Top 56 Good Morning Text Messages for Her or Him in 2022

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages for Her or Him That I Love

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Sweet Good Morning Messages for Him or Her that I Love

1. You Are Love

Love bears, believes, hopes and endure all things,
And that is who you are, from experience.
I will never trade you for anything.
For your love in my life makes the difference.
Good Morning honey.

2. It’s Beautiful with You

It’s not good until it’s morning,
And it’s not beautiful until it’s you.
My heart just beat for you.
Morning my love and Have a lovely day.

3. Fulfilling Journey

I slept and woke up with the thought of our love life.
And the hope of our blissful future which keeps my heart alive.
It has been fulfilling thus far, you being with me.
Thank you, my angel, for saying yes to me.

4. Terrible Night

I’ve never deceived myself this much.
Told myself I won’t think of you before I slept
And when I woke up, guess what?
I had a terrible night! Wouldn’t do that again.
Good Morning love.

Romantic Good Morning Messages for Him or Her that I Love

5. Lifetime Dream

I love you, morning and night and I own up.
If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.
Your care gives a running over if my life is a cup
My angel and my love, what’s up?

6. The Daily Dose

Your said good night determines my better morning,
And the thought of you makes my life more adoring.
I wouldn’t ask for more than the joy you daily give.
Thanks for your love, and being my source of relief.

7. Thanks for the Love

I don’t always feel like saying good night,
‘Cause sleeping alone is like all won’t be alright
But hearing your voice every morning saves the day.
Good morning and thanks for loving me this way.

8. Morning Pains

Good Morning my life and my angel.
It’s painful how you are not here this morning.
I just hope all is well.
Just came to say my usual good morning.

“Nothing is so satisfying than having the one that cares.
I am in love and I know how it feels.
If someone cares for you, treat them right.
This messages will sure help.”

Good Morning Love Greetings for Her or Him

Good Morning Love Greetings for your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife or Lover. Specially written for Him or Her that you Love.

9. Comely Love

Your love is comely,
And your face, lovely.
With you I can never be lonely,
Forever, my baby it is you and me only.
Good morning greetings from me to you.

10. Thank You so Much

Thanks for your love and commitment to this relationship.
Thanks for making the love grow more and more deep.
I can’t but say you are more than a lover to me.
If I don’t have you in my life who is me! good morning love.

11. The Inseparable Duo

My lovely sweetheart, Nothing can separate us.
Nothing can break us up nor keep us apart.
No matter what wrong, I will adjust.
I choose to love you until death do us part.
Good morning my love.

12. The Engine

A car might minder when the tyres are bad,
Might stop when there’s no more gas.
But all cars are nothing but a box without an engine.
You are the engine of my life. Good morning love.

13. You Won My Heart

The bell for the final round of my love life is rung,
I’m about to announce a winner.
I know how well to choose right and won’t be wrong,
No one else is fit, so you are the winner!
Good morning to you my love

14. The Ultimate Search

I’ve found the one for me,
You are my destiny and my future.
You are the world best, I agree.
And loving you forever, this is ever sure
Saying good morning to you.

15. Boundless Commitment

Your love for me is like a love portion,
Sticks to me like an emulsion,
And I’m loving you without proportion.
Forever this, for me, is compulsion.
Good morning, i love you.

16. I Will Keep You Forever

Your love keeps me far from mystery,
And it is such I’ve found in history.
Keeping you forever is all I want to do,
‘Cause I could die if I lose you.
Good morning my irresistible.

“If yu have someone lovely as mine,
Make sure their days are awesome through you.
It’s worth it to be the best for him or her.”

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17. My Daily Wish for You

I did wish you a good night so lovely and wonderful,
And now I wish you a good morning so sweet and beautiful.
I wish you cute warmth more than the sun would give,
And above all, I wish your day ends in relief.
Good Morning to you, my sweet darling and my love.

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18. Have a Good Morning

I wished a cool atmosphere of the night for you my love
And now I wish you the best of the morning sun, shining from above
I pray that this day ushers in lovely flavour,
And may the day end in your favour.
Good morning to you, love.

19. A Sweet Morning

I said these yesterday night:
The moon might cease to come up, I don’t care,
The stars might choose not to shine, still I don’t care.
As long as you are fine there, I will be fine here.
So I wished you good night and today, you woke up so sweet.

20. In It’s Fullness

It’s another morning of hope
Another morning of joy
Another morning of peace…
It’s another morning for you an me.
Good Morning, my dearest.

21. It’s Good with You

There is no good night without you,
And good morning doesn’t exist without you.
Every morning noon and night, I will be yours
And nothing shall be able to separate us.

22. I Bring Warm Tidings

More than the warmth the sun brings
I wish you a warm morning
More than the flattering of birds wings
I wish my love an adoring morning

23. Lyrical Moment

Music they always say is life,
But a word from you is more than lyrics that keeps me alive,
And this I choose over my daily meal.
But not hearing your voice in the morning, is heartbreaking ordeal.

