2024 Best Wishes for Happy Valentine’s Day to My Husband

Yippee, it’s Valentine time! A season of love, tenderness, togetherness and awesome care. It’s time to paint the town with all shades of red, with a dash of white; and fill up your heart with loving!

Valentine is a time to let go of all real and imagined offences, grievances and resentments; and embrace true love in all its entirety.
Who else deserves your expression of love than your darling husband!

Definitely, you can’t be too busy to set time aside for rekindling the flame of love and romance in your marriage. Torch up your love flame with cute Valentine messages to your husband.

It’s time to step up your love game by sending cute Valentine wishes that will set your husband’s heart on fire; expect a ripple effect of love resuscitated, touched up and set ablaze, without waning.

Nope! 2024 February 14 Valentine day isn’t just any other day! For you and your sweet heartthrob, it’s gonna be lit! Watch out!

Too busy to find the right words? That’s why we are here for you. Need something unique that will set your hubby’s heart racing? We’ve got you covered! Care for something utterly romantic yet real? You got it already!

Whatever your peculiar need or taste, search no more. Here are 150 cute Valentine wishes just for you, to your darling husband, this 2024. Love is in the air already, swing along!

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes for My Husband

Romantic valentine’s day wishes for husband from wife on a special day like valentine to celebrate this year’s valentine’s with a different.

1. Loving you is a choice I enjoy making over and over again. You are such a cute and loveable guy, it’s practically impossible not to love you. Yep, I’m unapologetically crazy about you today, just as I’ve always been. Love you loads my dashing prince. Happy Valentine, my darling husband.

2. Loving you came with a prize I never could have imagined: love, laughter, fun, care and pure bliss. You make marriage like an unending adventure, that I finally got convinced you are my “special made in heaven, uncommon husband and partner”. Happy Valentine’s day celebration to us, my dashing hero!

3. My heart literally jumps in my ribs each time I set my eyes on you. You are a sight, for sore eyes, my handsome darling! A delight to behold! Cute, smart, caring and cool to boots! How did I get lucky? Beats me, really! I’m sure holding on to these giddy feelings of being totally cherished by you, for dear life. You rock, my Husby. Happy Valentine’s day, dearie.

4. To the king of my heart, a wonderful Valentine wishes to you. Being loved by you is a privilege I didn’t realise until it was delightfully too late! What blissful ignorance, succeeded by awesome discovery of the treasure you really are! I love you now more than ever, sweetie.

5. I know this for a fact; I need no prophet to unveil the truth to me. It’s glaring enough: you are the sole key to my unspeakable joy and indescribable happiness. I adore you, my dearest husband. Happy Valentine’s day celebration to you, my love.

6. After the storm, comes the sunshine, bright with brilliance and hope. You are my Sunshine, my darling husband. Your light literally stilled the storms and turmoils in my life. With you, is unending happiness, unlimited joy and peace like a river. Happy Valentine to you, my Honey.

7. You are the reason behind any kind of celebration in my life, my crown. You crowned my head with honour and filled my life with treasures. I celebrate your love on this special day, husband mine. May our river of love and joy continue to flow without drying. Happy Valentine, darling!

8. Happy Valentine’s day to you, my Prince Charming. You charmed my life with your special brand of selfless love; I’m positively enchanted! My love for you is like a bubbling ocean.

9. You promised to love and cherish forever. Every day of our lives together as a couple attests to this. You are too good to be true, my hero. Loving you is a given! Happy Valentine’s day to you, my pumpkin!

10. Happy Valentine’s day to you, my dearest husband. You are my heartbeat; you set my pulse alive! If there’s an afterlife, my dearest wish is to love and be with you till eternity. Forever yours, my love

11. Love is the gift that I got for marrying you. You are all shades of goodness, my awesome husband. You are my all-time hero, I’ll cherish you forever! Happy Valentine day to you, my love.

12. If I were asked what I desire to change about you, only one thing comes to mind. Nothing, absolutely nothing! You are exactly perfect for me. I adore you to the moon and back, my heart’s sole delight. Happy Valentine to you, my crown.

13. I love you today, always and forever, my Prince Charming! No one else is more deserving of my precious love but you. You own my heart: rule like a king. Happy Valentine,y darling husband.

14. One word describes you perfectly: awesome! You are an awesome husband, companion, friend, lover and everything a lady can ever desire in her man. I’m crazy about you, darling! Happy Valentine to you.

