2024 Missing My Mom in Heaven Quotes

Loss, the process of losing something or someone is a painful process, and losing a loved one is a tug on the heart, it comes with great pain that runs deep and in turn, lead to grief. Grief, on the other hand, is a stranger to the human soul, it comes unannounced.

Losing a mother is one of the greatest blow life might launch on us because mothers are very special, they are the only chauffeur that never retires, they gave life through childbirth and their unconditional love goes on until their last breath. That’s why the loss of a mother could send paralysis to some part of our lives, and no matter how long the loss had occurred, the pain lingers on, it never leaves. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief.

Remembrance of a late mum, is a personal feeling that requires personal words from the inside of you, it’s a time of anniversary you want to celebrate her in death, to tell the world the impact her loss is having on you, how you felt, still feeling and how you’re still dealing with the loss.

So, if you’re remembering your mum today, but you don’t know how to pour out your emotions, follow this page and choose from our emotional messages that remember and cherish mothers, even in the afterlife.

I’m Missing My Mom in Heaven Quotes

Expressing your feelings relieves you from depression. Don’t hesitate to use these I’m Missing My Mom in Heaven Quotes to express how you feel.

1. “Dear mum, living without you is still an alien feeling to me, I wonder if I’ll ever understand it, I miss you with every passing day.”

2. “Without you, the last few years has been the most difficult journey of life, going through it alone without your motivation and smile is the hardest way to live.”

3. “There’s no amount of words I can say or tears that I can shed that would bring you back, I just want you to know that life since you left, is still unbearable.”

4. If only I could put a call through to you among the angels, I really want to hear your smooth encouraging voice, even if it’s for a whole day.”

5. “Though it’s with pain and a heavy heart, today’s still a special day because I choose to celebrate your memory and what you stand for in this life of mine, and that of my siblings, we miss you so dearly.”

6. “Heartbreak was only made known to me through lyrics and movies, the first time I ever experienced it was when you died and ever since then, it’s been replayed in my heart, giving me constant pain on dailies.”

7. “One of the things that hurt me every day was remembering the pain some of my words caused your heart, I’m just seeing all you warned me about, I’m sorry and I miss you.”

8. “Mum, I remember you today, if there’s a way I could trade my heartbeat, just to see one more time, I won’t hesitate before doing cause I miss you more each day.”

9. “Right inside of yourself, you gave me my first home, gave life to me, through every energy of yours, and nurtured me, that’s why it’s not been easy to cope without you, I’m missing you, Mum.”

10. “Mum, this is to your beautiful memory, I miss your selfless act of love, I miss the way you decipher my different moods and I wish you could just smile for me to see again.”

11. “When I reminisce about how much sacrifice you’ve made over my health and my life in general, I know there is nothing I could do to pay you back but to keep you in my heart forever.”

12. “Dear Mama, I want you to do me a favour and visit me in my dreams, I’ve only heard about it but never experience it, can you do me the honour, starting from this night, I miss you.”

13. “I thought about you endlessly and cries bitterly when I do, not because you’re no more but because when you were here, I never spend enough time with you.”

14. It’s weird that I was happy you left, but I can’t bear to see you in pains every time, though you’re always in my heart, I miss your smiles and pampering every now and always.”

15. “I treasure every memory of you with my tears and smiles, I’m happy I came into this world through you but I’m sad that you left me early.”

16. “Looking at your favourite spot in the house flood my mind with curiosity, it got me wondering if you still come around in your terrestrial form, I guess I miss you too much, Mum.”

17. “Since you left, I still wet my pillow with tears, people wonder why I’m yet to get over you, I wonder why they think I should, I miss your love, Mum.”

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18. “I needed you last night but you were far away in heaven, so I slept early just to see you in my dream.”

19. “Death took you away from my sight but that’s as far as it can go, nothing is going to take you away from my heart, for I’m going to treasure your memory forever.”