24. Reciprocated Love

The way you love me, I love you too,
And I will be yours as long as your love is true.
To love you forever, I have chosen to,
And I wish it is same with you too.
Good morning love.

25. You Got into My Thoughts

Your thought comes with the shining of the sun,
And your much care overrides me when the sun goes down.
I choose thinking of you over all fun!
Just wish you will be fine till the day is gone
Good Morning sweetie.

26. Royal Soothingness

Your thought is more soothing than the appearance of moonlight
Just to think of you daily I’ll be alright
I promise to be there morning, afternoon and night
And to love you will be my main job and not oversight.

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27. A Wish from Me

The soul that care deeply
The heart that loves gorgeously
And my mind that lives simply,
Is what I wish you from me today and forever.
Good morning.

28. The Reason for the Season

Your love is the reason for my happiness
Your care is but the reason for my liveliness
Having you as my lover is a source of daily hope.
And keeping you forever is all I want to do daily.

Romantic Good Morning Wishes for My Love

29. The Double Portion

I wish you a good morning as bright as your smile,
And I wish you a lovely day as lovely as your heart.
All the best you wish for this day, I wish you double,
And my heart, in love, I give to you too. I love you.

30. My Favorite Food

The memories of your laughter is more than my breakfast,
And that of your sweet care is enough for me to have a great day.
I stay unshakeable all because of your love,
Thanks for being there for me my love. Good morning.

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31. I Am the Lucky One

Of all men, I am the most lucky and privileged,
For I have all the reasons to be merry all day long!
The first, second, third to the last reasons are embedded in this…
Having you as my sweet love! I am favoured!
Good morning.

Good Morning Romantic Wishes to My Man | My Husband

32. I Am Blessed for Having You

Of all women, I see myself as highly beloved!
Of all that breathes, I see myself as the loveliest!
The reason for this is never farfetched…
It is because I have a caring man like you.

Good Morning, I Love You.

33. You Light Me Up

More than the rays of light, you light up my world
More than Calories from best dishes, you energizes my heart.
Thinking about how far for me you have come,
I can’t but say I will love you forever and ever!

34. Indescribable Sweetness

Your love is so sweet that I can’t share it,
For only my life, my heart demands it.
But only through favour, I know I deserve it…
And I want it every morning for my life depends on it.

Good Morning My Love Sms Text Messages and Quotes

If you want his or her mornings to be as great as ever, Send Good Morning My Love Sms Text Messages and Quotes him or her. Good Morning For Her or Him.

Nothing feels so wonderful than waking up in the morning with the feeling that the day will be great because you have someone who is loving and caring enough to share it with. No matter how I try to describe such moments, the best of adjectives in their superlative orders would fail me.

Lovely is the heart that is loved and favoured is such that wake up early in the morning and beats in love. If your heart is such, I find you as one of the luckiest guy or lady that ever lived.

But what if you are just trying your best to make sure the fire of the love doesn’t die off? What if the thought that strikes you heart every morning is such that pounds your mind with untold sorrow and agony?

If you belong to the second category, I feel sorry that such is happening to you. And here is al I have to say about such a situation:

If you struggle to give all you have to the growth of your relationship and all you get in return is a box of regret, please go for counselling. Because, not all relationships are worth it.
Plus, you will save yourself of future heartbreaks.

Are you experiencing unspeakable joy in your relationship? Then feel free and pick you choice form the following SMS text messages and quotes to send to your lover.


35. The Lifetime Promise

Everything that makes heart unbreakable, that for you I will do.
Everything that makes love grow and never die, that also will I do.
Whatever makes a day end in joy, I am ready to give that.
And true love is what I will show you, and not make believe!
Good morning, wishing you the best of today.

36. I Will Be By You

To my sweet love, like every other day,
I promise to make you get the best out of today.
In all your goings and comings,
I promise to be the caring heart with you.
Good morning, I love you.

37. Thank You for this Love

I feel cared for when I hear your voice in the morning
And I feel loved when I hear your laughter, every day.
My heart melt in love when I know you will be there for me all day.
Thank you for loving me this much. Mwah.

38. You Have My Thoughts

You are my first thought, seeing the morning sun glow.
And my thought when I see the ocean flows.
You are in my heart, from today until there is no tomorrow.
You are my surest source of joy with no sorrow.
Good Morning.


39. Giving Thanks

Thanks to the sun for its help in seeing the bright morning
Thanks to the air for its breeze to keep us both alive,
Thanks to God for giving me all the best in life,
And thanks to you for being the best that God gave me.
Good morning my love. Have a great day ahead.

40. I Will Be Your Answer

This morning, I stand to give a heart that understand your feelings,
The arms that stand sure and strong when you are weak,
The hope that will keep you going in trying times…
And above it all, I give you the mind that makes your needs my prime!

