Birthday Texts for Boyfriend from the Heart

Deep Birthday Wishes for Him – Boyfriend

Who exactly is your boyfriend? Do you have a sweet guy who will stop at nothing to make you happy? A guy who is zealous about seeing you prosper? A guy who looks out for you, and makes sure all is well with you? A guy who’s so selfless, and puts your needs above his? A man who respects and treats you like the queen that you are? A guy who’s all shades of awesome? send him this deep birthday wishes for him (boyfriend) and you will be glad you did.

Then tell me what more you can do to make him happy, if not to check these beautiful happy birthday texts and birthday messages for boyfriend from the heart in 2023 and beyond. They promise to leave you astonished!

Happy Birthday Text Messages for Him

The best of happy birthday texts for boyfriend is here to help you in celebrating your boyfriend’s birthday as he’s plus one today. Make him feel loved by the special wishes for his birthday.

1. Darling, what manner of man are you? Sometimes, I just feel I do not deserve you. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy birthday, my love.

2. Whoever says love isn’t real, sure hasn’t met you. You’re the pure definition of love. I promise never to take your love for granted. Happy birthday, darling.

3. All my life, I have waited, to feel like I do now. Never felt this way towards anyone man. You sure are different. Thank you for being just you. Happy birthday!

4. Today, my heart prays for you. My heart blesses you because it has never come across such a pure heart as yours. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Happy birthday, my darling.

5. Ever since I met you, you changed my notion about love. You made me see love in positive ways. You made me see what love truly stands for. I can’t love you enough. Thank you for always coming through for me. I love you, and happy birthday!

6. You do not measure love by the number of material things you gain from the other party. This and more are the things you tell me, every time. I have learnt a lot from you than I have from my parents. God bless you. Happy birthday.

7. Never met a man so good-looking and ambitious like you. You push me to do things that are important, and ignore frivolities. What if I hadn’t met you? Happy birthday, sweetheart.

8. Love is on the lips of many, but in the hearts of few. Your love remains on my lips and in my heart, forever! Happy birthday, baby. Love you!

9. You’re sure a master planner and a bridge builder. Thank you for making me feel your impact on my life. God increases you. Happy birthday, my love.

10. Even before you asked me out, I’ve always loved you. One thing I know is, you have an energy that distinguishes you apart from others. You’re just so unique, and I’m the luckiest girl to have you. Happy birthday, sweet.

11. This new year and beyond, may you prosper and make it on all sides. Happy birthday, boy!

12. No one loves me like you do. No one corrects me like you do. No one criticizes me like you do. No one does all you do to me. You’re just so special and different. On your birthday, I wish you nothing but more love for me. Happy birthday, babe.

13. Whoever hasn’t tasted love would surely doubt if there’s true love. I can boldly say that I have seen love itself, and that’s YOU. I love you, dear. Happy birthday.

14. No amount of sweet words will quantify how deeply feel towards you. I’m so happy to be spending another year with you. You’re blessed already, with me. Happy birthday, love.

15. Truly, God has unique ways of doing His things. If not, I wouldn’t have met the man after God’s own heart: YOU! Thank you for being you. Happy birthday.

16. Good things don’t come easily, that’s why it took a long time before I met you. Thank you for filling my life with so much joy and peace. I love you forever. Happy birthday!

17. With you by my side, I have absolutely nothing to fear. You guide me like your little sister. Thank you for staying with me through it all. I love you, and you alone! Happy birthday, my lover.

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18. I know I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to you, but then, what you mean to me is much more than that. I can’t even describe how much you mean to me. I just keep loving you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

19. Thank God we made it through… Nobody will ever come this far. Thank you for being there for US. Now tell me, ain’t you the best? Of course, you are… Happy birthday, King!

20. If I had judge you based on the way you looked, the very first day we met, trust me, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Thank God for our lives. We’re just getting started. Happy birthday, Boo.

21. Man proposes God disposes… Never believed in those words, until I met you. You’ve been my long standing prayer to God. Thank God I found you. Happy birthday, my Essence.

22. You’re everything a woman could ever wish for. You’re just so perfect… At times, I wonder how luck found me. Don’t be flattered, you’re luckier to have found me! Happy birthday, baby boo.

23. If I hadn’t told you yes, where would I be now? I don’t want to guess or imagine… Thank you for coming to make my life better. I love you beyond mere words. Happy birthday, handsome!

24. Can we start a future already? You’re the perfect man for me. All my life, I’ve waited, to feel like I do now. I can’t wait to have you all to myself. I love you too much. Happy birthday, my baby.

