Quotes to Cheer Someone up

Quotes to Cheer Someone up

I can confidently bet that it will take a million years to make a list of the things that get people down—relationship breakups, failed exams, failed interviews, loss of a loved one, loneliness, and so much more.

Chances are, someone around you is down and needs some cheering up right now. They may look happy, but isn’t that how we mask sadness sometimes?

Having a compilation of quotes to cheer someone up like this can make it easy for you to cheer someone up when the need arises. With different ideas, situations and points of view (I even added some funny quotes here), this compilation is everything you need. I like to call it the cheer-up manual.

Read through and prepare to cheer someone up with these cute, creative and lovely quotes.

Message to Cheer Someone up

Life can be cruel sometimes, but you can make the best of your situation. Don’t let the darkness of your past shadow the light of your future. Don’t let your present control your decision making. Find happiness where you are. Cheer up! Someone like you should never be caught without a smile.

1. When things are tough, problems abound, and you feel like you’ve lost your way, and you don’t know what to do or where to go, just look at the bright side of life because better times are ahead.

2. Patience is key, and in time, you will have your wishes as things you own. Cheer up, believe that you are strong and that you have the power to move mountains.

3. The sun, the moon and stars are made for the world you live in, but you? You’re meant for so much more. Cheer up because God has amazing plans for you!

4 My friend, you have to try. You have to look to the future. It will be better than how the past was. The future is in your hands, and that gives you a chance to steer it, so cheer up.

5. Look to the future—it’s bright. Now is still a time to make all your dreams come true, so cheer up.

6. I hope that after this message, you can look forward to sunshine and a near future with lots of laughter. Cheer up, man.

7. Life can be really tough, but don’t let that bring you down. Cheer up, keep investing in yourself and investing in life, and things will end up working out soon.

8. Life without a smile would be like summer without a rainbow. Cheers up and be happy, my dear. No matter what, we’ll make it work.

9. Cheer up and expect many good things—good friends, a better you, a love of your life, with all the joy they bring. Expect so much, and then be ready for when the good things come to be.

10. Don’t be sad. You have many good things ahead. Everything will be okay. Cheer up. No matter what tomorrow brings, you’ll always have my support. I’ll always be your fan.

Inspirational Quotes to Cheer Someone up

Silly words are spoken to bring you down. But you and I know that you’ll still be a favourite part of me, someone I love deeply. Let them talk. They just don’t understand why I love you so much. Cheer up and be happy, no matter what they say.

11. I’m sure that you’ll be very glad when the sun shines once again. Cheer up. For you to be happy, the best thing for you is to smile and have fun.

12. Life is hard. Sometimes, days are bleak. We fall, we fail, we wallow, we find ourselves in ditches. But cheer up because God has amazing plans for you.

13. Cheer up, my friend, no matter what anyone says. Your smile is more beautiful than anything some eyes will ever see—very rare—so don’t let it disappear from your face for a second.

14. Be happy, be free. Let your soul shine. When you get down on your knees, heaven will listen. Be you, yourself, and above all, don’t let others put you down. Cheer up!

15. The sun shines bright. The sky is a clear blue. But you are the one who makes life worthwhile. Cheer up and be happy, no matter what anyone says.

16. Life can be hard when you’re alone. But just remember, my friend, that I’m here for you to help you through the tough times. Cheer up, buddy.

17. You’re special to me—I want you to know that. So cheer up, be happy and free. And, never forget, no matter what, I will always love you.

18. Don’t be sad, even when you feel bad. Cheer up and be happy—it’s better. And I’ll be there in no time.

19. You’re in my thoughts. You’re in my dreams. You’re in my heart. You’re in my soul. Cheer up and be happy, no matter what anyone says.

20. Cheer up and be happy, no matter what anyone says. I’ll always be with you to help you through these tough times.

Quotes to Cheer Someone up after a Bad Day

Even though I’ve had a bad day too, I want you to know that I’m still here for you. I hate to see you down. You’re an amazing person, and I hope this message cheers you up. I’m here for you always. Cheer up, man.

21. Sorry about your bad day. Just know that I miss your smile already. No matter how the day goes, you’re still my friend, and I know that you’ll be okay. Cheer up.

22. The sun has gone. The sky is darker. That bad day you had was just a bad day. I pray God helps me to make you smile tonight, but whether I do or not, please cheer up.

23. A smile is all I need to see from you after a bad day to know everything will be all right. I’m here with a smile for you through all the tough times, as I know you are there for me. Cheer up.

24. Life is full of ups and downs. It’s okay to have a bad day. You only have to get out of bed tomorrow and realize that it is a new day and it’s all about to begin. Cheer up, girl.

