Deep Love Messages for Wife in 2024

Women are beautiful creatures but wired differently from men. Women are emotional beings, easily moved by loving words. Words that are carefully crafted, lovingly designed and beautifully engineered, can electrify their default factory setting, trigger off an avalanche of emotions and result in explosive expressions of love and loving romance from them. Indeed, with women, what you give is what you get a thousand times over! No kidding! They are capable of multiplying what they receive exponentially.

Your wife needs your loving words to thrive. Your words are the expressions of your heart that will draw out her strength and bring out her ethereal beauty. Loving words from you are not luxurious provisions that are meant to be occasional. When you write deep love messages to your wife, you strike a strong chord in the recess of her heart, triggering off emotional reactions that will give you a taste of heaven literally!

You can’t love your Queen too much. The more you give, the greater your joy. The atmospheric temperature in your home will be forever sweet, peaceful and energising. The lavish expression of your love through cute deep love messages is the magic needed to transform your home to heaven on earth. Such that leaving her loving embrace will be positively difficult, and rushing back home to an unlimited dose of the goodness she oozes in your home will be your new way of life.

Thrill your precious wife with generously written love lyrics. Dazzle your babe of life and tickle her with your heartfelt love messages. Dying embers of lost sparkle will be revived; new emotions will sparkle to life and thriving old spark will be intensified.

Are you throbbing with excitement already? You can’t wait to show your damsel you’re still the romantic adonis of her dream whose cupid arrow pierced her beautiful heart? Are you ready for a heart-melting 2024 deep love messages just for her? Cute and witty? You’re at right place. There’s enough to choose from and keep you coming back for more. Check these out:

Deepest Love Messages from Husband to Wife

As a lovely husband, your wife needs to feel a portion of the affection and love you have for him. These deepest love messages for wife will make them possible.

1. Wife of my dreams, you are the substance of everything good in my life. Like a moth to a flame, my heart is constantly drawn to your love. Love of my life, my heart beats only for you. My joy lies in your happiness. You’re my Delight: the rose-tinted lens through which I see the wonders in the world. I love you forever.

2. I know for certain that Paradise is neither an illusion nor a fantasy. Every day, I live in Paradise. You are my Paradise, my wife with unequalled beauty. Every day with you, I bask in the euphoria of your love for me. Such bliss! Such joy! Such unfathomable feeling of happiness for the pleasure of having an angel as a wife. I love you, my treasure.

3. My beautiful damsel, I love you. Has that sunk in, or do I make a lyric out if it? You’re the spice that brings great aroma to my life. You’re the flavour that makes our home a ‘heaven on earth’ ethereal experience. My darling wife, you’re the salt that preserves my essence and makes my life meaningful. You are the bright spot that brightens my world. I love you passionately, my sweet babe.

4. Babe, I love you. You’re my ideal woman. I am super excited I married you, my perfect soul mate. Your love has brought all kinds of blessings into my life. Every day comes with reasons to celebrate you. Every season comes with joy. I adore you, my bag of goodies!

5. My dearest wife, I want to let you in on a secret. Your love is exploding in my heart, like a romantic volcanic eruption. There’s no stopping it; it seems to have a mind of its own. I’m held captive by your love, my lover-girl. I can’t have enough of you: your smiles, kindness, softness and cuddles. I’m hooked, for life!

6. Queen of my heart, my heart pulsates only for you. This lover-boy is still hopelessly in love with his babe. Marriage is the tonic that nourishes our love. Nothing can shake my love for you, my adorable wife. I love you to the moon and back.

7. Trying to conceive is not a death sentence, my beautiful Queen. You aren’t alone on this journey; I’m with you all the way. Whatever life or society throws at us at this trying time, our love for each other can withstand it. Child or no child, your dearest husband loves you without restraint. You’re my baby girl of life!

8. My power bank of sweet love, I cherish you. You’re my life machine; without you, my fragile heart will simply give out. Your love is an intoxicating energy booster. Your ever-fresh beauty enthrals me. Sometimes, I wonder what I did right for life to give me such a treasure like you. Thank you for being mine, my forever bride.

