Quotes About Betrayal in Marriage

Quotes About Betrayal in Marriage

Betrayal is any behaviour that violates the fundamental expectations held in your relationship. Betrayal can come in many ways, but it is the worst thing that can happen to a marriage. It destroys trust and weakens communication. A spouse can betray you by not being there, listening or caring.

Betrayal can also take the form of an affair. When your marriage feels threatened by betrayal, you must call your spouse out on their behaviour and make them feel accountable. Otherwise, they will keep doing it because they’re not going to feel that sense of accountability—they’ll think it’s all in your head.

If your spouse betrayed you, don’t let the marriage fail. You have to work things out, and this list of quotes about betrayal in marriage will help you put things into perspective.


Quotes About Betrayal in Marriage

Betrayal is the most painful thing in a marriage. Allow yourself to grieve and heal, let this person know he/she hurt you and ultimately do not give your heart to someone who was so insensitive, uncaring and seems to show no emotion at all.

1. Betrayal is the worst thing that can happen to a marriage. Don’t let it destroy you!

2. When your spouse betrays you, you discover who loves you.

3. Betrayal can occur in marriage. It may be accidental or unintentional, but it is a betrayal.

4. Betrayal can happen in a marriage. But, it’s not the end of the road. With God’s help and guidance, you can turn that experience into a positive one.

5. Betrayal knows no bounds, not even the ones your marriage has.

6. One of the hardest things to forgive is betrayal. Betrayal can destroy trust and weaken marriages, but it doesn’t have to.

7. The betrayal of a marriage is not as painful as the betrayal of a friend.

8. Betrayal in marriage is not about the act of betrayal. It’s about the cover-up and lack of trust that follow it, which can last a lifetime.

9. Betrayal happens in marriage. It hurts the most when you least expect it and can be devastating.

10. Betrayal is the price that all marriages pay. And if you’re faithful in your love, there will be times when betrayal is inevitable.

11. Betrayal in marriage is like a storm that comes without warning.

12. Every marriage is a three-legged stool. One leg is love, the second leg is trust, and the third leg is betrayal. Every marriage eventually falls over.

13. Betrayal is the one thing that no one ever deserves. I would never expect it from a friend, but sometimes you deserve it from your spouse.

14. There are betrayals in marriages, and they can be hurtful. But you have to focus on yourself, not the other person, because it is their fault that they are not with you.

15. Betrayal is a serious matter. A betrayal in marriage can lead to divorce, but it can also cause the relationship to be irrevocably damaged.

16. Betrayal in marriage is like a knife that can cut both ways. It can leave wounds that never heal or be the catalyst for healing your relationship with God.

17. Deception is not the way to a happy marriage. Betrayal is not the way to happiness.

18. The betrayal of a spouse can be devastating for a marriage. How can a couple of heal from the wounds of betrayal? Good questions often have better answers.

19. One of the most painful, brutal and devastating things to come out of a marriage is betrayal.

20. If your husband is betraying you, let us know.

21. Marriage is a partnership of two; a marriage of two cannot survive betrayal.

22. The most painful betrayal you can experience is being betrayed by your spouse.

23. Betrayal in marriage is the most painful form of betrayal.

24. Betrayal in marriage is the most terrible crime that a human can commit.

25. Betrayal in marriage is like a broken heart.

26. There is nothing more devastating than when you find out your partner has been sleeping with others.

27. Betrayal in marriage is hard to forgive, But forgiveness is the easiest way.

28. Marriages fail for many reasons, but betrayal is the killer.

29. If you’re married and your spouse cheats on you, tell them in text.

30. No matter how much you love your spouse, you can never trust them.

31. Betrayal in marriage is a wound that never heals until it’s left to rest.

32. The only betrayal in marriage is thinking that you know something that you don’t.

33. The betrayal of your spouse is never plainer than in the moment of their silent betrayal.

34. When a partner betrays you in your marriage, they hurt your children, family, and even the church. You have a choice to make: continue or repent.

35. Betrayal and infidelity are not choices; they are reactions to a choice.

36. One partner in a marriage can betray you, but two partners working together to break trust is teamwork.

37. I am not interested in a relationship built on lies and deception.

38. An affair is a betrayal of trust. Once it happens, you are no longer the person they thought they knew.

39. Marriage is a fragile thing, and it can crack at any moment. So keep your guard up, stay alert and be prepared for whatever life has in store for you.

40. I have been betrayed by the ones I love most. And now, I am betrayed by my greatest hope and dream.

41. Betrayal is a game of emotional trust. And you can’t trust the one who says they love you while they sleep with your best friend.

42. Betrayal can come from anywhere. It takes two people to make a marriage, but only one to break it.

43. Betrayal is not exclusive to married couples. It can occur in businesses, friendships, and even family relationships.

44. The biggest betrayal is the one that comes from a close friend. Betrayal from a spouse is nothing compared to the deception of someone you trust.

45. In a marriage, if you’re not betraying each other, you’re lucky and safe.

46. Betrayal can happen in any marriage, but it can be managed—and overcome.

47. When betrayal enters your marriage, it may be not easy to see the truth. But there is one truth that no two-sided coin has ever had—other than the reality that your spouse once loved you.