15. You are my Knight in shining armour; the sole custodian of my mood swing button. You press it only to bring the best out of me, my darling husband. I love you without reservation. Happy Valentine to you, my love.

16. You are too good to be true, husband mine! Caring to a fault; loving just so! Tough, when you have to be, without acting out the typical male chauvinistic act. Charming, smart and wonderful in every way that matters. You rock my world, sweetie! Happy Valentine to you.

17. You are the love of my life, in whom I’m absolutely pleased. Happy Valentine to you, my darling husband. I adore you!

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18. There’s no word that can best describe you, so I won’t even try. Bottom line is that I’m totally nuts about you, darling husband. You are my king, forever. You effortlessly make me feel like a Queen. Happy Valentine to you, Honey.

19. Happy Valentine day to you, my soul mate. You are God’s masterpiece and best for me; I’ll cherish you till eternity.

20. You are my dream come true, Husby. My wildest fantasy found reality in you! You fill my heart with so much joy and happiness, that I fear I’d burst! Happy Valentine to you, sweetie pie!

21. Once, in a fit of rage, I thought of leaving you for good; but the very thought of it almost choked me to death! Then, I realised you meant the world to me. I’m my happiest and fulfilled with you. The moment of truth made me cherish you more than ever. Happy Valentine, my pumpkin.

22. What is love without a little spat to spice up the romance every now and then? What’s romantic about love without a lover’s tiff? Boring!!! The thrill of it all is in the kissing and making up, afterwards. I love you, my darling partner in naughtiness. Happy Valentine, my cute husband.

23. Falling in love with you is as easy as pie: you were quite cute, charming and irresistible. Staying in love with you is an effortless exercise: you are the most lovable man in the world! I’m glad you are mine. Happy lovers’ day to us!

24. Valentine’s day is for celebrating love. You are a real hero of love, my darling husband, I celebrate you. Everything you do is motivated by your love for me. You are the world best husband, sweetie. Happy Valentine day, dearest.

25. My heart beats for you, my husband. I’ll cherish you forever. Happy Valentine day, Honey!

26. Your love is the breath of fresh air that I breathe every blessed day, my Husby. Loving you and being loved by you, is why each day is blessed! I adore you: the simple truth. Happy Valentine day, darling!

27. You are the reason behind my smiles. The spark in my shine. I glow because your love fans the flame of my essence. I love you, my Prince. Happy Valentine Day, my awesome husband.

28. My life revolves around you because you are my sunshine and I draw strength from you. I love you with every fibre and timbre of my being, now and always. Happy Valentine day, my sweet husband.

29. Valentine’s day comes but once in a year, but my love for you shines forth every beautiful day. Happy Valentine day, handsome!

30. My heart dances to the tune of your love song for me. It leaps in joy at the mere sound of your voice. My joy knows no bounds when I’m with you. Out own valentine celebration is an everyday affair; still, I celebrate you today, just as always, my loving husband. Happy Valentine day!

31. Thanks for loving me for no reason; and for damning all excuses, to love me. You rock, my Superman. You are a real hero! Happy Valentine day, my husband.

32. I’m the luckiest and happiest woman in the whole world! You gave me this badge of honour for loving me ceaselessly and supporting me unflinchingly. Your love overwhelms me with goodness. I adore you, my Prince Charming. Happy Valentine day to you.

33. Meeting you was a taste of heaven. Marrying was my ticket to Paradise, pure bliss and unending joy. No, I need no reminder: I I know I’m the most blessed woman ever. Happy Valentine, my sugar.

34. Finally, I’ve discovered my life’s purpose: loving you. Without you, my life is meaningless. I’m a better woman and person because you are such an awesome man and a wonderful husband. I love you, Honey! Happy Valentine day!

35. It’s official: I’m totally nuts about you. It’s an incurable state that seeks none. You are my heart’s desire and delight, husby. Happy Valentine day, my handsome Prince.

36. Happy Valentine day to the best husband, lover and friend in the whole universe. You never cease to amaze me, sugar pie. You’ve succeeded in beating all my imaginations and wild speculations. I love you, my darling. Happy Valentine day!

37. Sometimes, I think I’m dreaming. So, I pinch myself and I still wake up to the reality that this love has come home to stay. You are everything I ever imagined and more. I love you, handsome! You are special and unique. Happy Valentine day, dearest husband.

38. I love you to distraction! I worship the very ground you walk on, Honeypie. You are the reason my heart never fails to beat. Your love is the melody of the song I hum to myself all day long. Happy Valentine day, my shining light.

