Quotes About Being Broken but Strong

Quotes About Being Broken but Strong

I won’t lie, I have been broken a bunch of times. I would be lying if I said it never got me down or caused me to feel like giving up. But I guess it’s true what some people say: Even though you’re broken, life isn’t over, it doesn’t mean you should stop growing.

To be strong is being broken but still alive and hopeful, which means you will find your way around. There are as many ways to be strong, the way we develop our strengths can strongly affect how we cope with distressing situations, such as loss.

The tests of life don’t all come with the same passing score. The good things in life require that we persist, even when we fail, and learn from our failures. The failures mould us into the people/role models that everyone should strive to be. To be imperfect, but to embrace it.

In this article, I have compiled quotes about being broken but strong will help you find a way to survive, get back on your feet, and rebuild your lives. In this way, you’ll be able to understand how important is it to overcome any situation and live a happy life.

Quotes About Being Broken but Strong

Be strong. It takes a brave soul to share the broken parts of themselves. But it takes an even braver soul to accept, embrace and love those same parts. You are unstoppable, and you can do anything you want. Life may be challenging, but like they say, “This too shall pass.” Just keep going, and your strength will be rewarded.

1. You have been hurt, and you are broken. You have been ripped apart, but you are alive. It’s time to start healing yourself the only way you can – loving yourself.

2. Strong isn’t being perfect. Although, it is strong to be perfect in our way, while we are broken in others. We can’t change the world if we aren’t willing to change ourselves.

3. It’s hard to be put back together, but the reward is in being even more beautiful than you were before. Sometimes you have to be broken to grow stronger.

4. Your brokenness doesn’t just heal. Hold on to your heart. You are stronger than you know. Never let anyone steal your joy. You own it. Always stay strong.

5. You can’t be a diamond without pressure. If you’re broken, be strong. If you’re weak, be strong. Always be kind, no matter how weak you are.

6. It’s hard to be broken and not feel like you’re healing. Your whole heart isn’t shattering. But that’s what makes us stronger. You have to be strong because it’s a long fall, and you have to stand up when you hit bottom.

7. You are stronger than you think. You are braver than you seem, smarter than you think, and stronger than you ever imagined possible. No matter how broken you are, you can persevere. You have the strength to overcome and achieve anything.

8. Realizing you’re broken doesn’t mean you stop, sometimes it means you get back up stronger.

9. You are capable of accomplishing a lot more than you think, being broken doesn’t stop you from being strong. Dare to make all your wildest dreams come true. If you can dream it, you can do it. If there is a will, there is a way. Master the mind, and you will conquer the world.

10. Beauty is pain. Beauty doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes it hurts. But real beauty, the kind that lasts, comes from knowing you can recover and rise again. Sometimes, the strongest people are the ones who have been broken the most.

11. You are broken, but you can be whole. Everything happens for a reason, so remember to never give up on your dreams—learn from the past and always have faith in yourself.

12. Sometimes, we have to be broken to grow stronger. Only through our perseverance can we truly flourish. In a world set on tearing us down, only we can build each other up.

13. It’s not about your brokenness; it’s about how you react. You’ll get back up. You’ll learn from it. You’re stronger than this. You’re stronger than you think. Never let anything shatter your confidence.

14. Strengthen the broken places and make them whole again. Make moving forward encouraging and rewarding, not discouraging and punishing.

15. Life is full of ups and downs, but rather than a constant up and down cycle, why not try to be at the top as often as possible? The only way out is through.

16. Strength. Courage. Growth. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about overcoming obstacles and being grateful for the journey. Keep calm. Stay positive. And believe in yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to.

17. Keep calm, stay positive, and believe in yourself. If you’re broken but strong, you can get through anything. Keep a clear head, stay positive, and believe in yourself. If you’re feeling down, remember to stay strong.

18. Stay positive and believe in yourself. If you’re feeling down and out, curl up with a good book or watch your favourite movie until you feel revived. Stay hopeful, keep smiling, and know that whatever obstacle is thrown at you, you will get through it.

