Happy Birthday Prayers for My Daughter

Daughters are beautiful creatures: cute, adorable, loving and compassionate! Whatever their ages, they make the home atmosphere awesome with their peculiar personalities! However old they are, they can never outgrow parental love and affection.

From birth, through ages one, toddlers, adolescent, preteens, teenagers, young adults to full-grown adults, they lap up love and attention, bloom like flowers and shine like the stars. Well-loved, trained, nurtured and prayed for, they multiply affection and devotion to parents in multiple folds.

Children are special gifts from God. Daughters are His bonus to mankind. Seemingly fragile, but strong in every way! Prayer is the foundation of the glorious future parents desire for these beautiful angels. It is the prophetic utterance that carries powerful weight to shapen their destinies and empower them to be fulfilled, awesome leaders in every sphere of life.

In a patriarchal world that consistently seeks to oppress and suppress the female folk, a girl-child needs all the heads up (prayers, love, nurturing, good training) to hold her own, with pride.

Husbands are so busy, they have little or no time for frivolities. Family comes first; their needs most conveniently swept under the carpets. The onus, therefore, is on their womenfolk to celebrate them when appropriate.

It’s your darling daughter’s birthday. Time to make her realise how special she is and how much she’s loved. Party, wining, dining, funfair apart, your darling daughter’s birthday is an opportunity to load her with heartfelt prayers. Prayers of blessings, supplication and requests.

A godly parent is her daughter’s personal prayer intercessor and warrior. What you desire God to do, uphold, increase and perfect in your baby girl’s life, should be lifted up before God on her birthday.

As a parent, the onus is on you to release the unction to function in every capacity of fulfilling destiny on your beloved.

Want to heap heartfelt prayers that work wonders on your baby girl’s (infant, toddler adolescent or adult, they are baby girls for life!) on her birthday? Care to let her know you cherish her? Have a desire to make your daughter’s birthday special with faith-filled prayers and emotion provoking words? We’ve got you well covered.

Here are 100+ birthday prayers for my daughters, for your pleasure and choice:

Happy Birthday Blessings for My Daughter

One of the best gifts you can give your daughter on her birthday is any of this collection of birthday prayers and blessings for my daughter.

1. Dearest daughter, you’re the first fruit of my womb; may you be first, relevant and fulfilled in every area of your life. As you celebrate your birthday this special day, may the Lord heap His favour on you. At His command, may the universe be kind to you. In this new year, may the Lord go ahead of you. He’ll smoothen every crooked path and open doors of greatness for you. He will bless your going out and prosper your coming in. The Lord shall keep His angels charge of you, to protect you from every harm. I cover every second in every minute of every hour, in each day of your new year, in the precious blood of Jesus. I surround you with walls of fire and angels. No evil shall penetrate or cut short your life, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my sweetie pie. Enjoy an awesome time in God’s presence.

2. My beautiful angel, on this special day of yours, may the Lord bless you from above, and cause His face to shine upon you. May He be gracious to you, and bless you with the abundance of His household. May the Lord hear all your prayers and grant all you the desires of your heart. The mercy of God shall speak for you in the day of trouble. The Lord shall keep you from all evil; His banner of love over you shall keep you safe at all times. Happy birthday, Princess. Dad and mum love you to the moon and back.

3. Today is the day the Lord has made; I rejoice with you, my beautiful damsel! Happy birthday, my cute daughter. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. May God watch over you and everything that concerns you. May He keep you as the apple of His eyes, and shield you from all evil. This new year, I hide your life with Christ in God. You will grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Lines shall fall upon you in pleasant places, your lot shall be secured in Jesus name. May the Lord shower you with His unfailing mercy, unchanging grace and unlimited joy in Jesus name. Love you loads, my baby!

