2024 Best Thank You Quotes for God

You do know, you’ve got many reasons to thank God! You can feel it in your heart. However, you may have lost count on what to thank Him for.

Making it easier for you to show your earnest gratitude to Him, here are “150 Thank You Quotes for God”

He’s waiting on you, you can be sure He’s listening. There you go:

Awesome Appreciative Quotes for God

Thank you sayings and quotes to God to show how grateful you are for his loving kindness over you and your family.

1. It took me a while to understand that your plans were for me and not against me. Today, all I want to say is, “I’m forever grateful, my God”. Thank you, God.

2. Your words have lifted me more than any motivational speaker. It’s the reason my faith is strong. Thank you, God.

3. I thought life wasn’t fair to me, then I realized you’ve been the master planner of my life. And I know what you plan will always build me and not destroy me. Thank you, my dear God.

4. In the midst of my lamentation, I realized one thing though, and that’s a good and perfect health. I didn’t pay for that but, you gave me willingly. My appreciation is endless, God.

5. Your word transformed me, made me and perfected me. You deserve all the thanks. Thank you, great God

6. I thought I wouldn’t stand but you thought more of me. You prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You’re the best, thank you, God.

7. Many were my afflictions but, you brought me out from them all. Thank you, God

8. I went through the valley. Felt lonely and abandoned. You came to my rescue, your word became my peace. Now, I have a sound mind. Because of who you are, I haven’t lost my mind. Thank you, God.

9. The world is a chaos, however, you gave me a type of peace that cannot be found even in the finest mansion on earth. Thank you, God.

10. Your blessings that your hands have provided are like the sea sands. I can’t measure it. Thank you so much, God.

Thanksgiving Quotes to God

The best of Thanksgiving quotes to God for everyday life, beyond the Thanksgiving day.

11. I thank my earthly father for his support. How much more you, oh God? You’re the best thing I could ever have aligned with. Thank you, my dear God.

12. Who made my life sweeter? Who took me to the height greater than the place of sorrow and sadness? No one, but you. My appreciation is endless, God.

13. Your vows are fulfilled from time to time. I stand in awe of your faithfulness. I’m forever grateful, my God.

14. You’re the power in the breeze that gives air. You have the purity in water. You’re the peace in your word. My appreciation is endless, God.

15. Who hears me if not you? Who listens when all ears are turned against me? Who is my advocate when I stand alone? It’s only you. Thank you, God.

16. You’re the gift of life and the peace in death. Thank you, God, for being my all in all.

17. I need no other than you, cause you’ve proven to be my one in a million. Thank you so much, my God.

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18. You contented with my fears. You battled with my impossibilities. Today, I’m a product of your wonder. Thank you, God.

19. Who gave me life so I could live? Who forgave me over and over again? Who couldn’t afford me to be in hell? Who thought about me and thought good? It was you, oh God! Thank you, my God.

20. I may not have much to eat. I may not have a good bed to sleep nor the strength to pray. Yet, I’ll thank you for the good health. It’s priceless. Thank you, dear God.

21. You’re my wisdom. When I reason with you, I come out as the best. Thank you, God.

22. As time ticks, the more I realize how much I need you and how much you’ve been there for me. Thank you, my dearest God.

23. Earthly laws may be changed but your word stands forever. That’s your faithfulness at its peak. Thank you, my dear God.

24. If my thoughts are empty they will never be void of your word. Your word is a light to my feet. Thank you, God.

25. You make me see in the day and make me see even at night. Lord, you’re powerful. Thank you, God.

26. You belong to me, I belong to you. You’re all that makes me complete. Thank, you Lord.

27. The atheists can’t push you away. The theologians can’t explain you away and the believers can’t say it all about you. Thank you, my mysterious God.

28. You know me more than I do. Thank you, Lord, for being my decision maker. My appreciation is endless, God.

29. Each time your praises come out of my mouth, I remember to thank you for not replacing me with stones. I’m forever grateful, oh God!

30. The road was tough, the journey was hectic but your presence was unbroken. Thank you, my ever abiding God.

31. The God that answers the cries of my heart. You’re the God that honours my silent prayers. Thank you, my great God.

32. I am a winner because you told me so. I am happy because you made me so and I am alive because you kept me. Thank you, dear God.

