Safe Journey Prayers for Friend

Safe Journey Prayers for Friend in 2024

How beautiful it is to have good friends in our lives. The closer they come to us, the more we want to keep them and ensure they are safe at all times. And if for any reason they try to make adventures in life, we try to be by them, encourage them and pray for them.

It happens at times that the need for them to be away from us arises. Then, we lose control over such situation because we just can’t stop them from going especially when they are going for the best.

In situations like this, the best we can do is encourage and pray for them. That’s how true friends roll!

It is quite possible your friend(s) has just gotten a new job, and the workplace is far from home, probably another state. It could even be that they are going out of the country or returning. Whatever category they fall into, it would be so lovely to show some love and put their journeys in the hands of God in prayers. Your prayers mean a lot to them and could protect them from any form of danger.

Do you have friends who are travelling or returning? Then, you are in the right place. Below are safe journey prayers for friend that would invite the presence of God around them.

You can also intercede for your friends using these prayers and their journey would definitely be free from all forms of evil. You can as well, send them these powerful safe journey prayers to make them know someone is praying for them and really cares for them.

Have a Happy And Safe Journey Prayer Quotes for Friends

Show your friend how caring you are with these safe journey prayers and blessings for Him or Her. Safe trip Prayers, Bon voyage prayers, safe flight prayers and safe travels prayers for Best friends.

1. I pray that God will keep you safe as you travel by Road. Your vehicle will not develop any fault. May God give you wisdom on how to cope with other road users.

2. I soak the plane you will board in the blood of Jesus. I pray that the pilot will drive the plane well, the plane will no crash, and no suicide bomber will be on the plane.

3. I commit the atmosphere, the weather into God’s hand. The climate would be clear and free. The climate will not disturb the pilot from navigation the plane in the right direction in Jesus Name.

4. Oh Lord, I commit my friend and her family into your hands, as they travel, keep them safe, her children will not fall sick on the way, good health shall be their portion. The road would be accident-free in Jesus name.

5. I felt so happy when I heard you are coming home. I can’t wait for you to be back home, my friend. May the Lord protect you and bring you safe and sound.

6. The protection of the Lord is upon you. I wish you a safe journey. God will be with you and guide you. His face shall shine upon you.

7. I soak you into the blood of Jesus. May you not lose your life as you travel by road. Blood Thirsty demons will not suck your blood in Jesus Name. You will come home safe in Jesus name.

8. May the pilot in charge of your plane be of good spirit. May the aeroplane itself be in good condition. I wish you a safe journey in Jesus name.

9. The guardian angels of the Most High God will protect you and surround you, I wish you a safe journey, my friend.

10. Dear God, please guide and protect (put his name). let no harm come near him. He shall not board the same taxi with kidnappers in the name of Jesus.

11. You are Alpha and Omega; you are the great and powerful one and the master of the universe. Please Lord, protect my friend as she travels today, please let your presence go with her.

12. The great protector, please preserve our lives oh Lord. I commit my friend (put his/her name) into your hands, as he embarks on a journey today, please guide and protect him, build a wall of fire around him in Jesus name.

13. As you embark on this night journey, my friend, may the good Lord protect you. You will not meet armed robbers on the way. You will not come in contact with ritualists in Jesus name.

14. Lord, hear our cry, make haste to help us. Please Lord; protect my friend as she travels today. Direct her to take the right path in Jesus name.

15. May God’s angel keep watch over you and guide you. May God’s eyes be upon you. You will go and come back safely, by God’s grace.

16. God, please be with my friend as he travels by sea. There shall be no shipwreck in Jesus name. We commit the captain of the ship into your hands, direct him oh GOD.

17. Thank you, God, for your everlasting love and your tender mercy towards my friend. Be exalted oh Lord. As he travels, protect him; shower him with your love, Lord.

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18. May the hand of the Lord would be mighty upon your life. May my friend enjoy your peace that passes human understanding as he travels in Jesus name.

19. My friend, don’t be scared of travelling by air. The Lord will be with you and keep you safe. Be calm. No plane crash is permitted. Your flight to London shall be safe.

20. I pray that you will come and meet us here, safe and sound in Nigeria. Your journey will be free from all forms of evil in Jesus Name. Amen.

21. I have a lot of gifts for you. Wow! You’ve made us, your friends, so proud of you. I am filled with joy that I will see you again. May God protect you. I am earnestly waiting for your arrival.

22. After many years of leaving me alone here, you have decided to come back to your place of birth. What a great decision! May the angels of God keep watch over you and all the passengers in the plane. I am waiting for you at the airport.

23. Even if the road is bad, God will keep you safe. God will prevent your vehicle from somersaulting and you will meet us here safe. Safe journey in Jesus name. Amen.

