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2024 Heartfelt Paragraphs for Him to Make Him Smile

Smiling is like shinning a ray of light amidst the fierce darkness of the world. Thus, everyone loves to do this more often than not, but many times, we need a reason to wear the most beautiful curve on the face.

In the case of romance, a loving partner is enough to inspire a beautiful smile like an effervescent sun in the sky.

A girl in love would most probably want to make her man happy by the simple gesture of sending him some heartfelt words.

If you belong to this category of girls, these Paragraphs for Him to Make Him Smile have been written precisely for you to achieve that.

Simply pick the best of the best written here and let your dream come true.

Love Paragraphs for Boyfriend from the Heart

You want your boyfriend to feel so special and on top of the world? These sweet romantic love paragraphs for him to make him smile will get the job done. Short and long love paragraphs for him from the heart.

1. With my heart beating to the rhythm of your heart, I desire the smile you set upon my face as early as the cock crows in the morning when your thought just runs through my mind for a second. Then It aches when I have to see the day through without your loving arms wrapped around me. For this love, I’ll sing passionate hymns of love. By its strength, I’ll cross the widest oceans and sea. Here I am confessing my love to you as my heart feels. Hoping to touch the deepest part of your heart. Whatever this love brings, I will take. For only its taste is satisfying and whole.

2. It feels good to not search anymore. And better it feels to not have to wait for the one. The feeling is ecstatic when I call you my own. It is blissful with warm passions when I bear your surname on my papers. You make love a dream, but its refreshment I feel. This one is real so I’ll hold on to it till I take my last breath. To the husband I revere; I hope you keep your vows. To the one I love; I hope you stay with me till the end. I do not doubt your love nor the character with which it speaks. Hence, I rest all day long in your arms with nothing dark to fear.

3. In the middle of large dark water, you saved me with the life jacket of love. When life seemed to have lost its sweetness to the misery of lonesomeness and pain, then you came by like an angel sent from heaven afar without visible wings, but a heart of gold. I make you this promise, my darling to bind your heart with love and joy and to hold your hand with trust and peace. Take every part of me without withholding your desire. Bless all of me with your kisses and gazes. Do not bother to fight, cause I’m committed to be yours for the longest time. I’m loving you till I’m old, baby.

4. Good morning, Romeo. With the sun in the sky be sure you have a place in my heart and when the moon appears, be confident that I still wear your ring. The stars are a testimony of the children we’ll bear. The cool breezes of the ocean tell of the peace we’ll feel as long as we stick together. Let’s take a minute to wander in each other’s eyes and a lifetime to dwell with each other in love. It matters not whether it rains or shines, I’ll hold on to your hands without letting go. It feels right to love you even as it weakens when you’re not by me and it strengthens when you plant a kiss on my lips. Take this as a piece of my love for you. I’m yours all life long.

5. Let my heart become the seat of your emotions. Let my laughter bring back every good memory you ever had. I once wished for a love like ours. Today, it is a reality to behold. Whenever you miss your step, I’ll bring you back to me. Love has no boundary. Thus, you have no limit with me. I’ll commit myself to you for as long as I live. I hope you do the same with me. I don’t mind living for you, for you’re the spice of my life and all that I need to live for. I want to spend both day and night with you. Itch my name in the core of your heart for that’s where it truly belongs.

6. Remember you have a girlfriend in a small part of the world resting her fragile heart upon the comfort of your loving bosom. She’s the sweetest on earth whilst she dreams of the day she’ll share a home with you. Do not forget that’ll she do anything for her love. So, come to her for anything pure and true. For there’s no mountain too big for her to climb in honour of her love. There’s no greater love than the one she feels for you. There is none better at the love she gives. Remember she’s got the best boyfriend in the world because she sees his strength and strives to make her world a better place. Hence, she’s too determined to be swirled by the gestures of the other men looking in her direction. Rest in my love forever, my darling. It is all that matters to me.

7. I feel like the best man on the planet was made for me to love. Cause heaven knows his heart I can see. Clothed with honour and grace, he makes me fall with just a gaze. His gestures make the pronunciation of love, even as his posture oozes the confidence of a saint. I love my man to the moon and back. And for him I’ll break many hearts, for his heart, I rather love to own. Make me your own for the rest of my life and I’ll do well to answer your name. Heal every past pain with your kisses and leave beautiful scars on my skin. Let the whole world perceive the scent of our love when we walk round by. Let them see that we care. It is me and you against the world, my love.