39. Happy Valentine, my all-time superhero! Thank you for being an excellent lover, a great husband, trustworthy friend and an awesome father to our darling children. Love you always.

40. I’m blessed beyond description. Blessed is the day we met and awesome is the day we got married. Everything about you pleases me, my sweetheart. You are a man after my heart. Happy Valentine day, my love.

41. You are a one in a million husband! Uniquely special, limited version and a rare breed! You bring out the best in me; I’m always awed as to how you do that without fail. You are my perfect soulmate. Happy Valentine to you, my love.

42. Hello, sweet husband. Care to be my Valentine? Of course, you are. Always have been and ever will be. Just that today, I’m taking time out to express my love to you, in every way possible. Being my sugar pie, you sure deserve this and more! Happy Valentine day, my forever love.

43. If it were possible, I’d marry you all over again. This time, with more love shining through my eyes and dazzling everyone; confidence bordering on as overboard; merry heart threatening to burst and a certainty the whole world can’t shake off. I love you, my treasure. Happy Valentine day Honey sweet.

44. Just one look at you, and I fell helplessly and hopelessly in love with you. The passage of light has done nothing but keep the flame ablaze. I’m crazy about you, still. Happy Valentine day, my handsome Prince.

45. I took a chance on love, and I got rewarded with unending happiness. Prophets of doom mix up the script: time has failed to fizzle out the flame of our love. It has only turned the knob of our passion, a little higher, each passing day. Happy Valentine Day, my darling husband.

46. I love my perfect life with you. We are just awesome together! Our differences only emphasize our needs for each other. You are my lifeline, dearest. Happy Valentine, my sweet husband.

47. To the kindest, most loving and most charming husband in the whole world, happy Valentine to you!

48. Life is wonderful, simply because I have an amazing hero as my husband. Loving you is no brainier. I’m heading over heels in love with you. Happy Valentine, my sweetie puff.

49. Happy Valentine day, my husband. I guess it’s no longer a closely guarded secret: CNN just blared the truth in a special broadcast. I love you, my dashing husband.

50. The best place I ever want to be is in your arms. I love being cradled in the crook of your arms while gazing at your handsome face and drinking in the sight of you. I’ve since arrived at this conclusion: I can never have enough of you. Happy Valentine, my cute Husby.

51. Happy lover’s day, my everyday Valentine! Loving you is the best deal I ever signed for, this side of eternity. I’ll forever tour in love, fun and pranks.

52. To the man that rocks my world in grand style, happy Valentine day to you! You are simply an amazing man, a great inspiration to me! An epitome of excellence; you are one in a billion! I’m proud to call you mine!

53. Happy Valentine Day to my one and only love. Sweetie Buns, I love practically everything about you (this include your cute stern face when you are angry). You aren’t just my dream man, you are my everyday Hero. Loving you us a course I have no plan to graduate from. You are the best, Husby.

54. Have I told you lately, how much I adore you? I haven’t? How appalling remiss of me! Well, this wife is totally nuts about her handsome, cool and calm gentleman husband. Happy Valentine day, darling.

55. Happy Valentine day to my everyday Crush. I can’t get over you because I can’t have enough of you! You thrill, excite and inspire me in every way. You are my all time guy! I love you to the moon and back to the planet Earth.

56. Happy Valentine, my loving husband. Thank you for bringing unending joy to my life with your bubbling presence. You are such a cute darling, and I adore you so!

57. On a beautiful day like this, here is my confession: I can never have enough of you! I’m forever yours, my big shot darling! The kingdom of my heart belongs to you alone. Rule, reign and flex… exactly as it pleases you. Happy Valentine day, my husband!

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58. It’s the eighth wonder of the world: my love for you refuses to settle! It’s as exciting, throbbing and sweet as ever. I love you, darling husband. Happy Valentine day to you, my love.

59. I’m all red for you! Roses are for lovers; the red gleams just so! My heart beats pump with blood red as daring! You are the love of my life, my darling husband! Happy Valentine day to you, sweetie.

60. You are my most favourite person in the world! Man of the year, Man Crush, Best Friend, Most inspiring Personality… name it! I love and adore you, my dearest husband. Happy Valentine, dearie!

61. No matter how stormy, gloomy or dark the sky is, with you, my love, everything is perfectly well with my world. You are my ever shining bright spot, husband like no other. I love you, sweetie. Happy Valentine!

62. Your love is the illumination guiding me to a beautiful and promising future. Here and now, I can catch a glimpse of the ethereal love, laughter, blessings and fun. You are my destiny, Husby. I love you. Happy Valentine, my dearest!

