Apology Messages

100 Sorry Letter to Boyfriend for Hurting Him

Sorry Letters to Boyfriend for Hurting Him

As humans, we are bound to err. Unfortunately, sometimes, our loved ones are at the receiving end of this.

The good news is, a simple heart touching message can reverse the effect of our wrongdoing and give us a happy ending if only, we are wise enough to use the tool of a "romantic apologetic message".

Just in case you are a lady, lucky you then!

100+ Sorry Messages for Friends - Apology Messages to a Friend

I'm Sorry Messages for Friends

Ideally, many friends are so much closer to us, than our family members and we share a part of our lives with them. Now, having quarrels and misunderstanding isn't inevitable for as long as we have our senses and differences. That's why you need some Sorry Messages for a Friend - I am Sorry Messages for Friends you've offended.