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2024 Funny and Inspiring Thursday Memes

Thursdays come with mixed feelings for different people because it is very close to the weekend.
If it meets you when you are almost done with your work deadline, you will be a bit relaxed but if it meets you when you have barely gone half-way, you will be a bit tensed.

These Thurdsday memes down here try to depict how Thursday is for different people with a bit of humour and a touch of inspiration.

You can send to friends to lighten their day. You can also check them out whenever you have that ‘Thursday’ feeling.

This is me wishing that you enjoy your Thursday. Always. Happy Thursday to you!


Happy Thursday Memes

Check out these funny and inspiring thursday memes.

1. I don’t care how perfect my Thursday is. I just want to enjoy it.

Thursday Meme

2. Since Friday won’t come on time, I’m here savouring my Thursday.

Thursday Meme Friday Won't Come

3. My Thursday doesn’t define me. I take it as it comes!

Thursday Meme Doesn't Define Me

4. I’m all alone here, working beyond this Thursday that is planning to take Friday away from me.

Thursday Meme Away from Me

5. Hey! Let your Thursday be as beautiful as your smile.

Thursday Meme Away from Me Your Smile

6. I’m creating an imaginary paradise this Thursday. Will you join?

Thursday Meme Will You Join

7. Each Thursday is another opportunity for a Thank God It’s Friday!

Thursday Meme Thank God

8. Show me a man who makes so much on a Thursday and I’ll show you the one who is going to enjoy his Friday.

Thursday Meme His Friday

9. You’re never too old to enjoy the next weekend. Be hopeful.

Thursday Meme Be Hopeful

10. Thursday goals. I’m killing it this weekend.

Thursday Meme This Weekend

Thursday Morning Meme

11. Wednesday is gone. Keep your eyes on Friday.

Thursday Meme Eyes on Friday

12. You’re a winner! Beyond Thursday.

Thursday Meme a Winner

13. Even the not so great people become great when they have desire and passion.

Thursday Meme Desire and Passion

14. I will be happy tomorrow. Today is still Thursday.

Thursday Meme Happy Tomorrow

15. No matter how much you try, you can never be happy without making others happy.

Thursday Meme No Matter How

16. Thursdays are not to be remembered. They always obstruct Friday.

Thursday Meme Obstruct Friday

17. It is not your fault that today is still a workday, I mean Thursday.

Thursday Meme Not Your Fault

Trending Today

18. Drop Thursday and grab Friday already. I’m tired of this Thursday.

Thursday Meme Drop Thursday

19. Without Thursdays, they would be no regrets, only Fridays.

Thursday Meme Only Friday

20. With a Thursday like this, who even needs a Friday?

Thursday Meme Need Friday

Memes About Thursday

21. Your day is blessed already. Just step into it.

Thursday Meme Just Step

22. Nobody is a genius with a Monday, I mean Thursday like this. You have to be a spirit.

Thursday Meme Be a Spirit

23. Thursdays are Mondays with another brand name: just brand the day with your own kind of awesomeness.

Thursday Meme Awesomeness

24. I learn more on Thursday because Friday is around and I won’t bother to learn anymore.

Thursday Meme Friday is Around

25. Is it Thursday again? How many of them have we in a week?

Thursday Meme How Many of Them

26. Run your Thursday like you are the only one in it.

Thursday Meme Run Your Thursday

27. Even though you have to deal with 4 Mondays and a Friday, love it like that. You didn’t create it.

Thursday Meme You Didn't Create it

28. Happy Thursday? Reserve your happiness jor, it is Friday in a few hours.

Thursday Meme Friday in a Few Hours

29. There are 4 Mondays and 1 Friday in a week. Today only happens to go by the name Thursday.

30. I did not give up since Monday, I’m sure, I can make it just because today is Thursday already.

Thursday Meme I Did Not Give Up

Funny Throwback Thursday Memes

31. I won’t die because Friday refused to come. I will just live the Thursday.

Thursday Meme Refused to Come

32. With Thursdays like this, I don’t need a Friday to be happy.

