Thank You All for the Birthday Wishes and Prayers

Thank You All for the Birthday Wishes and Prayers

The determinant of a day well-spent on one’s birthday is receiving so many wishes from friends and loved ones.

It is, therefore, important, to send thank you messages for all the wishes to show them that you appreciate their effort.

It is usually said that a grateful heart gets more blessings. So, you will be sure to be celebrated more in your next birthdays.

Not to worry if you can’t find the words, we have selected the best thank you all for the birthday wishes, prayers and greetings received so you can appreciate loved ones this 2023.

Appreciation Text Messages for Birthday Wishes

Since you’re grateful of the wonderful wishes you received on your birthday (from friends, lover, family members and well-wishers) these appreciation messages are sure the best to send to those who sent their wishes. Simply put, here are short and long thank you text messages for birthday greetings received for your birthday.

1. I never knew I was this valuable to you. I am totally lost for words. Thank you so much for the amazing birthday wishes, darling.

2. Yesterday was the best day of my life. I just want to say, thank you for your birthday wishes. I feel really blessed to have you all in my life.

3. Thank you, for the superb birthday cake. I totally loved it. Being around you have been of great value to me.

4. Every day, I keep thanking God for blessing me with a wonderful family. I appreciate your birthday messages. It was a birthday to remember.

5. Nothing has ever surpassed the love you have shown me. I feel so privileged knowing you. Thank you for making my birthday colourful, sweetheart.

6. I would like to thank you for your birthday prayers. You literally made me realize how much I mean to you and from the bottom of my heart, I deeply appreciate your love.

7. Thank you for the birthday wishes. They were just what I wanted to hear. Having you as a sister has been one of my greatest gifts.

8. I feel so honoured for how you made me feel yesterday. You will always be special to me. Thank you, dear.

9. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. I know you are always there for me. So, I am thanking you not only for the wonderful birthday wishes but for all your love and support these years, my darling husband.

10. Your words mean so much to me. The truth is that you have always been my source of happiness and my birthday was not left out. You really outdid yourself. Thank you for making my day.

11. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes. I wouldn’t have had So many beautiful memories without the likes of you. Great colleagues with whom I am well pleased.

12. Thanks for always remembering my birthday. It never escapes your mind even when I don’t remember.

13. My dearest love, I want to thank you for your sweet birthday cake and to let you know how amazing it feels to have you in my life. Every moment with you is priceless.

14. Getting birthday wishes from everyone I love feels like morning dews from heaven blessing me with timely nourishment.

15. Thank you all for your wonderful wishes. Family is indeed the backbone of every sane human being on earth. I love every single one of you.

16. I am seizing this great opportunity to appreciate your kind wishes for me yesterday. It totally warmed my heart.

17. The very privilege of having you as my brother is what I am most thankful for. I just want to take a second to say thank you for making my birthday so special.

18. Dear friends, thank you so much for your kind words on my birthday. I have not been shown this much love and affection in a long time.

19. I don’t think of getting older by one more year. Friends like you make me feel young. I appreciate you.

20. I appreciate all of your birthday wishes; memories of which, still gladdens my heart. I am happy I could brag about you all.

21. Thank you to all my lovely friends who came yesterday for my birthday celebrations. I am so proud to call you all friends.

22. Thank you for your wonderful wishes. It was a memorable birthday for me. Thank you for honouring me despite being my boss.

23. Your prayer made my birthday even more special. To the much I know, your love has captured my heart, my queen.

24. It still surprises me how special you make me feel. I was amazed to receive so much love and affection from the love of my life.

25. Thanks, my love for making my birthday a great day. Who says friendship is not life?

26. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who wished and remembered me on my birthday. Thank you all, I feel really blessed.

27. Thank you for all the lovely presents. Your hearts are indeed generous.

28. I sincerely appreciate your blessings and love on my birthday.

29. I appreciate everyone for their wonderful birthday wishes. It’s always so beautiful and refreshing to hear from my dear colleagues on my special day.