9. My Sugar pie, with whom I’m well pleased. You’re the dispenser of life’s goodies to me, a conduit of goodness. You’re my ATM dispenser of refreshing love. Everything about you pleases me, wife of my choice. I adore you, my darling wife.

10. In your love, is ever fresh milk of kindness, a towering pillar of support, unquenchable passion, a never dimming sparkle of love and everything good in between. What more can a guy want? You’re more than enough for me, wifey. I love you in a way that will shock even you. Cross my heart!

11. Men are scum, so they say. Not this man of yours, though. An exceptional wife deserves an exceptional husband, so God took care to give you His rare stock. I love you, my dearest wife. Everything within me adores you. My heart beats only for you. It dances crazily at the sight of you. It comes roaring to life at the barest of touch from you. You are my eternal Joy.

12. Sweetie Pie, my heart’s delight, I cherish every moment of my life with you. I’m so high on you that I’d positively expire without you. Your love is the music that I hear silently when I’m out there. It’s the lyrics I scream aloud in the shower and the calming potion that relaxes my taut nerves when troubled. Need I say more? I love you to the high heavens!

13. My beautiful angel, my darling wife, you are the reason behind my smiles. You’re the logic behind every wise decision I make. Why won’t I praise you, my love? Your daily shower of prayers is my impregnable protective shield against life’s undesirables. Your blessings are the magnets that attract uncountable favours to me. I have a treasure in my wife: I adore you, now and forever!

14. Her husband’s treasure! Wife of his youth! His one-man prayer powerhouse! Chef extraordinary! I love you to stupor, my lovely wife. When words fail me; look into my eyes, search its depth and see the unlimited love I have for you. You are my Sunshine! My life shines beautifully because of you. I love you!

15. My darling wife, my heart is filled to the brim with love for you. I appreciate your unending devotion, ever ready support, and well of goodness. Your love humbles me. Your beauty dazzles me. Your smiles tickle my senses. This husband is a fulfilled, high-on-his wife, man! I adore you, my Honey Pie!

Love makes the world go round, only when they are beautifully expressed to the object of one’s affection. Make your wife come alive, blazing with so much love for you, with these touching deep love messages:

16. My Gem, marrying you was my lucky lotto. You’re my jackpot of good fortunes! The Angel of blessings made my home his permanent abode the day you married me. Such bliss, such thrill, such inexplicable wonders; all because you’re mine. I do not take your love for granted. I love you much more, my wifey!

17. My Treasure, you mean the world to me. Your flaws floor me delightfully. Your quirks bring sparks to my boring moments. Your eccentricities drive me crazy, right into your arms. Your imperfections? I find them adorable! I love you, my pretty wife.

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18. True love intoxicates when a high dose is taking with reckless abandon! I’m perpetually high on your tender loving care, my adorable wife. I love you with passion.

19. My charming wife, your love pleases me. It tickles and thrills me in pleasant places. I love you so much, my sweetie puff.

20. Marriage is a leveller. Mine levelled every false notion about negative changes in women after marriage. My beautiful, elegant and gorgeous wife, marriage becomes you! Right before my eyes, you transformed from a moth into a rare and blossoming butterfly. You’re beautiful, Honey. I love you!

21. Do you want to know why I love you so much? Easy! You are my perfect match! Everything about you pleases me. I cherish you, my adorable wife.

22. If I have a reason for loving you, then I might come up with a reason for falling out of love with you. My precious wife, my love for you is endless and without reason. You mean so much to me that you can’t fathom its depth. You’re the totality of my worldly treasure, my love.

23. Hey, wife! I’m going to be a renowned Poet. Your love inspires me to compose poems featuring the three most magical word ‘I
Love You’. Yes, I’m madly in love with you, my beautiful Angel. You rock my world, effortlessly!