48. When you have a marriage and your partner betrays you, do you still love them?

49. If you are married, there will be times when your spouse betrays you. If you are in a relationship, let this not cause you to betray your spouse.

50. I believe that if you are a man and betray your marriage, you will betray your children.

51. A secret betrayal is one of the most dangerous things a married couple can experience. This is especially true if it involves an affair.

52. The failure of marriage to survive betrayal proves that love itself is finite and cannot sustain an institution so transcendentally important forever.

53. Trust is one of the most valuable assets you can have in a marriage. Never betray it and don’t let anyone else do so either.

54. The most difficult betrayal is to believe your own partner.

55. Betrayal is the act of giving a secret away.

56. Betrayal in marriage isn’t always a betrayal. It can be a step forward into the unknown, with many lessons to be learned along the way.

57. The truth is that betrayal can destroy a marriage, so you must learn to let go of your past hurts and forgive if you ever want to repair the relationship.

58. A betrayal is a breaking of trust. The broken trust in your marriage can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. The only thing permanent about betrayal is the pain you feel and the consequences you face.

59. Betrayal is the most painful thing a marriage can experience.

60. A betrayed woman isn’t the same as a betrayed man. She is more dangerous.

61. Betrayal in marriage is a betrayal of trust. Betrayal in marriage can be caused by infidelity, physical or verbal abuse and neglect.

62. When your husband betrays you, it hurts so much more than when a stranger does. Don’t give up on your marriage. Find ways to love and appreciate him again.

63. When our spouse betrays us, it’s not always the end of the world. It is a wake-up call to both spouses that they need to work on their relationship.

64. Betrayal is a betrayal of trust. Trust is the cornerstone of marriage.

65. Betrayal can happen in the best marriages, but it doesn’t have to.

66. Betrayal of any kind can leave you feeling very alone, so it’s important to know that you have someone who understands what you’re going through.

67. Betrayal in a marriage is not the same as betraying an employer. It’s about the betrayal of trust, which makes it infinitely more painful to heal.

68. If a marriage is built on lies, it will eventually collapse.

69. A broken marriage can be the worst betrayal, as it leaves so many people feeling betrayed by themselves.

70. Build a solid foundation of trust with your spouse. Then, God will cover and protect you no matter what happens in your marriage.

71. At the end of the day, our marriage is only as strong as the trust we have between us. When that trust breaks, it’s like an earthquake rattling through everything you believe in.

72. Betrayal is one of the most powerful tools an unfaithful partner has in their arsenal.

73. When you’re married, betrayal looks just like affection.

74. Betrayed by my husband and betrayed by myself.

75. If a man or woman can betray you, then they don’t deserve to live.

76. Marriage is a trust and a covenant. Betrayal makes one cheater and the other victim—for both.

77. Betrayal happens when your partner no longer has faith in you.

78. Betrayal is an affair of the heart. It’s a betrayal of trust, and it can destroy you.

79. Betrayal is a violation of trust. And there’s nothing more painful than letting your partner down, so give yourself the time you need to learn how to trust again.

80. Your husband betrayed you. But your children will never betray you.

81. No matter how much love you have, if you don’t trust your partner, it’s not worth anything.

82. At the end of every betrayal is a moment when you realize that you have lost everything.

83. Betrayal comes in many forms, but betrayal in marriage comes in one size: it’s all the same.

84. Betrayal doesn’t always come in the form of romantic infidelity, but it can happen to any couple.

85. Betrayal is a term used to describe having one’s vows broken or violated by someone else.

86. Betrayal is like a red rose, beautiful from a distance but deadly at close range.

87. Betrayal in marriage is not a mistake; it’s a certainty. Not because of weakness but because of the strength of love.

88. When you find yourself in a marriage where love and respect have been replaced by betrayal and disrespect, you can keep it going. You are not alone.

89. A marriage based on love and trust is the greatest betrayal of all.

90. Betrayal in marriage does not have someone’s back. It does not know when to say, “Enough is enough.” It’s not walking away when you need to walk away.

91. Betrayal can be a very messy affair, but it doesn’t have to be the end of a marriage.

92. This is the most painful of all betrayals—to be betrayed by a spouse you love.

93. You don’t always have to be the one who cheats. Sometimes it’s okay for your partner to betray you.

94. A betrayal is when a person has been deceived. Betrayal is much more than that. Betrayal can be an affair, not speaking up, or lying; it can be endless ways in which a marriage might be destroyed.

95. Betrayal in marriage is like cancer. It starts small, but over time it will consume you.

96. Marriages are hard, but they can be made harder by betrayal.

97. Don’t let betrayal in your marriage be the first step to a divorce. Don’t hide and hope it goes away. Face it head-on and end it!

98. Betrayal is not just a feeling; it’s a physical and mental activity that can happen at any point in life. But we can avoid it by understanding how betrayal affects our minds and body.

99. Husband and wife can both be betrayed by each other. Betrayal between spouses is the worst because it leaves you feeling alone, uncared for and abandoned.

100. Betrayal is the one thing that no one can prepare for.

Unfortunately, trust in a person can be broken very easily, but it can always be repaired if only both parties try to work things out. I hope these quotes about betrayal in marriage could bring this awareness to the forefront of your life once again.

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