When You Just Want to Be Happy Quotes

When You Just Want to Be Happy Quotes

In life, we are all searching for happiness. Some are looking for money, some are looking for success, and some are looking for your love, attention, or a relationship. There is this illusion that once you have achieved – then, you’ll be happy. The thing is that you will never stop discovering new things to want and wanting them.

Happiness is not about getting everything you want all the time, but rather it is the way we think, our attitude toward life and how we choose to make choices.

We all have the urge to be happy. However, since happiness doesn’t just come in a bottle, quotes have always existed to fill the gap. These when you just want to be happy quotes will save the day.

When You Just Want to Be Happy Quotes

Always strive to improve yourself, and never be satisfied with your life. Be happy when you want to be happy, and always work towards discovering your true potential.

1. Don’t be satisfied with your life, only knowing that you’re happy. Always strive to make yourself better and greater.

2. When it comes to being happy, you can never be too old or too young. It’s all about the right time.

3. Always strive to make yourself better and greater, don’t settle for what you have. You deserve more out of life than what you have today.

4. Just like you can’t be happy with the way things are, you can’t be happy with the way things are currently. You have to always make yourself better and greater.

5. The key to happiness is making yourself happier. Don’t settle for just being alive. Make your life count.

6. You’re not a finished product. You’re always evolving and growing, so keep pushing. Keep going harder and find ways to improve every day.

7. The only place in life where perfection is expected is in your head. You must strive for improvement—never content with mediocrity.

8. Life is like a bowl of white kernel popcorn. It’s got it all: sweet, salty, and a little crunchy bits. You can’t have a whole bag at once, but you still want to keep popping!

9. The best way to get to the top is to start from the bottom; if you don’t know how then set out to learn how and when to be happy.

10. You may think you have reached the peak of happiness. But you are only starting to climb higher.

11. Don’t be satisfied with your life as it is. Always strive to make yourself better and greater.

12. Always strive to make yourself better and greater. Don’t be satisfied with your life as it is. Always try something new and push yourself to the next level.

13. Always strive to make yourself better and greater. Only then will you be truly happy.

14. Don’t forget to be happy when you want to be, but the real success is in the improvement.

15. Don’t just wait for things to change. Make yourself better and greater every day.

16. Be the best version of yourself. Be the driver, not the passenger in your life. Don’t settle for less than what you want.

17. If you want to be happy, work on your strengths. If you want to be rich, work on your weaknesses. You can’t really be happy unless you want to be happy

18. No matter how much you’ve changed in life, the important thing is to always keep striving to be better.

19. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to do your best and, in the process, become better and stronger. That’s all you can do to be happy.

20. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to give yourself a break. You can always do better, and that’s exactly why you should strive to grow and be happy.

21. Live your life to the fullest because you don’t know when it will end. You have to make the most out of every minute and be happy all day.

22. It’s not what you get but what you give. That is the secret of happiness.

23. When you see a new day as an opportunity to be happy all the time, life is good.

24. There is no time like the present. All you have to do is what’s right in front of your face and make up for the lost time.

25. Don’t be satisfied with your life as it is; strive to make yourself greater and be happy.

26. Life is like a song. If you just listen to it, you’ll be happy.

27. No matter what happens, always remember: you are a beautiful person. You just have to believe it.

28. I think you can be happy every day. To make it happen, though, you have to work at it.

29. Happiness is simple. It’s all about being in the moment and appreciating everything that comes your way.

30. Be at peace, stay positive and let your smile shine. Enjoy the journey through life with a positive attitude, and you never know what tomorrow might bring.

31. Happiness is not something you find. It’s something you create. So create it now.

32. Happiness is an inside job. We can fake it for a while, but we can’t keep it up indefinitely. Be happy from your inside to be happy all day.

33. Happiness is not something you strive for—happiness is something you accept, like the way a flower blooms when it’s ready to.

34. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Keep going, even when you don’t want to. You will succeed.

