Breakup in Friendship Quotes

Breakup in Friendship Quotes

Breakups are hard in any scenario. But when you lose a friend, it’s even harder to get over the breakup. The pain from such a breakup is not just physical — it’s emotional. You feel hurt, betrayed and confused on top of being heartbroken. 

This is because a friend is not someone we usually see ourselves breaking up with. Most times, we are under the illusion that it will last forever. 

But what do you do when that isn’t the case? At some point, you’re going to have to get over your past as a friend even if it might cause you an emotional breakdown.

But to help you further, here are some breakup in friendship quotes. 

Breakup in Friendship Quotes

With romantic relationships, you sometimes consider the possibility of a breakup but you don’t with friendship and nothing prepares you for the hurt; not even the quotes you may come across that talk about it. 

1. The best way to know if your presence in someone’s life is of great value is how they handle your absence; if it is with a pinch of salt, then you got to let go.

2. The minute you realise that a particular friendship is well in the past instead of fantasizing about what could still be, that’s when you start healing.

3. Most people who care genuinely, care to a fault. They hold on to a relationship that no longer bears good moments in hope that it will go back to how it once was. Let it go, darling, it is not worth it. 

4. No point in scooping spilt milk, and no advantage in running after a speeding car, don’t hold on to that toxic friendship anymore, they’ve dropped you off their friendship a long time ago.

5. Like all good things, friendships also come to an end. When one ends, don’t beat yourself up, and don’t feel if you’ve done otherwise, things could have been different. Just be grateful for past beautiful moments and forge on to more beautiful ones.

6. People outgrow friendships and this is one truth most people are not willing to face. No wonder some people subject themselves to toxic friendships. Don’t be afraid to grow!

7. Friendship is seasonal; for every phase of your life, there are people positioned to be great friends with you, best even but don’t be surprised that as each phase goes, the friendships go with them. It’s no one’s fault, that’s the way of life.

8. Friends don’t stay around forever but their memories do! When friends have gone, moments made together stay, and that’s worth holding on to even when the friendship ends.

9. The end of a friendship hurts more – most times – than a romantic relationship. The heart is hurt more than words can describe or how do you talk of the endless conversations that can not be replicated? How do you describe that one person that knows how you feel without you saying anything? However, the heart is made to heal and so will yours. 

10. One of the top 5 things that hurt the most is to become total strangers with someone you’ve once shared your deepest secrets with, shared vulnerable moments with, and desires, goals and dreams shared on the table of friendship. You just have to make peace with the fact that the version of that person you had such beautiful times with just doesn’t exist anymore.

11. One thing that can never be taken away from you is the right to choose who will be in your life, so if you feel that friend has evicted you from theirs or such is of no more essence in yours, you may just have to take a bow and leave gracefully.

12. For every breakup you experienced, you always thought you couldn’t find a better person but look at you flourishing with a more beautiful person. It is the same thing with friendship. So do yourself a favour and walk away, there is so much genuine love on the other side.

13. Most times when we hesitate to leave that toxic friend, it is because we feel we owe them something or we think if only we stick around, such person will change. Well, flash news, you can’t change anyone so take care of yourself, leave the friendship, and you’ll get a better deal.

14. If a friend breaks up with you, you need to ask yourself; was the friend loyal to you because of what they gained from you or otherwise? In your truthful answer lies your peace.

15. Sacrifice is good but it feels better when it is both ways. If a friendship hasn’t benefited you, even made sacrifices for you, then you should not mourn such friendship when it ends because it was only a matter of time.

16. Friendship should be ornaments, and adornments to make your life more exciting but it should not be a foundation on that you’ll build your life because no friendship is permanent.

17. The bitter but hard truth is that nothing lasts forever, even a good friendship. Seasons change, location changes, people change, and priorities change. When the movie is over, don’t be afraid to draw the curtain, move on.

18. True friendship is tested and forged in the fire of hard times. Don’t be afraid to let go of someone who chooses when and where to show up for you in the first place.

19. One of the harsh realities of life is that not everyone is meant to stay till the end. Some are to ease your way into a journey, some are there to encourage you halfway through while some are there to cheer you when you’re at the finish line. Understand this and make peace when friends come and go.

20. Friendship, like every other relationship, should be appraised. You might need to renew the friendship contract with some while you may need to change labels or release others from your life. 

21. Your sanity and mental well-being are not worth sacrificing on the altar of past great memories. Understand that people change and let that toxic friend out of your life.

22. The energy you’ll expound on forced relationships, empty conversations and stoic interactions, you can save for a great friend coming along. So don’t be afraid to call it quits with a toxic friend, you’ll be fine. I promise.

23. When you stay with a toxic friend, you’ve not been a good friend, you’re simply sacrificing your self-worth, value, and dignity.