4. You are our best gift from God, dearest daughter. We cherish every moment with you. From today on, you shall be the head and never the tail. The windows and doors of heaven shall be opened to you; there shall be an outpouring of showers of blessings on you. Men and angels shall favour you. May the Lord bless you with wisdom, increase your knowledge and grant you understanding, in Jesus name.
Have a swell day, darling girl. Congratulations, Sunshine!

5. Happy birthday, my cute and charming Princess. May the Lord crown your beautiful head with the oil of gladness, goodness and mercy. I pray that God will decorate you with His favour, honour and grace. In this season and the rest to come, the Lord shall give you unbeatable reasons to rejoice. Have a blast, dearie!

6. Happy birthday, baby girl. You are a year older, wiser, smarter, cuter and better. May you run with grace without stumbling or falling in the race of life. May the Lord direct your steps as you seek His will and follow the path of greatness in fulfilling destiny. Have an awesome new year, my pumpkin!

7. A wonderful birthday wishes to my rare gem. My darling daughter, I wish you nothing but a year of resounding testimonies, overflowing blessings, unlimited favour and extravagant grace. I pray for you on this special day of yours, that every stumbling block in your path to success shall be transformed to stepping stones of elevation. May the excellent spirit of God be liberally poured upon you and distinguish you for outstanding feats. Have a beautiful day, Beautiful!

8. Yippee!!! It’s my darling girl’s birthday! My treasure, gist partner, Special Adviser and Personal assistant. My resounding soundboard, foolproof juggler of my heart, Teaser of the Universe; I celebrate you now and forever! You deserve the very best in life. So, I pray for you today, that you shall move from glory to glory. Whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper. Your future glory shall exceed your past achievements. The Lord will daily load you with benefits and keep you as the apple of His eyes. His mercy shall encompass you and peace like a river will flood your soul. When multitudes are saying there’s a casting down, then you shall arise and declare a lifting up. Your generation shall celebrate you in Jesus name. Cheers, dearest!

9. Happy birthday, my beautiful angel. A huge congratulations to you, daughter like no other! You will enjoy God’s goodness and favour all the days of your life. You will not share in the destinies of the Assyrians. In the mighty name of Jesus, I cut you off from every satanic heritage and connect you to your heritage in Christ Jesus. Mum and dad adore you, my love!

10. My heart is full of joy, I feel like singing and dancing to a melody of thanksgiving. It’s my daughter’s birthday! A brand new day in a brand new year heralds a new chapter filled with promises and hope. The day breaks bright and beautiful: it is a sign of wonderful things ahead. Happy birthday, my bambina. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. His light will shine upon your ways. When the enemy of your soul comes against you like a flood, the Spirit of the living God shall raise a standard. You shall live to fulfill your destiny in Jesus name. Enjoy your day, sweetie pie. Your number one cheerleader is cheering you on! Dad and mum love you plenty!

11. Happy birthday, my darling girl. You’re the mystery that’s yet to unfold; the enigma that’s about to unravel and the miracle that’s never ending in our home. May the Lord crown the new year with favour, grace, mercy and joy for you. You will live out the rest of your days in sound health, sound mind and peace. You shall fulfill purpose, in Jesus name. Have a lovely day, love.

12. Happy birthday, my baby girl. I lift you up before the Lord, the God of heaven and the earth; I speak His mercy and favour into your life in Jesus’ name. You shall fulfill purpose and live a blessed life in the presence of God. May the Lord keep His angels around you. Have a joyous day, my sweetie!

13. The Lord shall clothe you with colourful garment of greatness, my baby girl. He will grant you long life, sound health and prosperity. As you grow, your wisdom and grace to excel shall increase in leaps and bounds. May your dreams and aspirations, and expectation come to pass, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my Cinderella. Enjoy your day!

14. My darling daughter, you are mummy’s special angel and daddy’s daily delight! May the Lord beautify your life, always. May the aura of His presence fill your entire being. May every aspect of your life bring great glory to God’s mighty name. This new year of yours shall be full of wondrous testimonies, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my pumpkin. I love you, darling girl.