33. You make me feel perfect because the blood of Jesus made me whole again. Thank you, God.

34. You created my testimony, ended my trials and gave me double for my troubles. Thank you, good God.

35. When I thought time had passed me by, you set a new time for me and now, I’m made. Thank you, God.

36. You’re the most beautiful thing in life’s challenges. You drew me nearer. Thank you, God, for the care.

37. My life is forever yours, cause you breathed me the life I have. Thank you, God.

38. You settled me in a split of a second. You’re my present help in time of need. Thank you, sweet God.

39. You gave me hope when I couldn’t understand misery. You gave me a vision when I couldn’t stand. My life is made by your Grace. I appreciate, oh God!

40. You’re the supreme God. You’re many things to me at many times. Above all, thank you for being my all in all. My appreciation is endless, God.

41. For helping me out with the simplest things. Thank you, God.

42. You’re the reason my voice rises up to you every dawn and twilight. Thank you, my God.

43. No one can take your glory, you worked for it alone. It all belongs to you. Thank you, my sweetest God.

44. You got the power that makes the breeze harken to your command. You got the power that makes the season listen to your decree. You’re such a big God. Thank you, greatest God.

45. When life arose, you stood in for me like a lawyer for his client. Thank you for answering my call. Thank you, my defender. I appreciate, God.

46. You introduced me to love even before I saw the light in the world. You’re my love. Thank you, lovely God.

47. Your love for us existed from Genesis to Revelation. For the gift of love, thank you, God.

48. If not for you, my hands would have been too short to lift me up. Thank you, God, for the lifting. Thank you, my dearest God.

49. If not for you, my sins would have been too much to be forgiven. Thank you, God, for the forgiveness of sins. Thank you, my God.

50. If not for your grace, my righteousness couldn’t have saved me. Thank you, God.

51. Others left when the battle became fiercer, you stood cause, you won the battle already. Thank you, my ever powerful God.

52. I worried about my iniquity, what I didn’t do right. You told me “my grace has found you just as you are”. Thank you, merciful God.

53. The world would have perished for iniquity, but you keep looking at us through the eyes of love. Thank you, God.

54. In the deep blue sea, your presence is felt. In the red sea, your power is remembered. Thank you, great God.

55. You healed me from the pain of the past, cause you’re the most holy one. Thank you, God.

56. I think of your love towards me and I plead for your forgiveness, cause I’m unworthy, oh Lord. Thank you, Lord.

57. Countless times, have your mercy saved me. Your grace is undeniable in my life. Thank you, loving God.

58. You brought out light in the midst of a powerful darkness. You caused fire on wet woods. Who can be compared to you? Nobody! Thank you, God.

59. From the first day of creation, you held the earth till date, yet, you change not. Thank you, God, for being the I am that I am.

60. So far, I’m here by your grace and was saved by your blood. Thank you, dearest God.

61. In you are Yea and Amen. Your word never loses his glory from age to age. Thank you, God.

62. Over the years, you kept me within your reach. Thank you for drawing me nearer every day. Thank you, God.

63. You alone deserve all my gratitude. You deserve the songs from the bird. You deserve the praise of the breeze. Thank you, God.

64. You’re rare than a precious resource nonetheless, you’re everywhere. You’re one of a kind. Thank you, omnipresent God.

65. You left everything to our dominion. Thank you, Lord, for giving us the authority over everything on earth. Thank you, God.

66. I’ll make you famous through the words from my lips. My testimony will draw the atheists to you. This is my expression of gratitude. Thank you, God.

67. You did more than my expectation. You fulfilled more than my dreams. Thank you, God.

68. Who brought me this far, if not you, oh Lord? I thank you for sustaining me. Thank you, my healing God.

69. You spoke in my favour, worked in my favour and brought in my miracle, just at the appointed time. Thank you, dear God.

70. Your wondrous works are indescribable and they are beyond our comprehension. Thank you, great God.

71. Who filled many jars with a little oil? Who made the waters comfortable to walk on? Who brought back the dead, if not you, oh Lord? Thank you, powerful God.

