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For a sick person, three things are needed to survive the troubling phase of their life; love, hope and faith. A bedridden patient shouldn’t be left at the mercy of the doctor and some prescribed drugs because simple messages can uplift their innermost will and as well hasten their recovery and healing than the doctor’s touch.

The common idea of sending “get well messages” to a patient in the hospital or the bedridden at home can both build love, ignite hope and stamp faith in the core of their heart at such low moment.

Thus, as Christians, we shouldn’t undermine the power of faith in God to heal the sick even through a heartfelt message that reveals our desire for our loved one to experience quick recovery.

Take the best from these epic archive of Religious Get Well Messages and by so doing, meet the utmost desire of your sick one; which is healing and recovery.

Christian Quick Recovery Messages

Do you want to wish someone special a quick recovery? These religious get well soon messages and have a quick recovery text messages are perfect for Him or her.

1. May your bones receive life again. You shall stand up to your fit to walk like a soldier of God. Get well, my dear.

2. You may be bedridden today, but by tomorrow, you shall stand up and walk like the leper by the beautiful gate.

3. Digest the word of God on a daily basis. It possesses your healing power. Get well soon, dear.

4. The sun and the moon shall heal you. Everything around you shall be for your recovery.

5. You’ll never suffer a relapse. You’ll get better each passing minute.

6. God is not asleep and because of that, He’ll see to your might healing today in Jesus name.

7. At the mention of the name, Jesus, your healing is perfected. Shout Jesus!

8. Have faith in God and the finished work of Christ in you and you shall regain back your strength in Jesus name.

9. No matter your health condition, the power in the blood of Jesus Christ shall make you whole again. Get well soon, dear.

10. Begin to thank the name of the Lord for your healing. You’re strong, healthy and vibrant because by His stripes you were made heal.

11. Nothing will come between you and your healing today. The blood of the Lamb is enough for you.

12. You’ll no longer be sick for another day. Your healing shall take place at this very instance in Jesus name.

13. All your sins are forgiven. Your healing has been perfected. Rise up and walk.

14. You’re set free from every infirmity that lives in your body. You’ve been made whole.

15. Have great faith in God like the woman with the issue of blood. And just like her, you shall be freed from all ailments.

16. Every health complication you may be going through has been solved by the power of God in Jesus name.

17. Don’t let your faith be moved, rather move the mountain in front of you through confession of your healing. You’re healed and delivered today.

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18. You’ll begin to sing praises. No more lamentation in Jesus name. Get well soon, brother.

19. You shall defeat that sickness in Jesus name. Your victory is now.

20. No matter what you’re going through, Jesus is right by your side to walk you through the valley of the shadow of death.

21. Keep your hope burning. Your healing is fast approaching than the dawn of a new day. Get well soon, sis.

22. The Lord shall manifest His healing power upon you. Your days are not be numbered, rather they shall be long.

23. I pray for healing. I pray for restoration. I pray for deliverance from the claws of death upon you. You’re set free indeed, for it is the Lord’s doing.

24. You are rejuvenated. You shall breathe a fresh breath of healing.

25. I speak healing into your body. You’re not a slave to sickness nor diseases. This is your day of healing.

26. Give a shout of praise for an exchange of healing. Thank the Lord wholeheartedly for your healing is here.

27. Those chains of sickness that have held you bond for days are broken in Jesus name.

28. Keep calling on the name of Jesus and your healing shall be perfected in no time.

29. Get well soon. May you become stronger than you ever were in Jesus name.

30. Sing for joy because your day of restoration is here. Get well soon, dear.

31. May the root of your ailment be uprooted today in Jesus name.

32. Every arrow of sickness that was targeted at you is reversed today in Jesus name.

33. You shall become healthy and strong to the amazement of every living being.

34. Today has been marked for your divine healing. Get ready to be restored.

35. The heavens shall address your situation on this day and hence, you shall know peace in your body again.

36. May your flesh receive healing in Jesus name.

37. The angels will touch you with their healing wings today. Get well soon, beautiful.

38. Your bones shall be fat. Your flesh shall glow. You’ll regain every ounce of strength in you.

39. May the light of God shine upon you and overpower every cloud of sickness and depression. Get well, handsome.

40. Because Christ is alive, your healing is sure. Do not be afraid of what you’re feeling. Your testimony is on the way.

41. Anchor unto the word of God. It is able to heal you to your bones. Get well, dearie.

42. The Lord that has brought you this far shall never abandon you. Don’t give in to your sickness. Fight like a warrior.