15. Happy birthday, my baby girl. Just a year ago, you were presented to us as a bundle of joy. Today, our joy is spilling over because you’re such a delightful baby. May you live long, well and happily in the presence of God, in the land of the living. The Lord shall be your refuge, strength and shield in the day of trouble. You shall escape every plan and plot of the evil ones. You shall do great exploit! Happy birthday, Honeypie!

16. My dearest daughter. If I could, I’d give you the world on a platter of gold. You are such a charmer, impossible to resist! I love you; and so, heap blessings upon you today. On a special day like this, I pray for open heaven for you. May the dew of heaven fall upon you and the shower of blessings rain on you, in season. May the Lord season your life with uninhibited joy. Have a fantastic birthday celebration, sweetheart!

17. Happy birthday, daughter dearest. You shall be blessed above all people. God will give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. The eyes of your understanding will be enlightened. In Jesus name, your mouth will proclaim edifying words and you will minister grace to others. I celebrate you, my rare gem.

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18. Happy birthday to my Honeybuns. You’re an exceptional and loving daughter. Wishing you a year filled with tremendous blessings, unending favour, unlimited joy and extravagant grace. The Lord will satisfy you with good health, prosperity and long life. Have a great year ahead, my baby. Cheers!

19. Happy birthday, my candy crush. May the Lord keep you and preserve you. May He keep you from evil, protect, guard and guide you. May this new year bring a season of laughter, joy and exponential blessings to you. Have an awesome day, baby girl!

20. On a day like this, my heart is filled with joy. My beautiful damsel, the wee baby girl of yesterday is now officially a teenager! Wow! I feel blessed! Thank you, Father! Darling, may the supernatural hand of God lift you up. May you enjoy the grace to run your race without struggle. May your path be clear and smooth. May all your efforts be fruitful and fulfilling. Happy birthday, my sweetie!

21. Now that you are officially an adult, receive grace to do the exploit, darling daughter. May the Lord give you strength and boldness to grab and enjoy all the opportunities He’ll bring your way, this year and years to come. May the opportunities transform to successes that will bring glory to God. Congratulations, sweetie! Happy birthday, dearest!!

22. Dearest daughter, on this special day of yours; I wish you a lifetime of happiness, inexhaustible supply of favour, unlimited blessings and a variety of all that your heart earnestly desires. Happy birthday, my gem. Mummy loves you loads! Dad adores you!

23. Happy birthday, my sugar pie. May the good Lord bless you in all areas of your life. Your cup of joy shall overflow and your fountain of blessings shall never dry up in Jesus name. You are blessed, my daughter!

24. Happy birthday to my superstar baby girl. Watching you grow, blossom and bloom has been a pure delight to your dad and I. We pray that every good thing you lay your hands upon shall be successful. May the goodness and mercy of God encompass you in Jesus name. Have a wonderful celebration, daughter. We love you!

25. Daddy’s Pride, mummy’s Candy, you’re a true delight! You feel our home with warmth and radiance. May your light shimmer without simmering. May your glow never dim. May you continue to shine and dominate. Your garment of glory shall not turn fade, tear or get stained. We wish you a long life in good and sound health. You are blessed today and forever. Happy birthday, darling!

26. My Sunshine here is wishing you a most wonderful birthday celebration ever! May God continue to be with you. He will bless you and strengthen you. His glory will be your rear guard, and His abiding presence shall encompass you. Happy Birthday, my baby girl. You rock!

27. Happy birthday, God’s special gift! This new year shall be exceptional for you. You’ll accomplish greatness; honour will be your constant companion and victory will pave way for you. Your lot shall be secured. Have a blast, my Princess!

28. Happy birthday, daughter dearest. May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. You shall not follow the multitude to do evil. Your righteousness shall blaze forth like the sunshine. Your glory shall be mighty and impactful. Cheers, my love!

29. Happy birthday, Princess of my heart. May your kingdom expand from coast to coast, and your fame spread like wildfire all over the world. May your light continue to shine brightly, like the star you are. Have a swell day, my baby girl!