30. Thank you all for making my birthday so memorable, and for reminding me that so many wonderful people are interested in making sure I am happy.

31. I can’t possibly say thank you enough for remembering my birthday. Your love has been the bedrock of my happiness.

32. I want you to know how thrilled I was yesterday. I hope we continue to shower each other with this kind of love and support for the rest of our lives together.

34. Thank you all for your prayers and gifts, and for your lovely presence too. It meant so much to me.

35. It’s always great to hear words of love and celebrations from people who are so special in your life, like family. Even though, I am getting older, hearing from you all was like showers of blessings.

36. I appreciate you all for your amazing wishes on my birthday. Nothing will ever replace my loyalty to our guy’s friendship.

37. You mean so much to me. Thank you for the love and support you have shown me, not only on my birthday but throughout the times I have known you.

38. The best gift I received on my birthday was the love and support I got from my entire family. You all rock my world.

39. Thanks to everyone for thinking of me In their hearts, and for your wonderful birthday wishes yesterday.

40. As I get older, birthdays begin to draw lesser attention. Thank you all for continuing to keep me in your thoughts on my special day.

41. Here is a special thank you shout out to everyone who made my birthday so wonderful. I love you, you mean the world to me.

42. Thank you for letting me have a great birthday. I want to let you know that it means a lot to me that you could remember, that you could call, text and send gifts.

43. I want to let you know how honoured I felt to be graced this much on my birthday. You are simply the best dad ever!

44. I would like to thank everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes. I am glad that you remembered, and that you could squeeze out time to send your prayers.

45. I sincerely express my profound gratitude for having so many great people in my life. I wish I could write back to each one of you. Thank you for bringing joy along with you on my birthday.

46. What can I ever do without my momma? Your wishes and words made my day. Thank you for making my birthday sweet.

47. I am grateful for all the amazing birthday wishes, I feel so overwhelmed by your show of love. Let’s do this again this time next year!

48. I have not been this happy in a long time. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. I really wish it lasts forever.

49. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter who can still remember my birthday and send me gifts. I love you, my angel.

50. I want to formally say thank you for all your kind-hearted support. All of you made my birthday very special this year.

51. I want to thank everyone for the happy birthday wishes. To be remembered on such a day as this is priceless.

52. I would like to thank everyone who sent out wonderful wishes on my birthday. I love you, I do not take you for granted.

53. Ever since I came into this great company, I have known so much teamwork and brotherhood. Thank you guys for your awesome birthday wishes. I love you all.

54. Yesterday I felt born anew. The love was massive, my heart couldn’t contain it. So today, I wanted to thank all of you and let you know how special you all are to me.

55. I am blessed to have friends to share in my big day. Here’s a note to say thanks everyone for remembering my special day.

56. One of the most beautiful moments of existence is the love of family and friends on your birthday. Thank you for your continued love and support.

57. The most beautiful gift I received on my birthday was the good wishes and greetings from my three cute girls. Daddy is so happy. I love you all.

58. With the way you guys spoilt me on my birthday, I might as well decide to celebrate birthdays every day. I can only thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

59. Even though I get tired of getting old every year, I never get tired of the happy birthday wishes. They give me memories to last a lifetime.

60. Thank you for making this birthday another year for the books. Now record has it that I am a year older and wiser.

61. My birthday is not the same without your special wishes. I love you all.

62. Thank you for never getting tired of saying happy birthday to me. I love you so much, my heart.

63. I know my birthday is supposed to be about me, but I want to say thank you to you for the amazing gift cards. They warmed my heart.

64. I thought I could have mixed it up and said something even more special, but thank you is all that comes to mind. So, thank you.

65. You never let me forget that I am getting older every year, which is somehow sweet with the way you express it, honey. I love you.

