Sorry for Hurting You Messages for Him or Her (2024)

Is there any perfect relationship? I would simply say, NO. This is because disagreements or disappointments are bound to happen in every relationship, and they do occur from time to time.

Irrespective of what cropped up that made one’s relationship go sour, making things work again should be one’s priority.

Trying to push blames or find who is at fault is just an easy way to elongating issues. Irrespective of who is at fault, peace should be made urgently. Even if it happens that you were not the one who really acted stupid, you shouldn’t allow things to go so bad before making the right moves.

How well do you think a simple apology message would do? Yeah, I tell you, a simple message in a card or SMS will really help in reconciling your differences.

Why not try out any of these heart touching apology messages and watch out for the amazing result it will bring to your relationship.

Apology Text Messages to Say Sorry to Someone You Hurt

No matter how it feels right now, you have taken the right step to make things right, even if you’re the worst sinner there is in the world. Apology can go the right way if done well and it’s same reason these I’m sorry for hurting you messages and quotes were written with you in mind. Best of Apology Messages for friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, and anyone special to you. Best of apology messages and quotes to say sorry to him or her.

1. I hate to see you hurt and cry. Please forgive me.

2. I may pretend for a while, but I just can’t bear this grudges for long. Kindly forgive and forget all I’ve done.

3. Please let’s get back to how we used to do. I missed our old ways.

4. I know what I’d lose without you being there. I need you to come back, please.

5. I owe you millions of apology. Just accept this rose as a pointer of my undying love for you.

6. I could have wronged you a thousand times, but I hope to clear the air once things get back to normal.

7. Kindly give me another chance. Just to prove to you that I’ve changed for good.

8. Your arms and hugs I’ve greatly missed. I looked forward to getting them back soonest.

9. For the tears that daily fill my eyes, I hope they could wipe away all my wrongs in your heart.

10. The only words I want to repeat consistently is ‘I am sorry’, and I want to say it all over again.

11. My wrongs are really egregious. Notwithstanding, I’ve realised them early enough. Kindly forgive and forget.

12. Your forgiveness is all I seek and desire right now. Please forgive me.

13. Kindly look for the little space in your heart to fix me up. I can’t live without you.

14. Do not regard any iniquity in your heart against me. Show me mercy, my dear.

15. For all the stress and pains I’ve made you go through, I apologize for them all. Please forgive me.

16. The sooner I realised my mistakes, the better for me to apologize. I hope not to wrong you again.

17. Our relationship really took a long while to get to this point. And now that I have you, I don’t want to lose you for anything.

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18. There’s nothing to gain in proving stubborn. I’ve realised my foolishness and I go on my knees to show how remorseful I am.

19. Going on my knees should be enough to salvage the situation and bring me back to you. Please take me back darling.

20. We all learn from mistakes and I sure have learnt from my stupidity. I hope you’ll bear with me and never take it against me.

21. Nothing breaks my heart as much as realising your back is turned against me. I apologize all over again.

22. I feel so guilty and helpless for all the pains I made us go through. Please tamper justice with mercy.

23. Please don’t turn your back against me. It breaks my heart to see you do that.

24. I regret all of my actions. And you’re justified even if you decide to break up with me. All the same, I beg of you not to turn your back on me completely.

25. I can’t bear to see us grow apart than ever. I need you more than anything in the world.

26. Please, just give me another chance to make it up to you.

27. I appeal for mercy. I promise to change for good.

28. I plead with you to help me become the better version of me, the kind you will always be proud of. Don’t leave me like this, please.

29. Tears will not be enough to dissolve the pains I have inflicted on you. Forgiveness will make us get better.

30. Just with a singular opportunity, I get from you, I will prove to you how better I’ve become.

31. I thought it was a joke when you walked away. But staying for days without you made me realise this is getting so real than I thought. Please don’t leave me.

32. I will be the most stupid person on earth if I allow you to walk away like this. My life will go completely empty without you.

33. It takes two to make things work. Please let’s do away with pride, and be tender towards each other.

34. It running into weeks now and we’re still at loggerheads with each other. Darling, for how long will this continue? Please, forgive me.

35. Keeping malice won’t solve the problem. Rather, let’s reason together and re-strategise. I plead your forgiveness, baby.

36. I feel so guilty. I feel so dirty. I feel so helpless, but I need your forgiveness to make me whole again.

37. I’m heartily sorry for hurting you this way darling. I promise to make things work better.

38. I know I have too many character flaws but I promise to change and be the best lover ever.

39. My attitude could have put you off many times, leaving the growth of this relationship at a disadvantaged. I hope you will show mercy while we get back again.

40. Knowing you love me so much, I know you won’t deny me of this one request – your forgiveness.

41. I wish you could tell me what I can do to mend your hurting soul. I’m really ready to give it all it takes. Just forgive me.

42. I’ve got nothing to gain in proving that I am right. It’s rather a mere show of pride that will lead nowhere. I plead your mercy.

43. Your joy is my delight. I choose you over and over again. I apologize for hurting you.

44. You cannot throw me aside come what may. You have become a significant part of me, and will not like to jettison the relationship. Kindly forgive and forget.

45. Baby, I need you to develop a good heart towards me irrespective of what might have happened.

46. Seeing you hurt is like hurting myself in the process. I just wish to right my wrongs when I get my place back in your heart.

