Quotes About Being Abandoned by Friends

Quotes About Being Abandoned by Friends

You probably remembered a friend who abandoned you today. I did. I can relate to how it feels when it happens and how it feels a long time later.

I’ve been at the crossroads of what to do with an abandoned friendship — try hard to recover it, try a little, or just let it die. I’ve seen friendships I admired being abandoned and wondered what was going on in the mind of both parties.

I’ve seen people deal with abandonment from their friends. I’ve even seen abandoned friendships being rebuilt, and I’ve seen people move on from abandoned friendships into happier lives.

I’ve seen enough to write and compile these quotes. Some are tips. Some are opinions. Some are expressions of feelings. Some are…the list is endless.

Being the person you run to when you need quotes about different things, I thought to provide this collection on this topic for you.

Explore this collection, whether you’ve been abandoned by your friends or not, these quotes about abandonment in friendship.

Quotes About Feeling Abandoned by Friends

“Just because you don’t give a tank of your time to someone doesn’t mean you’re abandoning them. It could simply mean that you’ve got something else to do, and that’s fine! Remember this next time the feeling of being abandoned by your friends kick in.”

1. When a friend abandons you, it can feel like a fortune is lost. But, if you want the friendship back, there’s a rich list of things you can do.

2. You’re there, knowing what it’s like to be abandoned and left behind. No one wants to feel that way. And while you want nothing more than your friends back, sometimes, you need to let them go.

3. Feeling abandoned? We all want to be loved, accepted and part of a community. At any age, it isn’t easy to lose a friend — even if we know that it’s for her (or his) own good. But it’s an important stage of growing up.

4. It hurts being abandoned by a friend. But, don’t worry. Your favourite playlist doesn’t know how to abandon you.

5. It’s tough having a broken heart. That’s what abandonment gives you. There’s so much to deal with, from the actual abandonment to being alone and trying to make sense of it all.

6. Do you feel alone? Are you angry? Or are you frustrated? No words for the friend who abandoned you, but here’s one for you: You are not alone.

7. You can either worry about your friends that abandoned you or be thankful for the bartender who won’t.

8. Everyone is busy, so you can feel abandoned by your friends sometimes. The quick fact is your favourite bar remembers your drink.

9. There comes a time in every functioning heart owning, skin covered human’s life where you think to yourself, “my friends have abandoned me.” It’s your turn.

10. Feeling abandoned today? No worries—at least you have Netflix and your pets.

11. The feeling of being abandoned by a friend can be as bad or even worse than the actual event.

12. When people feel abandoned by a friend they’re close to, it leaves them feeling more alone than ever before.

13. Abandoning a friend can leave them feeling unwanted, unloved, and alone.

14. We’ve all been there — feeling dumped and abandoned, feeling left behind and alone. And if we’re being honest, it really hurts to know your friends are happier without you.

15. Sometimes, who is looking for apologies? The friend feeling lonely and abandoned has only one wish — for the other friend to be present with them at the moment.

16. It is never easy to feel like you’re on your own, abandoned. When this happens, consider reaching out for help and sharing your feelings.

17. I prefer that my friends would just tell me they aren’t good at keeping in touch. It saves us both a lot of time and energy and saves me the feeling of abandonment.

18. It’s hard to keep up with everyone we know. Does the feeling of abandonment really have to exist?

19. It’s a lot easier to just tell me you’re going to be off the grid for a while, and you won’t be able to text or call. So, next time I feel abandoned because of you, my lunch bills will be on you.

20. It’s hurtful, but what is there to do except to move on when a friend completely abandons you?

21. You feel cut-off by a friend. You didn’t break up; there was no talk about an end date. And you were having a great time, too! It hurts.

22. Feeling abandoned by your friend? The feeling of abandonment is linked to our need for love and affection and the need for a sense of belonging.

23. We feel abandoned when we’re ignored by a friend who’s too busy or distracted to hang out.

24. We understand how you feel when someone you care about seems more interested in their own business than hearing about yours.

25. Whether it was intentional or not, chances are you’ve had a friend who felt abandoned by you at some point in your life. It’s just your turn.

26. A friend you haven’t spoken to in over a year still manages to have an impact on your life? Maybe you should get help to get over the feeling of being abandoned by them.

27. You may not be able to change your friend’s mind or make them care again. But you can move on and benefit from the time you did have together. The feeling of abandonment will pass.