8. Forever I am changed by your love like the larva made into a beautiful butterfly by the command of the Creator. Settle me with your juicy kisses, for only then will I have rest. Perfect me with your gentle caresses, for there lies my confidence and grace. Establish me with the goodness of your heart and let the whole world envy the hues of our love. I love the character with which you profess this feeling. For it finely demonstrates faithfulness and adoration. I love the gaze you set upon me, for in it, I find myself to be whole. I love you, my darling. But certainly more than yesterday.

9. A husband of indescribable worth. With many gems to give, wrapped in adoration and honour. A good wife I’ll be, for you’ve found favour in my eyes. Tasty and delicious are your kisses. Sweet and cute are the mistakes you make. For in my eyes they are forgivable. I am blinded by your love, my darling. Hence, your sins are quickly forgiven. I love you like I’ve never loved before. So, I hope to wake up right next to you every day of my life. Heaven hears my prayers saying; may nothing come in between us.

10. Lonely days are over. I’ve found a place called heaven as I seat happily inside your heart. There’s no lie in the truth that I love you. For the veins you see inside my flesh are evidence of the love that flows within me, running deeply into the core of my heart and brains. Hence, I’m blinded by your love. Be my knight in shining armour, for I am but a beauty in distress. This love was made to last, hence it stands tall and proud. Send your wishes to me, and I’ll move mountains to make them true. Send your prayers to the kind heavens and I’ll be the answer to them. Hold my hand with trust and let me give peace into your bosom. Let’s take this ride with faith and to the end, we shall go happily. I love you, boo.

11. Heaven opens when you smile, whilst the earth blossoms as you laugh. Stay happy, my love.

12. Surround me with your arms, so there’ll be no escaping from you, my darling.

13. Looking into your eyes makes me see heaven on earth. I’m so in love with you, baby.

14. As you smile, I smile with you. And when you nurse your pain, I’m in pain with you, too.

15. I felt refreshed the very first time you touched me. Your gentle hand on my skin feels more like the rain touching dry land.

16. All I care about is you, I don’t mind if the world goes mad whenever we’re together.

17. You complete my dream of love as you confess your soulful feelings for me, my love.

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18. I’ll love you more when the stars fall and the moon fails to bring out its beauty at twilight.

19. I’ll always do right by you, cause true love is positive at all time.

20. I don’t mind being sent to hell with you, cause wherever you are is heaven to me, baby.

21. My heart aches when I don’t see you. My spirit becomes dead when I cannot touch you. Never leave me to die, sweety.

22. Open your eyes to see the one standing before you, for I am all you’ve ever dreamt of.

23. My mind is occupied with your thought and my heart is not free from loving you.

24. Your carriage sweeps me off my feet. I simply wish I had met you earlier, my love.

25. I love how true your love for me is. It inspires me to keep on being me.

26. Our love is palpable enough to be felt even from a distance.

27. Heaven smiled down on me when you fell in love with me. You opened heaven’s gate for me.

28. If loving comes with pain, I don’t mind loving you more than everyone and everything else.

29. I love everything about you, including what the world hates most about you, my darling.

30. My happiness is birthed by yours. So, do well to always keep me happy by being happy yourself.

31. I choose to love you unconditionally.
I’m ready to read my vow to you before the whole world.

32. If you stand by me, our world will become surreal; our oceans will be filled with love and our lands will be full of kindness.