30. What a glorious day to celebrate a glorious daughter! May the glory of God radiate upon your life. May the Lord release wonderful and uncountable blessings on you. The Lord shall lift up your head above your enemies round about you. The hands of the wicked shall not prevail over you in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday crowned Princess of our dynasty. Have fun!

31. My baby girl is plus one today; my dancing shoes, here I come. Baby of the family of kings, your head will overflow with oil; the unction of God shall flow ceaselessly. When you need the Lord, His abiding presence shall be with you. Happy birthday, my sweet. Enjoy your day.

32. Happy birthday, my gem. You are my treasure of immeasurable value. I cherish you, love. May the Lord my God be with you and grant you the desires of your heart. Have a fantastic birthday, daughter!

33. May the dew of heaven fall upon you, dear daughter. May the Lord help you to manifest His glory and fulfill your purpose. Happy birthday, my sweetie puff.

34. Happy birthday, Sweetie buns. My lovely girl, may the dew of heaven settle on you. This new year, the heaven above you shall be continually opened, and the earth beneath you shall yield its harvest. Nothing good shall be withheld from you in Jesus’ mighty name. You are born to reign. Shine on, my supergirl!

35. My baby girl, my sunshine! Another day of celebration is here,l again! I cover your life and destiny in the blood of Jesus. You shall not share in the wickedness of others. You shall always escape every evil plans, plots, arrows, imaginations and snares. You will triumph in all life’s travail. Happy birthday, my Doll! You rock!

36. This new year, the joy of the Lord shall be your unfailing strength. You’ll go out in peace and come back rejoicing. The Lord will be your shield, shade and shelter. All your heart’s desires will meet with God’s favour. I declare you blessed, my daughter. It shall be well with you, my dearest. Cheers!

37. Happy birthday, darling girl. The excellent spirit of God will rest upon you in your studies. The Lord shall be your strength and your salvation; He will be there for you in the day of trouble. He’ll open doors for you and enlarge your coast. Great will be your peace in Jesus’ name. Have a splendid day, daughter!

38. Happy birthday, daughter dearest. As your mother, I release blessings upon you. May your path to greatness be lined with helpers of destiny. Expect the miraculous hand of God upon your life this season. The faithfulness and zeal of the Lord shall accomplish this. Congratulations, my love!

39. As the Lord graciously add another year to your age, my beautiful Angel, may He give you the grace to enjoy peace and happiness. Happy birthday, my love.

40. To the most charming, caring and cute baby girl in the universe; I wish you a most wonderful birthday! May the Lord bless you a thousandfold. May He decorate you with great honour and glory. Cheers, love!

41. Happy birthday, daughter. You are my miracle from God; a supernatural gift of endless joy. You’re the daily evidence of God’s abundant mercy and goodness. This year, you’ll experience the supernatural hand of God in your life. Miracle upon miracles. Your packages of joy shall keep rolling in till you become overwhelmed. Love you loads, sweetie!

42. Happy birthday, my dearest. You’re the rainbow that beautifies our horizon. With you, we have thousands of reason to smile. You have the uncanny ability to make us laugh in every season. May the Lord bless you without stopping. May your radiance spread like the rays of light. Today shall mark a new beginning of good tidings for you. Congratulations, daughter! We adore you.

43. May the Lord reward you with the abundance of His house. May He single you out for uncommon blessings. Every season of life shall be good for you. May the Lord my God shower you with favour upon favour. Happy birthday, my beloved daughter. I love you.

44. My sweetheart, you are my good and perfect gift from God. Your dad and I love you. God’s mercy shall speak for you and open unexpected doors of advancement. Lines shall fall upon you in pleasant places. Happy birthday, my treasure. Have fun!

45. You are a superstar, a shining star, multi-talented and beautiful girl! I’m so proud of you, dearie! You are so gifted; may your gifts find expressions and receive grace to manifest God’s glory. You are a joy to behold; may your river of joy flow without ceasing. Happy birthday, my munchkin. You are a daughter like no other!

46. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. May you always stay happy, vibrant and healthy. May the Lord bless you and gladden your heart. Have a spectacular day, daughter!

47. Happy birthday, Sugarpie! I adore you to bits; hope you know. Daddy adores you. From the abundance of my heart, I bless you, my darling girl. I command the favour and blessings of God upon your life. I decree doors shall open for you. Nothing good will be withheld from you, henceforth in Jesus’ name. Cheers!

48. Happy birthday, Daddy’s girl. May you always find favour in the sight of men and angels. The Lord will lift up your head above your contemporaries. Your light will shine brighter and brighter, every day. Enjoy yourself, sweetie!

49. To my perfect gift from God, a beautiful birthday wishes to you. You’re the best version of your mum and I. May the Lord perfect all that concerns you and fulfill all his promises concerning you. There shall be a performance; none of His words will fall to the ground in Jesus’ name. Have a wonderful birthday, Princess!

50. You are a breath of fresh air, Daddy’s Princess and PA. You are a spark that’s capable of bringing life out of the dead. May the living God breathe His very life into you. May He refresh your soul always. Happy birthday, Honeypie.

51. May the Lord be with you, and protect you this new year. May His mighty hands rest upon you. in Jesus name. Happy birthday, dear daughter. We love you.

52. Best wishes to our dearest daughter. The Lord will satisfy you with long life, peace of mind and good health to enjoy the rest of your days, in Jesus name. Happy Birthday, our darling! Many happy returns.

53. Happy birthday to my sweetheart. Continue to swim in God’s glory. Mummy and daddy love you loads. Cheers!

54. A glorious birthday wishes to my amazing daughter. May the Lord continue to bestow more wits, wisdom, goodness and greater glory upon you. May God perfect all that concerns you and transform your dreams into reality. Congratulations, Honey!

55. Happy birthday, precious Jewel. You’re such a treasure! A tremendous blessing to your mother and I. This new year, the Lord shall give you grace for greater exploits. The next 365days shall be blissfully happy and fulfilling. It shall be an exciting life full of great discoveries. Have an amazing celebration, dearest!

56. Happy birthday, love! This is another opportunity to let you know how much you mean to me and daddy. On this special day of yours, we wish you success, favour, good health and uncommon blessings. Have fun, darling daughter!

57. Happy birthday, daughter.
The Lord shall heal you. Your health shall flourish like a palm tree. You shall be of sound mind. This new year, your strength shall be renewed like the eagle’s, in Jesus name. Soar high, darling. The sky isn’t your limit!

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58. Happy birthday, my gorgeous girl. You’re beautiful within and without. May you grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the presence of God, in Jesus’ name. May you be relevant in God’s plan for your generation. Have fun, sweetheart!

59. Happy birthday to the sweetest daughter ever! You are worth more than gold to me. Your pricelessness is timeless! This new year, may you increase in wisdom, insight, perspective, and understanding. The Lord will uphold you in all your ways, in Jesus’ name. Enjoy your day, have fun!

60. Your star will shine brightly in Jesus name. May you grow to be the best version of yourself. May each year of celebration be more awesome than the previous ones. Happy birthday, daughter.

61. Happy birthday to the most amazing daughter in the world! You are the testimony of God’s power and love. May the Lord give you special gifts and lots of testimonies this new year. It shall be a year of all round blessings for you. Congratulations, my Angel!

62. Happy birthday, my baby girl. May the Lord honour you, lift you up and exalt you in every area. This new year, I cancel every counsel of the wicked concerning you; it will not stand in Jesus name. Only the counsel of God shall prevail in your life. Have a beautiful day!

63. Happy birthday, my sweet darling. Thank you for always inspiring me and being a good role model. May the Lord grant you more wisdom, grace and unction to fulfill purpose. I love you to distraction, sweetie!

