Get Well Soon Prayer Messages for a Sick Friend

Many things’ people want but not sickness. We know how it brings discomfort to the whole body even the heart. It is inevitable, however, but as Christians, we have a weapon that leads to quick recovery which is prayer. Prayer is the key to so many openings. Many have used it and it has worked wonders.

It’s not until you see a sick person physically before you pray. From wherever point even through text messages, prayers travel and does it wonders. It is no hidden truth that whenever any of our loved ones or friend is sick, we’re not happy. We always strive to work things together to bring perfect health.

We may have that friend we love so dear who has been laying on the sick bed and you just want his or her quick recovery this 2023. Use these powerful get well soon prayer messages for a sick friend and get an immediate result.

Get Well Soon Wishes and Prayers for a Sick Friend

Since you want to thoughtfully join in the plan for a quick recovery for your sick friend, these get well soon quotes, wishes and prayers would do. And I’ll say, thanks for being a special friend.

1. I understand what being in an unhealthy state means. May God grant you quick recovery and renew your strength. Get well soon.

2. Our bodies shall not be a dwelling place for sickness. I pray that all pains and discomfort you feel, disappear from now henceforth.

3. I really hope to see you up to your feet dear friend. I trust the God of heaven that He will remember you.

4. He who doeth wonders and knows how you feel, shall visit you and perform mighty miracles for you.

5. The word of God says He sent His word and it heals our diseases. This word shall be made manifest in your life.

6. Heaven shall listen to your heart prayers and cause His light to shine on your sick body. Quick recovery, lovely friend.

7. All prayers have been made and all steps have been taken but I believe God will soon visit you and perfect your healing.

8. I trust in the God of heaven to give you perfect rest in your body and cause all weak bones to be made strong. The Lord be with you.

9. As the eye of the lord goes to and fro watching over His own. May you be a partaker and enjoy Gods perfect health.

10. On this very day, God in His mercy will do what only He can do and touch every part of your body that needs healing.

11. I know I have believed that He will not suffer you but grant you unto perfect health.

12. All elements that look like sickness in your bloodstream or any part of your body, be flushed out and you rise to your feet. Amen.

13. The Lord shall cause your testimonies to be complete, your joy to be full and your prayers answered. Get well soon, dear.

14. He has promised never to leave His own. He is our lord and king and will make all medications function well in your body.

15. I miss good times with you. Rise from your sick bed, friend. The Lord shall visit you.

16. Be not afraid, your prayers are heard. He shall conquer for you and give you victory.

17. I know you aren’t feeling great and I really want your presence. God protect and grant you mercy.

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18. The favour of God shall locate you and give you reasons to smile again. I just miss you, friend.

19. Make sure you cheer up always and never stop smiling. The lord will be by you and give you strength.

20. God shall never cause praise to cease from your mouth. Your praise shall open heavens always. Get well soon, friend.

21. May heaven cause perfect health to take hold of you.

22. In Him, your hope shall remain and your faith be still. Your healing is on the way.

23. Let your heart be still for all things God has made perfect in your body. Get well soon.

24. All things are possible through Him to them that believe. He shall make you strong even in your present state.

25. I wish that you prosper in good health. May divine healing locate your gentle heart.

26. I would be so happy to see you getting up from that unhealthy bed to a perfect state. Missing you, friend.

27. I hope this sickness never repeats itself because I’d never want to stay away from your cheerful and charming personality.

28. I know all your bones are weak now and you wish to quickly leave that position. Definitely, you’ll come out strong and victorious.

29. Victory shall be your song and grace your watchword. The Lord be with you always.

30. Any hour of the day you call on God, He’ll show up and make His arms your pillow. you’re healed.

31. I pray God feeds you with heavenly foods that would supply you strength to all parts of your body.

32. You’re greatly loved by the most high and I want you to never lose faith but cling to His promises.

33. I pray for your quick recovery dear, friend.

34. I want you to know I care but Jesus cares for you. He shall cheer your soul whenever you’re down. I hope you feel better soon, friend.

35. I pray for you everyday friend. It may seem all hopeless now but the Lord will step into your situation. You’re healed. Amen.

36. I think of you every day and I wish I had magical powers to give you instant health. You’ll feel alright by the power in Jesus blood.

37. His blood was shed to heal our infirmities. It will avail mightly for you now and forever. Amen.

38. Rise and be healed. The lord is thy keeper and will be with you.

39. It doesn’t matter how sick you are or the type of sickness, it is just a little thing before the creator. You shall be healed.

40. His heart is definitely touched with our grief. I pray your healing brings blessings to those around.

41. I do not know the reason for the illness, it might be to give glory to God or give others faith. I’m sure of one thing, His eye is on you.

42. Always know the saviour cares for you. It shall be well with you.

43. I pray every channel blocking your healing shall be opened. Amen.

44. We know we wrestle not against flesh and blood. I call on the name of Jesus to see to your healing now. Amen.

45. I pray every curse placed on you be dismantled by God’s power. You shall be whole.

46. Every bit of what you think and how much you sigh, the Lord shall speedily hear and answer.

47. As you’re lying weak, I know you have missed a lot but I pray God doubles it all for you. Amen. I miss you well, get well soon.