24. The Lord will be your hiding place, He will protect you. Safe trip my friend. Make sure you keep your safe busy by reading motivational books.

25. The Lord will be your very present help. He will strengthen you and bring you home safe. Safe journey, my friend.

26. Always have it in mind that no weapon of the enemy formed against you shall prosper. The Lord will bring you home safe and sound. Journey mercies.

27. The Lord will keep you safe and you will have no reason to fear. Safe journey friend.

28. God will always be a shield around you; He will lift your head up in Jesus name. Wishing you a safe journey in Jesus name.

29. No harm will locate you because you seated with God in heavenly places in Jesus name. Safe trip in Jesus name.

30. The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous God will keep you safe in Jesus name. Safe trip, friend.

31. Whoever diggeth a pit shall fall into it, whoever wants you to die through road accident will die in your place in Jesus Name. I wish you a safe journey in Jesus name. Amen.

32. Every fire of the enemy assigned against you shall backfire; the Lord will go with you. Have a safe trip in Jesus name.

33. I destroy every satanic ammunition against you and your family. The Lord will keep you safe. Have a nice trip.

34. Oh God, make the journey my friend is about to embark on, safe for him. I cover the train with the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.

35. I declare that the Most High God will destroy every agenda of the wicked against your travelling in Jesus name.

36. My friend, your blood will not be used to renew any evil covenant in the demonic world. The Lord will protect you and keep you safe. Safe journey in Jesus name.

37. I send every evil arrow of an accident waiting for you at any junction, back to the sender, in the name of Jesus.

38. The wind of the night, do not cooperate with evil powers, do not harm my friend. I decree a safe journey for you my friend in Jesus name.

39. Every power of darkness assigned against my friend, fall down and die. My friend’s trip abroad shall be accident-free in Jesus name.

40. Oh God, in your power, destroy every satanic checkpoint assigned against the life of my friend. No evil shall before her. Safe journey in Jesus name.

41. My friend, I cover your handiwork with the blood of Jesus. The new company you have been posted to shall soar higher in Jesus name. I decree a safe journey, you will land safely.

42. My friend, any power chasing away your blessings will be destroyed. I cover your vehicle in the blood of Jesus. Safe journey, friend.

43. Then shall thou walk in thy way safely and thy foot shall not stumble. That is my prayer for you. The guardian angels of God are there with you. Safe journey in Jesus name.

44. The power that causes road accident shall be very far from you and your family in Jesus name. Safe journey.

45. And the Lord will be with thee. He will not fail thee, neither forsake thee; fear not, neither be dismayed. Safe trip in Jesus name.

46. The Lord will give His angels charge over you and keep thee in all thy ways. No power of darkness shall overcome you. Wishing you a safe journey.

47. I soak the ship in the blood of Jesus. You will not drown in the sea. God will bring you here safe in Jesus name.

48. Any power of darkness that wants to destroy your life, shall be destroyed, your life is safe in God’s hand. Safe journey friend.

49. I pray that the place you are travelling to, to do your wedding ceremony is safe, free from every evil in Jesus name. You will get there safely.

50. Put your mind at rest, my friend. As you travel, no accident. You will find favour with your new boss over there.

51. As you travel abroad to permanently settle down with your hubby. May the good Lord keep you safe and may you meet your hubby in good health and a sound mind.

52. My friend, am glad you have finally made up your mind to relocate for greener pastures. May God make the air safe as you travel by air.

53. As you travel by road to attend that interview, I wish you divine success. You will be shortlisted for employment in Jesus name.

54. Your steps are ordered by GOD and your hands are anointed to excel. Go with that mentality as you travel.

55. Congratulations at the news of your son’s graduation. As you travel to celebrate your son’s convocation.

56. Congratulations on your promotion as the new Vice-Chancellor at the University of California. Safe journey as you travel to resume your new duties.

57. I command every terror of the night that has brought fear into your life to stop in Jesus name. Don’t be scared. Safe journey my friend.

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58. Tonight, your evil powers will not be able to operate because my friend is travelling by road and no evil must befall her. I wish you a safe trip, my friend.

59. I stand upon your word oh Lord, be our shepherd, keep watch over my friend. Let him return safely in Jesus name. Amen.

60. My Friend, I destroy every authority given to evil powers to monitor your life in the name of Jesus. Your going and returning back will be accident-free. Safe trip in Jesus name.

61. Let the blood of Jesus remove any mark of untimely death in your life in Jesus name. Safe trip in Jesus name.

62. Every eye monitoring your life for destruction is destroyed today in Jesus name. The destruction will not be your lot. Safe journey in Jesus name.

