5 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes in 2024

Everybody wants a good friend just like everyone wants to be loved. But the reality is many are not opportune to have such a rare gem.

However, there are a lucky few who are blessed with this angelic gift. So, once it’s found, you do everything to hold on to it.

5 good years is such a good time to know if a friend is worth celebrating.

Since you can’t ask for a better friend, then you’re wise to think of sending that angel in human skin some well written 5 Years of Friendship Quotes.

If you desire to go beyond 5 years then you must be willing to add some of these 5 Years Of Friendship And Still Counting Quotes for them.

2024 will definitely feel so much better when that friend feels appreciated and celebrated with these quotes.

Celebrating 5 Years of Togetherness Quotes for Best Friends

5 Years of Togetherness Celebration Quotes for Friends.

1. Friendship is the spice of life as it presents an opportunity to exchange relieving laughter, conversation and a warm hug. A friendship shared with you taught me this. It’s been 5 years of friendship and still counting.

2. There’s nothing more protective than the arms of a loyal friend. It’s been 5 years, together.

3. There’s an earthly friendship and an eternal one. Ours belongs to the latter. Happy 5 years of friendship.

4. I’ll keep counting each passing day and night that passes by as we travel through the tides of a wonderful friendship. 5 years down and still counting, dear friend.

5. Nothing under the face of the sun is perfect, but there is something beautiful. I’m glad our friendship is one of those beautiful things. Today makes it 5 years of a lovely friendship with you.

6. We got to a point that we had to prove how much our friendship meant to us. Today is the day to celebrate what we fought to keep. Happy 5 years of good friendship.

7. True friendship can never be buried. Hence, our friendship lives on from age to age. 5 years of friendship and still counting.

8. You’re the light and soul of this beautiful relationship we call friendship. I toast to many more years of friendship between us. 5 years gone, but 5 more decades to conquer.

9. The joy of seeing you makes our friendship worthwhile. Happy 5 years of a wonderful friendship with you.

10. A friend like you makes the word friendship a thing to be proud of. It’s been nothing less than 5 good years of sharing this honour of friendship with you.

11. You’re donned in the garment of golden friendship. So valuable are you to me and thus, we made it into 5 years of friendship.

12. A friendship that offers freedom is one to keep. You’ve given me that and more. Happy 5 years of friendship.

13. 5 years look like yesterday, however, our friendship is as fresh as today. Happy 5 years of friendship, my dear.

14. I’ll give you my world, cause you built it with your arm of friendship. We’ve conquered 5 years together, 50 more shall we acquire.

15. Your smile is as real as your offer of friendship. Happy 5 years of togetherness under the umbrella of friendship.

16. A friend that offers friendship every day is a true friend. You’re the ideal friend the world describes, but fail to be. Happy 5 years of friendship to us.

17. If all friends were like you, betrayal will only be a thing of the devil. It’s been 5 years of loyalty and friendship.

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18. Our long standing friendship of 5 years is built on virtues you’ve taught me by your lifestyle. More years to us as friends.

19. If we hold each other’s hands, we’ll never be swept away by the whirlwind of life. Happy 5 years of friendship to us.

20. A friend that adds trust, assistance and merriment to his spice of friendship is one that understands the true meaning of the word. You’re such a friend to me. It’s been 5 years of friendship and still counting.

21. I’ll never take you for granted, cause never have you taken us for granted. It’s been 5 years with you as a friend and still counting.

22. You understand me perfectly than anyone else. You’re my soulmate in the body of a friend. 5 more years to us as friends.

23. Your smile is a sight to behold and a friendship with you is a vow to be renewed. Happy 5 years of friendship to us with more years to go.

24. I count it all joy that we’ve been tested and tried as friends. This has made us worthy to be called bosom friends. 5 years with you is like a split of a second.

25. Today is our friendship day, cause it makes it exactly 5 years we’ve been on this beautiful journey. Let’s do this, again.