19. When you need strength, believe in yourself. Keeping calm and staying positive can be hard, but it’s a decision you have to make each day. Sometimes it can be hard to remain positive, but you are stronger than you think.

20. Keep calm and carry on. You got this, girl! Don’t be afraid of being broken. Everyone fails sometimes. Adversity makes you stronger. Don’t let upsetting things get you down.

21. You are tougher than you think, stronger than you seem, and more loved than you know. When you’re feeling broken and lonely, think of someone who cares about you. You are never alone.

22. Be kind to yourself. You deserve to be treated well, and so does everyone else around you. You’re already strong. You’ve already been through so much.

23. If you’re feeling down, try picking yourself up and moving forward with a smile. If you’re running out of energy, take a break to recharge. The world is full of wonder and possibility, but you have to be willing to open your heart and mind.

24. You’ve got it in you. You’re strong and smart. You’re unique and powerful. You have been broken, but out of these ashes, you have risen like a phoenix because you are strong.

25. You have character and have experienced life. You’re wise and compassionate. You’re a survivor, and you can’t be stopped. Perfection is overrated, everyone is broken somehow, not just you.

26. People have been saying you’re a great friend. You’re not alone. This is your time to shine. You are nothing short of remarkable.

27. Life is a journey, and you will grow from your hardships. It’s hard to be strong when you’re broken. Sometimes life gives you a curveball. That’s when you need to hang on tight and fight through the struggle. You may not be at your best, but you’re too strong to give up.

28. When you’ve been through the storm but want to be in the sun. They’re strong and determined, but they’re not afraid to ask for help when they need it.

29. Tough times are a part of life – they give us perspective and help us grow. Stay strong in spirit, even when you have to ask for a hand!

30. When life is at its worst, music can put a smile on your face. Music gives you the courage not just to try but to believe in yourself.

31. It’s okay to be broken. We are stronger than our wounds. Remember that it’s better to get broken a little bit every day. You have to break a lot of stuff to create something beautiful.

32. The breaking is the only thing that lets you know that there’s something worth fixing. Sometimes our hearts need a little time apart to figure out what they want.

33. Sometimes, we have to break to grow. Tough times don’t last; tough people’s problems are inevitable, so expect them, mentally prepare yourself, and don’t be hard to deal with.

34. You can’t always be perfect, but you can keep striving for greatness. We all fall. The question is whether you get back up or you let your situation determine who you are.

35. You might think a broken heart is a sign of it, but it’s always a strength. It is a comfort to know that you are broken too, that together we can sit in this broken place and not feel alone.

36. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. Sometimes you’re down; sometimes you’re up. That’s just being human, and that’s okay. Chin up, Buttercup. Things aren’t always as bad as they seem.

37. You are strong. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be yourself. No one else can change the world for you we have to do that for ourselves.

38. While you are not perfect and no one is, you are perfect in your way. It takes strength to admit we can’t change the world without first changing ourselves.

39. Strong isn’t being perfect. But it is strong to be perfect in our way, even when we are weak in others. If we don’t change, we can never change our world for the better.

40. Strength. Grace. Courage. Beauty. All you need is already within you.
Being broken doesn’t mean you can’t be strong. Lots of people don’t know they’re broken. Be strong, carry on!

41. You can always be broken, but you don’t have to be shattered. Find strength in the places where you are weak.

42. You might break me, but you can’t make me stay broken. I’m a work in progress and proud of it. A broken heart is still beating.

43. It’s okay not to be okay. You are not alone. Talking about your feelings can help. You can get through this, and we are here for you.

44. Everybody has a bad day, and sometimes there’s no reason! It’s okay not to be okay. Permit yourself not to be okay. It’s completely normal to have your ups and downs, especially during these times.

45. It’s okay to reach out when you need support. We all have to deal with stress, and that’s okay. It’s okay if things get hard; everyone has a rough go sometimes.

46. Don’t worry. We all have days like that. When you break, you grow. That’s how the light gets in. Human beings are infinitely resourceful, resilient, and brave.

47. You aren’t perfect. It doesn’t matter whether you are strong or broken. You can use that inner strength to motivate you to make the world a better place.

