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2024 Feeling Happy Status for WhatsApp

In 2024, have you ever been so happy that you felt you would burst from the happiness?
Do you find yourself in situations in which you just want to shout your happiness from the rooftops?
Do you feel like your words are not enough to express the depth of your feeling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this collection of WhatsApp statuses is for you. You can go through the list, pick the one that fits your mood, customize it (or not) and then shout your happiness for all your WhatsApp contacts to see!

Happiness Status for WhatsApp Status

You’re feeling so happy and elated about something around you? Use these feeling happy status for WhatsApp to express your feelings of the happiness.

1. I’ve been sad for so long trying to please everybody. I’m done. From now on, I’m doing what makes me happy. Cheers to my happiness.

2. CAUTION! Happiness on board. Highly contagious, communicable and transferrable. Please approach with all reckless abandon. Live happily. Be happy. Think happy. Do what makes you happy.

3. Today is a new day with new opportunities and possibilities. So, I’m cleaning the house and throwing out the garbage. Today, I’m bringing happy back. #Happy.

4. People will always be people and some times there’ll hurt you. But you’ve got to decide to be happy through it all, no matter what.

5. Quick advice. Don’t join them if you can’t beat them. You can always arrange for their beating. Either way, just do what makes you happy.

6. I woke up this morning with a dream. A dream to never lose hope. To never lose the light in my eyes, the spark on my face. I woke up with a dream to always be happy.

7. For every minute you spend hurting, crying, sulking, irritable and angry. You lose out on amazing seconds of beauty, laughter, smiles, joy, contentment and happiness.

8. Happiness is a choice. Most times the things we fear the most are the things that will make us happy the most. Choose happiness. Happiness over fear.

9. What are the things that make you happy? Make a decision to do them today and never stop.
Who are the people that make you the happiest? Love them and never let them go.

10. When are expectations are cut short, it saddens us. Don’t give up, keep pushing. Most times it’s the little things in life that bring us happiness. Be grateful for them.

11. There are things that are worthy of celebration in life. Happiness is one of them. Find it. Guard it, protect it. Do it. Be happy.

12. I’ve given pain and sadness quit notice, now there’s enough room for joy and happiness. And now that I have them, I’m never letting go.

13. I’ve chosen to be happy from today even if it means losing a lot of friends. I’ll keep on doing me as long as it makes me happy.

14. I might be broke or poor but I have every right to be happy cause happiness is free. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted. True happiness.

15. I broke up with pain, check the date because I’m out on a date with happiness, trust me she’s beautiful and our love has no end and knows no bounds.

16. I wouldn’t trade my happiness for anything, it’s expensive, it cost me a lot of friends. Hope I said that in the most friendly way possible?

17. I’m on my way to buy clay. I’m creating my happiness. I’m moulding my future, where everything is bright and colorful with a happy ending.

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18. I take a lot of pride in being myself because I’m happy with who I am. I’m not changing for anyone. Being me makes me happy.

19. I’ve sowed enough painful seeds, posterity owes me big bags of joy. My harvest is coming. I can see it. It’s glorious. It’s me being happy.

20. I’ve got my cape, I’m stepping outside my house to be a superhero. Watch me beat pain. Watch me woo and court happiness. Watch me win.

21. Buy a good padlock and a strong chain, put your worries inside a box, they’ve done enough damage. Welcome love and peace. It’s time to be happy.

22. I’ve found the secrets to success. They always come in two words. Be happy. Love others. Always smile. Don’t worry. Be strong. Have faith.

23. Step aside! It’s my life and I’m playing a lead role
Feel free to fall in love with me, I too couldn’t resist myself. I’m on my happy drug.

24. It’s been a hard and stressful week and I’m so bone tired. I’m going to treat myself to everything sweet because that’s what a happy me wants.

25. Sometimes you just have to go out of your way to help others, make them smile and laugh. True happiness is in lighting up the worlds of others.

26. Tonight I’m going to dance. Tonight I’m going to sing. Tonight I’m going to do laugh because it’s a beautiful night and that makes me happy.

27. Thank God it’s Friday. I can finally take a break and do all the things I love to do. I so much love weekends. #meishappy.

28. Most people don’t appreciate the joy of true happiness until they go through pain. I have it and I’m never letting go. Cheers to happiness.

29. I decided to go out today and treat myself to some amazing pizza and ice cream. It made me happy. You owe it to yourself to be happy.

30. Being sad for too long makes you forget how to be happy. You deserve better. You deserve more. You deserve happiness. Go, be happy.

31. Happiness is a gift everyone deserves. Happiness is worth fighting for. Happiness is the light at the end of the tunnel. Happiness is real.

32. I’m just going to keep on smiling and being happy with myself. Why? Because I believe that one day life would give up on annoying me.

33. Don’t worry, be happy. It’s my problem-free philosophy. Don’t worry, be happy. Everything will be okay. Don’t worry, be happy. You’ll make it in the end.