26. It’s incredible how our friendship has been free from scandal, mistrust and jealousy. We’ve done a great job. 5 more years to us.

27. Forgiveness makes friendship an everlasting union just like marriage. Happy 5 years of friendship to us and still counting.

28. Sacrifices are never too much for a good friend to make. You’re that friend to me. Happy 5 years of friendship to us.

29. We made it here today, cause we protected our friendship by protecting each other. I look forward to another 5 years of friendship with you.

30. When a friend like you holds the wheel, I’m confident, I’ll get to my destination. Let’s do this friendship again. 5 years and still counting.

31. We are enough together as friends, but 5 years isn’t enough for us as friends. A toast to many more years of wonderful friendship.

32. A friend gives a hug and it heals a deep wound at an instant – that’s how I know you’re my friend. Today makes it 5 years we started off as friends.

33. I’m so contended with what we have, for it is enough to feel safe in this world. Happy 5 years of friendship to us.

34. When you tell me, ” it’s going to be alright,” my heart becomes overwhelmed with peace – that’s the voice and impact of a true friend. May this friendship go beyond 5 years, then into eternity.

35. I’ll always be covered because you’ll never strip me off of your friendship. May we mark another 5 years of friendship.

36. Only true words proceed the mouth of a true friend. You’re loyal to the core. I love that about you than anything else. Happy 5 years of friendship to us.

37. True friends may not bond instantly, but once they do, they last forever. There are more years for us to go.

38. If our friendship of 5 years has been wonderful, here comes another 5 years to make it greater than the former.

39. There’s an end to everything, but our friendship is a circle that has no end. Hence we’ll live on from 5 years to eternity.

40. The smile of a friend doesn’t hurt the heart but soothes it. Happy 5 years of friendship.

41. A friend starts by believing in you. So, I call you my friend. Happy 5 years of a beautiful friendship.

42. Friendship gets old but never dies. Happy 5 years of friendship.

43. Friends never depart even when the sun shines no more. May this bond of 5 years never be broken.

44. You’re the friend I had when I was without a friend. And you’re the friend I’ll keep out of a million other friends. Happy 5 years of friendship.

45. We may not be related by blood, but we sure are by heart. May this friendship go farther than 5 years.

46. I have someone in the world whom I can trust with my heart and it’s you, my friend. Happy 5 years of friendship.

47. I’m still standing because you never let me fall. Such an angel you are as a friend. May this friendship last beyond the years it has come.

48. We fight and argue, but we never stop loving each other – that’s a true friendship. I wouldn’t trade this 5 years of friendship for anything.

49. Sometimes, a true friend is willing to die for us than a lover would do. You’re one of those friends. Happy 5 years of friendship to us.

50. A true friend never breaks the heart but mends it. Thus, he becomes our anchor in times of heartbreak. It’s been 5 years of a loyal friendship with you.

51. Our friendship is like oxygen, without it, I’ll not breathe again. I love you, my friend.

52. 5 years of love and loyalty. 5 years of friendship worthwhile. Be my friend forever.

53. Friendship isn’t about perfection. It is about the sparkles we bring into each other’s eyes and the strength we give to one another.

54. I won’t let go. For another 5 years of bliss, we’ll recreate. Happy 5 years friendship anniversary.

55. You don’t have to find your way all by yourself. For your friend, I am willing to be for a century.

56. 5 years and still counting. We won’t give up, just like the stars coming out every night to shine.

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58. I love you just the way you are. I trust you, for you have proven to be true. Kisses to my friend of 5 years.

59. So many smiles and laughter with you by my side. 5 years of friendship and I pray forever with you.

60. Let friends abound as friends forever. So, come with me to the end, my bestie.

61. You’re the life of my party. The centre of my world. 5 years of friendship and still counting with you.

62. I want more of your laughter, joy, support and love. 5 years with you feel like a good time in the bar.

63. Simple but true; without you, I couldn’t have survived. Happy 5 years of friendship to us.

64. I’ll do my best for you. And I’ll never forget to love you through it all. 5 years and still counting as friends.

65. A friend like an angel. One like a sister. Similar to a good parent, you’ve guided my steps. 5 years and I still want more of you.