72. Whenever your words go out, they fulfil their purpose. Thank you for fulfilling your words in my life. Thank you, God.

73. Whenever I see the leaves shaking, I remember the power you placed in the breeze. You are unsearchable. Thank you, God.

74. You’re the beginning and the end. You brought me to stand upon the solid rock. Only you can! Thank you, God.

75. Who can turn a sinking sand into a solid rock, if not you oh Lord? Thank you for setting me upon the highest places. Thank you, God.

76. Lord, I’m thankful for the air that I breathe. It ain’t mine, but yours to give. I give my self to you. Thank you, my dear God.

77. You make everything pleasant in your own time. Thank you, dear God, because all things shall become beautiful just in time.

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78. For the sun you gave to us all, not minding our grievances against you, for the rain you showered on us all, as pleasant as your mercy, I say, thank you, my dear Father, in heaven.

79. I love you for so many reasons. And for those reasons, I am thankful beyond my weaknesses. Thank you, good God.

80. My family is my joy and my security. I’m grateful you kept them safe. Thank you, faithful God.

81. But for your grace, I couldn’t stand. Thank you, for being my extra support, dear God.

82. You’re all that I need to be satisfied. Thank you, for drawing me closer every day. I love you.

83. For keeping me safe under the shadow of your wings, I am grateful, dear God.

84. You do many things that get my heart filled with praise unto you, but for loving me this much, I am speechless. My appreciation is endless, dear God.

85. Thank you, Lord, for building my faith in you, cause, it is my strength, my salvation and my peace.

86. Thank you, dear God, because, I am employed. I am grateful because you have greater things in store for me if I stay strong and believe.

87. You’ve bestowed upon my loved ones the luxury of good health and sound mind. Thank you, dear God, I am grateful.

88. I rejoice because tough times do not last forever. Thank you, God, because, with you, I can make it till the end.

89. Thank you for being a pillar of support in my home. To you alone, I give all the praises.

90. For the food, you put on my table, and the clothes you provided for me, God, I am grateful.

91. I believe that I am your daughter. Thank you, God, for calling me your own.

92. I am not homeless because you have sheltered me in your love. Thank you, my Father, in heaven.

93. You never let me quit, you renew my strength every day and I soar higher as the eagle in the sky. I am thankful because you are my Sustainer.

94. Thank you, God, for the past week. I am thankful because the next will not overwhelm me with sadness but joy and peace.

95. In you, I have found a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Thank you, dear God.

96. I am thankful because my today is better than my yesterday. I’m even more grateful because your thought is to give me a future and a hope.

97. I have seen the good, the bad and the very ugly, but in your favour, you have kept me so far. Thank you, dear God.

98. Thank you, dear God, because, you never forgot me, though, there are billions of people on earth.

99. Thank you, dear God, for the earthly friends you’ve given unto me. Because through them, you have made life a lot pleasant.

100. Thank you, Father, for the many promises you’ve made to me. I’m more thankful that you will bring them to pass.

101. It is a blessing to have good night rests. And for some, it is a luxury. Thank you, dear God, because, I am blessed so, I sleep well at night.

102. Because, many times you have surrounded me with your mercy, and have counted me worthy in your grace, my appreciation is endless to you, my dear God.

103. You’ve encompassed me with the best treasures of life as humans. I have a happy home, healthy parents, kind siblings, and good friends. For these, I am thankful.

104. I am not moved by the many devices of the evil ones. Thank you, dear God, because, you have not given me the spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind.

105. You’ve taken me out of shame and lifted my head in glory. My appreciation is endless, dear God.

106. I’m thankful for the harvest in my garden. Because from you is every good and perfect gift.

107. Thank you, dear God, because, you have caused your face to shine upon me so, I do not look like what I’ve been through over the years. You alone can cause that much of a miracle. I’m forever grateful, my dear God.

108. In nothingness, you have not caused me to beg bread, and in misery, I do not seek happiness in sin. Thank you for your grace. I am forever thankful, dear God.

