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2024 Special Messages for Friends

Friendship is I gift to be treasured and it takes the two or more people involved in it to appreciate it.

Friends can go a long way and most times out of their way for the sake of their friendship and as humans, we need to know that we are cherished.

Sometimes, we offend our friends or are offended and since we so value our friendship, we try to remedy whatever damage has been caused.

I have put together here some messages to help you appreciate your friendship, nice ways to say good morning, inspire/encourage yourselves, wish yourselves a good night’s rest, tell them how much you miss them and say sorry whenever the need arises.


Special Quotes for Friends

Here are trending special messages for friends. Keep your friendship going as you use these special quotes for friends.

1. Thank you for being that person whose number is on my speed dial. I know I can always count on you.

2.Nobody can keep you down only you can. I appreciate all your understanding and support. Thanks, dear friend, I appreciate.

3. People will only try to push you down but you remain down by your choice. Don’t give them that power over you. I wish you a great day.

4. Only you can encourage yourself. Good morning my dear. It’s your day.

5. You were made complete and you are more than enough. I love you, dear friend. You are special.

6. You are more valuable than you can ever know. The devil knows this and will try to make you devalue yourself because even him knows that he cannot devalue you without your permission. Prove him wrong, value your life.

7. Your value has not reduced because you failed. You can still succeed. You are more than your pain my dear friend.

8. When I came back from my journey, I knew I could go wherever I want for as long as I wished and my children will be in good hands. You even take care of them better than I do. You are a friend indeed.

9. Learn how to handle success, anyone can be successful in handling failure but some people are consumed by success. Take charge of your life dear friend.

10. The best way to make it and be happy in life, is to make every time useful for your life is measured by time so don’t waste it. Use your time well my friend.

11. Failure at doing something is better than not doing something at all. Try something, my dear friend.

12. You never achieve anything by wishing, you do so by working hard and smart for it. Get your butt up and work sweet friend.

13. When you want something bad enough, you will work for it and if you work for it hard enough, you will get it. There is nothing you conceive that you can not achieve.
Go get it, girl, I can and so can you.

14. Anybody can be a motivational speaker but you my dear are my inspiration. Cheers to our friendship.

15. Stop existing, start living, friend. I am proud of you! Sweet Love Sms for Girlfriend

16. Someone remarked: “the more you do today, the less you will have to do tomorrow.” So do as much as you can today for there is so much to be done.

17. You are you, you are wonderful, you are a success, you cannot be somebody else and you are enough. Cheers to endless friendship.

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18. Later is no body’s friend. Don’t say ‘later’ when it can be done now. Stop wasting your life. Procrastination they say is the thief of time.

20. Learn to give yourself deadlines and meet them for by so doing you gain fulfilment. This is to you, my friend. You are wonderful.

21. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Thanks so much for many years of friendship.

22. When you make people feel important, they take you and make you important in their lives. You, my dear, have made me important and you are more important to me. Cheers to more years of wonderful friendship.

23. Be interested in people and you will have people interested in you. Good night my dear friend.

24. Living the life you want is doing what you like to do and enjoying it. Enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy and everything will fall into place. Enjoy your life, my friend.

25. Every day you wake is a day closer to your miracle. Keep faith for this may be your day. Good morning darling friend. Best Birthday Messages

26. I wish I could say sorry sooner, I would not have had to suffer but I’m happier now as I don’t have to suffer any longer. I’m sorry again dear friend.

27. You are my friend and you are special. Cheers to you cheer to friendship. You are adorable and I cherish you.

28. Thank you for containing all my excesses. I’m sorry for putting you through so much. Accept my unreserved apologies darling friend.

29. I had such a wonderful time at the concert. Hope you did too. Have a wonderful nights rest friend.

30.My walking and working with you has inspired me and motivated me to have an organized, purposeful and meaningful life. You are my inspiration, and I’m glad to be your friend.

31. I would never have known how important I was if you had not made me realise so. You are a true friend. Thanks for making our friendship a special one.

32. I will take you for granted one more time because it is only you who would be taken for granted by me and will understand. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend.

33. You make friendship so meaningful and attractive. Thank you for multiplying the value of friendship. Thank you for being my friend.