24. It’s summer. The sun rises hastily, eager to brighten the world with its shining light. Alas, even it fails to brighten my heart like your sunny smile. You’re my Sunshine, my joy and my pride. I love you so much I found no words to describe it. Darling wife, you rock!

25. I’m positively enchanted, my wife! Your enchanting beauty, captivating smiles, fiery passion, inviting eyes and gentle ways are enough to make me sold out for love. I’m hooked, line and sinker, my enchantress!

26. Being a man of few words give room for tiny doubts. Though I do not speak the words as often as I should, your love is in everything I do. I love you, Sweetie Puff. I love you so much it hurts, sometimes. What’s not to love about you? Absolutely nothing. I adore you, wifey. I cherish you, Princess. I’m crazy about you my heartthrob. You’re an essential part of me.

27. Let me tell you the truth from my heart. I’ll love you to be the mother of our babies. You have these beautiful ways and nurturing nature capable of turning out amazing kids. However, my love for you isn’t conditional; it isn’t dependent on having children. Our love is fulfilling and total, devoid of nothing. You’re more than enough for me. Let this heart that beats solely for you erases your doubts and allay your fears. I love you, my beautiful wife.

28. What a heady combination! Beauty with brains plus impeccable manners and a sunny disposition! Dear wifey, I hit the jackpot when you agreed to be mine. I’m the luckiest man on earth. I love you, my precious darling.

29. You are an amazing wife and a great mother to our lovely children. Thoughts of you bring a smug smile of satisfaction and a sense of wellbeing with a thrill of anticipation. My adventuress, you’re anything but predictable. Life with you is beautiful and exciting. I love you with all my heart.

30. My fiery wife, my enchanting beauty, my charming companion and my soul mate; you mean the world to me. I appreciate you. You’re caring, selfless, hardworking and committed to our happiness. I feel on top of the world every time I’m with you. I love you, wifey!

31. My Sugar Pie, you are a rare beauty. Many a man would sell their treasure to lay hold on a gem like you. I got mine on a silver platter of love. I feel blessed! I am incurably in love with you, wife like no other. You rock!

32. Cupid arrow, deal gently with this lover-boy. I’m totally smitten with my wife, anything more will scare even her when I display my show of love generously to her. My wife, my love, my life, I am forever spellbound by your love. I adore you!

33. Have no fear, wifey. I can’t ever cheat on you. All my raging libido is exclusively reserved for my beautiful wife. My heart and body belong to only you. Anything that bothers you will destabilize me, you’re my world. When in doubt, open up to me and I’ll show you you have nothing to fear. I love you, sweetie pie.

34. You are uncommonly beautiful, dear wife. Yours is an ageless beauty. The older you get, the prettier you become and the more besotted I am with you. My love, I’d your exclusive claim. I’m crazy about you, pumpkin!

35. You’re naturally beautiful, my Angel. I can’t help but gaze at you each morning as you sleep. You’re a delight to behold! Your guileless smile enchants me. Your simplicity leaves me wondering. Your wife materialism gains more yard and increases in quality as the years go by. I adore you, dearest wife!

36. Hey, Gorgeous! Is it possible to take you to the altar a second time? I thought you were beautiful, but you’ve transformed into a goddess right before my eyes! I love your new shape; childbearing has clearly given you curves in the right places. Your beauty flows more and more each passing day. I love you madly!

37. A little bird told me you’re worried about changes in your body. Are you kidding, my beautiful wife? See yourself in the mirror of my heart, what do you see? All shades of perfection! Look at your reflection in my eyes, what does my love reveal! Gorgeous! I love you, the old, the new and beyond shape. Trust me on this, will you?

38. My Perfect Fit, I love you to distraction! I love your new shape. Thanks to our babies, you gained curves in the right places. I just love it! I go crazy when you wear those skimpy wears in the comfort of our room. I love the way you adjusted your fashion taste: elegant, fashionable and decent, to the world! You’re a good role model for younger women. I’m so proud of you, my Queen!