64. Happy birthday, my pumpkin. You are so loving and adorable! I pray for you this morning, that you shall be for signs and wonders in this generation. From today on, your light will shine so brightly that your fame will spread from coast to coast. You are God’s masterpiece!

65. Happy birthday, my dearest husband. This shall be a season of extraordinary achievements. Your eyes of understanding shall be enlightened. You will fulfill your destiny in Jesus name.

66. Happy birthday, my Sunshine. I wish you a year filled with love, joy, peace and hope. May the Lord watch over His word in your life, to fulfill it. None shall fall to the ground, of His promises to you. Enjoy God’s abundant favour today and always, daughter dearest!

67. Happy birthday, my precious little darling. May the Lord bless and favour you today and always. The light of God shall shine upon your ways. He’ll direct your feet into His perfect will, in Jesus name. Have fun, my Princess!

68. You are such a blessing to this family, little angel. Life without your vivaciousness and vibrancy is totally unimaginable. Happy birthday, my sweetie buns. May He show you mercy, favour and extraordinary grace for great exploits. Have a blessed birthday celebration, Husby!

69. Happy birthday, my love. Receive grace to fulfill purpose, in Jesus name. Your generation will serve the Lord because of you. It shall be well with you. Have fun, dear daughter!

70. Happy birthday, beautiful Princess. Thank you for daily inspiring us to be better parents. You are God’s special gift, we adore you so! May the Lord bless you with the abundance of His storehouse. May the Lord my God give you an excellent spirit, and lift your head high. Congratulations, my adorable daughter. Rock your day in God’s presence, with careless abandon!

71. Happy birthday, Honeypie! May the host of heaven celebrate you today and always. May the world revel in your light like the shining star you are. May your glory sparkle for all to see and give glory to the Lord, our God. Have a blast, my baby girl!

72. I feel so excited about today. A special day, starting on a special note on a most special person’s birthday. Happy birthday, my charming girl. Oh Lord, bless my daughter today and always. Go ahead of her to level all mountains and smoothen all crooked paths. Breathe life unto every God-given vision in her heart, in Jesus’ name.

73. Happy birthday to my cute baby girl! May the Lord open doors of opportunities through which your talents, gifts and skills can be effectively channeled, in Jesus name. May you continually bring great honour to God’s name. The Lord shall keep His angels in charge of you to watch over all that concerns you. Have fun!

74. I wish you a lifetime of favour, sound health, blessings, peace and love. May you enjoy God’s special favour all the days of your life. The Lord shall give you a hundred reasons to rejoice. Happy birthday, my darling daughter.

75. Your destiny shall not be cut short. May you be relevant in God’s plan and consistent in following His path. You shall not fall away or be weary, in Jesus name. Dear Father, I ask for divine direction, a discerning and obedient spirit as my daughter adds another year to her age. Happy birthday, my beloved.

76. Dearest daughter, you’ve brought so much joy to our hearts you and so much laughter to our home; you certainly deserve the best from the throne of grace. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be mightily gracious unto you. He’ll give you cause to laugh, sing and dance this new year. Happy birthday, my darling. Have a fantastic day: the bill is on dad and I!

77. You are sweeter than candy, sweetener, chocolate and sugar! The Lord shall bless you exceedingly in Jesus’ name. Your life shall not be cut off; the Lord shall keep you safe till your grey hair. Happy birthday, daughter dearest.

78. Happy birthday, my pumpkin. You are more than a conqueror, my hero. In the name of Jesus, you shall overcome all life’s challenges. You shall breakthrough on every side. Your helpers of destiny shall locate and lift you up to God’s glory. Have an awesome day, dearie!

79. Happy birthday, my daughter. May this year be filled with music, love and laughter. Promotion, upliftment, unprecedented breakthrough and unlimited joy shall be your portion in Jesus name.

80. Happy birthday, my Beauty. May you enjoy God’s extravagant grace. May God bless you lavishly today and always. Cheers!