20. “I have moved on and gotten over the pain your demise left but that’s only in the face of the world, deep down inside of me, I still cry every night before bed.”

21. “The pain of losing you is intense and unbearable, but in your memory, I find solace and happiness, I wish I could turn back time just to get a hug from you.”

22. “Whenever I travelled, I’m always looking forward to coming home to see your face, until it struck me that you’re no longer here, I miss you, Mum.”

23. “Dear Mum, it’s been years now since you left, I hope you see how life’s been treating me, it’s been a little cruel, all because you’re no more, I miss you, Mum. I miss you.”

24. I miss you, that phrase was just like every normal piece of words until you left, then I understood the real meaning of it cause I truly miss you, Mum.”

25. “No matter how long it’s been since you’re no more, your precious smile still lingers on in my memory, that’s the only place I share most of my moments with you.”

26. “Out of all the gifts life ever gave to you, I am the most precious, but the most precious life took away from me, was you, I miss you, Mum.”

27. “Life might have taken you away from me, but heavens placed you as my guardian angel, thanks for watching over me, Mum, but I miss you here.”

28. “The only superwoman I knew was you, mum. Even after you’ve left, you still remain my amazing angel.”

29. “Mum, since you left, I haven’t broken the promise, though it’s been really difficult, I have only been thinking about you with a smile and not with tears.”

30. “I have had you as my angel all my life, and that’s why when you left, it was hard to get by with life, but I believe you’re still watching over me as my angel up there.”

31. “If there is one thing I’d like you to know now, it is the fact that everyone misses you but I missed you more, for you’re the only one who knows deepest thoughts.”

32. “When you were alive, you’re the one with the word of hope and peace, the one with a soothing voice and smiles, now that you’re no more, no one can take your place, we miss you, Mum, including me.”

33. “I usually thought the beauty of heaven is only about blue skies until you left, then I realised that you’ve joined the rest of the glowing stars, shining down upon us, I miss you.”

34. If I have to do it all again, I don’t wish for any other mother, I will continuously choose you, even in another lifetime, I miss you.”

35. “Even if I hang your pictures in every room I sleep, on every road, I pass through and at my workplace, it still won’t suffice for the void your absence had left in my world.”

36. “Dear Mom, you were my communicator, the one who always relay my message to my siblings when I needed help, now that you’re gone, I’m so alone.”

37. “Sometimes, I just wish that you are here so that I can tell you how much I have missed you, but then, I want you to know that you will always be loved, always be missed and always you will live forever in my heart.”

38. “Mum, I have been struggling to get by each day that you’re not here, knowing that I would have to live the rest of my life without you still breaks my heart.”

39. “I am here, still wondering how will I survive each day without you, because when life was tough, you were always behind me to push me but now that you’re gone, I’ll miss you forever, Mum.”

40. “Since you have left, I know my world would never be the same again, no matter what I do or where I live, to make me forget about you, none is working cause I miss you, Mum.”

41. “On the last Mother’s Day, while some were busy taking selfies with their mum, and some bought cards to celebrate the day, I was looking up at the sky with tears in my eyes and wishing you’re here.”

42. “Dear Mama, today I saw people kissing their mum goodbye, saying they’ll see next time, and right there, I felt alone without you because I stood still for a minute wondering if I’ll ever see you again.”

43. “Mum, your departure has brought to my heart an unforgettable torture, the pain deepens with each passing day, forever will you be in my heart.”

44. You’ve been gone for a while now, and living life seems hard without you, I held your clothes, even smell them, but all of these didn’t help, when will I hold you again, Mum? I Miss You!”

45. “Letting go isn’t an easy thing to do, letting go is the hardest thing I did, cause it’s like I just lost a particular sense inside of me, that’s exactly how I feel and have been since you left, Mum.”

46. “You were the sun that shines on my gloomy days, Mama, when you died, I thought the sun stopped shining but I later realise it was mine that seizes to exist at that moment.”