34. After the passing of your husband, I wouldn’t want you to remain down and lonely, so I send hugs to you every night to keep you warm. I love you girl. Be strong.

35. Friends make the world go round and you my friend make my world go round. Thanks for a wonderful friendship.

36. You are a brand. Work on yourself to continue improving on it and do well to preserve it after you are no more. You can because you can.

37. Don’t be afraid to disappoint people by not fitting into their description of you. You are maintaining your brand and you are unique that’s why I love you, my friend.

38. Do all you can now because one day, there will be no time or opportunity to do it again. Be wise my friend. I know you can because you are my friend.

39. Don’t listen to anybody who tells you not to attempt or do something because you are a woman. They are limiting you. Refuse to be limited. Go get it, darling friend.

40. You are the best. Don’t ever settle for less. Always remember that you are special to me.

41. Thank you for being that one special friend I can always count on. This message is just to remind you how special you are.

42. The meaning of friendship is truly evident in our friendship. You made that possible.

43. You deserve every good thing that life can offer so even though I can not offer you every good thing, I can offer a kind word: you are adorable. Have a great day my friend.

44. Everybody needs somebody who can make them feel loved. This my dear friend is my own little way to say you are loved. I appreciate you.

45. Define what you do. Don’t let what you do define you. Take charge, my dear, because you can.

46. A failed marriage is not a failed life or destiny. Keep working on yourself. God is going to use your pain for gain and you will be better for it. I love you, dear. You remain special.

47. I always look back with gratitude seeing how far we have come and I’m happy that it is such a beautiful soul that I met years ago

48. Put yourself first. Always take care of your self. Self love is not selfish.

49. You are one of the best things that happened to me. Be the best thing to happen to yourself. Treat yourself with love because you deserve to be loved and I love you.

50. It’s what you have inside that really matters. Stop making limitations of yourself. Cheer up girl, you are special.

52. I have made friends, established relationships, created acquaintances, gone places, met people. I’m yet to meet anyone like you, you are special. You make our friendship special. I cherish you. I cherish our friendship.

53. Learn lesson from bad experiences, be happy from good experiences, keep memories from your best experiences and take responsibility for your life, my friend, because you owe that to yourself.

54. Trust yourself, trust your instinct. If you don’t feel right about a person for situation, don’t ignore it. Trust yourself and trust your judgement.

55. Get the best out of every situation that you find yourself. Don’t let any situation leave you worst than it met you, my friend.

56. Only you can limit yourself. You can also permit people too. If you don’t give them the permission, they have no right. Break all limitations, my darling friend.

57. You are stronger than I could ever think. You are a barrier breaker and you are my friend.

58. I know your night was cold but you woke up as warm and bright as the sun. Good morning sweet friend, remain special.

59. The morning is cloudy but your face is always so bright that’s why I stopped by your house. Hope you slept well dear friend. Good morning.

60. Many look up to you so when you are tempted to give up, remember they are people who look up to you. I look up to you to my darling friend. Remain up.

61. Everybody says good morning but you know your morning is truly good if you have someone special in your life. I’m saying good morning to you in a special way because you are a special friend.

62. Make sure you create the day that you want. It is still morning so make the most of it. Good morning my dear.

63. If you believe in your dreams, you will go to work, when you go to work, you make them reality. Wake up and work my friend. Good morning.

64. Instead of predicting how the tomorrow is going to be, create it today and bring it to be tomorrow. Good night dear friend. Sleep well.

65. Don’t be afraid to be abnormal. Don’t be afraid to be odd. That’s what makes you special and I love you.

66. Just try for if you try, it is either you fail or succeed. If you fail you learn and try again. If you succeed you are happy. Either way, you learn. If you don’t try, you never know if you will succeed and you never learn. Cheers to our friendship.

67. You are the best friend money can’t buy.

68. Always aim very high. Because you deserve the best and nothing less. Like they say “aim for the moon, if you miss it, you will land among the stars.

69. Be innovative. Always look for new ways to do new things to get better results. You cannot do things the old way and expect new results. I love you, friend. Good morning and have a productive day.

70. You assist me and think you have done little or nothing. You don’t even know how much and how that help went. I’m forever grateful. So glad we are friends.