39. I can’t believe this! My slim and gorgeous wife transformed into a curvaceous and beautiful woman! I love the two shapes. One isn’t better than the other; only beautifully different! More importantly, you’re in good form. I love you, darling wife. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.

40. You are a breath of fresh air, my lovely wife. Your beauty is refreshing; your perspective on issues helpful; and your support is life-saving. You’re so caring and adorable! I love you, just so!

Love seldom communicated is love riddled with doubts, mistrust and uncertainties. As the love-smitten husband that you’re, boost your wife’s love confidence level with these deeply convincing love messages just for her:

41. I smile with contentment because you’re my source of joy.
My lovely wife, you’re my premium milkshake, my everyday crush, my main course and my dessert. You are the only woman whose smile ignites the fire of passion within me. What can you do to make me love you more? Just breathe and continue to be you. I adore you, my woman.

42. You are the salt whose flavour makes my life meaningful. You’re the spice that gives my life s distinct and desirable taste. My dearest wife like no other, you’re the best version of me, my refined half! I love you with every breath within me, my delightful woman.

43. If given a choice between the most valuable gold and you, I’d choose you a thousand times over! You’re a rare gem, my wife. You’re my reward from God. I’m grateful for the gift of your love. I do not take it for granted. I love you, madly!

44. My wife, my eternal crush, my vintage wine, and my biggest deal! No business deal can give me a euphoric sense of deep satisfaction than the gift of having you for eternity. I’m not good with words, but I want you to know I’ll try my best to prove worthy of your selfless love. I cherish you, my beautiful wifey!

45. Dearest wife, you’re the apple of my eyes. Your love is the reason behind my smiles. You motivate me to reach for the moon. Thank you for letting me know that if I missed the moon, I could grab the shiniest stars. My number one fan, the sky is within my grasp because you love me fiercely and believe in me just as passionately. You’re my treasure of inestimable value. I cherish you!

46. My award-winning smile is because I have you as my wife, companion and supporter. You make me happy so effortlessly. It’s my desire to devote the rest of my life in giving you the best of all that your heart desires, including yours truly! I adore you, Pretty!

47. My Pretty woman, my lover and my personal Angel. I appreciate your worth beyond description. You add colour to my dull existence. You add flavour and spice to my bland life. We’re a quality brand because of your exoticness. I adore you, wife like no other!

48. Many ladies have done beautifully well in the marriage institution, but you excel them all, my beauty. You are cute, caring and charming. You’re all I desire and glad to have. It’s my utmost desire to make your life as enchanting as you make mine. I love you, my adorable wife.

49. Queen of my heart, you are the sole custodian of the key to my happiness. You make me indescribably happy. Your simplicity amazes me. Your intelligence is stimulating. Your dancing eyes light up my world. My darling wife, perfect you aren’t, but you’re more than enough for me. I love you.

50. My joy springs from within because you’re in my heart. I exude confidence and radiate with happiness because you’re an essential part of me. I love you, my dearest wife. I appreciate your unflinching support and unwavering faith in my abilities. You’re the director who orchestrates my sterling performances. You rock!

51. My wife, you’re my bundle of joy. You bring order to my otherwise chaotic life and calm to my troubled life. Your place in my heart has a patent right; it can not be borrowed, stolen or sold. I’m exclusively yours, my sugar pie. I love you.

52. My efficient machine of nothing is impossible! You captured my heart and held tightly to it! This heart beats and pulsates for you. Wife dearest, my fragile heart has your seal because I’m forever yours! I love you.

53. My special woman, you’re my worthy sparring partner, my exciting gist partner, my well-seasoned sounding board, and my well-grounded number one cheerleader. My Sugar Pie, everything is swelling with my world because I have you in my corner. You’re my national treasure, I’m holding on tightly to you! I love you, wifey!

54. Marriage is the only institution where one gets the certificate before the training and the experience. My guidance angel was alert when I was to pick one. I was strongly directed to the one with your name on it. My darling wife, you’re my perfect soul mate! You suit me just fine! I love you!

