Quotes about Being Scared to Fall in Love

Quotes about Being Scared to Fall in Love

You long to fall in love, but you’re scared. You’ve been hurt, and you don’t want to go through that again. Love is a beautiful feeling. The moment you start falling for someone, it’s hard to contain the joy that comes with being in love. But there are times when you might get scared, and not want a relationship because you believe it would end badly or because of some other reasons.

The feeling of being in love can be exhilarating. It can also be scary as hell. Whether you are falling in love with a friend or partner, the feeling of being scared to fall in love is common. You know that feeling when you’re doing something risky and you can feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins? Well, falling in love is one of those times! You know it’s not going to work out in the end, but you just have to go for it anyway. Here are some quotes about being scared to fall in love. Enjoy.

Afraid to Fall in Love Quotes

I’m afraid. Afraid to fall in love, to be hurt, to open up and to be rejected. I’m afraid that the moment I let someone else in… they will reject my love and break my heart.

1. I think I’m afraid to fall in love…I don’t think I could handle the pain of loss again. I know it will happen eventually even if it is unlikely. I don’t want to open myself up to that much hurt. But then again, what if falling in love means you get to have the most amazing person in your life? What if they are worth all the pain and loss?

2. It’s difficult to let yourself get close to someone. The fear of the unknown, of risking your heart against those odds, is one of the worst feelings in the world. But what if love takes you by surprise? What if life gives you a second chance at happiness?

3. I’ve been hurt before, and I’m not sure if I can handle that kind of pain again. I wonder if it’s worth it anyway—if the pain is worth a few days or weeks, or maybe months of amazing happiness.

4. It’s hard to love someone when you can’t see past the fear of being hurt again. But it’s harder to stay in a loveless world. Let down your guard and give love a chance.

5. I am afraid to fall in love, afraid to fail. I am afraid of my feelings. The depth of them. I feel so much that sometimes I wonder if I wasn’t wired wrong, to begin with. If this isn’t something that affects every human being like it’s affected me.”

6. I know you don’t think you will find love again. You are so scared of it, but I see how much you desire it in your eyes. It hurts me to see you like this. You must know that you deserve beautiful things, that being loved is the most amazing gift there is. No matter what happens you will always be my angel, and I will always love you.

7. I am so scared that I will fall in love with you. It is a side of myself that I just don’t want to see. My heart is beating so fast because I already know that I am hooked. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I hope you can understand, but if you do then maybe you should be standing next to me, instead of across the room.

8. I am afraid of falling in love because I know what it’s like to be in love and lose that person. I’m scared to fall in love, scared to fall fast, because every time I fall in love it never seems to last.

9. I’m afraid to fall in love with you because I will love you too much. I don’t want to lose you. And after all the failures in my life, I’m afraid I’ll end up losing myself down this road. So right now if I can stay with you being in love with you isn’t worth it. But there is a large part of me that wants to hold on to forever. I just don’t know what

10. I can tell that I am afraid to fall in love. I know, it is such a scary thing to give my whole heart to someone. There is nothing more precious in this world. When I do find that special someone, I will know it deep down and it will overwhelm me with joy.

11. I’m afraid to fall in love again. I’m afraid of being hurt. I know I will be. The pain is always in my heart. It never goes away.

12 I know I am afraid to love and I know that meeting you changed me, you made my world feel lighter, brighter and happier. You have no idea how amazing it is knowing you care about me, support me, and love me.

13. I’m afraid of getting hurt or falling in love and not being loved in return. Should I take a chance or stay alone for a few more years? I don’t know what to do, but I am thinking about it.

14. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to be afraid of letting go. I don’t blame myself for being afraid of love, just as much as I can’t promise myself that it will be perfect. But I can promise there will come a time when all my wound has been healed.

15. Maybe I am afraid of love because I have never put my trust in anyone. Maybe I worry love is just not to be found but I know it’s just a feeling and it will fade off.

16. You should understand that I am afraid to love someone. I have always believed that love is an overrated feeling and that yes, it’s great when two people find each other, but if one of them falls in love, it’s doomed to fail. Love is something you find in fairy tales and romantic books.

17. I get scared, I fear the thought of love. But when I’m with you, all of that disappears. You make me feel special, unique and beautiful.

18. When you fall in love, the relationship breaks you open. There’s a certain richness in knowing that when you take your heart off, it’s going to be hurt inevitably and returned to you bruised. So it’s your choice: Do you protect your heart? Or do you invite love in ?”

19. “I don’t want to fall in love. I am afraid of being hurt. But I can’t make belief anymore, because now I know what it feels like and what it means to love someone so much that you give them your heart and soul. I’m willing to risk getting hurt again for the chance that maybe, someday, the feeling will be mutual.”