71. You helped me to create the future I am now because I predicted the future from my past and never saw it this good. For making me special, you are more than special. Thanks, darling friend.

72. I wish you plenty love and happiness my friend. Good morning.

73. I write to put my thought of appreciation into words so that you know how thankful I am to you and for our friendship. You have been a great friend.

74. Seeing you this morning brought strength to my body and vitality to my bones. Thanks for stopping by. Good morning my sweet friend.

75. Thanks for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to my family. You are appreciated.

76. I may never be able to return the favour of the gift you gave me but I will try and until I can try, know that I’m grateful. Thank you, my friend.

77. The beauty of life is in friendship more so in friendship with a friend like you. I’m glad to be your friend and you are special to me.

78. We don’t choose our family but we choose our friends. I chose you and kept you and I’m glad I did. You are different and special.

79. Make the angels keep you safe and sound this night. Sleep well, my friend.

80. I’m surrounded by many people and still feel lonely but when I remember you, the loneliness disappears. I miss you, my friend. Please come back.

81. I know that loneliness is not just the absence of people but the absence of people in our hearts. I’m glad I have you in my heart. You are my best friend, you are special and I love you.

82. I’m sorry for putting you through all you are going through. I had no idea it would be this painful. I cherish you and won’t hurt you intentionally. Forgive me, my dear friend.

83. I want to undo the hurt I caused you. Please let me. I’m truly sorry, please forgive me, my dear friend. You are the best.

84. Our friendship is my life and I wouldn’t want to kill myself so I don’t want to kill the friendship. Please let go and forgive me. I’m deeply sorry.

85. I’m sorry is just a phrase but it means a whole lot. Please forgive me for taking your time. I’m sorry.

86. Apologies should be more than a few words. It is decision and action towards changing and righting the wrong one has done. That’s why I came for a sleepover to show how sorry I am. I’m sorry my friend.

87. I am your best friend so whatever I do is very important and with so much meaning. I’m sorry for hurting you so badly with my actions. Please forgive me. I miss you terribly.

88. Your smile has the potency to bring the dead back to life and I miss them. I miss you, my dear friend. Return ASAP.

89. Since I offended you, I have been feeling odd and isolated. I feel so lonely. Please forgive me.

90. You are a star and you shine brighter when it is darkest around me. I appreciate you and I appreciate our friendship.

91. Please forgive me my dear friend so that we can have the fairy tale future that we always fantasize about. I’m sorry.

92. It is because I have you that I am where I am today. This is to let you know how special you are. Cheers to our friendship and togetherness.

93. I hope this meets you in bed about to sleep so it will sound like a lullaby. This is my own way of saying sleep well my friend. Good night.

94. As you go to sleep, do not worry about the storm, just be calm. The storm will pass. I love you, dear friend. Good night.

95. I’m sorry I just overreacted this time. It won’t happen again dear friend.

96. With all you go through, you still have so much power to smile and make it the challenges look insignificant. I miss your smiles. See you when I come back.

97. I worry as though I have all the problems in the world and the problems are so much but when you come around, your presence seems to diminish all my worries. I miss you, sweet friend. Please come around.

98. I like when you just bump into my thoughts and make me smile. You are so remarkable dear friend. I miss you.

99. You spend yourself to make me happy and I never realized it till you travelled. Now every night I’m empty and spent like an empty sack. I miss you.

100. Your planning and organizing skills are second to none. You help me put myself in order daily, weekly monthly and yearly and I miss you.

101. I miss your smiles, I miss your laughs, I miss your voice, I miss your sweet troubles. I miss you, my friend.

102. The morning is cool, fresh and full of surprises. Take advantage of it. Good morning darling friend.

103. Just like the morning, your presence renews my faith and brings me hope. Good morning my dear friend.

104. Your selflessness and love remind me of God’s letting his son to come and die for us while we were sinners. Thanks for all the wonderful sacrifices you make for our friendship.

105. It’s been ages, my friend. Hope you are good? I miss you.

106. Good morning to my best friend, good morning to the only one I can call my one true friend.

108. My bestie, my best friend forever, my buddy, the family I have now.

109. You love me just the way a family should love me so I don’t even bother whether my family shows me love or not. Make sure you have a good night’s rest.