24. One of the hardest things to do is to let go of someone who once used to be an integral part of your world but it may be the best decision you’ll ever make. You’ll breathe easier and find true friendship.

25. Sometimes, it is not as if we outgrew each other, it is factors beyond our circumstances that force us apart or see to it that we drift apart. In times like this, mourn a good friendship gone and be at peace with the fact that things won’t just go back to how they used to and it is time to move on.

26. You have to be discerning enough to know when someone stops caring, that’s the best time to walk away and sign up for a better friendship deal.

27. When you’re caught in a friendship dilemma and faced with a decision to make, you should ask yourself, “which is better; the memory or the reality of the person?” I hope you answer truthfully and make a good decision. 

28. If your friend is silent when their voice needs to be heard the most, neutral when they’re supposed to stand solidly behind you and complacent when their passion is needed, then it is time to say ‘Goodbye!’

29. In friendship, wisdom lies in knowing when to give another chance or when to call it quit, when to keep on going or when to stop, when to have hope or when to face reality.

30. It is best to be one’s best friend and only company than to be surrounded by ‘friends’ with ulterior motives.

31. That we don’t talk anymore doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped caring. I still hope and wish that one day, you’ll realize how much this friendship means to us and come back to me.

32. Regardless of the fact that we are no more best friends, I still want you to know that I’m here for you whenever you need me, that won’t ever change.

33. I looked for a shoulder to cry on, a face to laugh with, a hand to comfortingly pat me, a mouth to tease me and say sweet words, arms to hold and hug me tight and eyes of understanding, I came up empty because you’re no more my friend, it still hurts like hell.

34. I heard something exciting today and I wanted to share it with you. I saw a piece of jewellery and I thought of getting it for you but it dawned on me that we’re no more friends. It will take some time to get used to the fact that we have been separated by distance. I still miss you a lot.

35. I still wonder what I could have done differently to avert our parting ways as friends, I still miss you sorely.

36. If I could do anything differently, it will be to go back in time before I hurt you, I’m so sorry and I miss our friendship.

37. It still feels like a dream that you are no more in my life. I feel like any moment, you’ll walk into the door with your cheery and raspy voice, shouting my name but the reality is we are no more friends.

38. These past few days, I’ve come to understand how much you were part of my life, how my everyday doings had you smack in the centre. I wish what happened didn’t and we didn’t call it quit on our friendship. 

39. I still wonder if I had been more patient and understanding, we could still be best of friends? I respect your decision for breaking up with me but I want you to know that I’m sorry and I miss you. 

40. Even though I saw It coming, It didn’t make it easier when you finally quit our friendship. My heart still aches even though I tell myself that it’s for the best. 

41. I was tempted to mourn when our friendship ended but I remembered it was mostly one-way; I was doing most of the giving and you were very good at taking. I immediately cheered up and moved on with peace in my heart. 

42. It’s still puzzling how we drifted apart; one minute we’re doing friendship for life and the other, we are on different paths in life. 

43. When you’re tempted to feel bad for that friendship, remember that the said friend walked out on your friendship to start with. 

44. Some people should not be called friends in the first instance ’cause all they do is leech on you and suck you dry. When such people leave, don’t waste your time trying to get them back, instead, celebrate. 

45. The ending of a friendship hurts the most when words are never spoken; no explanation, no reasons given, just one person deciding to cut ties with the other. 

46. If you’re the only one making an effort to be in a person’s life and not the other way, then don’t be afraid to break up such a friendship. 

47. I’ve been trying to get us back to being friends and I succeeded but then I realised that it was the old you I was trying to get back, now you’re a new person entirely so I bid you farewell, old friend. 

48. What we had mattered more than you know and that’s why it still hurts like crazy. 

49. Our friendship was a rock for me, a pillar to lean on and a strong hand to keep me up but now, I’m left bereft of these, I wish we could go back to being best friends. 

50. I was ok with everybody going and coming into my life until you came my way, you made me experience the true meaning of friendship and spared nothing to prove that you’re indeed one. I’m sorry for hurting you, will you be my best friend again? 

51. I didn’t know I needed a true friend until you came into my life. I’m sorry that I used my insecurity to push you away. I miss you and will love to become your friend again. 

52. Every friend in your life has a time span, so when one goes, don’t be so sad, time is up. 

53. One of the most hurtful things is for a friend to become nothing but a memory. 

54. If you’ve given more than one chance for a person to do right by you and they continually fail, such should be removed from the list of your friends. 

55. The relationships in your life must benefit you and vice versa so don’t hesitate to appraise and categorize the people in your life according to where they fall; friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues, etc. 

56. Change is constant and that’s why even though I am sad to see you go, I accept the reality; our friendship was great while it lasted. 

57. In life, people make time to accommodate those who matter to them. I guess I don’t matter anymore to you and why that’s sad, it’s fine, it is life! 