63. Let every satanic cloud over your life is destroyed completely in Jesus name. you will forever be victorious in Jesus name. Safe trip my friend.

64. God Almighty will make you overcome every obstacle that comes your way in Jesus name. Your trip shall be accident-free in Jesus name.

65. Every power causing problems and trials in your life is destroyed now in Jesus name. Angels of God will protect as you embark on this journey in Jesus name.

66. That special gift God has placed in you shall come to physical manifestation and make you wealthy. Safe trip my friend.

67. Whatever has hindered you from being great in life is removed right now as you are relocating to another state to start life afresh. Greatness shall be your portion in Jesus name.

68. We thank God for the successful completion of your exams. Now that you are on break. You’ve decided to travel to your home town to visit your parents. that’s nice. May God protect you. Safe journey in Jesus name.

69. May the Lord keep you safe, my friend. You will not enter into any trouble in Jesus name. Amen.

70. Every negative word spoken against you shall not stand; neither shall it come to pass. It is well with you. Safe journey, my friend.

71. No curse shall manifest in your life, no evil, no calamity shall befall you. Safe trip my friend.

72. The power of God shall be made manifest in your life. You will move from victory to victory. The enemy will not be able to overpower you.

73. The presence of the Lord will follow you wherever you go. You are going out and your coming in shall be free from all forms of evil. Safe journey friend.

74. Every tribulation and challenges of your life will begin to receive God’s attention. Your moments of struggles are over. Safe trip, friend.

75. You will not struggle to excel in life. Your life shall be free from sickness and God’s protection shall be upon your life. Safe journey friend.

76. I come against every power that is mocking God in your life. You are born to walk in dominion. Every power mocking God in your life shall die in Jesus name. Amen.

77. The devices of the enemy assigned against you and your family shall be destroyed in Jesus name. Safe journey, my friend.

78. As great mountain surround Jerusalem, that’s how God will surround you and your family members that are travelling. Have a safe trip, my friend.

79. Every evil force that wants to wage war against you shall be put in bondage. Divine safety is your portion. Safe journey, friend.

80. Every evil conspiracy against you shall backfire in Jesus name. You are too hot for the enemy to handle. Have a safe trip, dear friend.

81. As you travel by air, the climate will work in your favour. You will not contact any evil viral disease from co-passengers in the plane. Safe journey in Jesus name.

82. I commit the state you are travelling to, to God’s hands; God will send unusual help and helpers to you. You will not be stranded. Safe trip, friend.

83. May today bring happiness to you. May the peace of God reign supreme in your life. Safe journey. God is in control.

84. The Lord will arise and save you, He will smite all your enemies on the cheekbone. Have a safe trip, friend.

85. The Lord will hear you when you call, whenever you are in distress, he will raise helpers for you. Have a safe journey.

86. The Lord will hearken unto the voice of your cry. He will hear your voice when you call him. He will guide you and grant you a safe journey.

87. This is what will happen to anyone who wishes you evil; they will fall by their own counsels. Have a safe trip.

88. The Lord will save you from all who persecute you. He will deliver you. I rebuke every bloodthirsty spirit on the railway. Safe journey, friend.

89. The Lord will break the arm of the wicked and the evil man in Jesus name. No armed robbery operation on the road when travelling. Your properties are safe. No ritualists will torment you on the road. Safe journey, friend.

90. The Lord will deliver you from your strong enemies and from them that hated you. Safe Journey friend.

91. The Lord will deliver you from your enemies; he will defend you from those who rise up against you.

92. The Lord will not be silent over your case. He will severely deal with any man or woman who is planning a road accident for you.

93. The Lord will deliver you from anyone who has mischief in their hearts; the Lord will keep you from the hands of the wicked. Safe journey.

94. The Lord will keep you from the evil snare they have laid for you. The power of darkness will not overthrow you. Safe Journey, friend.

95. When you cry out to God, He will give speedy answers to your requests. He will not hide his face from you. Safe Journey friend.

96. The Lord will quicken you; he will lead you to do his will. He will protect you. Have a safe trip.

97. Be strong, fear not; behold, God will come with vengeance, even God will come and save you. Have a safe trip.

98. In your life, the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all flesh shall see it. Have a safe trip, friend.

99. Fear not, the Lord is with you. Be not discouraged or dismayed. The Lord will strengthen you, he will help you. He will uphold you with His right hand of righteousness. Have a safe journey, my friend.

100. You shall forever be relevant and all your secret prayers shall be answered. You shall be the Joy of many nations. Safe trip, my friend.

You can use any of these safe journey prayers for friend above to send words of prayers to your friends, your loved ones and family. I am sure they would be very glad when they see any of the messages.

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