25. Thank you for making it very easy to count you. You’ve given me your words countless times, and you’ve never disappointed me. In my next life, I’ll still be with you. Happy birthday, my ride or die!

26. I want to grow old with you… You’re all I’ve ever prayed to have. I really can’t wait to have you. You remain the best man in the world. Happy birthday, darling.

27. I want to wake up next to you, watching your eyes at intervals. The future is bright with you inside. I promise to always give you my attention. Happy birthday, baby!

28. I might not get to celebrate your big day with you. But wherever you may be, my love for you changed not. You’re all I need to survive life’s hurdles. Happy birthday, love.

29. I want to be with nobody else but you. You’ve given me too much to hold on to when life gives me tough times. Thank you so much for what you stand for, in my life. I love you very much. Happy birthday!

30. My love for you has no limits. You’ve been able to manage me and my crazy attitudes, regardless of what your mood says. You’re the definition of a perfect gentleman. I wish you nothing but love. Happy birthday.

31. Thank you for staying with me, despite criticism from haters. Thank you very much for making this work. I’ll never disappoint you. Happy birthday, sweet.

32. A real man is a man who defends and fights for his woman. A real man is a man who has his woman’s back, any time. A real man stands for the truth. You’re a real man. You deserve everything you wish for. Happy birthday, my man.

33. You came into my life, bring good luck with you. Ever since we’ve been on this journey, we’ve never recorded any bad occurrence. We’re just perfect for each other. Happy birthday, my baby.

34. I’m so glad you made it to your day. You deserve nothing but the very best. I pray God raises you high, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my choice.

Romantic Birthday Text for Boyfriend

35. Thank you for not making me regret ever falling in love with you. Thank you for making everything worth it. You’re the best, and I love you. Happy birthday, baby.

36. Baby, just name anything you want, and it’s done. I’m all yours today, and forever. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

37. How about I take you out, today? Please permit me to spoil you, and grant all your wishes. I’ll do anything to see you happy. I love you dearly. Happy birthday, Boo.

38. I know it has not been easy, but this new year, God is fixing you. Please don’t worry, but cheer up and be happy. Tough times don’t last. You’re destined for greatness. Happy birthday, great man.

39. This is the first birthday you’ll be spending away from me. I’m so glad for all that you’ve won for us. Let’s win more together, baby. Happy birthday, mine.

40. Your heart is so pure and full of bliss… You’ve never wished anyone bad, ever since I knew you. You’re a superman, and you deserve to be celebrated every day. Happy birthday, superman!

41. Happy birthday to the most loving and caring man on earth… Darling, you’re compassionate about the poor. Thank you for giving back to the society, and loving me endlessly. I love you right back!

42. God sure knows what’s best for me; the exact reason he sent you my way… You light up my world, and I want to always be where you are… Happy birthday, superstar!

43. I’m sorry for not being there for you like you are for me. I hope you know it doesn’t stop the fact that my heart beats for only you. I love you now and forever, baby. Happy birthday!

44. Thank you for making my happiness your priority; not so many men can do that. You’re a special breed, and I love you. Happy birthday.

45. One your special day, I wish you love, love and love. May love speak and stand-in for you, wherever you need love. Happy birthday, from your love! I love you more than you love yourself!

45. Shout-out to the man who keeps up with my shortcomings, nagging, and craziness. You’re the real MVP, and I give it up for you! Happy birthday, my darling.

46. Love is my witness; I’ll never make you sad. I’ll never deprive you of my optimum attention. I’ll always be there for you. You deserve these and even more. Happy birthday, baby.

47. My love for you knows no bounds and has no end. I’ve fallen in love with you effortlessly; I mean, I can’t help but stay in love with you. Happy birthday, my partner in love.

48. May God answer all your secret prayers, and remember you for good. You’re destined for greatness, and you’ll never experience anything short of that. Amen. Happy birthday, sweets!

49. Happy birthday, Sweetheart. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I really appreciate your presence in my life. Happy birthday!

50. I never knew I could fall in love with a guy this much. You’ve captured my heart forever. In short, you’re everything that matter to me. Happy birthday, love.

51. I was told that I would never find love because my ways do not appeal to people. But then, I found you; you loved me; you still love me, and you reassure me of your love. Thank you very much. Happy birthday!

52. Thank you for loving and coming through for me, despite my imperfections. You’ve shown me love, more than I thought. Thank you! Happy birthday, my Essence.

53. You’re nice, you’re kind, you’re doing, you’re caring, you’re all shades of sweet. No one would never have loved me this much if I hadn’t met you. Happy birthday, my love.