25. Sorry about your day. I know I may be saying this at the wrong time, but cheer up, be happy and stay happy.

26. You’re having a bad day or not feeling too good? I can see it in your smiles, and it’s breaking my heart. Cheer up, boy. I hope you feel better soon.

27. You had a bad day. I know you’re feeling blue, but I hope this message helps you cheer up. Soon your bad day will be through. Cheer up, dear.

28. Have you had a bad day? Don’t worry; your good times are coming. I love you, and I’m here to stay and to cheer you up. So cheer up!

29. My friend, look up! Throughout the day, the sun was up there shining. It’s not as dark as it seems. A brighter tomorrow awaits. Cheer up, and sorry about your day.

30. Hopeless, you think? Never give up, my friend. This world has its ups and downs. Look at the sky and see the stars. They’re always there to light your heart. Cheer up, darl.

Sayings to Cheer Someone up

Life can be as cruel as sandpaper on the skin, but you have to make the best of it. Don’t let this world get to you. Cheer up. This is another reminder that you’ll always be the one I love. Let it cheer you up too! Keep being someone I crave for. I love you.

31. I love you, my angel. No matter what happens, in the end, we’re together, and that’s all that matters. Cheer up.

32. Always remember, you have so much to live for. And always remember, there is someone out there for you. So cheer up!

33. Cheer up! I’m here for a reason—to share this moment with you. I’m here to make you smile and to help you laugh and be happy.

34. Don’t cry. I know you’re sad. Time will mend your broken heart. You’ll feel happy again. Cheer up, fam.

35. In your darkest hour, remember, someone loves you. Times will get better, so you best cheer up and be happy.

36. Smile; the world smiles with you. Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cheer up, and be happy. No matter what happens, be happy.

37. Cheer up. Life is too short to be sad. Don’t cry, don’t be sad. Just smile, let the good times roll. Just spread your arms, and let your heart fly. No matter what, be happy!

Motivational Quotes to Cheer Someone up

Sometimes life seems to be a series of downers, but my friend, never let it get you down. A smile is a curve that carries the most magic, so cheer up, smile, and the world will smile along with you. Get motivation from your big dreams, feel free to rest, and always remember that if there’s someone I love madly, it’s you!

38. Cheer up, be happy. Don’t feel blue, no matter what. As long as the sun always shines bright, things can get better. A smile is always better than a frown, so cheer up and be happy!

39. Dear one, do not frown. Smile and be happy. Think of all the good times we have had, and all the great times we will yet have.

40. Smile; it’s a brand new day. Cheer up; life is worth living. Dance, sing and play. It’s your world. Have a ball.

41. Oh, what a day! From sunshine to rain. You look so down and sad. Are you in pain? Do you need some sleep or some happiness? I’m here to see you smile and cheer you up. Cheer up, man.

42. Smile and be happy. Life is like a play we did not rehearse for. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we’re bad at what we do. Cheer up.

43. Life can be tough, but tomorrow will bring better luck. Your world is in disorder, but patience shall help you cope. Cheer up, buddy.

44. Someone has stolen your smile. They have taken your happiness. Don’t worry; God has amazing plans for you. Don’t give up; he’s in control. Cheer up.

Positive Quotes to Cheer Someone up

Just because you’re down doesn’t mean you’re out. Life’s a test, and I’ve seen you crush tests before. C’mon, if there’s someone who can do it, it’s you. You just need a little bit of pep and encouragement, and here it is: cheer up, man, and stay positive because the future is lit.

45. Life is a gift full of twists and turns, and some of those are bad. Try to stay positive. Cheer up! Be positive! Positive thoughts bring positive changes.

46. You’re at a dark time in your life in which you have to find your inner light. You can’t expect the future to be bright if you’re living in the past all the time. Cheer up, man.

47. I am your friend, and I’ve been where you are. I’ve been down in the dumps. But, I’ll tell you what to do: You must first cheer up and stay positive.

48. Don’t lose heart. Things will get better. Cheer up, stay positive, be patient and keep the faith. And that’s how you change the world.

49. My friend, it’s been a rough go, but the sun will shine again like it has so many times before. Cheer up.

50. I know you’re having a hard time. Life is tough. Just remember to breathe. Do well to cheer up because beautiful things are coming. And never stop striving for the best—it will come.

51. Cheer up, special someone that I love with all my heart, for your life has just begun. More money and more fun are on your wish list. You’ll get it all; just wait and see.

Best Quotes to Cheer Someone up

My dear friend, I can see that you’re upset, but don’t let it get the best of you. If I know someone that can get through this, that’s you! Just remember, things can get better, and things getting better for you to have no choice but to happen. Cheer up, girl.

52. Life is cruel—many challenges for us to face. Cheer up and stay strong and positive. You’ll get through the bad days.