58. Every friendship should be built on the foundation of honesty and trust, you betrayed mine and I don’t think it can be mended. 

59. It is true the saying “you don’t know what you have until you lose it”. Sometimes, people don’t appreciate friendships until they lose them. 

60. Betrayal doesn’t hit harder than when it comes from a friend. It might be better to break up such a friendship. 

61. With the breakup of friends, the soul dies a little. With every exit of a good friend, a part of you exits the door also. 

62. Some wounds heal, some don’t, some scars are external, and some don’t show. Friendship breakup wounds, sometimes, never heal. 

63. There’s only one friend of yours that will never leave and that’s YOU. 

64. A true friend will not only be real to your face but will be true to you in your absence. It might be time to say goodbye if you can’t find that in your friend. 

65. If nothing does, time does turn two dear friends into strangers and that’s life. 

66. A great friend will not only want you to grow but give you the wings to fly. But sometimes, friends are the ones who clip your wings. 

67. Any friendship based on a foundation of lies and dishonesty will definitely end in tears. 

68. Friendship breakup hurts way more than lover’s breakup because while we may leave room for a lover to break our heart, we don’t expect a friend to. 

69. When you lose a friend, don’t mourn for long. It was meant to be just that way, for good mostly. 

70. Don’t hesitate to walk out on any friendship that makes you feel small and insecure, you deserve so much more. 

71. True friendship is never lost, they’re preserved in memories. If you lose a friendship, it was not true. 

72. Dear friend, would you jump a ocean for me or is a puddle too big to cross? Will you go more than the extra mile or is a mile looking so far already? I’ll like to know before I sign up for this thing called friendship again. 

73. If there’s anything past friendships have taught me, it is that my heart is too precious to be opening its door often, only to be banged in my face. 

74. I’m grateful for the part of our friendship that was real but more grateful to let the part that was fake, go. 

75. The friendship you used to have has now become a dream; vivid while asleep but gone as soon as you’re awake. It’s indeed painful but you will heal

76. I tried to stick it out for a long time, thinking that you’ll change but I see that this friendship has been one-sided so this is me calling it quits. 

77. Even when you hurt and betrayed me, I could never bring myself to do the same to you but I’ve realised it is not advisable to have you in my life again, so goodbye. 

78. We might come back to being great friends but for now, I feel we need to take breaks from each other to figure things out. It’s for the best. 

79. I guess I’ve always known in my mind that our friendship is flawed but getting my heart to agree took a while but I’m glad I finally got there. 

80. I realised that you were not at fault all along, I was the one who handed you the power to hurt me so I’m taking it back, this is goodbye!

81. I’m done making excuses for friends who use every opportunity to belittle me and turn their backs on me so I’ll be doing some serious cutting off, it’s for the best. 

82. We can pretend all we like but we can’t deny when a friendship has completely deteriorated. 

83. The hardest part of a friendship breakup is not having someone to call up anytime you want to talk.  

84. There’s an empty feeling one feels – a feeling of something missing – when you break up with your friend.

85. If wishes were truly horses, many friends would still be friends. But life happens. 

86. With every time I give you my everything and you treat it like nothing, my heart breaks further. I think it will be best to go our separate ways. 

87. Friendship breakup is so difficult to get over, especially when you still have to see them every day but cannot talk to them. 

88. I know how messed up my life was before you came into it, I must have been overshooting when I thought you’ll be the friend to bring me out of the mess, guess I was wrong. 

89. If you feel relief, instead of the deep-seated, heart-wrenching pain that comes with losing a friend, then breaking up that friendship was the best decision. 

90. I thought you were different from the others, I just had to find out the hard way. 

91. I don’t mind being replaced – I guess there was something you were looking for that you didn’t find in me – what hurts is how you pretend as if we were never friends. 

92. Losing a friend is hard enough. Don’t punish yourself for what could have been. Let it go.

93. It’s sad how we never lacked anything to talk about when we were friends but now, we can barely manage a greeting to each other.

94. I know you feel that this decision to part ways as friends is the best for both of us but I hope that somewhere along the line, you’ll realize that we’re better and stronger together than apart.

95. Your silence says it all, what you never found the words to say, your absence has conveyed it well, I’ll take this as a “goodbye to our friendship”.

96. You never know how possible it is to be so distant and aloof to someone you once shared everything together until you break up with a friend. 

97. I may be the one cutting you off as a friend but be rest assured, you handed me the scissors.

98. It’s surprising and frankly disappointing that you’re now everything you vowed never to be, I do miss the old you, ex-friend.

99. It’s said that the heart knows what it wants. If your heart is at peace with the breakup with your friend, then it is probably meant to be.

100. Breaking up with your friend hurts badly. But if it is a friendship that can fall apart, then you don’t need that friendship anyway. 

Did you find these breakup in friendship quotes beneficial? Let me know in the comment section. 

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