35. When the world is spinning, and you feel like you’re falling, just be sure to look up and be happy again.

36. There’s no time like the present to make yourself happy.

37. It’s never too late to be happy, and it’s never too soon to be thankful.

38. Happy is the time, and happy are the people who always find it so.

39. All you need is love, faith, hope and happiness. Happiness is the best revenge when you choose to be happy from within.

40. Enjoy your life. Look for the good, smile when you see it and tell yourself: I am happy today.

41. When you’re having a bad day, and everything is going wrong, remember that it takes an hour to put one good idea into action.

42. Happiness is not something you postpone for the future. It is a choice you make in response to present circumstances.

43. You won’t get to where you want to be if you keep looking backwards. You’ve got to keep looking forward.

44. When you just want to be happy, happiness will find you.

45. When you just want to be happy, sometimes the most simple things are the best.

46. When you just want to be happy, the sun will come out when you least expect it.

47. The only thing I want to do today is just be happy. It’s that simple.

48. When you just want to be happy, happiness will find you.

49. Happiness is a choice. Don’t wait for it to find you. Make it find you.

50. If you want to find happiness, be happy. Happiness will come to you.

51. You can put a smile on your face, but happiness is free, and you can find it in the most unexpected places.

52. You don’t have to do anything special to be happy. You just need to find your own way.

53. You get what you focus on. If you want happiness, focus on it.

54. Happiness is something you bring to yourself. You just have to open your mind and heart to it.

55. Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

56. No matter what circumstances you are in, the good thing is that you can always be happy. Do not let the bad things that happen to you get you down.

57. Being happy is the most important thing in life. You can’t be happy if you are not first honest with yourself, so why not do it to make your own life better?

58. It’s not who you are that holds you back from being what you want to be; it’s who you think you have to be in order to get there that does.

59. Happiness is a choice you’re always making. When you want to be happy, happiness will find you.

60. When you’re feeling down, happiness will find you – and just when you don’t expect it.

61. Happiness will find you if you stand still long enough.

62. Look for signs of happiness. The most beautiful is always in unexpected places.

63. When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you to achieve it.

64. Be happy. Be happy with your life and the people in it. Life is short—why waste any more time?

65. The secret of happiness is to appreciate the small things and not lose sight of the big ones.

66. If you aren’t happy, it’s your own fault. A life wasted trying to be happy will never be happy.

67. Happiness is a choice. You make it, or you don’t. Live your life in such a way that when you wake up each day, you are happy to be alive!

68. Happiness is a choice you can make every single day. If you don’t like where you are, change it.

69. You can’t be happy all the time. But you can surround yourself with people who are making you happy all the time.

70. You must be happy all the time, or your happiness will turn into sadness.

71. Happiness isn’t about being okay all the time. It’s about choosing to be happy when you can and letting life happen around you instead of in front of you.

72. you can make the happiest moments of your life a little happier with a smile on your face.

73. It’s not easy being happy, but it’s worth the journey.

74. I’m on a mission to live a life of happiness, and I wanted your thoughts on how you stay upbeat through the good times and bad.

75. A man who is afraid to be happy because he knows it will make him miserable has already lost happiness.

76. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

77. Life is full of surprises, joys and sorrows, but you have to see the good in everything because that’s where the magic happens.

78. I can’t wait for happiness all the time. I’m willing to work for it, earn it, and appreciate it when it’s mine.

79. You will have the most beautiful Christmas you have ever had if you can hold on to happiness through it all.

80. We all want happiness. But it is a very different thing to be happy, to experience real joy and fulfilment each moment of every day.

81. When we’re not chasing happiness, it finds us. Never stop chasing after your dreams.

82. The secret to happiness is knowing that you can always make your dreams happen. The only limitation is your imagination.

83. You have to fight for your happiness. You have to work at it, nurture it and protect it. But most of all, you have to believe in it.

84. Happiness is a choice. What you do with your minutes, hours, days, and years makes the difference in how you live and make you happy.

85. Happiness is the way. Always walk the path to it.

86. Happiness is a plant. It takes a little time to grow, but when you’re happy, and your friends are happy too—that’s all there is to it.

Don’t we all want to be happy? The truth is; that happiness lies in ourselves. We are the only ones who can make it happen.

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