20. I am afraid to fall in love. I know I am scared of the butterflies that tickle my stomach breathing in deeply as you inhale their essence.

Fear of Falling in Love Quotes

I’m afraid of falling in love again because I don’t want to get hurt. After I did so many things on my own and after I realized what it is like to live without somebody special beside me, I will rather be alone than be with someone who doesn’t treat me right.

21. The fear of falling deeply in love with you is not just my concern, I am also afraid of being broken. A wound that cuts deep, that leaves you scarred, is one that only the most special of people can heal.

22. The reason I’m afraid of falling in love is that I don’t want to be on the wrong end of a broken heart. It takes a lot of time, energy and courage to open up your heart to someone new, but once you do, it is so worth it.

23. I want you so much, and yet I have this fear of loving you. If I did, I don’t know if I could survive. I know how hard it is to love someone and I’m not ready to go through the old wound again.

24. I want to love, but I’m afraid of getting hurt. I want to love, but I can’t trust anyone. I want to love, but it’s hard when you don’t know if you’re going to see the person tomorrow. I want to love, but how do I get over my ex?

25. I’m afraid that I’ll fall for you and get hurt. I’m afraid of being smothered and suffocated. I don’t want to put myself through the pain of heartbreak again. I just can’t risk it right now.

26. I’m afraid that I’ll fall for you and get hurt. I’m afraid of being smothered and suffocated. I don’t want to put myself through the pain of heartbreak again. I just can’t risk it right now.

27. I’ve been hurt before, and that’s why I’m afraid of falling in love. That’s why I’m afraid of letting go. That’s why I’m afraid to take a chance on someone new.

28. The fear I have in my heart is not just of falling in love, I’m also afraid of the pain of being rejected because maybe you don’t love me the same way I love you.

29. I’m scared to fall in love. I’m so scared of putting myself out there and starting something real than getting hurt. You let me see a part of you that no one else can, and you make me feel so safe. Whenever I’m afraid to share what I’m feeling with you, I know that it’s worth it. The love we have is so worth it.

30. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way. Love scares me because there is so much that could potentially be lost. I’m more risk-averse than most and very cautious of the people I let into my heart. With you, though, I feel safe and secure, even if parts of me refuse to call it love for now. You make me happy, and that is the best gift someone can give me.

Quotes About Being Afraid to Love

I’m afraid of being in love, of being vulnerable and knowing that the person I love will leave. So much has happened to me in the past, to make me want to stay far away from love. But I know I’m not sure of how the world will react, but it is who I am and why I am me.

31. I’m so scared to love you. I’m terrified of losing what we have. But I care about you too much to not tell you, to never look into your eyes and say these words out loud. I can’t help but love you, and I don’t ever want to stop behaving this way.

32. The reason I am afraid to love is that I had given so much of myself to other people, so much love, so much care and attention that when it came to my own life there is nothing left for me. I don’t think I would be good for anyone. Instead, I want to focus all my efforts on myself – getting healthy, getting happy and figuring out who I am.

33. Being vulnerable with someone takes a lot of courage; it’s not easy to open your heart, take down your walls, be honest, and put yourself out there.

34 Being brave enough to be alone frees you up to invite people into your life because you want them and not because you need them.

35. Afraid that if I loved again you would leave me or die, I’m afraid to love at all. I am afraid of falling in love again.

36. I am afraid to love because every time I do, I get hurt. My heart feels as if it is slowly being broken over and over again. The only person that has ever shown me real love is myself.

37. I’m afraid to love because every time I do, I get heartbroken. I’m afraid to love you because what if you don’t love me back? It’s better to be friends right?

38. Afraid to love would be much harder than never having loved. I care enough. If that makes me a bad person, Then I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to take the risk of getting hurt again, somebody tore my heart once and that was enough for me.

39. I’m afraid to love so much because when I lose it, I’ll be devastated. All I want is to stop and stop. I am guilty as charged because when I love someone deeply, there is nothing more left for me.

40. Everything I want, everything I need is here in your arms yet I’m afraid to love you, but I’m even more afraid of never trying to hold you.

Quotes About Being Scared to Love

I’ve always been scared to love. I’ve always been afraid of the inability to express and share it. Every wound I feel comes from my heart and my soul; a soul that has been captured and touched in a way that it will be difficult for love to penetrate.

41. I’m so scared of loving you. I mean what if things don’t work out? What if I say the wrong thing and you break up with me? You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t know what I would do if I never got to cuddle you and love on you.