Thursday Meme Don't Need

33. How can I have fun today when it is Thursday? Let me just wait till Friday.

Thursday Meme Till Friday

34. When it is already Thursday and you have not met your work goals for the week.

Thursday Meme Have Not Met Work Goal

35. If you love Thursdays more than you love Fridays, gather here for a selfie.

Thursday Meme for a Selfie

36. If today were Friday, I would be doing the opposite of this.

Thursday Meme Opposite of This

37. Please save me your Thursday.

Thursday Meme Save Your Thursday

38. Thursday isn’t even funny.

Thursday Meme isn't Funny

39. It’s Thursday. I will close my eyes till I hear thank God it’s Friday.

Thursday Meme I Will Close My Eyes

40. All I need is magic to Friday.

Thursday Meme Magic to Friday

It’s Only Thursday Memes

Best of It’s Only Thursday Memes. Enjoy!

41. Hello Friday, are you expecting me?

Thursday Meme Are You Expecting Me

42. Wednesday sold me out to this Thursday! I need my way to Friday! Please.

Thursday Meme Way to Friday

43. I’m enjoying my Thursday like it’s a Friday.

Thursday Meme Enjoying My Thursday

44. Sorry Thursday, I don’t like you as much as I like Friday.

Thursday Meme Sorry Thursday

45. I don’t need your opinion, I want a Thursday instead of Friday.

Thursday Meme Your Opinion

46. Thanks for the Thursday gift. I’m saving it for Friday.

Thursday Meme Thursday Gift

47. Some say today’s Thursday. For me, it is Fridays eve.

Thursday Meme Friday's Eve

48. Hello Thursday. Friday called and I’m on my way.

Thursday Meme Friday Called

49. Writing my Thursday will: I will give everything to Friday. Not Thursday’s work but Thursday’s fun.

Thursday Meme Thursday's Fun

50. Thursday, go away… Come again another day… Little Friday is waiting for me!

Thursday Meme Friday is Waiting

Dirty Thursday Memes

You can also check these Dirty Thursday Memes.

51. It’s a rainy Thursday morning. It’s going to be chilling and thrilling.

Thursday Meme Rainy Thursday

52. See the good in everything, even in the pile of work that you have on your desk and you will have a great Thursday.

Thursday Meme Pile of Work

53. Thursday and Friday are two different days. Trying to balance them will be like trying to balance a switch.

Thursday Meme Two Different Days

54. Dare to be different Thursday. When everyone is tired of strife on.


55. I feel like going back to sleep this Thursday morning. I feel so tired.

Thursday Meme Back to Sleep

56. Thursday is one more opportunity to change the world. Go get it done.

Thursday Meme Go Get it Done

57. By tomorrow, Thursday will no longer be here. Appreciate it.

Thusday Meme Appreciate it

58. Thursday=extra work day. Grrrr!

Thursday Meme Extra Work Day

59. I have so much to do, one Thursday will not be enough.

Thursday Meme Not Enough

60. To enjoy your Friday is to love your Thursday.

Thursday Meme Love Your Thursday

Thursday Work Memes

Thursday Work Memes also available for you.

61. Hey Thursday, I’m glad you came.

Thursday Meme Glad You Come

62. When you have worked 4days from Monday and Friday refuses to show up.

Thursday Meme Friday Refuses to Show

63. Good morning. I need me some coffee please, it is Thursday.

Thursday Meme Coffee Please

64. Come on, don’t treat me so badly, I just came to hand you Friday.

Thursday Meme I Have Come to Hand

65. Fridays would not be so exciting if they were no Thursdays to usher them in.

Thursday Meme Usher Them in

66. Life gives us only second chances but Mondays give us many chances. The fourth one is called Thursday.

Thursday Meme Many Chances

67. It’s Thursday. Just lazy around and don’t do anything and I promise you will never get a Friday.

Thursday Meme I Promise You

68. Be ready to give your Thursday away, it will soon be Friday.

Thursday Meme Give Your Thursday

69. You only get the Thursday of your dreams if you make the most of today, enjoy it.

Thursday Meme Thursday of Your Dream

70. Don’t be too excited yet, it is only Thursday.

Thursday Meme Too Excited Yet

Cute Thursday Memes

Copy and paste these Cute Thursday Memes .

