. It’s no secret that the postpartum body isn’t perfect. But please, do not tell someone that their postpartum body is ugly. If a person feels comfortable enough to share that they want to change their body, it’s because theirs is not working for them.

34. There is no such thing as “postpartum body shaming,” it’s just a matter of varying degrees of fear and insecurity.

35. Your postpartum body is not a thing to be ashamed of, but rather a miracle to cherish and enjoy.

36. Body-shaming is never okay. Let’s all stop telling new mamas to ‘just get over it and instead ask ourselves how we can support them in their new bodies.

37. Your postpartum body is amazing. You are truly a miracle of nature and deserve to be celebrated for it

38. There is no perfect postpartum body—a bump, a stretch mark, or a flabby tummy. All bodies are beautiful and worth celebrating.

39. Postpartum body shaming is all too common and completely unnecessary. We must do better to support women in all stages of their journey.

40. We all have things we struggle with after having a baby, but body shaming doesn’t help anyone.

41. A postpartum body is not a failure. It’s a normal and healthy part of the process of giving birth, bonding with your baby and healing.

42. It’s true, postpartum body shaming is a thing. But it’s not just because your body has changed, but because you’re still the same person inside.

43. When a mom is shamed for her postpartum body and how she looks, we should be outraged.

44. We need to stop body shaming postpartum bodies. They deserve more than the vitriol and apathy that is often hurled at them.

45. It’s not easy being a new mom postpartum. But shaming women for the way they look after giving birth is counterproductive.

46. Body shaming is not okay. It’s not healthy, it doesn’t help us grow, and most importantly—it’s just not OK.

47. It’s time we stop body shaming and start celebrating motherhood.

48. No matter what your body looks like after pregnancy, you should feel good about yourself.

49. Everyone has a different body and it is normal. Don’t let others who are ignorant about the changes that happen after pregnancy make you feel bad about yourself.

50. A mother’s body is never the same after childbirth. We should not shame or make fun of those who have gone through this natural process.

51. I know it’s hard to feel good after giving birth. Let me be your reminder that there is so much more to you than the postpartum body.

52. Imagine being told you don’t look ‘enough’ after giving birth. That’s what some women face with postpartum body shaming, and it has to stop.

53. Postpartum body shaming is a thing, and it’s got to stop. We all deserve to love our bodies regardless of what they look like, how they work, or how fast they recover.

54. Postpartum body shaming is real. It exists for you, for me and for every woman who has a body that changes post-birth.

55. It’s no secret that we have a lot to learn about postpartum bodies. While many of us struggle with our body image issues, it’s important to remember that your body change does not define you. You are so much more than one moment in time, and that is never forgotten.

56. We are all imperfect and we deserve to feel good about ourselves. Postpartum body shaming is a real thing that needs to stop!

57. The truth is, that postpartum body shaming is NOT okay. You should be able to feel, wear and love your body however you want!

58. Everyone is different, and your postpartum body will be different from anyone else’s. You don’t need to fit into some sort of idealized notion of what you’re supposed to look like. Your body changes in response to childbirth, and it’s okay!

59. Whoever said that having a baby means being in shape is wrong. It’s all about finding balance, and that takes time. You do your best to care for yourself and your family at the same time, so it’s okay if you’re not exactly back to your pre-baby body just yet.

60. You’re still doing your best, you’re still doing amazing things and you’re beautiful.

61. Postpartum body shaming is a real thing. You are not alone and you are beautiful no matter what anyone else says.

62. If you have changed your body in any way postpartum, wear it with pride and don’t be ashamed. Your new body is beautiful no matter what.

63. Postpartum body shaming can be painful and frightening. Postpartum body shaming can cause women to feel embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, angry and depressed after delivering a baby.

64. Postpartum body shaming is a real thing, and it can cause unimaginable pain. Your postpartum body is still healing and trying to snap back into shape, so don’t let yourself feel guilty about any stretch marks, soft skin or sagging parts that are still around.

65. Postpartum body shaming, disappointingly, is all too common and can cause many moms to feel down on themselves.

66. Postpartum body shaming can cause feelings of shame and self-doubt to develop, creating an internal battle for new mothers who are already feeling vulnerable.

67. Postpartum body shaming can cause anxiety, depression and low self-esteem for new mothers because it’s so common.

68. Postpartum body shaming can cause Postpartum depression and even postpartum psychosis.

69. Postpartum body shaming can cause some serious mental conflicts in the mother. It’s one of the most stressful things that a mother can go through. Postpartum body shame is a real thing, and many women have been victims of it.

70. Postpartum body shaming can cause women to feel guilty about their bodies and stop breastfeeding, which is the most important thing that a woman can do for her baby.

71. Postpartum body shaming can cause a feeling of isolation and depression, especially among first-time mothers. Feeling beautiful again isn’t just about weight loss or the love handles, it’s about the process of healing your mind, body and soul to celebrate who you are right now.

72. Postpartum body shaming can cause serious psychological damage, especially in already vulnerable women who simply want the best for their babies and themselves.

73. Postpartum body shaming can cause women to feel shame, guilt, and anxiety around their postpartum bodies. Postpartum body shaming can even lead to depression in some women.

74. Postpartum body shaming can be difficult to cope with, but it’s important to remember that you are beautiful and strong!

75. Postpartum body shaming is harmful to everyone involved. It contributes to mental illness and can lead to anxiety and depression.

Whether or not you subscribe to the belief that a mother’s body should resemble that of a classical beauty queen, shaming a woman for her post-birth shape is just plain wrong. Instead of trying to assimilate women into unfair standards, we should be giving them the tools they need to love their bodies, regardless of what they look like.

I believe you were able to learn one or two things from these eye-opening postpartum body shaming quotes. Feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget to share. Thank you.

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