34. Happiness most times is like a dream you seem to chase but never catch. But if you still yourself, would come to you in the cool of the night.

35. Sometimes everybody is too busy being caught up in themselves to even notice or see how miserable you are. So you might as well be happy.

36. Happiness is having someone besides you who loves you, shows it you and tells it to you. There is no greater happiness than this.

37. You make me happy in a way nobody else can. You fill my mouth with laughter and my heart with love. You are my happiness.

38. I’ve had a bad day today but bad days build better days. And good days lead to happy days. So, I’m going to make my day and be happy.

39. So many times our minds get beclouded by all the sadness and things we don’t yet have. But pause. Take a look at all the beautiful things around you and be happy.

40. Happiness is always right there where we find it. But it’s seldom where we seek it. Most times it’s the least likely things that bring us happiness.

41. Being able to recognize that which makes you happy is the first that begins your journey to happiness. And when you find it, don’t lose it.

42. What shall it profit you to stress and frown, only to gain a wrinkle? Put a smile on your face and be happy. I hear it increases your lifespan.

43. True happiness is when you finally find that one person that loves you without a care in this world. And being with him/her feels like coming home.

44. I will keep believing. I’ll never say never. I’ll never lose faith. I’ll never quit. I won’t stop fighting, for happiness sake. Always fight for your happiness.

45. Things will work out just fine. So put on your happy hat and let’s be merry and jolly together. Remember, happiness is a choice. Believe.

46. Happiness some times seems to elude most people. Because to some, it’s a feeling, to others it’s a choice. And to a select few, it’s something they’ll never have.

47. Today is good and God is great. I just found myself being appreciative of the little things in my life and the blessings I’ve come to have.

48. I heard people were talking behind me and saying things about me. I’m so excited and happy because I’m the one in front. Nothing trumps being happy.

49. When all fails. Eat, eat, sleep and eat some more. And then be happy with yourself. Don’t let the hardships of life cut your happiness short.

50. Love. Friendship. Care. Joy. Peace. These and many more are what you’ve given me. I love you so much. Yes, you. You make me happy.

51. We all have just one life to live, so why waste it in sadness and worries, when I can simply light up my day with just a smile that gives me peace and happiness.

52. Today I will dare to smile, I will dare to be happy, I will dare to dream, I will dare to achieve that goal and this time I will do it differently because I will do it smiling.

53. Schedule for today – wake up happy, go to work/school happy, carry out other activities happily, return home happy and go to bed happy. It is a new day and I deserve to be happy in it.

54. Today I feel faster than Flash, stronger than Super Man, appealing than Wonder Woman, Greater than Captain America and happier than Sponge Bob!! Today I feel like I am the happiest person in the world!

55. When I wake up every day and think about a family that loves me, a Bae/Boo that loves me, friends that love me, me that loves myself and a God that loves me. Then, officially I have got myself a happy day!!

56. With just a view of all my past failures, my present achievements and my future smiling at me is all I need to be this happy and have a worry-free and fun-filled day. Try it and thank me later!

57. Why would I let anyone’s judgment ruin my mood or determine how my day goes. Because if someone is saying something behind my back, I should be happy that I am the one in front!

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58. There are two secrets to having a happy life. One is being happy with who you are and not what people think of you. And two is constantly reminding yourself of the first. Stay happy always!

59. Appreciate, like, love and cherish what you have. Keep aside, stop and discard the regrets that come with the thoughts of what you do not have. Do all this and you have acquired the talent of staying happy.

60. I have got just one chance to live my life. So I dance like it is my last, laugh like it is my last, take risks as if I have got many lives, dream as if I will live forever, live as if I will die today and stay happy like my life depends on it because it does.

61. If you want to be smart, Be. If you want to be great, Be. If you want to be wealthy, Be. If you want to be beautiful, Be. If you want to be powerful, Be. If you want to be happy, always Be.

62. I like intelligent people, I like good looking people, I like creative people, I like hardworking people, I like famous people, but I love people that find happiness in all they do just like me.

63. I enjoy life and stay happy at all times because all work and no play makes me a dull boy/girl. That is why the best vitamin for being a happy person like me is B1.

64. Your happiness solely depends on you because there is no way to happiness for happiness is the way and you are the only one who can take yourself in that direction but you have to be faster because you can’t live long without it.

65. Life is short, but I intend to make it sweet, interesting, fun-filled, great, awesome, beautiful and happy for as long as forever.

66. Study and knowledge will come. Work hard and success will come. Focus and purpose will come. Sow seeds and fruits will come. Pray and answers will come. But be happy and a reason will come.

67. Do not try to be someone you are not. Do not try to impress everyone. Do not fill your mind with worrisome thoughts. Do not put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. Do this and you will be happy always.

68. Open up your heart and let happiness flood its way in and you will be surprised at the number of bad moments that will vanish in an instant. Now you can tell what my experience is like every day.