48. I want to feel your presence again sweet friend. Be filled with strength as your healing process is ongoing.

49. Sadness gripped me when I learnt you are down but nevertheless, I pray you recover speedily in God’s grace.

50. Your beautiful smile and your youthful strength I miss. May the Lord raise you up.

51. As each day passes, may your healing become permanent.

52. Every power that is not of God resting upon you shall not be destroyed. Amen. Get well soon.

53. I do not know how to pray but this little prayer that I offer to God, He understands and will complete your healing.

54. Words fail me to say how much I hate to see you lying on this sick bed but I’m sure, soon you’ll be on your feet.

55. May God refresh your strength and heart with lots of hope and courage. Quick recovery dear friend.

56. Let the angels of God descend and supply your body with health from above.

57. Come back home and let’s have our sweet moments together again. Get well soon.

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58. Dear God, you have promised to show mercy and answer those who call on you. Let your divine healing locate my friend.

59. The name of the lord is a strong tower. That name shall raise you up. Amen.

60. Let all thanks be accorded to you Lord, for I know you will complete what you have started.

61. God in your love, surprise my friend and work on all parts of his body.

62. Let your healing flow o lord, for you are righteous God. It is well, dear friend.

63. I now know the worth of your presence in your absence. May the source of good health supply you power and open your voice.

64. God in heaven, spread your arms of care and remove sickness permanently.

65. You’re the God that healeth us. Let your name be made known. I pray. Amen.

66. God, please cause your face to shine on this sick body. Amen.

67. As you raised Lazarus from the grave, raise my sick friend from the sick bed.

68. Sickness shall not be your portion. For this is the last and the end.

69. Every route the drugs shall go through your system shall be free from problems. Quick recovery.

70. Every weak bone in this sick body, I pray it becomes life in the name of Jesus. Amen.

71. God, exalt your name and shut the mouth of those doubting your power in my friend’s life.

72. All human efforts have been used, lord, intervene and attach your mercy and grace for complete healing.

73. Lord, how sweet and perfect are your plans for us all. Let your hand touch my sweet friend. Amen.

74. The way you work your wonders is so wonderful. Let your name be exalted in my friend’s life.

75. Lord you said ask and it shall be given. I’m asking that you step into this situation of my friend.

76. There’s no need for crying, God is always here for your perfect health.

77. Wherever your presence is there is fullness of joy. Cause joy to overflow in this period, Lord. Amen.

78. God, your word is true and righteous altogether. Perfect the healing. Amen.

79. The right way and means to get out of this illness, show to us lord and let your grace be sufficient.

80. In every circumstance, Lord opens my friend’s eye to see what you have in store for him.

81. It is one thing to be sick and another to be discouraged. May God cause you to be encouraged

82. I pray all your battles will be fought with the mighty arms of God. Get well soon.

83. Perfect health is on its way. Get ready to receive it.

84. Prayer is the key. Keep on praying and never give up. The Lord heals you completely.

85. May the Lord raise you up and cause every manipulation against you to be powerless.

86. I pray God himself will come and operate on your sick body and instant health be your portion.

87. You shall rise to your feet again and your story shall have glory. The Lord be with you.

88. I pray for you that you shall have reasons to celebrate even in good and perfect health.

89. The lord almighty shall roll all your pain, troubles and discomforts you feel. It is well with you.

90. God shall speak peace to your weary soul and keep you strong.

91. May the grace and peace of the lord rest and abide with you.

92. You shall conquer and have victory over sickness. Keep trusting. It will be well.

93. You shall live and be testimonies to others.

94. Every dry part of your body system that is dead shall receive life in Jesus name. Amen.

95. As the Lord renewed the strength of the Israelites on their journey to the promised land, I command strength from above on your health and you shall be made whole.

96. The hope is here, restoration is sure. The Lord will restore thee and you will praise His name

97. His stripes have paid it all on the cross, you are healed, arise and start praising Him, for it is done.

98. The Lord will perfect all that is left to be perfected concerning your health. Wish you quick recovery.

99. The lord has taken away your pain and sickness, arise and sing for joy.

100. Healing power belongs to God. I decree in Jesus name that you arise and be get your perfect strength.

101. The greatest physician will visit you and complete the task. Get well soon.

102. I have prayed in faith and I’m sure that you will be healed.

103. I have submitted your name to He that has power. He’ll take charge.

104. He will cause your hope to rise again.

105. I have a backbone who is always available. He will back you up and give you all the strength you need.

106. The only one who never fails, the rock which is unmovable. Let your unceasing miracle take place.

107. He alone is the greatest surgeon. He’ll operate on you.

108. All I have gained in my life is the comfort of His love. He’ll keep you in His shelter.

109. Our assurance and hope is in Christ and I believe He’ll do It even beyond our expectations.

110. it’s just a phase, you’ll scale through. His grace is sufficient.

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