71. Hello, hope your Thursday is rocking like your Friday would?

Thursday Meme Rocking Like Your Friday

72. It would be a boring Friday if Thursday didn’t come before it.

Thursday Meme Boring Friday

73. Thursday must be a really important day to come before Friday.

Thursday Meme Come Before

74. You can have me completely Thursday. I’m all yours.

Thursday Meme Have Me Completely

75. Thursday, you have to go. Friday and I can work things out but Thursday has to go first.

Thursday Meme Have to Go

76. Thursday blinded me to work and I forgot that tomorrow is Friday.

Thursday Meme Thursday Blinded Me

77. It is Thursday but you can look in the mirror and tell yourself that it is a good day.

Thursday Meme The Mirror

78. When you wake up thinking it is Friday then you realize it is Thursday and there is so much work to be done.

Thursday Meme So Much to Be Done

79. Thursday got me this excited. I can only imagine the excitement of Friday.

Thursday Meme Excitement of Friday

80. Go away Thursday, Friday is shy because of you.

Thursday Meme Friday is Shy

81. You can just get attacked by Thursday but the solution is to face and attack it head-on.

Thursday Meme Attack it Head-on

82. If you woke up this morning, you can definitely make it through this Thursday.

Thursday Meme You Can Definitely Make it

83. Let motivation find you today if you can’t find motivation because it is Thursday and you must succeed.

Thursday Meme You Must Succeed

84. Don’t be too confident Thursday, Friday is a few hours away.

Thusday Meme Few Hours Away

85. When Thursday has to be taken care of first and I can’t wait for Friday to come.

Thursday Meme Wait for Friday to Come

86. Your weekend depends on how you treat me. Remember I’m Thursday.

Thursday Meme Remember I'm Thursday

87. I may be full of responsibilities but I also hold a lot of potentials for your happiness. -Thursday.

Thursday Meme Potential for Your Happiness

88. I can make you not to have a weekend if you don’t settle me. -Thursday.

Thursday Meme Settle Me

89. When your weekend largely depends on your results from Thursday.

Thursday Meme Depends on Your Result

90. Cheer up! Friday will definitely be better.

Thursday Meme Cheer Up

91. Hey! Don’t be so gloomy, it’s only Thursday.

Thursday Meme Don't Be So Gloomy

92. It won’t be an exciting Friday if Thursday is not fulfilling. So get up and fulfil your Thursday.

Thursday Meme Get Up and Fulfil

93. My best day is Thursday. Friday is just a weekend.

Thursday Meme My Best Day

94. When your Thursday is more perfect than any Friday you can ever think of.

Thursday Meme Thursday is More Perfect

95. You can have a terrific Thursday. It is not so bad.

Thursday Meme Terrific Thursday

96. When weekends refuse to come and all you have are repeated Mondays.

Thursday Meme Repeat Monday

97. It is Thursday, enjoy it like it is the only day of the week.

Thursday Meme Only Day of The Week

98. When will it be Thursday again? I can’t wait to have another fabulous one.

Thursday Meme Another Fabulous One

99. I miss this Thursday already because it stepped up my level.

Thursday Meme Stepped Up My Level

100. I’m so confident today, I don’t even need Friday to come again.

Thursday Meme Confident Today

101. I need all the Thursdays I can get. What on earth are Fridays for?

Thursday Meme What on Earth

102. Spare me your Thursday, you can keep my Friday.

Thursday Meme Spare Me Your Thursday

103. Begone Thursday, I’m on Friday already.

Thursday Meme Begone Thursday

104. Still Thursday? Don’t worry Friday is around the corner.

Thursday Meme Around the Corner

105. Hello Thursday, you are just the escape I need to Friday.

Thursday Meme Escape I Need


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