2024 Wishing You a Happy and Safe Journey Quotes

To show that you really do care for your loved ones, your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, friends, colleagues, siblings, and co-workers, it is very important that you wish them safety on their respective journeys. This way, you prove you really care for their well being. Send happy journey messages to your friends and loved ones for their journeys.

Wishing You a Happy and Safe Journey

Best Safe and Happy Journey Wishes.

I can give you one thousand safe journey quotes
One million I will miss you quotes,
But the best of it is wishing you safe trip to your destination.
No matter how long you stay there,
I will keep my heart perfect and safe here for you.
Even if it takes a lifetime, I will be right here for you.
I wish you the very best my love.

I just hate to see myself alone,
But when the need arise I just wouldn’t help it.
Just promise me you will take good care of yourself,
And I will promise you same here.

I am just going to sleep so lonely tonight,
And wishing tomorrow will be a better day for me.
But no matter how much of wishes I have for myself,
All can’t just be well when you are far away.

I would have voted against it,
If someone ever said I will miss you this much.
Just few hours after you left and here am I…
Feeling as if more than half of me is gone.
Please come back for me on time.

I will tell you exactly how your absence will make me feel:
I will miss your smiles and laughter,
I will miss your cuddling and hugs,
I will miss everything that makes me happy being with you.

Thinking of how I will miss all that we both share,
And So much more, I will miss your love and care.
I just had to wish that love can buy staying together forever,
So that I will do everything possible to be the richest.

Knowing that you are too far away from my reach,
I try to cry my heart out if that would make you come back…
The more I cry, the more the miles you are away from me.
I hope this feeling of loneliness doesn’t kill me.

Safe Journey Wishes and Quotes to a Special Person

Best safe journey quotes and wishes to that special person from the heart.

No matter how long the path may be,
No matter how stressful the journey may be,
I wish you the best and the safest of the journey.
Take good care of yourself.

That funny moment when you miss someone special.
Someone closer than a brother or sister.
Someone caring and so loving.
Such moment is here again. Wishing you the best.

I wake up thanking God that we are not lovers yet.
Or how do you describe this incessant feeling I have for you!
You are just some metres away and I am missing you badly.
I just hope I am the same me when you are back.

There are people I love so much,
There are people I cherish so much,
There are people I care for so very much,
And these are the people I don’t want away from me.
How strange to know you are one of such. Goodbye anyway.

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If I talk about the word AWESOME,
It’s a description of my friendship with you.
And if I talk about the word BOREDOM,
That is exactly how I will feel without you here.


Romantic Safe Journey Wishes for Husband or Wife.

If I will dance, it will be offbeat for sure without you,
If I will dream, no doubt, it will be nightmares,
Without you, all in me would just be out of tune
For what is good about life when I am missing you?

Just like I am missing my rib again!
The nights will be lonely,
The mornings will be boring,
And all will not just augur well with me.
I wish you will not be away for a second.

You make me miss you not the distance you travel,
But I miss you by feeling an emptiness within me.
It will be but a moment for me to regain my balance,
And that moment will come when you are back here.

I have so much to do but I am helpless,
Many places to go, but I feel so lonely.
I just start to lose interest in everything good…
For what is good with me, without you, my best!

Doing things alone without you is called STRESS,
And going about the daily task without you….
Is nothing but loads of weary moments.
The more you are away, the more I miss you.


Cute Safe Journey Wishes for Brother or Sister.

You have helped me stay strong,
You have proven that blood is thicker than water,
You have been more than a sibling to me…
I will really miss you.

Let me miss you for a second,
And you pay me a thousand dollars.
Let me miss you for a day,
And you will have to rub a bank to pay me.
Sweet journey brother (or sister).

Great time to stop using my cream…
My body will be fresh again,
Now that I am away from your beatings…
But safest of the journey anyways.


Best safe Journey Wishes for Friends.

Great journeys are not the ones with the least of distance,
But the ones that meets the reason one embarks on the journeys.
This very one will sure be the best for you,
Keep yourself safe my love.

Of all my friends, you have proven to be the very best,
Of all that are close to my heart,
You have proven to deserve a permanent place.
If good friends – friend indeed – are rare to find,
Then having you must have been divine favour.
Have the safest trip my dear friend.

Do you care to know how I will miss you?
I will miss you like a rain in summer!
But if you promise to be back on time,
It might only be a proof that you care for my heart.
Safe journey to you my lovely friend.

The birds can stop their chatters for all I care,
The sun can stop sending its rays even,
I care less if all the oceans dry!
All I care is for my dear friend to be back to me safely.

A bright day without you is called darkness,
The brightest of smile without you is called sadness,
A million faces without yours is called loneliness…
I miss you, but I wish you all the best of your travel.
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