43. May the angels of God carry you on their wings and save you from all forms of destruction. You’re whole.

44. Wherever you are, may the right hand of God touch you and breathe life upon you.

45. For this reason, you shall testify. The enemies of your soul shall bow to you. You’ll be victorious.

46. A drop of water shall heal you. Your recovery shall not be delayed in Jesus name.

47. You’ll come to testify of the faithfulness of God. This situation shall draw you closer to God. You’re healed.

48. Your healing shall come faster than expected. You’ll see a brand new day in good health.

49. Today has been marked for your restoration. Your health is restored in Jesus name.

50. Pray quietly and your healing shall come swiftly. I believe with my whole heart that you shall testify to the glory of God.

51. By the resurrection power of our savior, Jesus Christ, may you arise from your sick bed in Jesus name. It is well with you, my dear.

52. It won’t take long before strength is restored to your bones and life to your breath in Jesus name.

53. You have nothing in common with sickness. Therefore, I command your healing right now in the name above every other name.

54. By the blood of the Lamb, you’re set free from the shackles of sicknesses and diseases.

55. Before sunset, you shall share a testimony of absolute recovery and wellness in Jesus name.

56. By faith, I congratulate you ahead of your full recovery in Jesus name.

57. You have nothing to be afraid of. For when you’re weak, you’re strong by His grace.

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58. Sickness and diseases has nothing on you, for he died that you may enjoy life in abundance.

59. Take the word of the Lord has your capsule, for it says, many are the afflictions of the righteous, but He delivers him out of them all. You’re delivered in Jesus name.

60. May the countenance of God shine upon you for good and lift your body from the web of sickness.

61. Whosoever the son of man sets free is free indeed; you’re free in Jesus name.

62. By the blood of the Lamb, you shall overcome the tribulation of sickness, I pray.

63. For this purpose the son of God was manifested that every sickness in your body might be destroyed. Hence, you’re free by the precious blood of the Lamb.

64. Let there be light in every part of your body in Jesus name.

65. Every sickness residing in you is uprooted by the mighty hand of the Father.

66. Take your place in the believer’s authority and possess your healing and strength this minute in Jesus name.

67. Let not your heart be troubled. He died just to set you free from every curse and sicknesses.

68. Like a rainbow, your healing shall appear in the clouds on this special day. Be hopeful!

69. Do not let your faith be defeated. Hold on to it for complete and permanent healing in Christ’s name.

70. Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you shall fear no evil for he is with you, his rod and staff comfort you.

71. Your life is hidden in Christ as Christ’s is hidden in God. So, do not be afraid.

72. As each second go by, may the work of healing be done in your spirit, soul and body.

73. The sicknesses you see today, by the precious blood of the Lamb, you shall see them no more.

74. Yours is life and strength by the grace of God.

75. May your joy be full from the total healing you shall receive on this day.

76. May the Lord give you the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness and healing where it hurts in your body.

77. May your name be included in the list of those to be healed, delivered and redeemed on this special day.

78. You shall not die but live to share the testimony of your recovery in Jesus name.

79. May the name of the Lord be highly exalted as regards your predicament in Jesus name.

80. His banner over you is love. Be rest assured in your heart that He won’t let you down.

81. May the sound of celebration be heard from your abode this season, I pray.

82. Sing for joy, for your healing has come. Believe it, my dear.

83. As each day goes by, may the Lord increase you in strength and grace.

84. May you be overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord taking away the burden of sicknesses off your shoulders.

85. Like a beautiful dream, your healing shall come. May the dove of peace rest upon your abode today in Jesus name.

86. Fret not, for the Lord is your strength and your present help in times of need.

87. The thoughts of God are thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope. You are healed in Jesus name.

88. May the Spirit of the Lord unburden your spirit and grant you healing in your mortal body in Jesus name.

89. This is the day the Lord has made, you shall rejoice and be glad in it.

90. This is your testimony for sure; many a times have I been afflicted but they have not prevailed against me.

91. May the beauty of the Lord be upon you. Sickness and diseases shall not be your portion.

92. Violence shall not be heard from your abode. Neither sickness nor disease in your border.

93. May the healing hand of the Father rest upon every part of your body for good.

94. Your mouth shall be full of praise at the end of this phase, I pray.

95. Your days shall not be spent within the confinement of a hospital. You’re healed indeed.

96. As the breezes blow, your healing shall come upon you, I pray.

97. May your welfare become heaven’s priority in Jesus name.

98. May the Lord remember you for good and hear the prayers of your loved ones regarding you.

99. May the mercies of the Lord bring healing upon you as you desire it. May His faithfulness permit your wholeness again.

100. Your heart shall not be troubled and your body shall dwell in peace forevermore, I pray.

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