110. Good night to the one person who loves me especially. Good night dear friend.

111. I wished God gave you to me as a family. But I don’t have to worry anymore because I have you now and you are all the family I could ever ask. You are special dear.

112. You help me attain successes yet never feel entitled. I appreciate. Thanks for accepting my friendship.

113. You congratulate and celebrate me and everything I get like it is yours even when you are yet to get it. You make me feel so special and that makes you special to me. You are more than a million my dear. Thanks.

114. God knew the importance of friendship that’s why he sent you to me and I have more than seen the importance of our friendship.

115. You have so much commitment at work. You are career driven but you still have time to care. Thank you, my dear friend.

116. I’m torn-apart by my offence to you and how it left you. I’m sorry Please forgive me.

117. Go to bed with the realization that you deserve to be happy. You have your life to live and live to the fullest. Good night sweet friend. Sleep well.

118. I could only be loyal to a friend that is loyal to me and you my friend are loyal. Good night.

119. You are the one reason I’m where I am today and I thank God for bringing you my way. Good morning dear.

120. Hello sweet friend. May your day be fruitful and fulfilling. Good morning.

121. Be content in the little things of life. Contentment makes your life meaningful and removes worries from your life. Good night and sleep soundly.

122. In our case, the maxim ‘blood Is thicker than water’ does not hold. You have proven beyond doubt that friends can be better than family good morning my friend-turned family.

123. The most painful goodbye are the ones left unsaid or unexplained. You were so angry, you never bothered to tell me that you were leaving. I’m sorry.

124. I laid down to sleep and I remember someone special in my heart and decided to send a good night text to her.

125. I hope this meets you still asleep. Wake up and enjoy boundless opportunities. Good morning

126. Today was too busy, hectic crazy and so l could not see you. I hope I get the chance to see your beautiful face tomorrow. Good night.

127. Thoughts of you keep my mind busy at night. I hope I can fall asleep fast. Good night sweet friend.

128. You work very hard all through the day and deserve good rest. Sleep well and good night.

129. You know you worked hard in the day when you sleep hard at night. Sleep really hard and wake up really strong friend. Good night dearie.

130. As you go out today, make sure you put your feet on the right place then stand. Good morning darling friend, may your day be right.

131. Worry less about today. Tomorrow is going to be better. Good night my friend.

134. No matter how bad your day was, try to get off it and get some sleep so you can make tomorrow better. It is in your hands, dear friend. Good night.

135. The time runs faster when I’m with you and I don’t like to say goodnight but I have to because it is getting late. Thank you for your company, my one true friend. Good night

136. Don’t let the worries of today follow you into tomorrow for tomorrow has its own worries. Good night.

137. You have been day-dreaming all day and it is finally time to dream. Sleep well and dream right.
Good night.

138. The end of the day means the day has gone to rest and so should you. Give yourself some rest because you need it. Good night my one and only friend.

139. I’m glad that our friendship is not founded on any responsibility or expectations but we are committed to being there for each other. Not as a responsibility anyways. I’m committed to this friendship. Good morning.

140. Thanks for not being only my friend but my children’s best friend.

141. The night may be dark but the stars shine bright and that signifies hope. You may be experiencing darkness in your life right now but there is hope for tomorrow. Good night.

142. Some of the days of your life have not happened yet and so you can make them better. Today is another day and it could be your best day yet.

143. There is a possibility that you have a bad day but I will be with you through it. Good morning my friend.

144. Wake up lazy bones, it’s morning already and there is work to be done. Good morning.

145. I wish you never had to travel but you had to for good. You are my best friend forever and I miss you.

146. Talk is cheap but any talk coming from me to you means a whole lot. I’m serious when I say I miss you.

147. It has been very dull and boring without you. I miss the zesty you please come back as soon as possible.

148. Much as I try to concentrate on my work, my thoughts keep wandering back to you. I will be a lair if say I don’t miss you.

149. We thought it would be a bad day but it turned out to be one of the best days for you. I’m happy for you my friend. I know you will sleep well. Good night.

150. I missed you so much sweet friend and when we met today, I knew you missed me too. Good night.

151. I will sleep well tonight. So make sure you do same. Good night my dear.


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