42. I am afraid to love you. I am afraid of what loving you would entail. I have always been so guarded when it comes to my heart, not knowing if you could handle the complicated mess that is me. I am not sure if I would be enough for you, and so I became afraid of loving you.

43. I’m scared to love you because I’ve never fallen in love before. I don’t know what it will do to me. I think I’m more afraid of not loving you. Can you give me a reason to trust you? Will you wait for me until the day I can say “I love you”, even if it takes a lifetime?

44. I am afraid to love because I am afraid you will stop loving me back. Love never lasts, nothing lasts. I don’t want to wake up one day and have you change your mind about me. You call it fear of the unknown, but it is fear of the ending.

45. You are so beautiful. I would love to look into your eyes and hold you in my arms every day. But I’m also a little bit scared. Yes, love sometimes hurts, but it also makes us feel amazing. You make me feel incredible. I just hope I can keep up with you my whole life!

46. I’ve always been afraid to fall for the wrong person. To trust so much in someone and have me heartbroken. But you changed all those feelings when you make me feel like I’m home. You put your heart on the line when you said you loved me, and now I say it too. Love gives us courage, love takes away fear, love makes us stronger than before.

47. I am loving you, but I’m scared to fall in love. I’m scared of rejection, potential heartache and loneliness. The curse of human nature, we’re all afraid to love. Do we fear the scars that lie beneath the surface? Or do we fear being alone in our sadness? Our minds can be our worst enemy and best friend.

48. It’s not that I’m afraid to love again. It’s more like I just don’t know if my heart can take any more. The first time around was hard enough… But the second time hurt like hell.

49. I’m afraid to love you because if I love you, I might never know where that wonderful feeling would lead. I’m afraid to love you because as sure as I am of my feelings, I am equally unsure if you could ever care for me the way I love you. I’m afraid to love you because the fear of being alone again is the only thing that keeps me alive.

50. I’m afraid to love you because I don’t know if it will go away. I fear if I let myself care for someone and if they hurt me, I might not be able to recover from it this time.

Scared of Falling in Love Quotes

I’m scared of falling in love and being hurt again. I want to tell you how I feel but I am scared that things will change and fall apart. My heart is so vulnerable right now. There are no guarantees in love but I am willing to take that risk if you are.

51. I am just so scared, scared of losing you. I didn’t want to love you, I didn’t want to feel the pain, I didn’t want to hurt again.

52. I’m scared that one day, I will lose you. Not because someone else is better or that you’ll suddenly change your mind about me. It’s because the thought of losing you completely, makes my heart stop.

53. Being scared of showing my feelings is holding me back. I’m scared of falling in love and getting hurt, but I know that you love me and that feeling is so strong it’s worth the chance.

54. I am scared of falling in love. Because the more I fall, the harder the landing will be if you leave me when I least expect it. Sometimes I wish that God would just remove this ‘love’ feeling because it hurts so much when things break between us.

55. I am terrified of falling in love. It hurts too much when you fall and you have to choose. You can’t have it all, so you throw away the hopes and dreams you had shared with someone else that is no longer in your life. I wasn’t going to let anyone get close to me again, but against my better judgement, I fell in love with you. Now that we are together I am not going to let anything tear us apart but life.

56. There are no more questions that I need to ask. My mind is clear and my heart knows exactly what I want. I am scared to fall for you, because every time I do, I fall harder and deeper than before. You are my Mr Right and I am completely in love with you!

57. I’m scared to love you. Not because I don’t want to, not because I don’t care about you, not because I don’t have time for you but because I am scared of losing you.

58. I love you beyond what words can say, but I just don’t think that I’m ready to fall in love again. I had my heart broken before and it seems, at least right now that I’m not strong enough, to take another chance of getting hurt.

59. I’ve never been so scared in my life. But, I think I like it this way. Scared, I mean. It means you have to trust in something – whether or not that feeling is reciprocated.

60. I am quite scared of falling in love but then again it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. The fear of losing something or someone makes us hold on to it or them so tightly that it stifles them, ourselves and the relationship. Let go of your fears because by doing so you will be able to read more about yourself, more about other people and more about love.

I Am Afraid to Love You Quotes

I am afraid to love you with my whole heart because I know that if something should happen and we are torn apart I will lose a part of me and I don’t think I could ever get it back. Kindly bear with me.

61. I’m scared. I don’t know why, but I’m so afraid to fall in love with you. I just want to be with you every day and hold your hand. I just can’t bring myself to tell you how I feel.

62. I’m afraid to love you. My heart will break if you leave me. I’ve found so much joy in our relationship but the thought of losing you makes my heart race. There are a million reasons why I should let go, but I just can’t deny our undeniable love for each other. Please don’t hurt me as everyone else has done. You are such an amazing person and your love means so much to me..!