Abandoned Friendship Quotes

“There’s a difference between a friendship being abandoned and someone feeling that the friendship is abandoned. Figure out what it is, knowing that you rock, even if all your friends abandon you right now, knowing that you deserve the best of friendships too.”

28. Friendships are like plants—they grow best when given the right amount of attention and care. Take out attention and care, and you’ll have an abandoned friendship.

29. Friendships get abandoned when people treat them like hobbies.

30. Friendships can get abandoned when there is a chance of the friendship expanding and exposing all of the weaknesses that the friends involved try to hide.

31. Some friendships don’t get abandoned. They slowly fade away.

32. Some friendships were not abandoned. Maybe yours just evolved and grew until it hit its natural end.

33. Some friendships are like the ocean—they gently pull you in and hold onto you until they slowly release you into the waves and leave you abandoned.

34. If you really want to revive an abandoned friendship, you may have to keep being proactive and making the first move as an option.

35. Friendships can be abandoned by any party. It doesn’t mean that friendship isn’t the most beautiful thing since Adam last saw Abel.

36. I find friendship to be one of those things that can easily be abandoned. However, I do not think that this is the most appropriate way to approach friendship and should be avoided as much as possible.

37. Any relationship can end, and any friendship can be abandoned, and it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.

38. Just because a friendship was abandoned doesn’t mean you can’t find a sweeter friend in this world.

39. People come and go in your life. Friendships will be abandoned. However, your family will always be there whenever you need them.

40. Don’t entirely blame for an abandoned friendship. Distance can’t break a friendship, but it does make it a little more difficult.

41. It’s different when you’re miles apart. It has more chances of being abandoned when you’re miles apart. It is friendship.

42. It’s never an accident when people abandon their friendship with you. Maybe you’re not the reason either.

43. Friendships get abandoned for a wide variety of reasons; some people move away, others stop talking to you, and sometimes others just find someplace better to hang out.

44. Sometimes, we simply drift apart, and that’s okay. But when people don’t show up to your wedding or drop off the face of the earth without explanation, that requires a bit of digging. It’s probably an abandoned friendship.

45. Thinking your friendship was abandoned without any influences? Now that’s a good joke. There is a reason.

46. Friendships get abandoned, just like sandcastles by the shore.

47. Some friendships are meant to last forever. Others, not so long—but that’s okay. That abandoned friendship has run its course.

48. Friendships will be abandoned, and the most important people in your lives will lose their place. Though it’s sad, it’s inevitable. Just be thankful for the good the friendships brought to you.

49. When they said “out with the old…,” they gave us a licence to move on from abandoned, irrecoverable friendships.

50. Friendships will start, and a good number of them will get abandoned, but we’ll always have selfies.

Quotes About Friends Abandoning You

“Thinking about when those friends abandoned you, do you still feel anger? Has it not made you a better person? Has it not made abandoning a friend look like a gift to them? And are there no sweeter friends in your life right now?”

51. We often forget how important real friendships are. In rushing to go far, we often neglect the ones who have been by our side all along. I have been abandoned by friends in the past.

52. When your friends abandon you, it’s to focus on the superfriends.

53. When you need your friends most, they are there for you. And when they abandon you, your superfriends are.

54. You’ll feel better when you get over the shock of being abandoned, not when your friends apologise for abandoning you.

55. It takes time to get over being abandoned. But if you’re not feeling better by now, you need to talk with the friend that abandoned you or with someone that can help you heal.

56. Go about your day, knowing that the friend who abandoned you is a blind person.

57. The feeling of abandonment belongs to the trash. In time, you’ll find new friends and laugh about how you lost appetite when you were feeling abandoned.

58. You’ll eventually be able to get over being hurt by being abandoned and start enjoying your life again.

59. It’s natural to feel hurt and abandoned when a friend forgets about you, but your life does not revolve around your friend with only two legs.

60. The best part of being abandoned by a friend is that it doesn’t come with a ban on your future happiness. It’s that if you can’t get the friendships back, you can still feel good in the future.

61. A robot in my head says this to me when I’m abandoned by a friend and feel hurt by it: When you’re ready, you will move on.

62. Raise your hands up if you think being abandoned by your best friend is worse than being betrayed by your mate.

63. Feeling abandoned by a friend is one of the most painful things to endure. It’s somewhere close to being burnt alive.