47. Nothing can justify all my wrongs. Baby, I am truly sorry for all I made you go through.

48. I wish you could open my heart to see how truly sorry I am. Do forgive me, my love.

49. I hurt you, I know. But I pray for your forgiveness. Please, forgive me.

50. I never realised I acted so foolishly until you made me realise that. Please, pardon my mistakes.

51. I’ve searched long for a beautiful home and I found one with you. Losing you now is like making me go homeless.

52. Little did I know how much your departure has taken a whole grip on me until I started losing my concentration. Babe, I need you.

53. I have always cherished the kind of love we share. But how things turned out this bad is far beyond my understanding. I’m heartily sorry baby.

54. I knew what it took me to get hold of your heart. And the last thing I will ever allow is to lose it for a little disagreement.

55. I will do all it takes to get your love back baby. Honestly, I need you more now than ever.

56. The tears that fill my eyes every single day I think about you is making me go depressed. I am sorry for hurting you.

57. I could sometimes become jealous because I’m scared of losing you. But all the same, I am sorry for overreacting.

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58. Little did I realise the love I was searching for was right before me until you took a break. I’m sorry for taking you for granted.

59. Telling me you needed a break was a heavy blow too heavy for me to contain, darling.

60. Cheating on you is the least of the things I could have ever done to you. I couldn’t understand what went wrong with me. Just find a place in your sweetheart to forgive me.

Sorry for Hurting you Messages for Friends

61. Never had I thought things will go this bad. But I hope to make things right once you return. I am sorry, buddy.

62. For every wrong done, I say ‘I am heartily sorry’. I need your friendship now than never.

63. All I desire is for you to just flashback to the good times we both shared together. Let’s not trade those beautiful moments for a little mistake.

64. I regret all of my actions. Believe me, I regret them now for every good reason. Please forgive me, friend.

65. I’ve known the joy of togetherness. Now I’m experiencing the pain of loneliness all because you’re no longer in the picture. I am sorry!

66. I realise my stupidity. I regret all of my actions. You’re still the best friend I will always pray to have.

67. Words are powerful. Now I know better why I shouldn’t have said all those harsh words to you. I am sorry.

68. Telling you ‘I am sorry’ is never a sign of weakness. It’s just to show you how our peace matters most to me.

69. The good old days and lovely memories are all I crave for. Now I need you to bring those good times again.

70. All I have in my head is the thoughts of you. I’ve missed you. Please come back.

71. You may not realise how much I’ve missed if I don’t tell you. I miss you, and I need your presence.

72. This is just to let you know how much impact you’ve made and how indelible you’ve become. I’ve missed our friendship.

73. Kindly think of the good past and how we used to be. Please let’s get back to business, friend.

74. One day of foolishness should not interfere with the friendship build for more than a decade. Please forgive me, dear.

75. We’ve come along. And I wouldn’t want any little misunderstanding to come in between us. I plead your forgiveness.

76. I can’t help feeling so bad after all that happened. I promise there would never be a repeat of such a costly mistake again.

77. I couldn’t believe I yelled at you. I’m sorry for being crazy at times.

78. All I plead for and seek from you right now is your forgiveness.

79. Believe me, I will do all within my power to win back our friendship. I’ve missed you greatly.

80. Who else would I run to if not to you, my sweet friend? But now that we are no more together I’m finding it so hard to cope without you.

81. Please think about the past and all we’ve built together before you call it quit totally with me.

82. Having no one to lean on and rub minds with after you’ve gone has been a huge burden for me. Please come back, darling.

83. Your place is irreplaceable in my heart. I need you more my dear.

84. I apologize for my insincerity with you all this while. I wouldn’t want you to see me like an unfaithful friend.

85. Do not count my sins against me. I really deserve it if you do that, still, I plead your mercy.

86. I can only pray that my childishness would not take the hold of our long built friendship. I am sorry!

87. I really can’t move far in this world without your input. That’s why I need you to please come back.

88. Letting go of pride and making things work out again is all I’m here to do. I’m sure this message will meet you in a good state to convince you of my remorsefulness.

89. We will achieve nothing by prolonging this issue. Please let’s forget the past and come back again.

90. The laughter, the fun, the holding of hands, your excitement and more are all I’ve greatly missed.

91. I know I hurt you badly. But all I can still say is ‘I am sorry’.

92. If the ocean were wishes, I could only wish the fishes swallow up our past ugliness while we dive into the pool of reunion.

93. I’d loved we come back together again. That’s my greatest wish for this moment.

94. The door of my heart is still wide open. I am sorry but I really need you more.

95. I wish I’d seen this earlier maybe this long period of the scuffle between us wouldn’t have happened. I promise to be sensible next time.

96. I have swallowed my pride. I realise how wrong I’ve been. Please, forgive me.

97. You’re still the best friend I have and hope to grow older with. Please let’s act maturely this time.

98. There could be many friends but what we’ve built together is what I value more about us.

99. I really hope we come around again. I really pray we make things right this time.

100. Remember our goals and plans for each other. We cannot just fall apart because of a little misconception. I apologize on our behalf.

You shouldn’t allow issues escalate before sorting them. Make peace with your family, friends, and even lover with these heart touching sorry for hurting you messages.

I really hope this collection of sorry for hurting you messages is just perfect for you in helping things get to normal in your relationship. I’m glad it is!
Don’t hesitate to share with loved ones who want to make peace too.

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