63. I am afraid to love you because of the way I will lose you. I can’t stand the thought of not being able to see you or talk to you for even one day, let alone an entire lifetime. I want to push forward and take that risk though because I love you.

64. I am afraid to say that I love you and I am afraid to say that I don’t. I am afraid that when we are together in the distance my mind created a mistake, but when we are together in person, there will be no illusion.

65. I hold back because I am afraid to love you. I am scared to open up and let you in because the more I love you, the more it hurts when we are apart. Every time I think of you and want to be with you, I worry we will have a fight and have the most horrible day ever. I can’t get enough of you, and when we are together everything is amazing, but if anything goes wrong it feels like a nightmare.

66. I’m afraid to fall in love because I am afraid of being left again, but if you were smart enough to find me once and embrace me in your life then you are surely strong enough to not let go. Fall in love with me and hang on, never let go.

67. I am afraid to love you because if I do, I know that sometimes I might not try hard enough, give you all the love you deserve and worry because of past hurts. I am afraid to love you because I don’t want anyone else to take my place in your heart.

68. Although I am afraid to love you, the thought that I could lose you is unthinkable. I want only to hold you close, touch your soft skin and believe again in the possibility of happily ever after.

69. My heart used to be locked and under guard, but you broke through all of the barriers, long enough for yourself to find its place. You have proven to me that when I loved you didn’t call the shots, and now, I am afraid to love you even if it is then again you who let me know the true meaning of love. I am afraid to give my heart to you because I know that one day, inevitably, you will leave me. And I am so afraid

70. I’m afraid to love you, Afraid that my fears will create doubt within you, and I’ll fall in love with a lie. I’m afraid to love you, As pain always seems to follow. Afraid with every touch and kiss, I’ll end up feeling as though I’m cursed. I’m afraid to love you.

Scared to Love You Quotes

I am scared to love you, yet I do so regardless. I am scared of getting hurt and yet alive enough to know that it’s worth it. If I lose you, I will bleed from heartache. I want you more than anyone could ever imagine, yet I am scared.

71. I am only scared to love you because loving you is so amazing that I don’t think my heart could take it if I lost you. I could have never asked for more. You complete me. The second I saw you my life changed for the better.

72. I’m scared to love you and have my heartbroken, but I’m more scared of not loving you and regretting it. I hope one day you realize how much I love you, and that we can be happy together. So as you explore the possibilities. think of me! xoxo

73. Loving you scares me because I expect too much. The feeling of loving you is a frightening one. It gives me the power to get hurt, but it also gives you the power to make my life complete.

74. I can’t pretend that I am not scared. A part of me is terrified to fall in love with you because every time I thought about it, my knees got weak and my heart starts pounding. But when I look at you now and see you looking back at me with such love and devotion, all my fears disappear. You make me smile and laugh, and you know how to turn my tears into smiles!

75. I know that you love me, but I’m scared to start over again. I’m scared to be happy and have you taken away from me. There are so many things that could happen, but worst of all is being hurt again. I know everything will be ok in the end, I just need to find the strength to let my walls down.

76. I’m scared that one day I will look into your eyes and see indifference. I’m scared that this thing we have will continue to fade away or just not be enough anymore. All I know is right now, right here, it feels like you and me against the world. And that’s how I want it to feel forever.

77. I am so scared to love you and to be loved by you. My heart has never felt like this before and it scares me sometimes. I have never thought that someone could love another person as much as I love you. We will have to wait and see what happens but I hope that whatever our future holds we’ve found a love that will last forever.

78. Loving you scares me because I know how much it will hurt me to have my heartbroken. But I don’t care because loving you is worth the pain.

79. I am falling in love with you too fast. But I am scared because I get attached to the people I love. I am afraid to love you because of your past, and what that would mean for us in the future. You are so amazing and thoughtful, I don’t want to change anything about it. I just wish we could be together as one.

80. I am so scared right now. I am so scared to love you, scared to tell you what’s in my heart. I am afraid that my love will only hurt you and make you run away. And even though it scares me, I’m going to take the chance! because I want you to know how much I care and adore you!

Quotes About Afraid of Falling in Love
I was so afraid of falling in love with you because I’d never felt this way before. How do you put into words how much I love you? I am completely enamoured and in awe of you. I can’t wait to see the world through your eyes.

81. I am afraid to fall in love, I am afraid of losing you. I just hope that doesn’t happen and if it does then may I find an escape route. I’m scared to get close and I hate being alone. I long for that feeling to not feel at all. The higher I get, the lower I’ll sink. I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim.”