54. I’ve loved you, I love you, and I’ll always love you. The things you do for me are expensive. You’re the most expensive thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you, my expensive Shit!

55. We have both grown together in love, against all odds. We’ve shown the world how strong and powerful we are. But without you, the world would not have known how strong and powerful I am. Without you, I’m weak and powerless. Happy birthday, my superman!

56. I hope you know you are not done until the world hears you! You’re so zealous and full of life. Thank you for making my life so beautiful and lively. I love you. Happy birthday!

57. Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the whole wide world! You amaze me every day with your talents! More wisdom to you! Happy birthday, baby.

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58. You’re not just handsome; you’re very nice and special too. Your kind is rare. I bless the day I met you. My life wouldn’t have been this blissful. Happy birthday, my happiness.

59. Thanks for speaking and standing for me in my absence. You do amaze me with your amazing character. You’re too nice and transparent. Happy birthday, love.

60. Thank you for believing in me and my talents. So many things would have gone wrong if you weren’t here with me. Happy birthday, my baby.

Here are some Birthday Text for Boyfriend on His special day.

61. Happy birthday to the most excellent man on earth. Thank you for pushing me towards greatness. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it this much. Happy birthday, goal-getter!

62. If I were to pay for the things you’ve taught me, a billion dollars wouldn’t have been enough to pay the bill. You’re so selfless. Thank you for all you’re doing for me, for the sake of love. You’re the best! Happy birthday.

63. Thank you for making love so easy for me. I doubt if I’ll ever love anyone else this much. Keep teaching me how to love, I’m always ready to learn. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

64. You’re so rich in knowledge. Is there anything that you do not know? Thank you for sharing your brilliant and excellent ideas with you. I got you, always! Happy birthday.

65. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you! You make my heart melt. You bless me with your words of encouragement. You make me see reasons to believe in myself. Thank you for proving to me that I’m better than others. Happy birthday, my inspiration!

66. I’m obviously in love with you, and nothing can change that. Tell other girls there’s no space! I’m sure you know that you drive me crazy. Happy birthday, my ride or die!

67. Let today be the last time you’ll ever slap my butt… You’re so naughty, and I can’t help but love you. I’m only joking… Slap my butt all you want! I love you much! Happy birthday, naughty boy.

68. Thank you for loving me despite my shortcomings. You’re so full of positivity. I’m so glad you influence my life positively. Who am I without you? Thank you! Happy birthday.

69. Yaay!!! It’s my baby’s birthday. Please make a wish, and it’s done! You know my purse isn’t fat! Please be nice… I love you and will do anything for you. Have a super birthday with me, today! Muah!!!

70. I love you enough to want to spend eternity with you. Can we go down the aisle already? Sending you lots of love and light on your special day. Enjoy!!!

71. A very happy birthday to the love of my life. Your presence in my life has made me a better woman. You’re the best!

72. If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have believed that God answers prayers. You’re my dream come true. I love you forever! Have a happy birthday.

73. My life has been all shades of beauty with you in it. You have a way of making me feel special. I really can’t thank you enough. Today and forever, may God bless you for me. Happy birthday, babe.

74. Isn’t it just weird how a cool guy like you could fall in love with a crazy girl like me? Keeping up with my attitude isn’t something easy. Kudos to you! Happy birthday, King.

75. I have never been short of reasons to keep loving you. Each new day, you give me a new reason. Ain’t you the best? Happy birthday, sweetie.

76. On your birthday, I want you to know that you’re loved. Never will I stop loving you. You give me life. Happy birthday, darling.

77. People wonder why I call you my twin… You are a complete package of me. You make me whole. You stand for me in my absence. You’re everything and more, to me. God bless you, babe. Happy birthday, my twin!

78. God hasn’t started with you yet. You’ve a lot to show, and the world is not ready yet. I can’t wait to be more proud of you than I am now. Happy birthday, love!

79. You speak and preach peace. Wherever you find yourself, your impact is felt. You have an uncommon way of dishing out values. While just being yourself, you show yourself! Happy birthday, my man.

80. A lot of people envy you, but can’t keep up with the things you struggle with. I have seen you lose and win. You have the same mood and attitude towards winning and losing, and when I ask you why; you tell me both can’t do without each other. Like who does that? You’re just so different. I pray you record more wins than losses! Happy birthday, baby.

81. May God guide and direct your path, as you journey into another brand new year. Keep being amazing, love. Happy birthday!