66. Thank you for your wonderful wishes. No matter how far away we are, your birthday wishes always make feel cherished.

67. Thanks a million for remembering my special day and making sure it was worth celebrating.

68. Thank you for thinking of me on my special day and for always being a great inspiration.

69. You are such a great addition to my life. With you, nothing else matters more. Thanks for loving me unconditionally.

70. What on earth can I use to express how lucky I am to have you in my corner? You have made my birthday even more special by being present.

71. Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes. I am glad I never let you go.

72. Thanks for the amazing birthday wishes and for being a strong backbone. I will always hold you in great admiration.

73. Your birthday wishes were perfect, I value you all more than a thousand gems put together.

74. My birthday became so special because of you. It would not have been the same without you. I had a swell time.

75. I am happy to be older than you are. Can’t wait for your birthday next year too, my love.

76. Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes and for everything you have done for me along the way. You are a blessing to me.

77. Thanks for your birthday wishes and for being an important part of my world. I love you.

78. It was so thoughtful of you for remembering me on my birthday. Thank you for the gift of friendship.

79. I appreciate your thoughts and wishes on my birthday. Thanks for always keeping me in your mind.

80. Your birthday wishes were among the sweetest and kindest. Thank you so much for making my day so wonderful.

81. Thank you for your warm wishes on my special day. I will never forget the way they lightened up my mood.

82. I am totally grateful, for your kind birthday wishes for me. You make sisterhood look like a holiday.

83. There is no feeling as fulfilling as when everyone you love remembers you on your birthday. My heart is full.

84. Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes on my special day. I can’t find the right words that really suits the joy in my heart.

85. I want to thank you for contributing to this immense gratitude in my heart. You made my birthday so remarkable.

86. Thanks so much for your lovely wishes on my day. I value you more than words can describe.

87. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. It reminded me how much I should be thankful for.

88. Thank you so much for your fantastic birthday wishes. Friendship with you means enjoyment galore.

89. You totally blew my mind with your birthday wishes. I want you to know that your words mean a lot to me.

90. Thank you for your amazing birthday wishes. Your words are written boldly on the tables of my heart.

91. The cake may be gone and the gifts are already opened, but your sweet birthday wishes, I will always cherish.

92. I will never forget those beautiful words you said to me on my birthday. Every ounce of faith in me wants to bring them to pass.

93. Thank you all for sending me your lovely birthday wishes. I am the most favoured woman on earth right now.

94. I am overwhelmed by your beautiful birthday wishes. It completely consumed my thoughts.

95. Going through each birthday message brings back the memory of each one of you. Thank you so very much, I am lost for words.

96. Thanks everyone for your heartwarming birthday wishes. Now I know how complete I really am being in the midst of you.

97. I feel so contented by how much I have come to love you all. Family is indeed the bedrock of genuine love. Thanks for making my birthday beautiful.

98. Thank you for being such a lovely friend, and for never forgetting any of my birthdays, Buddy.

99. Your friendship has always been one of my most cherished gifts. Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes.

100. Thanks for your warm birthday wishes. There are really not many things better than having a friend like you.

101. Birthdays are one day events, but your wishes will last forever in my heart.

102. Thank you for the lovely wishes on my birthday. I couldn’t have asked for a better surprise than seeing you in person.

103. You have made me realize how much you cherish our friendship. Thanks for the sweet birthday cake. I love you, always.

104. I can’t find the right words to describe how I feel because of the love you guys showed me. My birthday wouldn’t have been complete without the lovely gifts, thank you.

105. Your birthday wishes would be remembered as long as I live. Thanks for always standing by me.

106. Your birthday wishes were truly beautiful. Thanks, everyone.

107. Words cannot express how much gladness I feel in my heart for those sweet birthday messages. Thank you, mum.

108. Thank you guys for making me feel so special and loved. Those birthday messages were really fabulous.

109. You turned my birthday into one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Thank you for being a part of my life.

110. Words cannot express how much happiness those sweet birthday messages of yours brought to my heart. May God bless you most abundantly.

If you show people appreciation, you inspire them to do more.

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