120+ Best Prayer Text Messages for Lovers in 2024

A new year is worth an offering of prayer to the most high. And for your lover, it is worth your kind prayers on their behalf.

In that regard, there’s nothing more appropriate than sending to your lover on the first day of the year, second or even fifth day, prayer messages to see them throughout the new year.

So, pick any of these best prayer text messages for your lover and be sure to involve the higher power in their matter as the year runs out.

You’re so good to go.

Prayer Text messages for Him or Her

The best prayer text messages for him or her in May 2024. Powerful prayer text messages for boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Hello, love. As we explore each day of this new year, I pray for you the grace to succeed beyond doubts, to be happy beyond understanding and to breakthrough beyond barriers. May the good tidings of the year 2024 take pleasure in your home, may its beauty be outstanding in every part of your abode. May this new year be phenomenal for the good things it shall amass into your life so graciously. This year is yours to enjoy, my darling.

2. Happy new year, my darling. All I’ve got for you to celebrate this new year are kind prayers of prosperity, good health, happiness and all of God’s supernatural blessings. May this year not see your tears. May your smiles get broader as the year gets further. All the days of 2024 shall be your best days. The good Lord shall be merciful unto you and yours. Enjoy, my love.

3. I pray this new year shall compensate for your wait all these years. I decree that no barrier shall get in the way of your success and happiness. May you sing aloud the songs of victory, may the congregation of the righteous hear your testimony. Your harvest shall be bountiful even in times of famine. So shall it be for you, my darling in Jesus name.

4. May this year be full of precious miracles of God. The mercy of the Lord shall lead the way in your life. Your glory this new year shall be greater than your former. You shall reign at the top. Nations shall come to the brightness of your rising. Your projects shall come to fruition and your achievements shall be celebrated around the world. In good health shall you see the end of 2024. So I pray for you, my love in Jesus name.

5. 2024 has come but I pray it won’t leave without depositing into your bosom all of God’s blessings for you in high places. You shall not lack the power and grace to bring your dreams, goals and visions for this new year to pass. When your success arrives, good health shall stay also. Your happiness and victory shall not be cut short. In Jesus precious name, I pray.

6. My love, this year will bring us closer than the previous ones. We shall achieve great things together. The Lord will protect your life and sustain you. You shall not be a prey to the evil ones. All of your expectations for this year shall be met by God. You shall not be down, rather you shall stand and be celebrated.

7. I pray the Lord lifts you up this year, 2024. He will grant you the wisdom to pilot the affairs of our relationship and your personal life. You shall be a blessing to the world as you are to me. Your life will never remain the same; you shall begin to accomplish new things. You shall be unstoppable, forward movement shall you make until your dreams are achieved.

8. You shall be unbreakable this year. The Lord will make you stronger than last year. Your health shall not fail; you shall be as healthy as a heavenly angel. Victory is yours on all levels. Your days of secret tears and regrets are over. You shall begin to accomplish new things.

9. Every prayer you make this year shall be answered. The heavens will be open over you. The angels of the living God shall heed to your demands. Your harvest this year shall be bountiful. What you were unable to achieve in the previous years shall become a reality this year. Your wait is over; the promises of God shall come to fruition in your life this year.

10. My sweetheart, you shall begin 2024 with joy, peace and prosperity. Your blessings shall overflow; your cup shall never run dry. Your voice will be heard in heaven and your desires shall be met on earth. You’re unstoppable. You’re victorious. You’re blessed. Every barrier to your breakthrough is broken and destroyed in Jesus name.

11. As we go through this year as a couple, may we enjoy the abundant mercies of God. His faithfulness will not cease concerning our matter. His kindness will stay true to our names in Jesus name.

12. Happy new year, my love. I pray this year shall shake off every evil oddity in your career and health.

13. May 2024 be the year of your dominion and expansion. You shall not beg, but a blessing you shall be instead to your generation in Jesus name.

14. May the Lord arise and fight your battles and give you victory from the beginning of this new year, I pray.

15. The grace of the Lord shall abide with you from now till the end of this year. By the mercies of the Lord, you shall leap for joy as each day goes by.