82. I still wonder how I keep up with your nasty and crazy attitude. You know you don’t deserve me, right? I’m just kidding! We deserve one another. Have the sweetest birthday ever!

83. I call you A MASTER PLANNER. Once you plan a particular thing, if it’s not executed, you’re not backing off… How I wish to be goal-driven like you. With time, I’ll be exactly like you. Keep inspiring me. Happy birthday.

84. You’ve never ran out of great ideas. Your kind of being is so rare. You make everything easy, with your tactics of handling things. Darling, you’re a great guy, and I love you. Happy birthday!

85. I’m the happiest girl on earth, to be celebrating your special day with you. You give me so much joy, and I can’t wait to brag about you to the world. Happy birthday, Boo!

86. Thank you for standing by me, and with me. Not so many people can do what you’ve done for me. I can’t pay back in full, but I’ll always try. I live for you, my love. Happy birthday.

87. For all the sacrifices you have made for us, I say thank you. Most times, I just sit and wonder how my life without you would be. Please, don’t live me, ever! Happy birthday, my favourite!

88. I need to go thank your parents, for bringing you into this world. Look how you’ve turned my life around. You’re the sweetest man, and I love you too much. Happy birthday, babe.

89. Some people’s boyfriend goal is my own boyfriend. Am I not lucky? You have all the qualities of a good man, and I ain’t leaving you for no woman! Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

90. Life is beautiful, no doubts. But would it have been this beautiful without you in it? I won a jackpot, the day I met you. You’re so special to me, and to those who know your worth. Happy birthday, my dear!

91. My prayer is to celebrate many more birthdays with you, having our children around us, and creating great memories while touring the world! You’re my dream come true. Happy birthday, love.

92. Thank you for giving me sense. You stopped me from acting stupidly. You made me see how beautiful things can be done without thinking too hard. You’re my strength. Happy birthday!

93. Happy birthday, my love. Thank you for helping and grooming me into what I am today. Your love is all I need to survive! Happy birthday, sweetie.

94. You make me see life in a more beautiful way. You can be so unbelievable at times, but you’re the best thing that can ever happen to a woman. You’re so different from the rest, and you deserve every good thing that comes your way. Happy birthday, Mr. Romantic!

95. Being your girlfriend, I have enjoyed so many things, and the greatest are; love and success. You love me with my flaws, and you make it so easy for me to grab success. You rock!

96. Happy birthday with many blessings and endorsement deals. You deserve all the best in life. Will be by your side, no matter how hard life seems. I love you, even more.

97. Ever since you made your business trip, I’ve been waking up so late. No one to wake me up very early. I miss you much. Make me happy by having a lot of fun, today. Happy birthday!

98. Distance is never a barrier to what love can do. We are not together right now, but I’m with you in the spirit, and I have never left you. Have much fun, today. Happy birthday!

99. Even when I’m not serious, you listen to me. You’ve never for once starved me of your attention. I love the way you look at me, too. You’re my guide! Happy birthday, my baby.

100. Sending you kisses, hugs, love and light, on your special day. We may not be together right now, but you’re all I’m thinking about. I love you much. Happy birthday, King!

101. Happy birthday to my one and only. May God cause you to excel and be ahead in all things. Amen.

102. You’re such an amazing and handsome man. You’re just so humble for my liking. Your humility will pay off, someday. I love you, and you know it. Happy birthday!

103. With you by my side, the grass only gets greener. Life only gets easier. Can never imagine you not being with me; that would have been a very sad story. Thank you for being so selfless. I love you and have a happy birthday.

104. Yaaay!!! It’s my baby’s birthday. We’re shutting down everywhere, today! It’s about to be lit! I hope you have fun more than ever before. Happy birthday, baby.

105. Happy birthday to my crazy boyfriend. You’ve been all shades of amazing. I pray God answers all your secret prayers, in Jesus name. Have fun!

106. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you loads of good fortune and greater achievements, in Jesus name. Shine on!!!

107. Thank you for making it very easy for me to love. With you, I want to love love love, till the end of time. I love you more than you love yourself. Happy super birthday!

108. Happy birthday, my sweet baby… You’re the perfect example of a gentleman. You’re such a cool-headed guy. No wonder you’re every woman’s dream. I love you!

109. Happy birthday to the man after my heart. My heart will never stop beating for you. You make me whole! Cheers!

110. I woke up this morning, knowing fully well that today is your birthday. You’ve brought so much joy and happiness into my life. No one loves me as you do. Happy birthday, baby.

Thank you for stopping by to choose a message that suits your boyfriend, on their special day. We promise to keep bringing you sweet messages. Thank you!


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