63. Your love makes me feel secure, desired, cherished and special. Only an extraordinary man makes an exceptional husband. You are awesome in every way, my sweetie pie. Loving you is the sweetest music ever composed or played. Happy Valentine, my Delight.

64. Others saw nothing, but I saw something… in you, through the eyes of love and pure instinct. Marriage and the rolling passage of time have proved my instinct right: you are an amazing man! Rich in love, intellect, kindness, integrity and everything my heart so desires. I feel blessed to have you as mine. Happy Valentine, my wonderful husband.

65. I love you with everything within me, more and more, each passing day. You are sweeter than the perfect, finger-licking topping on my favourite ice cream. You wow me with your love, care and tenderness. No other wife is more loved than me. You rock, my delightful husband. Happy Valentine!

66. The most delightfully delicious feeling in the world is to love and to be loved right back…totally. I’m basking the euphoria of your love for me, with careless abandon. I love you, darling husband. I sure do, now and forever. Happy Valentine, my Sweet.

67. You stole my heart. Before I could have you arrested, your love for me gripped and arrested me. Then, we took the case to the court of love, where we swore an oath of holy matrimony and eternal togetherness. Now, I’m unabashedly, totally in love with you, my husband. If loving you is a crime, darling; I never want to be free. Happy Valentine, my Joy.

68. I’m completely mesmerise by your love. I thirstily drink in the sight of you, and I’m satisfied. I love your hugs, enjoy your passionate kisses and your loving touch. You set me on fire, with barely a glance. You are my man, forever. Happy Valentine, my husband.

69. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made in my life. If marriage is a gamble, then I won the jackpot! You are more than I bargained or hoped for. I love you, my sweetest husband, more than word can ever describe. Happy Valentine to you, with love.

70. To the best companion, gist partner, mentor, leader, protector and lover in the world, happy Valentine to you! I love you, my husband, more than you’ll ever know or suspect.

71. Confession time: this cool, poised and elegant lady is madly in love with her handsome, charming and dashing husband! The master key to my heart, I love you. Happy Valentine day, sweetie Puff.

72. Breaking News! This is to announce to you, my dearest husband, that my love for you refused to be curtailed or checked. Rather, it’s escaped from the realms of containment, boomed and expanded to full scale “Forever Yours”. Happy Valentine, Sugar.

73. To the most incurably romantic man in the world, I wish you the most memorable Valentine day celebration ever. You can count on me for it being memorable; you infected me with romance.

74. My Prince Charming, you swept me off my feet and captured my heart with your love, devotion, dimpled smile, gentle manners and exceptional characters. I’m still swooning in the spell of your love and I’m loving every second of it. Happy Valentine to you, my darling husband.

75. You are my sunrise, my favourite song and my shining star. You are my choice of eternal love, my sweet husband. I adore you. Happy Valentine, mine.

76. I’m so madly in love with you, that I feel like screaming my love at the top of my voice. Don’t blame me, your love is intoxicating, like old wine. Vintage! Happy Valentine, my lovely husband.

77. Happy Valentine to the custodian of my heart. The one who knows the right button to press to bring out a burst of tinkling laughter, bright smile and twinkling eyes, you are the best. I love then, crazy about you now, and devoted to our to our future.

78. Happy Valentine to my dashing husband. I love being with you. I enjoy playing, working sparring or brainstorming with you. My day is made when it begins and ends with you. You are my joy and peace. Happy Valentine to you, my heartbeat.

79. Happy Valentine to the major shareholder in my life. You are my number one fan and cheerleader. The cameraman before my picture perfect life. My guy, my pal, my mentor and inspiration. I love you without expiration, my husband.

80. I love you, my baby. I appreciate your support and help. Everything I am today, I owe it to God who gave me a wonderful man; and you, for being an amazing husband. Happy Valentine day to you, sweetie Buns.

81. Happy Valentine, to my Candy Crush. You are my Crown and my Angel. My future ambition is spending the rest of my life with you with glee. My burning desire for today is to cuddle up to you and enjoy the pure bliss if your warm embrace. I love you, my dearest husband. You rock.

82. You are God’s special gift to me, my dearest husband. Divine love knitted our hearts together, where Joy and Bliss keep it ablaze. You are my passion, my hero and all in all. My soul is utterly pleased with you. Happy Valentine day to you, my boo.