47. “Some of the best memories I’ve had in my life was with you, because unconditional love starts with you and I’m yet to find any other live like yours, Mum, I miss you.”

48. “Today makes it the 742nd day that you left, I celebrated my 2nd birthday without your presence, and I felt really awkward because you were greatly missed, Mum.”

49. “Mum, I realise it is not all pain time could heal, but I’ve come to accept that nothing is greater than love, not even death that took you away and definitely, not the pain it caused.”

50. “I had a companion once, I can’t do anything without her, with her, there’s nothing like loneliness, her smile was priceless until death came to claim her, I miss you, Mum.”

51. “Dear Mum, I miss you but this message is to appreciate you, for all the sweat, blood and pain you had to sacrifice for me, your memories leaves a mark in my heart.”

52. “I woke up feeling sad today, not because I don’t have money, it’s not because I was maltreated, I’m feeling sad because I can’t even call my mum on phone.”

53. “I am thankful for all the moments spent with you and even the time you left, cause I have learnt so much about life from you, but I missed you, Mum.”

54. Heartbreak can cause us to start pretending, I had to pretend in front of people while in actual fact, I’m broken from within, missing you is heartbreaking, Mum.”

55. “Mum, this is to you in heaven, though you’re no more, tomorrow would’ve been your birthday, I hope they celebrate you in heaven, while I’ll be missing you here.”

56. “They say time heals almost every wound but doesn’t seem to be getting easier, every minute that your thought visits my mind, it’s like an opening of a fresh wound.”

57. “If only you’re still here, my life would be so much easier, because you always have a solution to each of my problems, how I miss you, Mum.”

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58. “Mum, I miss you here and now, I miss all the time you’ll wait for me to get back home, I miss when my phone ring and it’s not you, I miss the aroma of your foods, I miss you, mum.”

59. “This morning, I sat in the balcony, waiting to hear your voice calling but not even a whisper came through, now the whole room seems awkward because I miss your argument.”

60. “”I Love You”, when my mind was deep in thought of you, that phrase pop up and calm me down, I felt like you’re the one who whispers it to me, I miss you, Mum.”

61. “Day by day, I see a lot of you in me, when I look in the mirror, I am reminded of you when I talk to people, and even when I sleep, you’re always on my mind, Mum.”

62. “On this day, at this exact time, some years ago, you transitioned into the heavens, you would’ve been a year older today, but then, thank you for giving strength to a weaker me, Mama.”

63. “I came across a picture of my mum some days ago, looking at it, I would give anything just to have her here and take as many pictures with her, I wish you are here, Mum.”

64. I got into an argument today, that got me thinking afterwards, cause I found myself wishing for your presence, I think you left too soon and I miss you so much, mum.”

65. “Do you know I still cry every day, there are times I need answers and advice to questions which you alone could understand, it’s painful but I’ll keep holding on.”

66. “The more I grief your death, the more I realise all your impact, the more I feel the pain of never seeing you again, I’ll forever miss you.”

67. “It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s been 2 years that you left, 2 years that I last saw and hugged you, my mind still feels heavy at the mere thought your demise, I miss you.”

68. “Is it that I’m still living in denial of your death, cause I found myself dialling your line today until I was reminded with a disconnection tone, now I’m feeling broken.”

69. “It’s been a few years now that you left and the feeling is still foreign to me, I’m still learning to cope with life without you, certain things can’t be fixed, bringing you back is one of it.”

70. “I miss the most precious gift life gave to me, my mama, if love was a sky, my mama would take the larger part because she loved endlessly until her last breath.”

71. “It’s true I’m an adult, but it’s also true that I have got feelings and also in need of mother’s love, but now that you’re gone, I’m finding it hard feel alive. I miss you, Mum.”

72. “Here’s to every mother that is no more, that is somewhere in heaven, keep resting on heaven’s wing and love to others like me who’s mum are alive in our hearts.”