16. I cancel by the precious blood of the Lamb, every evil agenda of the wicked against your life this new year.

17. You’re blessed and highly favored. 2024 will show you that in Jesus name.

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18. I pray for you, my love; 2024 shall be your year of abundance and grace. You shall be celebrated and honoured wherever you go.

19. Where your dreams cannot take you, may the grace of the Lord take you even beyond. So I pray for you, my love.

20. May this new year show you kindness unending. May your wishes be granted and may God’s grace rest upon you for good.

21. Dear, sweet love. These prayers, I pray for you; may 2024 be the year of enlargement on every side. May you enjoy God’s favour in your career and pursuits.

22. Happy new year, my love. May you come out with the bright colors of a winner. You shall be the head and not the tail in Jesus name.

23. In this new year, your education shall witness divine grace and turnaround. May the wisdom of God not forsake you as you learn.

24. May the peace of God not abandon your abode, may His loving kindness not depart from you in Jesus name.

25. I pray for you, my darling. Each step you take shall lead you into prosperity. May the good Lord order your steps into victory in Jesus name.

26. May 2024 be named after your achievement and prosperity. You shall laugh best this year, my darling.

27. All I want for 2024 is your happiness and breakthrough. And so shall it be in Jesus name.

28. May 2024 sing loud your praises. May your lips sing the songs of victory. With happiness, you shall live through the year in Jesus name.

29. When men shall say there is a casting down, by the grace of God, you shall testify of a lifting up in the year 2024. So shall it be for you, my love.

30. By the precious blood of the Lamb, you’re a winner. Evil shall not rule over you, failure shall not reign in your abode.

31. All that you lost to the devil and his agents, may the good Lord recompense you in this new year. In 2024, you shall recover and overtake in Jesus name.

32. May the Lord settle, perfect, establish and strengthen you in this year. 2024 is your year, my darling.

33. I want to see you smile, I want to witness your prosperity. May the good Lord cause His face to shine upon you and establish the works of your hands upon you, my darling.

34. Happy new year, sweety. Blessed shall your barn be. Favored shall you be amongst all men.

35. May the Lord preserve your going out and coming in throughout this year, I pray in Jesus name.

36. In 2024, you shall not be a victim but a victor by the virtue of the bloodshed on the cross of Calvary in Jesus name.

37. Throughout this new year, your back shall not rest on the hospital’s bed. In good health shall you be celebrated in Jesus name.

38. For you, my love, I pray; may the grace of God bring to pass your good expectations this year. Your dreams shall not be cut short in Jesus name. Amen.

39. The Lord shall bring to nought the counsel of the wicked and their devices shall be of no effect upon your life in Jesus name.

40. Happy new year, my love. May this year leave a sweet taste of prosperity and advancement in your mouth. You shall enjoy the favour of God and upon yourself shall your crown flourish in Jesus name.

41. In this 2024 race, you shall win and finish well. Your breakthrough shall not bypass you in Jesus name.

42. May you be the joy of your household. May your goodness be heard in every corner of the city. For you, my love, I pray in Jesus name.

43. You shall not wear the garment of shame and neither shall you bow down your head in shame in Jesus name.

44. By the special grace of God, 2024 shall be your best year since birth. God’s outstanding mercy and favour shall be evident in your life this year in Jesus name.

45. Happy new year, my darling. May this year be nice to you in your career, family and health in Jesus name.

46. You shall lose count of your blessings this year in Jesus name. Out of the many nations of the world, you shall be singled out for great blessing in Jesus name.

47. May the promises of the Lord come to pass in your life this year. The wait is over in Jesus name.

48. Lack and want shall not be your portion in 2024, my love. Sadness and depression shall not take pride in your heart in Jesus name.

49. Those who want you down shall see the favour of God at work in your life this new year in Jesus name.

50. You shall say that indeed the Lord is good as you witness all the days of 2024 in Jesus name.

51. You shall not lose your loved ones and your loved ones shall not lose you too in Jesus name.

52. All around you, the mercy of God shall shine. And inside of you, you shall feel His tender love and mercy. Happy new year, my love.

53. Wherever you may be in lack, may the Lord supply your needs according to His riches in glory in this new year in Jesus name.

54. The Lord shall do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you’ve asked and could’ve imagined for 2024 in Jesus name.

55. Our love shall not die but blossom into eternity. This year shall be an evidence of God’s love and grace in our lives as individuals and as a couple in Jesus name.