83. Happy Valentine to the man of my dreams. You captured my heart, and my soul united with yours. Our marriage hasn’t been perfect, but our quirks and idiosyncrasies and differences only fed our love. Love conquers all when it is genuine like ours. I love you, darling husband.

84. Love hurts, like a blazing fire leaving a trail of chaos, smoke and destruction in its wake. You are absolutely different, my love. Your love soothes me like balm, pleases me to the core of my being and delights me beyond description. My husband, you’re my Hero in love. I dedicate this day to you; happy Valentine!

85. Happy Valentine day to my boo of life! My heartthrob, I’m glad you are mine. God created you specially for me and caused our path to cross without clashing. My light shines every day because your love is the torch that keeps it alive. I am madly in love with you, darling husband. Happy Valentine, my treasure.

86. Happy Valentine to my wonderful husband. I’ve prepared a special treat for you, so I can’t wait till you are back. I bet a thousand guess by you will still miss the mark. Let’s make today magical! Love you, Handsome!

87. Happy Valentine day to my lover boy. The best part of my day is when I set my eyes on you and that special smile light up your whole face. Truly, love is the best recipe to Joy. Tonight, dinner for two plus the whole works, is in the offing. Watch out, darling!

88. You are the reason for the joy and excitement that flows within me, in this season of love. Men like you are rare and far between. Love like yours is going extinct. I’m glad you are mine, dearie. Happy Valentine to my husband!

89. A day like this is specially made for creating magical moments to make wonderful memories. Being with you, the love of my life is all the magic I need to create those special memories. Happy Valentine day to you, my dearest husband.

90. Long before I met you, I gave up on love. Awful experiences made me throw in the towel. Love shouldn’t be hard, troubling or heart-wrenching. Then, came the magical moment when I met you. You were the genuine thing; the real deal. Falling in love with you has been nothing but an endless adventure in fun, peace, and laughter. Happy Valentine day to you, my husband and soul mate. I love you.

91. Love found me when I least expected it. Love transformed me into a modern-day Cinderella and whisked me into a “happily ever” after a lifetime experience. You are my Prince Charming, a worthy Knight in love shining armour. I adore you, Honeypie. Happy Valentine day, my husband.

92. A day like this is worthy of celebration: it’s the anniversary of our life transforming meeting. One first look at you, and I was sure you are meant to be mine. I was right! You couldn’t tear your eyes away from me as well. What fate initiated, love took over. The bond is stronger than ever. I cherish you, my loving husband. Happy Valentine and anniversary to us!

93. I was never sure of God’s love for me until I met you. Your love for me has chased away every shadow of doubt. Now, I’m convinced of how much treasured I am of God, because of the way you cherish me. I love you passionately, my dearest husband. Happy Valentine, my Angel.

94. For showering me with love and care, you won my heart over and over again. Marriage didn’t slow you down; rather, you picked up the pace and increased the tempo of adoration. Little wonder I feel like a Queen! Happy Valentine to my King. I love you, is an understatement.

95. Happy Valentine day to the husband of my youth. Though my body and the mirror tell me I’m aging, your love makes me feel like a giggling teenager. You sure know how to turn on the magic. I love you more than ever, king of my heart.

96. On a day like this, I’m reminded of the fact that we aren’t older, but we are better and more in love than ever. Age worked to our advantage: it stripped away the pride, conceit, self-centeredness and every love draining energy. Love is what’s left: the dross is gone. Happy Valentine, my handsome darling with a huge heart.

97. I’m the happiest woman on earth; because the ‘what if’ factor never saw the light. I’m glad I shot my shoot, straight into your heart. Poor guy! You never did know what hit you, until you gave our love a chance to take root. Now, it’s blossoming and spilling over. I live you, my husband. Thanks for being a perfect gentleman who wouldn’t turn down a good thing when it’s boldly staring you in the face. Happy Valentine, my treasure.

98. Wow! You’ve done it again!! You always know what exactly to do to jiggle my heart in a crazy dance. I love your gifts. It’s as perfect as my Sugarpie. Yours is awaiting your pleasure. Bet you can’t hazard a correct guess! Can’t wait for the fun of seeing the surprise on your face. Happy Valentine day to you, my awesome husband.

99. I celebrate you today, my handsome darling, and our special and endless love. You are a rare breed, an uncommon specie among men. Extraordinary and outstanding character traits and achievement. Happy Valentine day, my husband.

100. This ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan, sought after by all; because of your transforming love. Little wonder I have eyes for no one but you, my Angel. You are my Knight in shining armour. Happy Valentine to you.