55. My heart is full of love for you, my sweet wife. It sings a romantic lyrics with a beautiful melody, just for you, sweetie puff! You’re my working to perfection ATM dispenser of goodies! You’re my power house of endless love. Selfless, considerate, humble, respectful and virtuous in every way. Little wonder I’m crazy about you. You rock my world with glee!

56. My dear wife, you’re God’s gift to me! Well-packaged, eye-popping, spirit-filled, generously endowed, soul-lifting and totally satisfying exotic gift. I appreciate your love, kindness and support. You’re sweet, wifey. I love you, Princess!

57. My dearest wife indulged of her husband’s numerous fancies! Efficient dealer of his excesses! A major distributor of his sensible actions and channel of his wise counsels! I love you, dearie. My heart overflows with love for you.

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58. I love you, my beautiful damsel.h You’re the director of my heart’s content and the screenwriter of my romantic interest. Your love gives me wings to fly and soar with the assurance that we rock the world together. We’re the unstoppable!

59. My superwoman! I feel blessed to have you. In my wildest imagination, I never imagined I’d end up with someone so amazing. I can’t even fathom how you combine a thriving but demanding business with being a wonderful mother, wife and home maker. The children and I call you ‘blessed’, sweetie. I love you, babe.

60. Babe, you set out to be a high flying career woman; with grit and sweat, you achieved that. You aimed to be a great mother, you became a supermom. You desired to be the wife after my heart; effortlessly, you rule my heart. My superwoman, I hail you! Lots of love from your super proud husband.

61. A submissive woman, who can find? A gentle woman with quiet strength, who can resist? My babe of life, I love your humility. I’m learning seriously at your dainty toes! Your compassion and kindness are out of this world. I love you, my beautiful wife!

62. Darling wife, have you heard the latest gossip on the grapevine? This husband of yours is totally besotted with his adorable wife. For once, they are right on the money! I’m head over heels in love with my wife. You’re enchantingly beautiful, loving, kind, and a specialist at predicting my every mood. I’m your loyal captive, Sweetie Puff. Command me, I’m at your service!

63. My beautiful damsel, do you have any idea how much you mean to me? I can’t qualify or quantify tour worth accurately. Whenever I go on business trips, I have this peace in my heart knowing I left capable hands to take care of the home front. I do not take this lightly. You’re an amazing wife, lover and mother. I love you.

64. I’m excited! The excitement is coursing through every vein in my body, threatening to spill forth. Your sparkling eyes super excites me! My wonder woman! My darling sterling wife! You’re my energy booster and enthusiasm refill bank! There’s never a dull moment with you; you are full of positive vibes! Your voice is music to my hears. Your arms soothe my frayed nerves. I cherish you, my unlimited Joy!

65. As the lucky husband of an amazing woman, I declare you ‘the best wife in the world’! No one can hold a torch to you, you’re in a class of your own. Your enthusiasm does not wane even in the face of fierce opposition and extreme difficulties. It’s so infectious! I love your warm personality; it’s refreshing! I can’t have enough of you, dearest wife! You’re my perfect partner. Thank you for being mine!

66. My heart overflows with joy and a thrill of exhilaration courses through my whole being at the sight of my lovely wife. The sheer beauty of your simple elegance mesmerises me. I think I need to inscribe a bold tattoo with “taken”; just in case straying eyes are acting blind to your wedding band. I love you, Honeypie, more than you’ll ever know.

67. My dearest wife, I feel like singing, shouting and telling the whole world and everyone that cares to listen, that I’m the lucky dude married to the most awesome answer to prayer. You’re my long-awaited miracle, Princess; you’re worth waiting for! I love you, sweetie.

68. How do you do it, wifey? I’m honestly baffled as to how the sight of you sets my heart racing and my whole body tingles with excitement! I’d spent eternity with you and it’d seem like just a moment! You’re beautiful, my endearing wife. You make me feel like a king, a knight, an Adonis and a conquering hero! With you, I believe impossibility is an expired song with outdated lyrics. I love you with all my heart, darling.