81. A new dawn, a new year and a new season. May the Lord equip you adequately for the challenges ahead. May He crown your efforts with good success and give you resounding joy and peace like a river. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Have fun!

82. Happy birthday, mum’s joy. May you enjoy God’s extravagant grace today and forever. Have fun, dear!

83. Happy birthday, sweetheart. This new year, your root shall go deep down into the fertile soil of God’s love, and your leaves shall spread forth on every side. You shall bear fruit of eternal glory in season, in Jesus’ name. Have fun!

84. Happy birthday, my ornament. May the Lord bless you with good health, sound mind and prosperity. May He equip you to be a good and godly offspring. Congratulations, dearie!

85. Happy birthday, Honey! This is your season of outstanding miracles, showers of blessing and unlimited joy. May you have cause to rejoice always. I love you, darling daughter.

86. Dear Father, this is my heartfelt prayer for my beloved baby girl: bless her so much, that she’ll be overwhelmed by the outpouring. Let every area of her life receive your divine touch, in Jesus awesome name. Happy birthday, Sugarpie. You are blessed!

87. Happy birthday, sweetie! May the Lord establish you firmly, bless the work of your hands and enlarge your coast. God’s blessings shall make you rich in wisdom, knowledge and great understanding.

88. Congratulations to my pretty angel on your birthday. Life has different seasons; may you enjoy God’s abundant grace in every season of your life. Happy birthday, my darling girl. Congratulations!

89. It’s your birthday, my sweetheart! May the Lord give you a reason to rejoice, each day of the new year. No day shall pass without a tangible testimony of God’s blessings. The Lord shall take away your fear and release sound mind upon you. Happy birthday, my damsel.

90. May this day bring unlimited joy, unprecedented blessings and endless grace to you, and always. Happy birthday, my darling girl. Have fun!

91. The Lord shall keep you safe in the day of trouble. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. May the Lord command His blessings upon you and satisfy your desires with good things. Happy birthday, beautiful angel. Have a blast, daughter.

92. Happy birthday, my precious gem. You mean the world to me and your father. Words alone aren’t sufficient to express my love; and so I’m sending a special request to the throne of grace, for a special birthday shower of blessings expressly for you. May the Lord bless you beyond your wildest imagination, this new year.

93. Happy birthday, sweetie pie! Dear Father, bring sweetness and joy to my daughter’s life. Let sorrow and pain be far from her. Let your righteousness rule her life, and your peace govern her destiny in Jesus name.

94. Happy birthday, my Joy. You are my best gift ever! You are the apple of God’s eyes, no evil shall befall you. Divine favour, extravagant grace, extraordinary blessings, and unprecedented breakthroughs shall be your portion. Have fun, sweetie!

95. Dearest daughter, you aren’t just a year older, you’re smarter, cuter and better! The Lord shall keep you safe from all evil. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. Have a blissful day!

96. Hurray! I can’t keep quiet: it’s the beloved daughter’s birthday celebration. As I celebrate you on this side of eternity, may the host of heaven rejoice over you. May the Lord delight in you and bless you mightily. Happy birthday, my lovely dove!

97. Happy birthday, my Cinderella. May your river of joy flow ceaselessly, unhindered. May the Lord increase you on every side and exalt your horn like that of the unicorn. Enjoy your season of grace, my love!

98. Happy birthday, my ever-cheerful daughter. It’s a year of overflow: of blessings, favour and all that your heart desires. May the Lord restore your peace and joy. Cheers, darling!

99. It’s your season of rejoicing, mum’s delight. The Lord shall silence the uproar of the aliens in your life. He’ll still the song of the ruthless and give you an explosive testimony. Congratulations, love. Happy birthday, my beloved!

100. Happy birthday, daughter of my vow. You’re God’s battle axe, you shall wreak great havoc on His enemies. You are an instrument of light; you’ll shine like the morning star. God bless you, dearest. Soar like the eagle you are!

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