109. You have lifted me above the fear of what men can do to me. Thank you, God, for the spirit to be bold and strong.

110. Thank you, dear God, for killing every anxiety and disorder in me. To you alone be all the glory.

111. Thank you, God, for the anointing to pray, and to be heard and blessed. I’m grateful to you.

112. I have experienced your marvellous kindness through your angels on earth. I’m forever grateful, my God.

113. Many a times have they afflicted me, yet, they have not prevailed against me. My appreciation is endless, dear God.

114. Thank you, my God, because, today, I have no bad news to share and neither was I given any. I’m very grateful, dear God.

115. I have so many celebrations ahead of me this year, thank you, dear God, because nothing shall stand in the way of their successes.

116. Many have come and gone but in your love, I still stand. Thank you, my dear God.

117. So many times have I fallen, but in your benevolence, you picked me up. I’m forever grateful, my God.

118. You didn’t promise us an easy life but, victories have you given us in your words, by the precious blood of the lamb. Thank you, dear God, for paying the price through your son, Jesus Christ.

119. You mean everything to me as I am everything to you. Thank you, dear Lord, for I am a daughter of the King of kings.

120. You’ve met me at the point of my needs. For this, I am grateful, my dear God.

121. I am not a victim but a victor. Thank you, dear God, because you have called me by my name.

122. As long as there is life, there is hope. I’m grateful, to you, my dear God, that I have life, cause, better is a living dog than a dead lion.

123. You’ve spoken for me, and you’ve fought my battles and given me victories. I’m glad that I know you and you know my name. Thank you, my dear God

124. Thank you, dear God, for blessing my sibling with a child. It is your heritage. Thank you, our great provider.

125. I am not boastful of my talents cause, only you have blessed me with it. I’m forever grateful, my God.

126. You’re plenteous in mercy, and kind in all ages. Thank you, dear God, because, I am a witness to your tenderness.

127. You’ve taught me how to forgive, and live in peace with all men. Thank you, my dear God, because, I am free.

128. I can walk on water, I can part the red sea, because, you’ve given me the name that is above every other name and the key to your kingdom. My appreciation is endless, dear God.

129. I love you, because, you loved me first. Thank you for giving me your only begotten son. I’m forever thankful, dear God.

130. I have erred so many times but, in your everlasting mercy you’ve looked beyond my faults. Thank you, my dear God.

131. There is a peace that passes all understanding by faith in you. Thank you, dear God, for keeping my mind and heart through, Christ Jesus.

132. The blood of the lamb is precious. It was shed for my sins, and it is the basis of my daily victory. I’m forever grateful for sending your son to die for my sins.

133. I put my trust in you, I set my heart on you. You never lie nor fail. I give you all the praises, dear God.

134. I am a product of your grace, I am a testifier of your name “Yahweh.” Thank you, my dear God.

135. Thank you, dear God, because, you will supply all my needs according to your riches in glory.

136. I have been blessed to know your word and to preach it with power. Thank you, dear God.

137. Thank you, dear God, because, my peace of mind has not been taken away by the menace of ill health. I’m forever grateful.

138. Thank you for being kind to everyone around me. I’m thankful, my dear God.

139. You are the same God who did it before and will do it again. I’m forever thankful, my dear God.

140. There’s no one like you! You’re splendorous in your beauty and unmeasurable in your kindness. Thank you, dear God, because your nature is life to us.

141. You have taken, and you have given in your loving kindness. Thank you, dear God, because, through all of these I know that you love me.

142. Thank you, dear God, because, you have created me wonderfully and fearfully. My appreciation is endless, my God.

143. Thank you, my dear God, because, my end shall be greater than my beginning thereof.

144. You’ve proved my enemies wrong, you’ve made my crown to flourish upon me. I’m forever grateful, my dear God.

145. I didn’t just read it but, I have tasted and I have seen that the Lord is good. Thank you, my dear God. Prayer to Say Thank You God

146. I may have lost the battle today, but I’m thankful cause tomorrow I’ll win the war. Thank you, dear God cause, I was born to win.

147. Thank you, dear God, because, all my dreams are secure in you just like Joseph’s.

148. Thank you, dear God, because, in you, true hope never fails. My soul rejoices in you.

149. You’ve made everything to work for my good. Therefore, to you, I say a very big “thank you.”

150. I am alive today on my birthday, because, it was your choice to bless me. My appreciation is endless, faithful God.

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