53. I’m here for you. I’m always here to lend a listening ear. It won’t be easy, but it will get better, so cheer up.

54. Life has dealt you a bad hand. Be strong and don’t give in. Cheer up. Be positive, things can get better, and they will. They just have to.

55. Cheer up, pray and don’t lose heart, my friend. Those are the best things to do now. Your life has many more bends. Just keep going with a smile, and your life will have sweet rewards.

56. Life’s too short to be unhappy, so why not smile?
Things will get better, and that’s a promise. Cheer up, my best friend!

57. Life is tough, a constant struggle. But we must persevere. It’s not easy, and sometimes it leads up to thinking of the worst things. But we must not give up, and we can’t lose hope. Cheer up!

58. When I’m down and feeling blue, I count my blessings one, two, three, and you’re always among my top three. Remember, whenever you feel down, that you’re always on my mind and cheer up.

Notes to Cheer Someone up

The rain falls hard outside, but it can’t distract me from the very important thing in my thoughts right now, someone I love to think about—you! I miss you, and it’s not the same. I’ll see you again, but cheer up and be happy, please.

59. My love, even though you are sad, cheer up. The sun is out today. See that as a sign that you can be happy.

60. I’m here for you. You know I’ll always be. I’ll listen to you. I’ll never leave. I’m your friend, even when you’re down and sad. Cheer up.

61. Smile, my friend, be happy. Things will be all right. Remember that your smile can light up my life and that I have promised that I will be your shelter from the rain and cheer you up.

62. When things go wrong, always remember one thing—we’ll always be together, and things will be all right. Together we are one, and when you are happy, I am happy. Cheer up.

63. Clouds overhead. Not a star can be found. Thunder and lightning fill the sky with fright. But cheer up and be happy. Things will get better. Trouble will soon pass. And all will be well.

64. What is life if you are sad? Things will be all right, so cheer up and be happy!

65. I wish I could tell you just how much I care. I’m here to help you through every difficult time. Cheer up and be happy. Things will be all right.

Funny Quotes to Cheer Someone up after a Bad Day

I know you’d like to cry, but it’s just the day that’s wrong, not you! There’s no reason to be blue. Cheer up, love. Do not let things from your past weigh you down. Live for the future. The bad day is over, and a new day is dawning for someone extra-special—you!

66. I know your day was rough, but it’ll get better. Best wishes to you but for me first. And when the people you love and care about wish you something good for your day, tell them I did it first.

67. You had a bad day, I’m sorry. But cheer up. The sun will shine tomorrow! And if tomorrow is still a bad day, I’ll resend this message!

68. Good evening, my love. I hope tomorrow won’t be as long as today if it’s also a bad day. Cheer up, my dear, and be happy.

69. You’re so far away, but I wish you were near. I’d have held you and given you a hug that will scare away the word “bad” from your day. I’m sorry your day wasn’t as beautiful as your face, but cheer up anyway.

70. You had a bad day, and you don’t know what to do? Here’s an idea: cheer up! I’ll be by your side. I’ll bring a smile to your face. And I’ll help you through your day.

71. Cheer up; the bad day is over, and there’s a better day coming. Get up, drink a cup of coffee with a spoon of sugar and just a dash of milk, brush yourself off and start with a smile.

72. When life throws you lemons, squeeze them, mix them with lime juice, add some sugar, and you’ll see that things will be all right. So cheer up and be happy.

Funny Sayings to Cheer Someone up

I’m here to cheer you up. If you reject me now, I’ll still be here when you finally decide to cheer up because you will. I’ll be here to cheer you up and mend your broken heart. You’re not someone whose sadness is funny to me. Cheer up now, though.

73. If you are sad, just look outside and see the sun or the stars, and they’ll tell you to cheer up. The sun shines brightly right now. It’s saying good day. Cheer up and get ready for a good day.

74. It’s a bad day, and you’re feeling sad. Don’t cry anymore. The sun’s gone to bed, and the moon’s coming up with a smile on its face just for you!

75. Hey, my friend. Wanna do something fun today? Go out and buy a lottery ticket. I don’t mind paying for it. I believe this will cheer you up. I just want you to cheer up and be happy!

76. There may be a lot more trouble in this phase, but because I have a game to play, let’s not talk about it. I’ll just remind you that there are better phases ahead! Cheer up, man.

77. The good news is that we’ll get through the bad parts. The better news is that there are still a lot of bad parts left to go. So cheer up!

78. You lost the one you love. It hurts, I know. I’d like to send you a dove to bring you relief and love again. Cheer up, man.