64. Losing a close friend is just as painful as losing a significant other. Being abandoned by a close friend is just as painful as…you can’t be wrong with whatever you write there.

65. There’s a time in everyone’s life when they have their fifteen minutes of being abandoned by a friend. It’s natural to want your friendship back, even if the feeling isn’t mutual.

66. Sometimes, you have to get over being abandoned by a friend in order to enjoy new and other current friendships.

67. Your heart will survive being abandoned by a friend. Here’s what the bright side says: There’s always a bunch of great new friends to make.

68. We all need that one friend we would do anything for and that will do anything for us. Go and make another one and let the one who abandoned you come around whenever he does.

69. It’s never easy to deal with the feelings of abandonment by your best friend, but life goes on. Before you know it, you’re missing them less.

70. Friends are great—until they abandon you. Just keep looking for another friend who will pull you out of the sad feelings of abandonment when that day comes. You deserve it!

71. When you find your true love, sometimes a best friend starts to feel abandoned. So have good wishes for the person who just abandoned you for romance.

72. See being abandoned by friends as something to learn from and learn excuses for when you abandon them.

73. You can cry over being abandoned by a friend, or you can talk to Siri, the friend that’s one pocket away.

74. It’s understandable that you would want someone to always prioritise you. We get it. Who wouldn’t? But being abandoned by some friends is inevitable.

75. Always there for you, your dog is more than just a pet. He’s your friend and definitely not the two-legged, one-hearted friend that will probably abandon you tomorrow.

Abandoned by Friends Quotes

“You’ll forget about the friends who abandoned you. Or you’ll remember them without feeling the pain of being abandoned. By then, you’ll have more friends and even lovelier ones. Now, put your feelings on the bullseye and decide if to pull a trigger on them or not.”

76. When you are abandoned by all your friends, there is still the internet to keep you company.

77. A study involving only you shows that Facebook looks more appealing when your friends abandon you.

78. Some say that friendship should be unconditional, but I say that what is friendship if your friend doesn’t abandon you once in a while?

79. Before you cry about being abandoned by a friend, the truth is, for some people, friendships only work if you keep in touch.

80. Best friends are the ones who have been there for you through thick and thin and the ones who’ll put a crack on your heart when they abandon you.

81. Some friendships form quickly. Some take years to develop. But there’s the feeling of being abandoned by your friend waiting in the future for you.

82. I no longer wonder if there are people who have never been abandoned by someone that they call a friend.

82. Do you think this planet has people who have never been abandoned by a friend?

83. It’s hard to imagine being abandoned by a friend. If you’ve never felt it, well, you’re lucky. I hope that you never have to know what it feels like.

84. I bet there are uncountable cases of abandonment. We’ve all been abandoned by friends at some point in our lives.

85. Maybe being abandoned by a friend is just proof that you’re not a ghost. Or maybe it’s just something to make you stronger or to teach you something.

86. You can find abandoned friends pondering the true value and meaning of friendship.

87. Rather than judging those that abandon us, we should learn to let go.

88. You ever seen an abandoned building and thought of its great potential? See yourself as that building whenever you are abandoned by friends.

89. Feeling abandoned by friends doesn’t mean you’re not good company.

90. It’s okay to be alone, but it’s better to be alone while not feeling abandoned by friends.

91. Find like-minded people with similar hobbies and passions, make them your friends and hope they never abandon you.

92. There are millions of people all over the world who feel as though they’re abandoned by friends. You’re just a planet in the universe.

93. The likelihood of being abandoned increases with the length of a friendship.

94. Abandonment. It’s one of the most devastating human fears in friendship. Having a friend is like applying to be its host in the future.

95. What’s scarier is how the hurt from being abandoned by a friend can last as long as the friendship.

96. Abandoning a friend leaves a scar on the ego of the abandoned. The wound can remain open for years, even generations.

97. Your friend abandoned you, and you’re thinking of telling them how you feel? Do it. Or don’t. Just do what you think is best.

98. Sometimes, the beginning of a better life is the end of your friendship with the friend who abandoned you.

99. Abandoned by a friend? The holidays are a great time to find new friends.

100. Friends are gifts that keep on giving. Laughter, joy and feelings of abandonment once in a while.

You laughed as you read some of these quotes about being abandoned by friends? I’m glad to hear that. Did you find one or more to use in a speech or post about being abandoned? That’s good to know.

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