Spice Up Your Relationship In The Bedroom For Valentine’s Day

Whether you have been in a relationship for a long time or not, busy schedules and the use of technology can dull your romance. Valentine`s Day can present the perfect opportunity to rekindle the flame – and not just with presents. Reliving the passion in the bedroom creates a connection that can strengthen your emotional bond more than anything else. Here is how to spice up your relationship in the bedroom this special day.

Start in the Morning

The key to having the best time in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day night is to start working towards it the moment you wake up. Set up your alarm clock a little earlier, so you can get up in time and fix your partner a delicious breakfast in the morning. Chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream are just some of the most theme-appropriate food for this occasion. However, if you and your partner have other preferences, feel free to prepare those. Who knows, you may not have to wait until the evening for things to spice up in the bedroom. Not only that,  but you and your partner will be thinking of repeating the experience during the entire day.

Continue Throughout the Day

Sending a couple of flirty messages to your partner during the day won’t interfere too much with your work schedule – and it’s a very effective way to build anticipation. Start your sexting with a less intense topic and slowly work towards the more exciting ones. If you have bought them a sexy present, you may send a little sneak peek of it in a picture. If you have a little more time during lunch hour, you can even call your significant other. During this, you can discuss some of the things you may want to try in the bedroom.

Begin with a Massage

There are several different ways to set the mood in the bedroom, and massage happens to be one of the most effective and sensual ones. All you need is husky-smelling oil, a couple of towels and pillows, and your hands. By providing each other with this luxurious experience, you can show appreciation, love, and physical attraction. It can help you relieve the stress of the day, relax and build up the good vibes for the evening. Make sure to take things slow and use repetitive circular motions to enhance the experience. Ask your partner which movements they find the most enjoyable and pay special attention to those. Keep the contact between you two light but constant so you can seamlessly move onto the next stage.

Switch Things Up

If you can, cut your workday a little shorter and surprise your partner before your date by switching things up a little. Instead of having dinner and going through any other activities, you may have planned before hitting the bedroom, you can simply start reverse order. Having sex before your date has many benefits. You will be much more relaxed throughout the entire evening so you can focus on having fun with your partner. You will also have more to try out –  new and exciting things in the bedroom – without your diner weighing you down. Take a refreshing shower afterwards and prepare for your date together.

Use Lubrication

For one reason or another, many couples need lubrication to have an enjoyable sexual experience. Even if you and your partner don’t require it to take pleasure in the act, using lube can make things so much more fun. There are so many different lubricants you can choose from – from oil-based ones that are great for foreplay to water-based ones that can be used with condoms as well. Or, if you want to literally add spice to your oral sex, you can use the best flavoured and edible lubes to open up the opportunities for the ultimate experience. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ingesting chemicals when using the product.

Introduce New Elements

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to introduce some new elements to your sex life. This can be anything from sex toys to seductive lingerie. If you and your partner are interested in trying some light bondage, getting some adjustable leather handcuffs could be a great way to start. Vibrators can also help heighten the pleasure, especially if both of you play with them together. You can even get a couple’s vibrator so you can feel exactly what your partner feels. Nothing can boost your level of satisfaction more than knowing they are enjoying themselves.

Spice Up Your Relationship In The Bedroom

While the bedroom is where your passion culminates, the process of building the anticipation begins much sooner. For the best experience, it’s a good idea to spend your entire day giving some of your attention to your partner. Fixing breakfast, sending a flirty message or two throughout the day, and taking off early can show your partner you can’t wait to get them alone. And when you do, you can employ any old or new tricks and games the two of you look forward to trying.