Prayers for Staff Meeting Teachers (2024)

Prayers are very essential, especially when vital decisions are to be made. As teachers, you are in control of lives, destinies and the children you are training to become future leaders. You cannot just afford to take hasty decisions without a divine direction. Any of these prayers for staff meeting teachers can come handy.

Prayer Before and After Staff Meetings for Teachers

For every of your prayer points or sample prayers for staff meetings, these prayers before and after teachers’ staff meeting will make you feel confident about leading the prayer. You’re to lead the opening or closing prayer? Don’t worry, use these prayers before and staff meetings for teachers and you’re covered. I wish you the best of the meeting.

1. Heavenly Father, we appreciate you for granting us the privilege to witness another day. We thank you for health, life and family. Be praised, O Lord. We humbly come before you today; we ask that you take absolute charge of this meeting. Lead us as we deliberate on important issues. Grant us wisdom to be able to thrash out problem. We pray against every spirit of disagreement and confusion. We ask for your Spirit of love and unity as we discuss. Thank you, Father, for hearing us. This, we ask in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

2. We bless you Father for your constant love and care towards us as a school. We appreciate you for your wisdom freely given to us which has brought us thus far. We submit that there is absolutely nothing we can do without you. Therefore, Heavenly Father, we invite you to help us in this meeting. Let our discussion be filled with light. We pray for our pupils that you will protect and guide every one of them. You will help them grow in wisdom, understanding and love for one another. You will make them respectful children to their parents; you will also help them grow into responsible adults. We know fully well that we, as teachers have a great role to play. Help us, dear God. This, we ask in your name. Amen!

3. Oh, Great Teacher, we honour you in our midst today. Who is like you in all of all the earth, you are glorious, majestic and perfect in all your ways. You are a Great Father and King, You have been our ever-present help and we honour you wholeheartedly. We thank you for all the wards that have passed through us and those that are under our care now. God, be praised! As we commence this teachers meeting, please Lord, be our counsel, light and guide. Let us feel your presence all through this meeting. Let your unity be evident amidst us. Help us make good decisions. Guide us this term to be a dutiful, patient and an excellent teacher. Let these attributes be rubbed off on our students also. Help us grow in grace now and ever. Amen!

4. Indeed, God, you are the beginning and end of all things. Thank you for your strong presence throughout this meeting. Thank you for granting us wisdom to come to a good consensus. Thank you for shining your light into every dark situation. We pray that you grant us grace to be able to do everything we have agreed to do in order to move our institution forward. Let our lights so shine Father that it will be reflected by our wards. We ask that you make us instruments in your hands that will be used to sharpen the life of your precious children. Bless them Lord and grant unto them good understanding, all this we ask in Jesus name.

5. Our Father and God, we appreciate you for every blessing in our life, home and institution. We thank you for always being kind and loving towards us. We thank you for every success we have recorded in times past and for every setbacks and challenges; through which we learnt important lessons. Be exalted Abba. Lord, you said in your word that, is there anyone that lacks wisdom, let him ask of you, who gives generously to all without finding fault. We ask that you give us all your wisdom as we commence this meeting. Let every of our deliberation yield good fruits and above all, help us raise godly students. Amen.

6. Dear God, we gather here as a family today, to discuss vital issues as regards the future of our dear children. We humbly submit that we have no wisdom of our own and we ask that you grant us grace, wisdom and understanding in order to reach good consensus as regards the purpose for which we are gathered, in Jesus name.

7. Here we are in your presence Heavenly Father, we praise you for your consistent guidance and grace over the years. We thank you for making us a blessing to these young ones. Dear Father, because they are so precious to you, help us to make the right decisions as we deliberate on the matter concerning them.

8. Holy Father, you are our ever-present help. We honour you for hearing us. At the commencement of this meeting, we asked for your wisdom and indeed, we felt your presence all through the meeting. Thank you, Father, for helping.

9. May the Lord bless us and keep us. May the Lord keep us and make His face shine on us. May He be gracious unto us and make all we do prosperous. This we ask through Christ Jesus our Lord.

10. Thank you, Jesus, for the success of today’s meeting. May your name be ever praised. As we go, guide us, keep us and make us grow more in the knowledge of who you are, that we may truly be a great blessing to our students.

11. We start this meeting in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Lord, be our anchor, help us discuss only the things that matter, grant us divine wisdom to move this institution forward and at the end of it all, God, be praised.

12. Thank you, Father, for the success of today’s meeting. As we depart, we ask that you bless our endeavours, be our guide and let your love and grace be our companion, in Jesus mighty name.

13. Bless us, Heavenly Father, as we gather today. Inspire us by your Spirit. Let only the truth prevail at this meeting. Above us, let us be full of thanks when we are done. Amen!

14. We are grateful Lord for your love. Thank you for helping us make decisions. Bless every one present here. Make us dwell in love and peace and let us make good impacts on our student in Jesus name.

15. Bless our comprehension and heart as we sit to discuss, O Lord. Let this not be a waste of our time but let this period yield beautiful result in our lives and that our students.

16. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with this institution. May every life acquainted with this institution be a shining light. We go in your strength in Jesus name.

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17. We end this meeting in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. We ask that you help us be diligent about every decision we have taken in Jesus precious name. Amen

18. Heavenly Father, we commit our hearts to you as we start this meeting, unite us in wisdom and love in Jesus name.

19. Thank you, Jesus, for thus far you brought us. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Lord, we come to you once more. Please, take absolute charge of our meeting today. Bless us and bless the wards under us. Make us all good examples to all around us. Amen!

20. To the Beginning and End of all things, we bless your name. We ask excellent Father to help us as we make decisions today in Jesus name. Amen!

Which one of these prayers meets the desire of your heart for your institution? Feel free to use them to the best of your advantage.

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