82. Just because I’m afraid to fall in love doesn’t mean that I don’t want your company. If you can handle talking to me, my letting you into my life and being my friend, then maybe someday we can take it to the next level.

83. I am afraid to fall in love with you, scared to trust what I feel for you, am I dreaming, or is this real? It’s happening way too fast. yet I’m pushing myself to fall because all my walls are falling.

84. No matter how scared I am of falling in love with you, I will not let fear decide where my heart lays.

85. It’s so hard to fall in love with you because it’s impossible not to have the fear of the perfect future with you. Constantly, I am searching for every way possible to make you happy, to see you smile, and make your life even just one tiny bit easier and to ease this fear I have in my heart.

86. It scares me sometimes how fast my emotions are growing for you. It’s crazy I know, but I’ve never felt like this before. I think about you all the time, and I had no idea it could be this great to be with someone. I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but now I’m beginning to change my mind. I just want to keep holding you close to me, and never let go.

87. I try to convince myself that nothing could go wrong, that we could be together forever, but then other thoughts come in my head like what if he goes off to college or what if he gets a local job and I won’t see him. It’s crazy how much those first few words can change someone’s life. I’m not ready yet, but I think one day I will be.

88. I’m so afraid to fall in love. Loving you and being loved by you is the most terrifying thing I can imagine. The thought of losing you is so painful…I don’t think, my heart could stand it.

89. My heart longs to be with you, I’m afraid of falling in love and losing everything. If loving you is wrong, then so be it I would rather spend forever blue than life without you.

90. I want you so much, but I’m so afraid to fall in love with you. Please hold me in your arms and tell me we will never be apart again. I need to hear your voice soothing my tremulous heart. All I want is to lie in the warmth of your embrace and feel the safety of your arms around me.

Scared of Loving You Quotes

I’m scared. Scared of loving you because it hurts so much when I don’t have you. I’m scared of losing you and not being with you forever… someday if we are ever apart, I will never be able to find anyone else in this whole big wide world who could ever mean as much to me as you do.

91. I don’t know how to say this, but I am scared. Scared of loving you more and more and more every day. Scared to think about a life without you. I was scared of losing you and going through eternity without you by my side.

92. All my thoughts and feelings are of you. I don’t know what to do, I love you but I am scared of loving you too much.

93. I’m scared to tell you how I feel. What if you don’t love me back? What if it ruins what we have? I don’t want that, so I keep quiet. The thought of losing you is painful, but the pain of never telling you how much I love you would be worse.

94. I am afraid to love you and lose you but loving you is the best feeling in the world. It’s very scary but at the same time exhilarating. Love isn’t meant to be safe; it’s meant to take a chance with not just your heart, but with your whole life.

95. I feel like a little girl, I feel scared and vulnerable. In the past, I never opened up to you but now I am giving you my most guarded heart.

96. What if I’ve fallen out of love altogether? What if I didn’t even love him at all? I’m scared to death that maybe we got on the track in life, where we forgot what it was that attracted us to each other … but I still have hope that he will find his way back to me.

97. I’m scared of loving you. I’m scared of making a mistake. I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t want to lose you, but the way you love me is just so addicting. Your smile lights up my life and it makes me forget about everything else. All I can think about is us.

98. I love you and I’m scared of losing you. I’m afraid you might leave me or that I will lose you somehow. This is the scariest thing.

99. I am so in love with you, but I am scared to death. I know that sounds crazy to say, but I am. You mean so much to me and love is scary because it can be lost or destroyed. All I can do is be as honest as possible, and I will always tell you how I feel. And if we are lucky enough we might get a chance to spend the rest of our lives together.

100. I’m really scared to say that I’m head over heels for you. I’m afraid that I’ll never love someone like this before. What if I don’t find my one true love? The best advice my father ever gave me is, “never give up on love.” So here I am still afraid of crying myself to sleep at night because my heart can’t seem to cope with the thought of losing someone as special as you!

101. I’m scared of everything: falling in love, losing people, disappointing people. I am scared of falling in love so easily. Maybe that’s why it’s easy for me to write about it. It’s a fear of mine. I don’t want to be one of those girls who falls in love with her best guy friend and then ruins the friendship. I am afraid of getting hurt. That is the only reason why I am so afraid of falling in love.

If you are afraid to love someone because you are afraid to lose them then chances are you already have love. Love has already managed to creep its way into your heart. So when you find yourself falling for someone new, the next time you feel the fear creeping up ask yourself if you are simply afraid of losing what is in your heart. And if that is the case, know that it’s never too late to let yourself fall in love again and let love take control with these quotes about being scared to fall in love.

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