Thank You for Letting Me Down Quotes

Thank You for Letting Me Down Quotes

Do you know that sometimes, blessings and positive lessons of life may be disguised as disappointments? You may feel as if the whole world is against you just because a long-time partner hurt your feelings or a friend betrayed you.

That is not the end of life. Let it all out and relieve yourself of the hurt and pain by expressing how you feel to that loved one who made your day go awry by sending these thank you for letting me down quotes to them.

These messages and quotes will bury resentments while allowing your confidence to rise up within you.

Thank You for Letting Me Down Messages

Thank you so much, my dear. You appear to be the perfect one for me but it is so disappointing that you are not even halfway up to my expectation. You really let me down but I’ll be fine.

1. I can’t believe you could disappoint me by not taking your academics seriously and failing your entrance exams. Thanks for letting me down.

2. It has been said that betrayal does not come from an enemy but a friend. Thanks for making me know what stuff you are made of. It is so disheartening for me. Thanks for letting me down.

3. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind at all that I chose a deceptive being as a partner thinking you are a true friend. Thank you for letting me down so low.

4. Your advert states that there are more new goods in-store but it is all false. You let me down again. Thanks so much.

5. “Here is a second chance to make something out of life ” is what I say to myself. I refuse to let the fact that you, my elder brother did not allow me to go to any higher institution like you promised mum and dad on their death beds. I am so grateful you let me down.

6. Your presence in my life was too good to be true and I forgot to hold onto the fact that nothing good lasts forever. But now, my eyes are widely open. Thanks for making me know what you are capable of doing.

7. Sometimes, the closest person to you may be the one to hurt you the most. I still can’t believe you; my only sister could paint me as a terrible person just to portray yourself as the good one. Thanks, sister for letting me down.

8. Thank you for letting me down so I could realize how ironically awesome you actually are. I thought I have finally found a friend in you.

9. All thanks to you for helping me discover something I could have never done on my own which is as a result of you disappointing me.

10. Thank you for letting me down. This is a reminder to be humble and count your blessings, appreciate what you have, forgive yourself and others, let go of guilt and bury resentment while allowing confidence to rise up within you to face the next day.

11. I needed to hear someone tell me it would be all right especially somebody that knows what I was going through but you declined my call. Thank you for letting me down.

12. Thanks for disappointing me by making me lose so much in this business especially my best customers but please don’t do it again because you would make me dislike you all the days of my life.

13. Beloved friend, thank you so much for disappointing me. No hard feelings and I am not angry at you for disclosing what I shared as a secret with you to our other friends.

14. If you love something, let it go. If it doesn’t come back, it simply means it wasn’t meant to be yours. Thanks for wasting a great number of years of my life staying married to you.

15. Beloved husband, thank you for letting me down. You only pushed me to my place of joy and now I have two kids for my new husband.

16. I’ve never experienced this level of disappointment before. To think that you could leave me stranded at the park knowing that I did not leave the house with any cash on me. Thanks so much.

17. Sweetheart, we’ve been dating for a while but I’m just now realizing you’re not perfect at all. Thanks for letting me down by not remembering it’s my birthday today.

18. Your reaction just showed me that sometimes all you need is a little disappointment to keep you on your toes. I am happy you let me down.

19. Dear, thank you so much for disappointing me. I thought we had something special, but now I can finally change those thoughts about you. I am no longer interested in this partnership we share.

20. Thank you so much for disappointing me. It reminds me that I have a lot of work to do on teaching you all how to do this work well just the way I want it.

21. There will always be series finales that leave us heartbroken but it doesn’t mean our love for the show is any less. Thank you so much for disappointing me.

22. Life’s too short to be perfect but you could have done better than this in your exams, dear. Thanks, daughter for letting me down.

23. I told myself, never again. You put my days, weeks, and months spent with you into waste. Many thanks to you.

24. Dearest, thanks. You really let me down today. You should not have done that. I trusted you and now I have to take a step back and reevaluate what we’re doing as business partners.

25. I ordered one of these tops from your fashion line but you spelt my name wrongly. Couldn’t have imagined you made such a mistake after all my plea. Thank you so much for disappointing me.

26. I am not surprised that you, my best friend is the most disappointing person in my life right now. Dear, you really hurt my feelings by the way you spoke to my parents disrespectfully and I demand you apologize to them. Thank you for letting me down.

27. Just when I thought I knew what you were all about, you change the game on me in a bad way. I am so pissed off with the way you reacted to what that elderly woman said. She just spoke as a mother would.

28. I can’t believe the surprise gift was not delivered to the boss on time on his birthday. Thanks for letting me down.

29. Despite all the training I gave you on how to come out top in the contest, you still fumbled on stage when asked questions we rehearsed. You are so disappointing. Thanks.

30. I have let it go and I am moving on. Hopefully, I can focus on the positive things and learn a lesson from the rest. Thanks, a friend for embarrassing me.

31. I thought that I could trust you, but now I’m not sure that I can. You have disappointed me many times and I can’t keep on living a false life that all is well between the two of us. Thanks so much for doing your thing which is to let me down always.

32. I have to admit I was disappointed when my parents named me after the name of my wicked grandmother. Thank you, mum and dad, for letting me down.

33. When you’re convinced that you made the right decision and it turns out to be completely wrong. That is my story. Thanks to my supposed husband for letting me down.

34. I’m still in a state of disbelief that my favourite soccer team didn’t make the first five teams on the league table.

35. Seems like we were so close to making things work, and then out of nowhere you just let me down and I am still in disbelief that this is happening. Thanks so much for letting me down.

36. I’ve let you down. I’m sorry and I wish I didn’t have to say it like this. But here is a snippet of how we fell apart. The whole thing is too painful to say that our friendship of two decades just fell apart.

37. I thought they were handmade slip-on but they are not. Thanks for disappointing me.

38. I am sorry for letting you down because you thought I was a neat freak who enjoyed clean chores and work ethics but my true self has come out and now you realize that I’m an absolute slob.

39. You looked me in the eye and said you’d do this tomorrow, and you didn’t. That is disappointing you know.

40. I am so disappointed that the park is not as fascinating as the advertisement shows. It is difficult to believe.

41. My visa application process is not as fast as I was told it would be. All thanks to the wobbling economic situation of this country and it is making me crestfallen.

42. It is still like a dream to me that you steal. I am so dismayed at you my dear niece.

43. Son your way of life is so depressing to your father and me and we are really fed up with it. All we can do is pray for you. Thank you for letting us down

44. Who would have thought that a child from a family of responsible members could have a highway robber added to the list. It is so painful.

45. It is so disheartening that you are the one that would hurt me this bad to the extent of me losing my sleep over the matter. Thanks.

46. All my life, I have never been this humiliated over a trivial matter that we could have settled amicably.

47. I must have been an idiot for placing you high and you just brought by our self so low by this singular action of yours. Thank you for being a pain.

48. I don’t think it is a crime to take you as my own relative but you chose to bite the hands that feed you. I am really disappointed in you.

49. Your services from a distance seems to be superb but patronizing you make all your flaws glaring and
same as every other in your line of business.

50. To you, promises are sweet to the mouth but putting them into action is not your thing. Thank you so much and I am not surprised.

I can boldly say that your presence on this page will make your heavy heart less burdened or even totally free of that pain, from all disappointments.

Make use of the thank you for letting me down quotes up there and express how you feel.


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