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2024 Trending 14 Years of Friendship Quotes

We all need good and sincere people we can call our friends, people who will always be there for us and who truly believe in us.

True friendship is not easy to come by and when we find ourselves in one, we should cherish and nurture it so it stays vibrant and alive even in the face of challenges.

Have you been enjoying 14 years of incredible friendship, feel free to send any of the 2024 Trending 14 Years of Friendship Quotes below to your long term friend.

Celebrating 14 Years and Still Counting Quotes

You looked back to how it all started 14 years ago and your heart is glad that you have built a phenomenon relationship with this special friend? Then don’t hesitate to send any of these Happy 14 years of friendship quotes and wishes to him or her.

1. You are a true friend, your words are honourable and I appreciate all the years we have been friends.

2. 14 years is such a long time, you have been a faithful and good friend and I am grateful I get to be friends with someone like you.

3. Thanks for all the years of friendship, thanks for being my confidant and for being there for me every step of the way.

4. You are indeed a good friend. Thanks for your support over the years and cheers to more awesome years to come.

5. You are an awesome person. How do I know this? It is because only an awesome person could have tolerated my whims for 14 years.

6. You are my greatest listener, you have helped me on numerous occasions when I am down. You are an incredible friend and I admire you a lot.

7. You have redefined the word friendship, you give its true meaning. You rock!

8. I have grown into my own element because I have a friend like you urging me on. Thanks for being an incredible cheerleader.

9. I might not have all I want but I am definitely grateful for those I have and you my friend are on top of that list.

10. It is impossible not to like you, you are a very wonderful and likable person and I admire your friendship a lot.

11. I will always be grateful for all you have done for me, you are a good and true friend and I will always cherish you.

12. Thanks for your encouraging words, your words have anchored me through numerous challenges and I am grateful.

13. Real friends stay through the thick and the thin. You are a real friend, one like no other.

14. We have supported each other even when distance tried to pose a barrier.

15. We would do awesome things together, we would take giant strides together. We would lead each other up, we would always be there for each other.

16. For all the fun, conversations and hang out, you rock!

17. Nah! I am not interested in a second best friend because you do such a great job already.

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18. Being your friend is one thing I do effortlessly because you make it so easy.

19. Together, we have overcame numerous challenges and hurdles, we have held each other up through tough times and that is what friendship is all about.

20. Sustaining 14 years of friendship is no small feat, it took a lot of commitment but it was all worth it.

21. 14 years of laughter, 14 years of companionship and 14 years of friendship. Happy 14th friendship day to us.

22. Not once do you mock me despite knowing all dirty secrets about me.

23. True friends never share your secrets, true friends speak up for you and protect you behind your back. True friends are rare and you are one of them.

24. I enjoy our moments together, it is great how we try to meet up even with our tight schedule and catch up. Happy 14 years of friendship to us buddy!

25. I am always proud of you, being your friend for 14 years has been an incredible journey for me. Cheers to more years of friendship.

26. I think we would be justified to call this a friendship anniversary. Its been so long but it been worthwhile.

27. They say friendship is easier made than kept but you have succeeded in keeping ours vibrant over the years. Happy friendship to us.

28. I have been given the greatest gift known to man, the gift of a great friendship and I appreciate it a lot.

29. You understand me in a way no one else does, you understand me completely and totally and I do not take that for granted.

30. The fact that I can be crazy, stupid and everything in between around you and not feel the least ashamed points to the fact that you are an awesome person. You are indeed a great friend.

31. Thanks for walking beside me and holding me steady where necessary. Thanks for always being there buddy.

32. For all the moments of laughter, all the moments of true joy and happiness, I say thank you.

33. Thanks for knowing all there is to know about me and loving me all the same. You are a superstar!

34. I am always comfortable being me around you, thanks for accepting all my flaws and weaknesses.

35. Friendship is like fresh wine, it continues to refresh the mind. Thanks for continually refreshing me.

36. Friendship is about being there at the right time where it truly matters. You have being there for me every step of the way and I am grateful.

37. What makes our friendship thick is the fact that we forgive each other and do not hold grudges. We rock!

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38. There is a certain level of deep happiness that comes with friendship, it is one that is really satisfying and refreshing and it is one I experience on daily basis with you.

39. True friendship does not get soiled with time and distance. We have always worked around these two elements and that has helped us immensely. 14 years is a big deal.

40. Today, I am saying thank you to those that have made huge impacts in my life and your name is on top of the list.

41. I have enjoyed every bit of our friendship, every twist and turn it takes. Happy friendship to us.

42. Friendship is like a seed, it needs to be watered often to grow. 14 years is a testament to how well our friendship has been watered.

43. You have beyond words shown me the true meaning of friendship, you have ascribed an entirely deep and profound meaning to that word. Thanks for being a friend indeed.

44. I love being your friend, I really do love it. Even when we are from each other, the sweet memories we have made are comforting.

45. I like you just the way you are, I think you are a very intelligent and resourceful person and I am always learning from you.

46. There is a place for family and a special place for true friends. Thanks for 14 years of incredible friendship.

47. Our relationship is from the heart, it is deeply ingrained in the heart and nothing shall water it down.

48. 14 years is just the beginning, we have many more years of friendship ahead. You are a good friend and good friends should be kept for life.

49. You have been there in good times and in bad times. You have a special place reserved for me in my heart and I appreciate you a lot.

50. You might not always be around physically but I have never doubted your commitment and loyalty. I know I can trust you, you have proven that over the years.

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