56. You shall not fall. And your feet shall not hit against a stone. Poverty shall not rest in your abode in Jesus name.

57. May the angel of kindness take pleasure in your home. May the angel of favour take likeness in your matter this year in Jesus name.

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58. Happy new year, my darling. May the Lord arise and scatter your enemies. May He part the red sea for you to pass on dry land in Jesus name.

59. Every mountain shall be leveled for your sake. May the Lord abide with you from the first day of January till the last of December 2024 in Jesus name.

60. You shall soar higher than the eagle. May the Lord surprise all eyes regarding your matter in Jesus name.

61. The Lord shall not turn deaf ears to your needs. May His outstretched arm fight your battle in Jesus name.

62. May the anointing of the Lord break every yoke in your life in Jesus name. Prosperity shall abide in your home, I pray for you, my darling.

63. Happy new year, my love. May this year arrive with heavenly blessings. May the earth yield her increase into your bosom.

64. That which your hand shall do shall be prosperous in this new year. Your abundance shall be evident. Thence, you shall be a blessing to your generation in Jesus name.

65. Happy new year, sweety. May the Lord prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies and cause His right hand to rest upon your head for good in Jesus name.

66. My love, 2024 shall be the best year you’ve ever lived on the surface of the earth. You shall record great successes this year.

67. Hon, your greatest desire for our relationship shall be met unfailingly in 2024 in Jesus name.

68. We’ll age together; nothing will tear us apart. We shall be united till forevermore. Happy new year, sweety.

69. I pray the Lord fulfills your every expectation in this new year. You shall know the new year for phenomenal breakthrough.

70. Sweety, in Jesus name, you shall be honoured and celebrated this new year. Shame shall never be your portion.

71. My love, the Lord will take you to a higher ground and lift you up from the miry clay come 2024 in Jesus name.

72. Sweety, I pray for your endeavours and businesses, they shall amass great success and bountiful harvest in Jesus name. Happy new year, darl.

73. My love, the Lord will cause you to sing a new song in 2024 in Jesus name. You shall put on a new garment of glory.

74. Your torments and nightmares will come to an end come 2024 in Jesus name. This is the beginning of a new dawn in your life.

75. You make me happy every single day of my life. Hence, this new year shall bring you immeasurable joy and gladness. I wish you a prosperous new year in Jesus name.

76. Good tidings will you get in the new year. Bad news shall be so far away from your dwelling in Jesus might name.

77. It’s time to go to your next level. I rebuke stagnancy and backwardness for your sake in Jesus name. Everlasting progress is yours. Happy new year, my darl.

78. Sweety, you shall cry the tears of joy and fulfillment. Nights of painful tears are all over in Jesus name.

79. My darl, each plan you’ve made for the year 2024 shall prosper. The devil will not succeed in confusing you in Jesus name.

80. This year, you shall experience the faithfulness of the Lord in a unique way. The mercy and the favour of the Lord will abide with you completely, till the new year comes to an end. So shall it be for you, my love.

81. Hon, may your deepest dreams for our relationship be fulfilled. May this relationship moves forward and together we shall take a very great step concerning us in the new year in Jesus name.

82. Happiness alone shall you enjoy. Suffering and pain shall all be far away from your household in Jesus name. My love, you will know pure happiness in Jesus name.

83. The kind of peace you failed to enjoy in the previous year shall overwhelm you this new year. Your days of fears and nightmares are all over in Jesus name.

84. My love, in 2024 you shall be blessed and be called for greatness. Nothing will hinder your progress in the new year in Jesus name.

85. Sweety, I’ll see you achieving great things this year. Fulfillment will be yours and everlasting joy shall come knocking at the door of your heart.

86. Baby, I pray for you, that 2024 shall cause me to give you the best things of life. By the grace of God, I’ll give you my best and only my best you’ll see in Jesus name.

87. This year, you shall not murmur nor lament. Only the songs of thanksgiving will escape your lips and dwell in your heart forevermore in Jesus name.

88. My love, heaven will acknowledge your prayers in 2024. You shall serve God and reap the great dividends in Jesus name.

89. The visions of God for your life shall be clear. You shall walk in God’s purpose for your life in 2024 in Jesus name. Have a great new year, my love.