41. The Lifetime Choice

All my life, I have dreamt of a day,
Such that will start and end in bliss.
And the dream came true the moment I found you.
I can’t remember all the good you have brought into my life since I met you!
I respect your choice of having me as yours. Good morning.

42. My Enlightenment

There is no denying, your love lightens up my life.
It’s much more than I deserve, you have added joy into my life!
That I see everything going great and lovely,
Is all because I am with you my love.
And like every other day, I wish you a good morning my love.


43. My Angel

If I seek illusion, your love is the haven
Glad, you make complete like a team of eleven.
And through your love, I am perfect like seven.
No doubt, you are an angel sent from heaven.

44. The Voice Within

I want your love always,
Not one or two but in all ways.
I will stick with you till the end of my days
Listening to my heart, that is what I hear it says.
Good morning to you, love.

45. The Ultimate Feeling

Your love is the compilation of all that is good.
It’s too fantastic even than my best food.
Romantically every moment, it changes my mood,
Making me feel like I am the best in my neighbourhood.

46. Together, Forever.

I choose to help you maintain beauty that will not fade,
I vow to support in building the character that stands the test of time,
I promise to stay with you to build the heart that understands even the unspoken words.
Together in love, we will stay stronger forever.

47. Timely Gifts

If I were a sun, I would give you Vitamin D, and not heat.
If I were rain, I would fall only when you need me,
If I were the breeze, I would flow as much time as you want…
I just wish I give you all you need exactly when you need them.
I love you, good morning.

48. Awake in Awe

Awake in love my sweetheart,
Awake in strength my desire,
Today is not like every other day…
Because my love for you has come to stay,
And my desire to make keep you forever has gone a step higher.

Romantic Good Morning Quotes for Her or Him

You need to express your feelings as a proof of a sweet and cute love for her or him? Romantic Good Morning Quotes for her or him is the best to send.

Everyone is to be very careful when dealing with a heart that loves them. Because, no matter how professional one is at fixing a broken heart, a heart once broken might not have its best shape again.

Love is great in a relationship when it is with someone who has a caring heart, and it is like one is the most fortunate when you can see such a one that is so plain to you.

“Wait, I have a secret to tell you about this. Please don’t tell anyone. The secret is, I see myself so lucky and favoured to have found my lady. And she sees herself so fortunate too, to have met a guy like me. How about you and your lover?”

Ideally, making the love between you two grow and continue in bliss, doesn’t come at a flick of a finger. Endless love is to be nurtured. It is to be cared for like a tender flower and to be handled like an egg.

Do you have someone who so wish to make you two be together eternally? Then don’t lose such for another. If you do, you might look back in the future and wish you could turn back the hand of time. But then, you would only discover it is so late.

Stay lovely for him or her and make sure you do your best in growing the love between you both. Enjoy your romantic good morning quotes.

“Never break the heart that wants to ever keep you strong, and never fail the heart that want nothing but your success” – Cool Love Messages.

“A heart may be full of sorrow at night, but at the break of a new day appears unending joy, if it meets a morning pleasure from a caring heart” – Cool Love Messages

“Life might be full of tragedy and woes, but the heart which has found a perfect rest amidst all life’s challenges, is a heart that has found true love” – Cool Love Messages

49. Sweet Good Morning from Me to You

I may be wrong by choosing you,
But I won’t be wrong by loving you forever.
I may be wrong by meeting you,
But I won’t be wrong by staying forever.

50. I Will Give You All of Me Quotes

Your beauty is so sweet and lovely to behold,
And your care so perpetual, and can’t get old!
You have valued me than a piece of gold,
And all I have for you, I won’t withhold.

51. It’s All Because I Have You Quotes

I can’t think of my life without you
I can’t think of achieving the best in life, still without you.
I can be best in the world, but that is impossible without you.
If I love how my life is, it’s all because I have you.

52. Your Love Has Everything Combine

Sweet and lovely to the last thought,
Morning night and noon, that is you!
Romantic and cute to the last touch,
Every day of my life, that is none else but you.

53. Good Morning Quotes to My One and Only

Beautifully, wonderfully and gorgeously made,
I found none else qualified except you.
Made perfect and so special for a lovely heart like mine,
I search for such match, and only you is what I can find!

54. I Am Complete with Just a Thought of You

I love seeing the sight of the sun in the morning
I love hearing birds chatter and trees move,
I love the activities I see on TVs and those I hear on the radio,
But I could do without them with just a thought of you!

55. You Are the Source of All the Good in Me

Having good morning comes from you.
Having a life that is worth living is because I have you.
I have met thousands but your match I never met!
I love you all my life, is a promise worth keeping.

56. I Will Not Break Your Heart Quotes

Your heart for me is not meant to be broken,
Your smiling towards me, not meant to turn to sorrows.
Your love towards me, will not turn to hatred.
I keep this as a promise this morning and forever more.