48. Take things one day at a time. It helps to have friends along the way. Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.

49. Being broken does not mean you are weak; strong enough to be honest about your struggles. You know you’re alive when you’re broken, but you’re still breathing

50. When you are broken, you do not have to stay down. Resilience is the power of turning pain into power. It’s okay not to be okay.

Broken Heart but Still Strong

You’re stronger than you think. There will always be times when you’re tempted to give up because your heart was broken. Don’t do it! Instead, get motivated and find new ways to succeed. Keep pushing past your comfort zone, growing and evolving into the person you want to be. You’re never too weak for that.

51. Start your day with a smile because you’re worth it! Believe in yourself. Stay positive and believe you can do it even if your heart is broken. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to. You’re stronger than you think.

52. It’s ok to feel broken-hearted. Everyone does. But you’re stronger than you think. You’re not alone. You’re strong, and everyone knows it.

53. You can do it! It’s easy to think that we’re weak. But the truth is, when you look deep inside, you find a person who is strong, capable, and ready to take on anything.

53. When you feel like you’re at your lowest, know that there’s always someone who cares about you and believes in you. And know that it’s never too late to change your life for the better. Be strong even if you’re broken.

54. Every day should be a fresh start. Be happy and thankful now. For every tear you shed, a stronger person emerges.

55. Every time something painful happens, a stronger and more resilient person emerges right before your eyes. Be strong even if you’re broken.

56. All your struggles in life will make you a stronger person. We see the person you are inside and encourage you to express that inner strength.

57. You get stronger and happier when you understand the why behind your tears. When you cry, you feel better. There is nothing wrong with crying.

58. The worst moments of our lives are the ones that make us stronger. So don’t be sad when bad things hit you, be thankful for this opportunity to build your character.

59. In the most difficult times, you can get through and emerge stronger. You’re not alone. When you overcome an obstacle, you become stronger than ever.

60. Take a minute to breathe. You’ve been through something difficult, and you’re going to come out of it okay. There’s always a brave person inside you. Be courageous, and you will be stronger.

61. You’re heartbroken but strong; It will help more than you can imagine. Every cloud has a silver lining. The world is a beautiful place. The ability to find beauty in everyday life is something to treasure.

62. You are stronger than you know. You can do it! You’re powerful, and you know it. Things can seem difficult right now, but you will be stronger. You are amazing. You’ve been through so much and come out even stronger.

63. Remember, you are stronger and smarter than you think. You are a warrior. Don’t ever forget it. You’re beautiful. Do you believe that?

64. With your hard work, you can achieve anything. Trust in yourself. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

65. You may feel helpless about some things and hopeless about others, but remember- you can overcome anything. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger or a little better.

66. There is no finish line. It’s just life with a healthy dedication to optimism and good effort. Don’t waste time being broken – use it to get stronger.

67. Stop wasting so much time being heartbroken. Use it to get stronger and get your life on track again. Life happens. Don’t let bad things get you down. Use them as motivation to become a stronger, better version of yourself.

68. It’s OK to be vulnerable. Challenge your pain and make it work for you. The human body is so incredibly sturdy that when something hurts you, you get a chance to grow even stronger from it.

69. When things fall apart, we’re stronger than we think. Your body is precious; look after it like you would care for a sick child. Your health is important, so make sure to put your physical and mental energy first.

70. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to keep going and try again. Falling is a part of life. Without failure, there would be no success. It’s okay to fall, just don’t ever stay down.

71. Life is a journey. On this journey, there will be bumps in the road, and you’ll sometimes fall. But when you do, you have to get back up again, dust yourself off and continue your journey.

72. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a past. But you are stronger than you think, and young can always get back up again. You can never fix a broken bone with the same bone. You have to use something stronger.

73. No one’s perfect. Not me, not you. Not now, not ever. But we can be better. You can be better. It is not easy to heal from abuse, but we do it anyway. You are stronger than you know.

74. You are stronger than you know! You know what they say, ‘time heals all wounds.’ But sometimes, you need to heal yourself. One day you will crack open

75. When everything seems lost, the sun will rise to meet you at the end of that dark tunnel. Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God.

