Your Last Bad Decision Quotes

Your Last Bad Decision Quotes

There are dozens of decisions we make every day, and one of them has a big impact on our future. Whether we’re dealing with clients, employees, or family, the wrong decision can set us up for disaster.

What was the last bad decision you made? I bet it didn’t end well. It wasn’t fun and left you feeling like a complete failure. Maybe it involved your job, a relationship, or gambling on the Cubs. Either way, it’s in the past now and you need to move on from there.

When you’ve made a bad decision and you’re struggling to fix it, things sometimes don’t turn out the way you thought they would. These best quotes about bad decisions can inspire you to be less negative and more positive, to not dwell on your failures in life and do better next time.

Your Last Bad Decision Quotes

You’re not alone. Everyone’s made bad decisions based on other peoples’ opinions even if we had good intentions. The good news is, that you can easily reverse any poor decision by making better ones going forward and there’s a lot to learn from the mistakes you make.

1. Now that you’re at your wit’s end and facing serious consequences of your decisions, hang on. It’ll pass.

2. One of the worst decisions in your life just became your worst problem in life.

3. It starts fine, but then you realise that one of the worst decisions in your life just became your worst nightmare.

4. The reckless decision you made on a whim, the whole situation makes you want to bang your head against the wall.

5. Your last bad decision has caused much damage to your future by not listening to others.

6. Your last bad decision has caused you to get behind on your savings, small business, and goals. You don’t have time to do things over again.

7. Your last bad decision is your last bad move before making all the right moves.

8. Your last bad decision has cost you everything that matters to you.

9. Your last bad decision caused you much damage, and the damage has been done, and it can never be undone.

10. Everyone makes decisions that aren’t the best. Maybe it was a wrong career choice or maybe you got involved with someone who wasn’t right for you. Whatever it is, the fact remains the same: You made a bad decision, and now you are in a bad situation.

11. You made bad decisions. Yeah, who doesn’t?

12. Your last bad decision was a major mistake. It was wrong, and it will cost you.

13. This is not the way you want to behave. Your last bad decision has caused you to make so many more.

14. The decision you made to have a glass of lemonade was the wrong one. This poor choice will soon lead to regret, heartbreak, and a thirst that may never be quenched.

15. You know the moment. The moment where you knew it was wrong. You knew that you had done something horrible and couldn’t take it back.

16. The good news is that you’re not crying over spilt milk. Feel free to cry over anything else, though, because there’s no use in regretting your last bad decision.

17. So there you are, sitting in a puddle of your tears. The remnants of your last bad decision are everywhere around you: broken glass, crumpled receipts.

18. Imagine if you could take back decisions made in your past, either by yourself or others.

19. You’re looking at the empty bottle of wine in your hand and wondering how you got to this point. When did it all go wrong? Why did I make those bad decisions?

20. You’ve made some bad decisions in the past, and you’re about to make one more. You know the kind of person you are, and you know what kind of future is in store for you.

21. You’ve made the worst decision of your life, and now you’re starting to regret it.

22. It happens sometimes. You’re busy, you’ve tried everything suggested to you, and the problem still hasn’t gone away. You are regretting your bad decision.

23. Your last bad decision affected you in a way you could have never expected.

24. Your last bad decision took control of your life. But it’s time to take control of your future and change how you live your life.

25. Your last bad decision changed your relationship.

26. The consequences of your last bad decision could change your life forever and everything you do.

27. Your last decision cost you more than you imagined.

28. They say things happen for a reason. It was all for the worst and the last decision you made in your case. You never saw it coming, but now you’re stuck with the consequences.

29. You’ve made a bad choice. Now you have to deal with it.

30. You’ve made a bad choice. It’s time to pay for it.

31. You’ve made a terrible choice. You may live to regret it.

32. You made a bad decision with your clients, children, and future. It might be the last one, but it won’t be the first.

33. You made a bad entrepreneurial decision; you made it with your clients.

34. Your bad decision costs you your job, clients, and family. The stress of what you do is taking over your life.

35. You made the wrong decision about everything. You just lost it all in one day.

36. You didn’t wake up this morning thinking today would be the worst day of your life. But somehow, it is because you made one bad decision.

37. There are bad decisions, and there are really bad decisions. No matter what you think, the latter only leads to one thing.

38. Right now, your life is over, and the last four hours have been the worst of your life. Your freedom hangs in the balance. What you need to do next is critical to the outcome, but you don’t know what step to take because of your last decision.

39. My last bad decision was staying at the job I’m at. It’s been a bad three years now.

40. I made the decision last night to take a job that was offered to me. It was a tough choice, and it’s still not clear exactly what the right.

41. You made a bad decision that you thought cost you nothing but might cost you everything.

42. Your last bad decision reflects my mistakes and where in my life I feel I failed to live up to what I was capable of. It’s designed to understand why I had made that mistake, whom it impacted, and what I can do to make sure I don’t make it again.

43. We should never forget that it is irreversible the moment we make a bad decision. You will have to live with the consequences.

44. Your last bad decision caused a flood in the apartment you shared with your ex-girlfriend. When the date on which your lease was due expired, she moved all her things out of the bathroom, leaving it a complete mess. She let herself back in while you were out to ensure it was exactly how she left it.

45. Your last bad decision was your fault, and you had to pay for all the damage.

46. Everyone has made a bad decision that they regret. Maybe you’re still in the process of making this bad decision, but I’ll tell you one thing — it’s never too late to make a change for the better.

47. Your last bad decision happened to be the company that provides bad decisions.

48. If you’re in a relationship and, like most people, it’s likely your last really bad decision was choosing your partner.

49. Your last bad decision always comes back to haunt you. It’s always uncovered at the worst possible time.

50. Your last bad decision was going to bed without setting a morning alarm, which caused you many things.

Your last bad decision almost killed you. But it would help if you let that go. You need to forgive yourself and start moving forward’s, one step at a time.

The best quotations about Your Last Bad Decision can help you settle down when you have trouble. I hope this collection can be your good source of strength and inspiration in hard times.

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