69. My heart just skipped a beat! I find it difficult to believe that I’m married to this glamorous beauty! My wife, main dish, my sidekick, my everything! You’re all the woman I want and desire! You rock my heart with reckless abandon. Babe, I love you!

70. The woman behind my drive to succeed; you’re my joy, my wife, and my life. I’m a superstar because you’re the super angel that set me on a star mode. You mean the world to me, darling wife. I love you, dearest.

71. All I’d ever achieved, I did because you thought I could. My beautiful Angel, I’m bursting with pride to be called your husband. I appreciate all your sacrifices, supports and prayers. You’re the real star here, glow with pride! I cherish you!

72. I love you to distraction, my wife. Nothing can shake or change it. Have no care where my family angst with you is concerned; I stand firmly with you. We’ll weather this storm together like the unbeatable team we are. When they see your beautiful heart, they’ll capitulate or leave us to enjoy our home in peace. Have no care, love, your knight is with you all the way! I adore you, dearie.

73. My prayer warrior, my armour bearer, my burden carrier! Wifey, you’re my angel in human form and I love you. Thank you for making our home a sweet haven. Thank you for enduring without complaints, life’s tough moments. Thank you for the pleasure of sharing our good times together. You are a real delight to behold. I love you, dear wife.

74. My dearest wife, you’re my ginger tea! You’re morning coffee with enough caffeine to set adrenaline coursing through my body. I feel overwhelmed by your endless show of love to me. You’re so focused and relentless in your pursuit of my happiness: I admire you immensely. I love you from the depth of my heart.

75. My ageless beauty, you rock! If I could, I’d give you the whole glittering world on a silver platter, coated in platinum! You’re a rare gem, my love. My time-tested solidly proved treasure! I love you!

76. You inspire, babe. You are a whole mood! Everything I desire in my woman and then, some! I love your intelligent input to vital issues; your perspective on life is awesome! Your brilliant ideas are stimulating and your zeal to accomplish set goals keep me on tracks. I love your ‘it can be done spirit’. I love you, wifey!

77. I’m so excited I fear I might burst! Each time you snuggle up to me and I inhale the heady fragrance of your perfume, my senses go haywire. I feel good with my world. I feel reassured that everything will be fine as we belong together. You’re my soulmate, my darling wife. I love you!

78. Apple of my eyes, you’re God’s magnificent handiwork! Perfect in every way! No defect, no flaw! I adore you, my Angel! Your husband is crazy about you!

79. My woman, my wife, my everything! You are a constant source of joy to me! You’re my essence and delight! You’re the only bright spot in my life. Your love is the impregnable fortress that protects my peace from life’s many challenges. I love you, Sugar!

80. My visa to unlimited joy, my passport to goodness! Her husband’s delight and pride! You mean the world to me, exemplary wife. Never doubt that!

81. I’m smitten, my darling wife, by your beauty, godly and endearing character. I’m never going to get used yo your loveliness, sugarplum. My love for you is boundless and timeless. You’re my forever love.

82. Falling in love with you is the best thing that ever happened to me. Marrying you with pomp and fanfare was the icing on the cake with cherries! Nothing beats this except the out of this world honeymoon experience, which lasts forever. You’re my rare treat, I love you!

83. Care for the moon? I will catch it for you, my sweetheart. Are you fascinated by the sparkling star? I’ll gladly grab it for you with love’s capable net. I can’t give you the world, but I cheerfully offer you my heart and all I’m worth. It’s all yours. I adore you, dearest wife!

84. I will never be too busy to tell you that I love you, wife dearest. You’re at the very centre of my life, the pivot that makes it revolve smoothly. Your cute smile gives me endless joy, my angel. I love you.

85. Darling wife, I love you. It is sealed, signed and settled. Believe me, my heart re-echoes our wedding vows every day. You live in me, my Queen.