79. I am here to tell you that you can’t give up. Just have a heart, and you’ll be fine. Cheer up, buddy.

Nice Words to Cheer Someone up

Things will be all right, so cheer up and be happy. Look at the skies and the clouds, the sun and the moon, the trees and the grass, the birds and the bees, all the dancing butterflies, and let them cheer you up. You’re special to me. I hope these words and this reminder make you feel better. I love you. It always feels nice to say that.

80. I just want to say, Laugh, and the world laughs with you. And when you’re down, I want you to know I’m here to help you through it all. From a special friend, you know who.

81. Cheer up and be happy. It is not the end of the world, trust me. I know it hurts, but you sure can survive.

82. I know that things don’t seem to be going well, but cheer up. It will get better. Just keep your chin up and keep your eyes on the brighter side of life.

83. Your life will get better, and you’ll be happy again. The happy life you once had, you’ll have it again, so cheer up and be happy.

84. How I wish I could make everything better! You’re not alone; I’m here for you. I’ll help you get through your strife. And things will get better, so cheer up and be happy.

85. My friend, I know you are sad, that life is unfair. I know you cry silently, but one day you’ll find a way. Cheer up, keep the sun in your heart, and the world will smile on you.

86. My friend, please cheer up; things will get better. It will all work out in the end. See, look on the bright side, live life to the fullest, and this will be over in a blink of an eye.

Quotes to Cheer Someone up after a Breakup

Sometimes life deals us a bad hand. It can be tough and can make you mad. You just have to learn to cope with what life has dealt you. Your heart will mend. Your smile will be back. Cheer up, man.

87. So you had a bad love affair. Don’t worry. It’s a big deal, but you will get over it in time. I know your heart is broken, and it hurts, but I also know you’re a spec that’s being hunted by true love.

88. Cheer up, my friend. Things will get better. Wear a smile, my friend. Let’s not be sad. All these things we’re going through will pass, and then we’ll be happy. Cheer up!

89. You’ve had your heart shattered, and I hate to see you cry. I know you love him, but I know he doesn’t deserve you. Cheer up, and look forward to better love.

90. Dear man with a broken heart, let the tears stop flowing. I came to you to wipe off your tears. Cheer up; you’ll be happy soon. Your broken heart will be mended.

91. Tears flow like raindrops. Your eyes are like the ocean. But if you fear that your heart will never be mended, then that fear has no place in you. Cheer up. Your heart will mend.

92. Not everything is immortal. Even things you love and enjoy the most will die. Cheer up; you’ll be fine. Life’s a roller coaster, and you’ll get up when you fall.

93. My friend, my brother, I know what you’re going through. A broken heart is hard to mend, but your life will be better and happier tomorrow. Cheer up, bro.

Beautiful Quotes to Cheer Someone up

Things will get better. It might seem dark now, but the sun is promised to us tomorrow. And even at the sun’s weakest, we can see our way around. Cheer up, smile, be strong and be happy! It hurts me to see a frown on a face as beautiful as yours. And yes, stay beautiful.

94. You’re beautiful, not like a butterfly or a rose, but beautiful in your way. I hope this reminder puts a real smile on your beautiful face. Cheer up, beautiful.

95. Life can get tough. That’s why you should be happy. You’re beautiful, smart, and witty. Your smile lights up my day. So cheer up and be happy. Things will get better, I’m sure.

96. Sometimes, life throws us a curveball. It can feel like the end of the world. But things will get better, so cheer up and be happy and know you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

97. When I look at your face, I get a lump in my throat. I wish I could make you happy. I wish I could just make you laugh. Cheer up, girl.

98. Cheer up, be happy, and be strong. Things are getting better. There is a brighter tomorrow and a happier day.

99. My friend, I want to give you comfort and encouragement. I want to tell you that it’s okay, that life is a journey. Reaching the top or the bottom is all a part of it. Cheer up and stay hopeful, man.

100. Life may be rough sometimes, but don’t let that tear you down. Things will get better—they always do. You’ll make it through and find yourself in the sunlight. Cheer up!

Some More Cheer-Up Quotes

101. My friend, I have heard. Sorrow has entered your heart. I wish to hug you, to let you know that you are loved. Cheer up, man.

102. I know you’re hurting, but I don’t know what to say. At least you’re not crying, even though you’re not feeling great, and that makes it easier for me to say cheer up! I know it hurts, but you’ll be fine.

103. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you love dearly. I feel pained too because you’re not just a friend; you’re family and brother. But do not be sad. There is much more ahead, and love is always there.

All I wanted to do was create a cheer-up manual, a place where you go when you need lovely quotes to send to someone you want to cheer up. Do you believe I achieved that?

All pages on this blog have amazing content, so I’ll advise you to surf around and enjoy them. And if you tap on the share button, I’ll be forever thankful.

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