76. Life is a roller coaster ride, but there’s always a silver lining. Also, an occasional cup of coffee helps. It’s hard to be broken when you’re strong. You deserve to live a fuller life, free of your pain, anxiety, and stress.

77. You’re strong. You’re not broken. When you’re strong, nothing can break you; you can overcome anything. Even on your worst day, even when you have zero confidence, even when you think you’re the weakest person in the world, you are still strong.

78. When you’re strong, you probably already know that because the strongest people are the most likely to be confident enough in their power to help other people grow stronger.

79. When life seems hard when you’re going through tough times, it’s always important to remember that you are stronger than you think. Do not be afraid. Show the world your strength.

80. Everyone weathers the ups and downs of life. It’s in these moments that a true sense of care is all you need to get back on track. The strongest is the broken one, who puts himself back together and carries on.

81. When you’re broken, you just need someone to help put you back together again. The most enduring are the broken ones who put themselves back together and continue to thrive.

82. The most impressive human is the one who was broken and could bounce back. There’s hope in the broken ones. They can pick themselves up, put themselves back together and return better than ever before.

83. Don’t let things break you. Everyone falls at some point, but the trick is getting back up and keeping going with a fresh perspective. No matter how much you think you have broken down, you can build yourself back up again.

84. The pain of life can hide us, but darkness will never last. We are strong, and our heart is full of love. So, stand tall, stay strong, and be who you are. Sometimes it can be super hard, but you’re worth it. You can do it!

85. Getting through difficult times isn’t easy, but it’s an opportunity to show that you can overcome adversity and be even stronger afterwards.

86. It’s time to build towards the future and to acknowledge those who have helped you along the way. It takes immense strength to be able to overcome struggles. If you’re feeling depressed, remember to take baby steps, and you will feel stronger again.

87. It is in your darkest times that you’ll understand who is with you and who isn’t. The people who have suffered the most are the ones who are now living their best lives.

88. Be strong. Despite all you’ve been through, you’re still holding together; you’re still standing up tall.

89. You don’t have to be perfect. You’re human—everyone’s allowed to be broken. But as long as we keep growing, as long as we keep pushing forward, there’s hope for us.

90. Every broken bone eventually heals, but the scars, they say, tell a story. Nothing will ever compare to you. Not even the moon.

91. Life is hard, but you don’t have to face it alone. Talk to someone today.
Sometimes you can be stronger than you even expect.

92. We are all broken somehow, but we are stronger than we know.

93. We are all a bit broken; every heart is a little bit cracked, but if you’re giving up and letting it get you down, you’re never going to get over it: life has broken me. But I’m still around, and I’m stronger than ever.

94. Stronger than damaged, more beautiful than broken. Stars, like people, are sometimes broken. But unlike people, they are bound together by invisible ties of love.

95. It’s the people who have broken your heart that make your life complete. Fix yourself. Keep going. You’re stronger than you think; you’re braver than you believe.

96. Don’t give up, don’t give in. The strongest people do the hardest things because they believe in something bigger than them.

97. You don’t have to be broken to be strong. Every journey begins with a step forward. Never apologize for being broken. You’re stronger than anyone could ever know.

98. At times, we feel broken, but we must remember that a friend can rebuild us. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But really, it’s okay to be just a little broken. You’re going to be okay.

99. Feeling heartbroken? You’re not alone. Know that everyone struggles sometimes and you’re stronger than you think.

100. You don’t get over a broken heart; you develop into a powerful person. You can’t keep your head down if it’s holding you down. You don’t have to carry the world’s weight; just put one foot in front of the other.

Acknowledging that you are in pain or have suffered hardship, and then refusing to let that define or destroy you—is the embodiment of strength. These quotes about being broken but strong is appropriate for when you feel discouraged or going through a hard time.

It’s great to hear someone tell you that even though you’ve gone through something so terrible, you’ve survived. After all, time only moves in one direction: forward. Let me know what you think of these quotes in the comment section below, don’t forget to share this post with everyone you know. Thanks.

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