33. You’re the reason I feel good. Never make me feel less, baby.

34. You covered me up with love and stripped me off of my insecurity. I love what you’ve done to my fears.

35. I have wings to fly, cause you were never afraid of flying with me.

36. My worries die and my happiness resurrects when you speak of your love to me.

37. I’m more alive than the sun and more beautiful than the deep blue sea; it’s all because of you.

38. Do well to look into my eyes, for as you do, my world grows bigger just as my dream of love with you.

39. I’ll live to remember you for as long as I live; so says the love of your life.

40. I have a heart that never forgets, cause I fell in love with you.

41. You’re the wall that surrounds me. If you ever fall, I’ll be falling with you, baby.

42. I’m happy you’re my reason for happiness, cause that gives me joy than anything else.

43. You turned me into an angel when you gave me the chance to love you this much.

44. I started loving you from the very first day. I hope to love you till the last.

45. I breathe with you just as the moon breathes with the stars in the sky.

46. Your eyes are flawless just as the precious pearls beneath the ocean.

47. You look special than an angel whenever you put on your gentility like a robe. I love you, honey.

48. I’ve been falling for you for so long and I’m yet to stop. You’re the reason I can never stop loving you.

49. Embrace me so that I may be drenched in your love one more time.

50. You’re a joy to behold. I’ll never leave your side for anywhere else in the world.

51. I’ll clutch onto you wherever you go, for it is my joy to be next to you till infinity.

52. I see love in your eyes and kindness in your heart. I love how humane you are, baby.

53. Let me give you a reason to smile, whilst you give me a reason to love you more.

54. Because of you, I can tell how heaven looks like, for it lies in your eyes.

55. When it comes to you, I can face the world like a skilled female knight who fears not what the world could do to her.

56. All your sins are forgiven because I am in love with you, my darling.

57. It is my priority to take great care of you just like the sun does the earth; I’ll stand by you always, my love.

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58. This heart of mine will make you the finest home and the sweetest domicile.

59. All I want is you. Even when the going gets tough, I don’t need an angel but you.

60. Be my direction when it’s dark and I’ll be the light of your world even under the sun.

61. I’ll keep all my promises to you including birthing your child.

62. No matter what dimension life takes, only your direction I’ll walk, my darling.

63. No matter how cruel life may be, I’ll flourish your heart with love and ease your pain with the caresses made of passion.

64. I love you more than I can tell, so, I’ll employ a knight of pen to explain to you.

65. All the beautiful stars in the sky gaze on this love letter to you, hoping I write this to them. But only you does my heart yearn for.

66. Nothing is fun until you join in with me, my darling. So, I hope to see you soon.

67. I’ll pay the price of love just to be with you. I’ll fight the sun and moon just to be your light, sweetheart.

68. No matter how painful the road may get, as long as I am tripping into your arms, I’ll be fine.

69. I’ll right your mistakes, cause you’re nothing but a human in love with another.

70. Sing me a love song, so my joy is full all day long, my love.

71. Don’t make me feel jealous, sweetheart. Simply let me be your all in all.

72. It feels like yesterday when we walked down the aisle. In my dreams, I’ll do that again with you.

73. When I close my eyes, I see us enthused with the company of our children, sunk in the atmosphere of love.

74. Feel my heart beating for you. See my eyes looking at the path which your feet take into my home. Therefore, awaiting your lovely company.

75. This love won’t die young. Forever it’ll live until it is accomplished.

76. I was made to love you. It’s by far the easiest thing I do on earth.

77. When you hear the birds chirping, know it’s me singing you a love song.

78. My life is way more beautiful with you as a significant part of it; whence do thou get the hues to colour me, my darling?

79. Where love takes me, I’ll go. Cause where there is love there is enough oxygen to breathe.

80. Give me the mark of love, so, everyone knows I’m in love with you, my darling.

81. At the clap of the thunder, I know I only want to be with you. At the rising of the sun, I see a beautiful ray of hope with you.

82. Nothing is real but my absolute love for you, my darling.

83. A cup of lemonade with you every day is worth a seat with you, my darling.

84. Feature in my love song and for a lifetime, I’ll sing with you, my darling.

85. This year is phenomenal and divine. Because my star led me into your loving, sturdy arms. Lucky me!

86. I love you to the depth of my soul. Even into the other world, your name I’ll sing.

87. All we need to do in times of misery is to dance its pain away with our love song playing at the background.

88. Love heals all wounds and not time; you healed my wound, my love.

89. I love it here with you. You’re way fabulous than my crush on TV.

90. Forever is where I want to go with you. Life is too short a time to love.

91. Tell me where it hurts and I’m ready to heal with the balm of love, sweetheart.

92. I want to dance with you all day long to feel your warmth before all eyes, sweetheart.

93. When the night is gone, do not be done with me, my darling.

94. Have you smiled today? Well, read my love letter; you’re simply the best there can ever be for me, sweetheart.

95. Your eyes are full of kindness, little wonder your heart is the home where it sits.

96. Make it a date with me always. I miss you when you’re a little far away, my darling.

97. Your love letters enthuse me. Hence, I read them even in the middle of the night.

98. It feels good to know that you love me this much. It makes me feel on top of the world.

99. As I continue to age in your loving arms every day, I can be sure to be left with no wrinkles to prove my ageing self.

100. Sitting upon your manly laps give me joy inexplicable. So, make me a throne upon them, my darling.

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