86. The toughest thing I ever had to do was leaving you for any reason. I always miss you terribly, like a part of me was ripped off, or missing. The pure bliss of being rapturously welcomed in your arms on my return more than makes up for the separation. I love you, wifey, my adorable twinnie!

87. I love you, babe! This dude isn’t just intoxicated, he’s totally drunk in his love for you! No recovery in sight! You’re a spectacular beauty, the rainbow in my horizon! The bright light that chases shadows of unpleasantness away with her sunny disposition. Dearest wife, I’m totally hooked!

88. You once told me you weren’t perfect. You made me believe you had flaws and quirks; I waited with bated breath, but I saw none. Well, as your husband, friend, companion, roomie and everything lovely in-between, of many years, I searched critically for the offensive ‘odds’, but I found none. All I see is an extraordinary woman perfectly equipped to suit my shenanigans. Love you, my sweet wife.

89. My perfect fit, I love you just the way you are! There’s nothing I care to change about you. You’re uniquely fit for me. You’re a rare gem, my lovely wife! I adore you!

90. Sweetie Pie, you’re my dream come true. My dearest wife, you’re God’s masterpiece, a vintage limited edition; an exquisite creation with no hidden flaw! I cherish you, wife of my dreams.

91. I’m breaking the guys’ code to let you know I’m the envy of my friends. They can’t get over the fact that I got married to the goddess of beauty, ‘Venus’. My beautiful Princess, I’m enchanted by your outward and innate beauty. I love you, my Treasure.

92. First, you took my breath away, no problem there. I survived on an oxygen mask. Then, you stole my heart! It’s still okay since you understand it’s for keeps. I love the idea of you being the custodian of my heart. Treat it with care, lest it breaks into tiny pieces. I love you, my wife.

93. You charmed me with your kindness. Your quiet disposition and respect for all sparked the flame of attraction. Your endearing smile snagged my unprepared heart and your beauty literally took my breath away! I love being married to you, my Princess. I adore you!

94. You’re breathtakingly beautiful, my Queen. You’re uncommonly kind, compassionate and pleasant to be with. You give everyone you encounter a piece of you, but I’m glad your heart is totally mine. I love you, darling wife. It’s a song I’ll forever sing with a lovely melody to your beautiful ears.

95. My Royal Gorgeousness! My priceless treasure, I love you with reckless abandon! Your lovely smile is the powerful spark that set my world ablaze. Your smoky eyes hold promises only I can fulfil. You drip with charms, my enchantress. I’m high on your brand of forever, my wife!

96. Your love is more heady and intoxicating than vintage wine. It gives me a good spin when life seems to stand still. Eternity isn’t sufficient to enjoy my bundle of delight: dear wife, shall we prolong forever? I’m nuts about you!

97. My Sunshine, my pillar of strength, stoic supporter, and my incurable optimists! The magic drug that calms my frayed nerves! My backbone that isn’t easily fazed or swayed by any avalanche of challenges! I love you sweetie pie! If I were a gambler, I’d stake my life on your golden heart. Oh! I did, already! Well, my one-off gamble paid off: I hit the jackpot!

98. You wriggled your way into my heart and broke the wall of resistance erected against dangerous female species. Then, unabashedly, you took temporary residence there. Well, the committee of Confirmed Life Bachelors has looked into your case. You’re hereby served with a ‘Permanent Residence’ notice. You are to rock your stay with all pleasure and jollification. I love you, wifey.

99. You make me deliriously happy, sweetie buns. I can’t trade you for all the treasures in the world! You’re priceless, my precious wife. I love you.

100. My lovely wife, you’re my precious gem! You’re all shades of lovely and different hues of special! Your radiant smiles dimmed the brightness of the sun. If love were merchandise, I’d say I got the best deal ever! If love were a gift, my treasure has no equal! I am nuts about you, Sugarplum. You rock!

Thanks a lot for choosing to reignite the flame of love in your darling wife’s heart. You did the right thing! Be assured she’ll feel on top of the world! Your sweet but heartfelt words of love are the magic that will transform your home to wonderland!

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