90. You shall be received as a royalty this year. Your greatest dreams shall be brought to pass. Significant progress shall take place in your life this year. And so shall it be for you, my love.

91. Your life shall be ruled by the Holy Spirit. Iniquities and infirmities shall be so far away from you in 2024.

92. Your life will be bright and fair this year. You’re coming out from obscurity in Jesus name. Happy new year, my darl.

93. Sweety, I command the heavens to pour out abundance on you in 2024. You shall not lack, neither will you beg to eat. You’ll have more to give in Jesus name.

94. Heavenly peace shall be your portion here on earth in 2024. My love, everything stolen by the devil in your life shall be returned back to you in many folds.

95. In 2024, Your successes and accomplishments will take everyone by surprise in Jesus name. Happy new year, my love.

96. Every goal you’ve set out to achieve in this new year shall you achieve by God’s grace. You shall not start, then abandon any projects. Holy Spirit will give you the power to see it through in Jesus name.

97. Every prayer that is yet to be answered shall be fulfilled in 2024. You shall record great miracles in this new year, my love.

98. I pray that your academics will prosper this year and you shall finish well in Jesus name. Have a prosperous new year.

99. You shall not know the new year for pain and sickness. Only good health, joy, prosperity and fulfilment shall you enjoy in Jesus name.

100. Sweety, as you go to and fro, you shall not encounter any accident. The Lord will protect you in Jesus name. Your going out and coming in shall be safe. So I pray for you, my love.

101. Baby, I ask in Jesus name that the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that you need to prosper exceptionally in the year 2024 shall be bestowed on you.

102. In this new year, you shall not reap sparingly, but bountifully in Jesus name. Go and prosper in 2024 in Jesus name.

103. You shall not make mistakes this year. Only your desires shall come to pass. Neither, will you experience any sort of damage in Jesus name. Happy new year, love of my life.

104. This new year shall bring in your dream job unto you. You shall not be underemployed. You shall occupy a very great position in life in Jesus name. Happy new year, love.

105. Sweety, your blessings, progress and joy shall all be immeasurable. So shall it be for you in the new year in Jesus name.

106. The Lord will make you a new person this new year; you shall not be like your former self. You shall enjoy a new level of grace, accomplishment, prosperity and fulfillment in Jesus name. Happy new year, sweety.

107. Hon, you shall stand on great podiums. You shall be seen from a higher ground. You shall no longer dwell amongst mere men. This shall be your portion in Jesus name.

108. Baby, the devil shall fail completely and woefully in your life in 2024 in Jesus name. All the desires of the wicked concerning you shall perish in Jesus name. Have a great new year.

109. Baby, you shall not experience any form of disappointment this year in Jesus name. Every expectation of yours shall be met. God will do more for you this year in Jesus name.

110. My love, by God’s grace I’ll never break your heart, rather I shall make you fulfilled this year in Jesus name. Happy new year, baby.

111. In 2024, you shall walk in righteousness and holiness. The chains of sin and iniquity shall not hold you captive in Jesus name. A holy life is your portion, my love.

112. You shall begin and end 2024 with utmost gratitude and happiness. Your race in this new year shall be smooth and progressive in Jesus name.

113. You’ll only obtain love, mercy, favour and goodness in this new year. You shall not know otherwise in Jesus name.

114. You shall laugh greatly in 2024. You shall keep on rejoicing endlessly till the new year runs out in Jesus name.

115. You’ll be blessed this new year. My love, your gifts and talent shall be appreciated in Jesus name. Happy new year, love.

116. You’ll sit in the midst of great men and women. You shall not be a servant to any by God’s grace in 2024 in Jesus name.

117. Every storm that has been raging in your life shall be silenced in Jesus name. Only untold peace shall you know this year in Jesus name. Happy new year, baby.

118. You shall build great things this new year. You shall be known for greatness. My love, you’ll become a force to reckon with in your endeavours in Jesus name.

119. By the power of God, 2024 shall favour you. You shall be lifted up. God will unfailingly perfect you in Jesus name. Happy new year, love.

120. Your strength shall be renewed in this new year. The Lord will open your eyes to see what you need to do for your dreams to be accomplished. This new year shall be full of great wonders for you in Jesus name.

Now, go send them your love through kind prayers.

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