66. You’re a gift I could never pay for. Hence, you’ll have my adoration forever. 5 years of friendship with you feels heavenly.

67. Like an angel sent my way, you rescued me out of the ocean. Our friendship would last longer than these 5 years.

68. Your hugs are all I need to survive. Happy 5 years of friendship to us.

69. I need a friend as much as I need sunlight. You’re more than life to me. 5 years more to go, my dear.

70. Our friendship will shine on like the sun and age longer than the moon. 5 years and still counting with you.

71. Your hand is love itself. Your shoulders are support like no other. Cheers to our friendship of 5 years.

72. I’ll show you off, for I have a friend who’d do the impossible for me. 5 years of loving looks great on us.

73. You’ve made way for me in the dark, and given strength to me when I’m weak. You’re a friend to keep, my darling.

74. I don’t know what else to say than, I need you to be my friend for the rest of my life. 5 years isn’t just enough.

75. You’ve right my wrong and loved my shortcomings. None is a friend like you. 5 years of more friendship with you and I wouldn’t mind.

76. I’ll sleep with both eyes closed, for I have a friend to be trusted. Happy 5 years of friendship, bestie.

77. Sing the song of friendship to me. I celebrate our bond on this day. 5 years and still counting.

78. Our bond wouldn’t melt away even if we travel to the sun and back. I love you, my friend.

79. 5 years wouldn’t exhaust this love I have for you. So, come with me till the end of the world.

80. My heart is glad and my face adorned with a smile because I remember it’s been 5 years with you, my friend.

81. Friends who forgive each other last forever. Thank you for forgiving me. 5 years is only the beginning.

82. When it comes to you, I’ll move mountains. Cause you deserve every love in my heart. 5 years and I can’t let go.

83. Loving you was easy cause friends like you ain’t easy to find. I’ll go 5 more years with you even to the desert.

84. You’ve kept my secret like a priest. Bore my worries like a friend. Cheers to these remarkable 5 years of love.

85. 5 years of sacrificial love. Because you’re more than a friend to me. I love you, my bestie.

86. Finding you was finding love and peace altogether. I love you, my friend of 5 years.

87. Friends don’t lie to one another. But for one another, they’ll lie. I’ll be your guardian 5 more years, dearie.

88. Friendship isn’t just about the smiles but, all about you and I. 5 years of friendship with you and I still yearn for more.

89. A rare gem in the glitz of a friend, who loves more than I can imagine. 5 years of friendship and still counting.

90. You’ve taught me how to be a friend. So, let me be your friend for another 5 years.

91. Love, light, grace, peace and prosperity to us as friends. 5 years and I can’t be less grateful.

92. We’ve come this far because we’ve held on to each other regardless of the stony path. I love you, my friend.

93. 5 years wouldn’t feel good if it weren’t for you. I need you, my friend like I need air.

94. Friends like us are rare to come by. For there’s no one else like you or me. Happy 5 years of friendship, sweetness.

95. I’ll go all the way for my friend. For she’d do the same for me. 5 years of friendship with you without the tiniest regret.

96. You’re more than a friend to me. And like a star, you rock my world. 5 years of friendship and love.

97. Happy is the one that feels your touch and rests upon your loving heart. Happy 5 years of friendship to us, bestie.

98. We’ve survived the odds of the past. Many more we shall overcome. And much more we shall enjoy together as friends.

99. In my heart, I love you. And I’ll let it show because I can’t hide anything from a friend. 5 years of friendship with you and I’m in awe.

100. One more wish is to have you as my friend forever. Thanks for the past 5 years we’ve shared regardless of the seasons.

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