Always Making Excuses Quotes

Always Making Excuses Quotes

Making excuses is not just a bad habit, in some cases, it can kill you. People who spend their lives making excuses never achieve what they want to achieve because they are always too busy making excuses. They also miss out on a lot of their happiness because they always think small and make excuses all the time.

We all make excuses at certain times in our lives. It’s normal, it is human. Or at least we make them avoid taking a certain action or persuade people that we did not do something wrong.

There is nothing easy about making excuses. Making excuses implies that you’re unable to accept failure as it is and have to hide from it with false causes. In the end, this leads to a self-destructive attitude towards life and keeps you from fulfilling your potential.

If you’re here it’s because you’re looking for quotes about making excuses, and I know you will find some useful quotes. But, more than that, I hope these always making excuse quotes will inspire you to stop making excuses and embrace change instead.

Always Making Excuses Quotes

Making an excuse is a strategy often taken and can be hard to avoid. Everyone makes excuses sometimes, and it’s only natural especially if you mess up. But there is a problem with this because people who make a lot of excuses tend to never own up to their mistakes and blame everything on external forces.

1. What if we stopped making excuses and started doing the right things?

2. if you have time to make excuses, you don’t have the time or motivation to change.

3. The best way to learn how to use your time is to try and make a list of all the different things you could be doing with it. If you see yourself making excuses, start looking for alternative ways to spend your time.

4. Be honest with yourself and don’t make excuses. When you think the worst it’s time to get started.

5. If you’re always making excuses, you’re better off not saying a thing. It’s like having a conversation with yourself that nobody understands.

6. When you’re feeling bad about yourself because you’re making excuses, remember to be brave. You’re worth it.

7. We all have our excuses. It’s time to stop making them and live life!

8. Excuses are the most convincing excuses for being lazy.

9. When you’re too busy to do what’s right, you will find all sorts of reasons why it can’t be done.

10. No one is going to be perfect, so stop making excuses. You will not live up to anyone’s expectations or standards, so stop trying to do so. Understand that you are uniquely imperfect and love yourself anyway!

11. When you say, “I have an excuse” you are saying, “I don’t want to do anything, so I have an excuse.”

12. There are no excuses for not doing what you want to do. Accept responsibility for your life and stop making excuses for your inaction.

13. When you make excuses, It’s not that you’re lazy – it’s just that you haven’t found the time.

14. I shouldn’t have an excuse for not doing more for my health and fitness, but I do. I’m making excuses.

15. We all make excuses. But if you are consistent and confident, you can push through them.

16. You can always make excuses, but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

17. We don’t make excuses. We just find them and then fix them.

18. Sometimes people make excuses for someone, but the reality is that we’re all capable of change. If you quit in the face of challenges, then you aren’t worthy of the challenges you need to succeed.

19. Make it your goal to be the person who will always make excuses, never the person who makes an excuse.

20. When you start making excuses, you give the other person all the reasons in the world why they shouldn’t help you.

21. You’re not a bad person for making excuses. You’re just human, and that makes you the strongest kind of person.

22. I don’t make excuses. I just have a lot of important things to do, and if they take longer than they should, that’s on me.

23. Do more of what makes you happy. Don’t make excuses and don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Live your life like there’s no tomorrow.

24. Try new things. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Live like there’s no tomorrow.

25. Do what makes you happy. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Live it up!

26. Do more of what makes you smile. Life’s far too short for settling for less than what makes you happy.

27. Just do what makes you happy. Life is short and there are no second chances.

28. You don’t have time to waste on things that don’t make you happy. Make it happen. Make the most of your days on earth. Live with no regrets.

29. Always making excuses quotes about the past, the future and even the present will not help you, but if you want to make your life better then you should stop blaming others and start believing in yourself.

30. Everyone makes excuses just to complain. Stop making excuses and start owning your faults.

31. Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves to justify breaking our resolutions.

32. I’m just addicted to making excuses! If you want to make excuses, go ahead and pretend that I don’t exist. Just because you are always making excuses doesn’t mean that your life is terrible.

33. You’re not just making excuses, you’re stealing your success.

34. If you make excuses for not doing something, then you are never going to do it.

35. Be your person, don’t make excuses for yourself. Do not be influenced by other people’s opinions of you.

36. Making excuses can keep you from getting what you want in life, so stop making them!

37. Life is too short to live the same day twice. Any excuse not to live the life you want is a waste of your time and energy.

38. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make excuses, but it takes discipline to make a change.

39. Making excuses is a good way to keep yourself down in life. When you are constantly coming up with reasons why something can’t be done, then you’ll never be able to accomplish anything in your life.

40. In life we make excuses to explain away our behaviours or actions. Getting to the root of your self-talk is very important and recognizing when you use excuses can help you understand what beliefs are at play.

41. Making excuses is a symptom of lazy, self-centred thinking. It’s not a sign of strength or determination, but weakness and indecision

42. Making excuses is different from accepting accountability. Excuses are the lies you tell yourself, or others, to keep the truth at arm’s length.

43. Quit making excuses and get that job, lose the weight, or whatever else you want.

44. Making excuses is easy and takes no effort. Take responsibility for your actions, for the things you say, and for the things that happen to you.

45. When you make an excuse, you are depriving yourself of learning and growing.

46. The key to a successful relationship is not in making excuses but in accepting the truth, and doing something about it.

47. It’s easy to make excuses all the time but it’s not going to help you get what you want in life.

48. Being a successful person is all about learning how to be okay with making mistakes. The secret to success is not making excuses but learning from mistakes and moving forward.

49. Never make excuses. Do what you need to do and speak up when you need to speak up.

50. When you make an excuse, you’re looking for a way not to do what needs to be done.

51. When you’re busy, you won’t have to follow through on your excuses.

52. Never make an excuse. You’re either making progress or you’re not.

53. You don’t have to wait around for anyone. If there is something you want to do, do it and don’t make excuses.

54. Don’t let excuses hold you back. You have to go ahead and do it, even though there might be reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t right now.

55. Always make excuses to avoid change, then watch your world explode when you finally decide to take action.

If you always make excuses for failure, you will never succeed. No one can succeed without a plan of action, so start taking initiative in your life. Don’t blame others for what’s not happening in your life.

If you want something to happen, you must make your sacrifices and decisions to do what it takes to get what you truly want. I hope these always making excuses quotes were helpful. Please do not hesitate to share this post with your network. Thank you.

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