101. I can’t imagine life without you. We aren’t just a couple or lovers, we have always been best of friends watching out for each other. You are my pillar, backbone and support system. I love you so much it’s sometimes scary. Happy Valentine day celebration, my husband.

102. Today offers the best opportunity to express my love to you, sweetie pie. I know I’ve been cranky lately; it’s nothing but my crazy hormonal imbalance. Your baby girl is as crazy about you as ever. You are the centre of gravity of my existence. I love you, Honey. Here’s to a most wonderful Valentine with the best husband, ever!

103. I didn’t play the love game till I was ready and ripe for it. Then, I aimed for the moon and got the sun and the stars as extras. You are the alpha of the pack, God’s very best! I’m blessed to have you. I adore you! Happy Valentine, husband dearest!

104. Love crept up on me and caught me unawares! It took a firm hold and blatantly refused to let go. Love brought inexplicable joy, endless discovery, and thrills to my life. Love transformed into a glowing star. Happy Lovers’ day, my love. I love you more than you love me. Trust me, I do.

105. Ever wonder why I’m still being described as being “drop dead gorgeous” or “ravishingly beautiful”? This is because you are a sight for sore eyes; tall, handsome, suave, elegant and the cynosure of all female eyes! You see, I had to keep a step ahead as the uncontested Queen of your heart. I love you, my darling. Happy Valentine to world’s most faithful husband and lover!

106. To the man that finally swept me off my feet, leaving my jaw dropping, with mouth agape, completely in love; here’s to a most wonderful Valentine ever! I love you, my husband.

107. You are the captain of my love ship; I’m enjoying the ride of my life. Sailing into the deep sea of affection, riding the waves of unpredictability; the harbour of forever is as desirable as ever. I love you, my darling husband. Happy Valentine, my sweetheart.

108. Valentine day doesn’t have to be celebrated with fun and fanfare. The most important thing is the expression of love and appreciation of one’s lover. My greatest gift to you, this special day, is my love for you. I adore you, my adorable husband. At the mere thought of you, my heart beats at a faster rhythm. Happy Valentine day, darling.

109. Let’s do something different today. A candlelight dinner, right at home with our favourite music playing in the background. Listen to each other’s heartbeat, just like before, talk heart to heart while sipping wine. Finally, we dance. Can’t wait to see you, Honey! Happy Valentine, my husband.

110. If I lived to be a hundred, I’ll never be tired of your company nor have enough of your love. I get high on your love, care and tenderness. You are my joy, Husby. Happy Valentine day to you, my Prince.

111. You wrote the script, directed the performance and produced an optimum delivery; of the success in my career. You are my mentor, inspiration, help, love and everything on this side of eternity. I’m so proud of you, my husband. I celebrate your sacrificial and uncommon love this day and forever. Happy Valentine, my Angel.

112. Happy Valentine to my the most handsome and amazing man on planet Earth! I love you from the depth of my heart, my Sugarpie. Have a blast with me, my husband!

113. On this special occasion, I need no gift from you. All I ever want and always desire and appreciate is the gift of your presence. It’s you that has the only magic to make me happy. I love you, my baby. I wear your love for me like a crown. Happy Valentine, my treasure.

114. The best gift of love was presented to me when I met you. You are funny, witty, smart, handsome and charming! Not a drop of arrogance and conceit in you! You are a rare find, my gem! Happy Valentine to my loving husband!

115. No love story can be as interesting as ours! Can we rehash the events that led to our meeting the first time and reminisce about our wonderful memorable times together, tonight? I love you plenteous, my husband. You are forever my heart delight. Happy Valentine, my adorable!

116. I’m still baffled. How do you manage it? At the mere sight of you, my heart melt like butter, adrenaline pumps through my vein and I fall in love with you all over again. Happy Valentine to you, my husband. I adore you silly!

117. My adorable husband, I love you. Happy Valentine day to you!

118. My sweetie pie, your sweet smile sets my heart on fire. Your hugs set everything right with my world. Your kisses give me the height to deal with all the challenges that come my way. You are all I need or ever desire. Happy Valentine day to you, my husband.

119. You are my happiness, my crown. I love you. Here’s to wishing you the most awesome Valentine day ever!

120. Being quiet isn’t an excuse of withholding vital information on a day like this. No, action alone isn’t enough; I’ve got to shout it at the rooftop if you’ll permit me. Here we go, my darling. I love you with the whole of my being. Without you, my whole system will shut down. You bring life into me, my dearest. Happy Valentine, Husby.

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