73. “Though you’re no more, I feel your presence everywhere, even when your favourite song plays on the radio.”

74. Mum, it’s painful that you had to go so sudden, every morning, I wake up in tears cause I won’t see you again but I’m happy you’re somewhere better than here.”

75. “We all know that grieving never stops, cause years after the loss, time would always deposit some unforgettable memories into our minds, forever in my heart you will be, Mum.”

76. “Today, I choose to remember the best moments spent with my mum and all of her love for me, just like every other day, I cherish how lucky to have had you.”

77. “When you passed on to the other side, it became more evident to me every day that you left a big hole in my heart that can’t be filled, I miss you, mum.”

78. “I’m feeling so sad today, mum because you’re not here, you were supposed to be here, to walk the stage with me as I graduate, but I know your spirit would accompany me.”

79. “Ever been happy to have met some people, well I’m glad that I get to feature in the life story of my mum, it was really a privilege to have come through you but now, I’m missing you.”

80. “I don’t care for how long you’ve been gone, in as much as you’re still alive in my heart, and your thought lives on in my memories, you’re never dead.”

81. “Pretty amount of the beautiful memories I’ve had in my life was with you, mum, and it’s pretty sad to know that you’re now a memory yourself, I miss you.”

82. “Life is a journey, though the part that leads to your path in it has ended not in my heart, continue your journey in my heart, my lovely mum.”

83. “I remember you every day because my day won’t be complete if I don’t, but remembering you every day brings some after pain, like heartache, I miss you, Mum.”

84. Where there is deep grief, there was a great love, I guess that explains this continuous grieving of mine, you’re forever loved and right here in my heart.”

85. “Dear Mum, your memories in our hearts represents the glow of happiness that overpowers the sadness we feel when we realise you’re no more here.”

86. “Oftentimes, the smiles that come after the thought of you has more pain behind it than the tears welling up in my eyes, I can’t stop missing you, Mum.”

87. “Your death has shown me the meaning of life in a shocking way, it scratched you away but also made me know that I should take chances in life. I hope you’re smiling down on me, Mum.”

88. “Despite the fact that you’ve been gone for a long time, the memories of you still linger, different part of the house still have stories to remind me about you, Mum, I miss you much.”

89. “I didn’t have the time to appreciate how more than a woman you were, how amazing your love was towards me, I didn’t even realize how valuable you were, not until it was already too late, I miss you so much.”

90. “Nothing can separate me from loving you, not even the death that took you away, I loved you before death and I’ll keep loving you after it.”

91. “Dear Mum, you’re amazing, you were my first home on earth and for a very long time, and even in death, your memories remain my safe haven, I can’t just help but miss you.”

92. “Since your death, mum, every day had been a struggle that I’m taking one step at a time, today is another day to feel your absence, I miss you dearly.”

93. “Often have I heard people say their mum came visiting in their dreams, why am I not so lucky, or is my mum trying to save me from a continuous heartache, cause I miss her.”

94. No matter how old I may be, there are times I just wish my mum was around, just like right now that I feel like hearing her voice, I wish you were here, Mum.”

95. “Mom, thanks for your unending love that you gave to me while you were here, and for the one you still shower on me to shield me after you’re gone.” 

96. “Over time, I have come to accept that time definitely cannot heal all wounds, most especially the loss of a mother, it’s a permanent wound.”

97. “Your last days on earth gave me an intense understanding of Mother’s Love, for even on your death bed with your weak body, you were still concern about my welfare.”

98. “It’s always painful when I think about your death, though life must move on, your love will forever remain in my heart. I miss you, Mom.”

99. “Going through life without you is like a tedious task, it makes the world look like a strange place, but when I remember your prayers and your signature smile, then I am relieved.”

100. “I have read every book and see different movies, even went for seminars that teach how to cope with loss, none of them ever works, I miss you, Mum.”

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