69. Staying happy and joyful is my favourite hobby because it gives me the chance to appreciate nature, family and all that I have become and plan to be. Happiness is the key to being me.

70. The best solution to all worries, sadness, pain, sickness and problems is just to simply take a deep breathe, then smile. That is what keeps me and everyone else happy.

71. No matter what you do, no matter what you hear, no matter what you feel, no matter what you think, Do not let anybody get comfortable switching off the bulb of your happiness!

72. Dance if you can. Shout if you can. Jump if you can. Eat as much as you can. Throw a party if you can. Laugh out loud if you can but stay happy, you must, because you have to be happy to do all of the above.

73. At times happiness is a feeling. Most times its a decision because true happiness is having the feeling and knowing that you have the power to decide what to accept and what to let go.

74. I could stay happy all day. I should stay happy all day. I will stay happy all day, because I am mostly good at living life free from sadness and worries, and enjoying life to its fullest.

75. It is said that bad days build better days. But its a better start, knowing what makes you happy and sticking to it. Because there is never any reward for being sad.

76. To some people, happiness is found in love for yourself, family and friends. Some say it is in their many achievements. Others say it is based on how many luxuries they have acquired. Well, I say it is based on good delicious food.

77. Whenever I feel sad or angry, whenever I fail a task, whenever I feel as if the world is going to crumble on me all I just have to do is think about how great I look whenever I smile and then I am happy!!

78. Every day is a new day to stay grateful to God, family and friends concerning how happy I am that I am living my dream because while others pursue happiness, I create it.

79. I am satisfied with all I have. I am satisfied with all that I have achieved so far. I am satisfied with where I am for now. I am satisfied with who I am because it takes a happy me to be this satisfied.

80. My days are always filled with excitement, laughter, success, favor, fun, bliss and amazing surprises and that is all because I only have two kinds of days which are; Happy and Super Happy days.

81. The best part of being happy is whenever I have the opportunity to share my happiness with someone else. It is always so relieving and extra happier.

82. You want to stop complaining and being sad? Do you want to end all the worries in your mind? All you got to do is just make happiness your lifestyle and I can assure you that there is no circumstance that can end with it.

83. To me, happiness is not about getting all I want when I want it. It is not about having all the luxuries and success stories. It is not about having everything. It is about extracting the good from what I have.

84. Amongst other things like hanging out, partying, shopping, eating, keeping all cheques in check, I prefer meeting with different new people every day because it makes life more fun and happier.

85. A perfect day can be described as one which is filled with success, blessings, wit, surprises, cash alerts, a little mixture of upset and disappointment but also despite it all you choose to smile and be happy always.

86. Even if I was to have all the luxuries in the world, or attained the peak of my goals, or have the highest amount of friends, I think the best way that I will be happy is if I am with someone who feels like home.

87. No matter what happens, no matter how hard it pushes on you, no matter how hard you fight, do not give in to sadness. Keep believing and encourage yourself to happiness and everything will work out fine.

88. Today I just want to say I am grateful to my family, friends and fans for all they have done for me in all these years and add that no one else makes me happy the way you all d, so thank you.

89. Happiness is always all about decisions for you cannot always decide what happens, but you can decide the right reactions to it and choose to stay happy.

90. Happiness is solely the whole aim and end of human existence because it is the meaning and purpose of life. And I must say I am going well with my purpose in life.

91. There is a secret to staying young, beautiful, graceful, fresh, handsome, and super attractive. It is being able to find a reason to stay happy in spite of any tough time. Keep it up and you will be the most attractive person on earth.

92. I know I am beautiful/handsome, smart, amazing, intelligent, attractive, great, sweet, loving and most of all I am happy and I will not let anyone’s insecurities or opinions change that.

93. I do not care if it is good things or bad things, I just enjoy life whenever things happen. It is just a proof that I am a living being and I am so happy that I am.

94. Nothing makes a person happier than spending more time with friends and family, owning multiple cash flowing accounts, achieving all on his/her desk and most importantly a happy heart.

95. Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy life always. Make merry at all given times. You have no reason to be afraid of life for you are here to enjoy it as a free soul.

96. Why risk being sad or upset when you will only end up having wrinkles and no friends. When you can just put on a smile that will ensure you stay young and have the best of friends.

97. Happiness is not dependent on anyone but yourself. It is not based on exterior motives and assets. It is from the inside, that is why it depends only on who you are and not what you have.

98. Enjoy life, break rules, forgive often, eat and drink much, cherish yourself, laugh a lot, challenge yourself, kiss slowly and love with all your heart because life is short and you have got to cease it and enjoy it while you can.

99. True happiness can never be found if you keep on holding unto those bad memories that just end up making you sad. The most important thing is to be happy and enjoy your life because that is all that matters.

100. Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your actions. So start anew today, keep smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you. Thus, I think it is time to be happy again!

If you read through to the end, here’s a virtual sticker for you! If you use any of these, let us know in the comments. You can also share this with your friends!

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