Trending Status on Best Friends Forever

2024 Trending Status on Best Friends Forever

Friends are a rare gift. They come around to form a rare bond that you might have never had with your siblings, from this they grow from just being a friend and they become a best friend. We cherish them and sometimes can’t wait to meet them and share wonderful moments together.
Best friends are always near even when they are many miles away. Always looking out for you and standing by without judging you in days of adversity. This makes it easy to confide in a best friend more than any other person. Sometimes they even know you better than you know yourself.

There are friends and there are best friends, but best friend stands out the most. With this, we have compiled these wonderful statuses on Best Friends Forever to help you celebrate that special friend and appreciate their presence in your life.

Awesome Best Friends Forever Statuses

Here are sweet and awesome best friends forever quotes you can use as your status. Celebrate your friendship with this well-constructed status on best friends forever to show how grateful you’re for the friendship.

1. Between friends, words are optional, but between best friends, words know no bounds as we are free together and we understand each other so perfectly. Now, that makes us best friends forever!

2. We know we are true friends because even in our silence, we still feel at peace with each other and that doesn’t stop us from our unending chats again and again. Friendship is sweet when it is your best friend.

3. A time comes when the silence between two people is comfortable, they are not two people, they are best of friends and their comfort makes it certain that there are a million words to converse and it makes them best of friends forever.

4. Some souls just connect easily with a stare, we are best friends forever and it is more than words.

5. There is more to friendship than the long hours of unending talks, there is a uniqueness that keeps the heart connected even when friends are silent.

6. The beauty of a best friend is love. It is not words but a pleasant aura that leaves them as best friends forever.

7. All friends are special, but best friends are different because they possess something more.

8. Our best friends should be treated with care. Once we let them break, we might never find another that will be like them and the new ones might not be friends forever.

9. Best friends add colour to your life because they are beautiful.

10. Our Friendship blooms in all seasons because we water it with love every day. You are my best friend forever and I will always cherish you.

11. True friends are ready to transform you. They will tell you the truth even when everyone else tells you a lie.

12. True friends are found in the place of simplicity and the relationship grows into something beautiful making us best friends forever.

13. Like icing on a cake, best friends make our lives more beautiful. Tell me why I won’t be your best friend forever!

14. Flowers are grown from seeds to plant and from the plant comes great harvest. That is how best friends are, they keep growing from the little stage until they become someone that blesses our lives with love.

15. Friends are the life support we look up to at all times, but best friends are always there through it all.

16. When life offers its cookies, best friends are there to eat with you and when life offers something else, they are ready to face it with you. Best friends are a rare gift that lasts forever.

17. When I look back, I’m glad I can see you even when you’re not there. We are best friends forever.

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18. To have a best friend like you is something I’ll cherish every day of my life. You are the true definition of ‘best friend’

19. You are like my chocolate, beauty to behold and delicious to my taste buds. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to eat you. You will be my best friend forever.

20. You’re always at the top of the list. My number one fan. Best friends can never be this exciting. You are my blessing.

21. Cheers to many more years of our friendship. You will always shine out because you’re a star to me and to the whole world.

22. Genuine love starts in the place of friendship. If you have such a genuine friend, be grateful for you are about walking into best friend forever relationship with the fellow.

23. My life is so much better now that you’re my best friend.

24. Beyond this sweet long talks, we have a deep connection for each other in our hearts. Best friend forever, I appreciate your person.

25. Best friends are always ready to correct us even when it hurts because they know their joy to be our joy and our issues are their issues.

26. My best friend, what a blessing you are! I feel special because of you.

27. There is that friend that sticks in your affairs like your sibling, you are that friend. Let’s be best friends forever.

28. I wonder what life will be like if I have many best friends like you. You worth more than many friends.

29. It is a joyous feeling knowing you beyond just friends. You have been a wonderful best friend.

30. My best friend, it’s a blessing to have a friend like you always ready to listen and be of help. We are best friends forever and we will be friends forever.

31. Friendship is from God and being your best friend make me glad.

32. You are my twin that I was of proud of picking to become my best friend.

33. Isn’t God wonderful? He gives us someone special that can correct us and see the wrong in us even when we do not see it ourselves.

34. Making the decision to be your best friend forever was not just any other decision, it was a decision I made because you have been so good to me at all times.

35. We have families, but there are people who come into our lives and they become more than family, they are truly best friends.

36. Soul ties aren’t all about a marriage partner alone. Our soul ties are those people who can give up their all for you not thinking of an outcome. They are two people who connect easily and are ready to sacrifice a lot for each other. Now I know I have found a soul tie in you. You are my best friend forever!

37. There is no point in being a friend if you can’t share your thoughts and prayers together. You are my best friend are all of this and more.

38. There is a point in friendship when you move from just appreciating each other to move to a point of sacrificing for each other. That is the best friend point!

39. God has a reason for giving room for human to multiply on Earth. I’m grateful because that made me meet you and true, we became best friends forever!

40. One loyal friend is worth more than ten other friends who are not impacting you in any way.

41. You know we are more than friends. I call you blood cause I see so much greatness in you. Cheers to my best friend forever!

42. Me and you, we make a small, beautiful gang because we are the best of friends.

43. You are my gift from heaven. I wish I had received you earlier, but beautiful people are never too late, they come into our lives at the right time.

44. You are my angel. Following my every move and holding my hands through the hurdles of life. You are an amazing best friend.

45. We fight, we argue, we are quiet, we come back together again and catch up with lost moments. We are best friends and these things need to be. Hahaha!

46. I imagine how it will be if we are siblings. It can only be fun!

47. Knowing your parents, your like, dislike, your joy, your pain, it has made us create a lovely bound. It is a sweet feeling to have a best friend.

48. Sometimes it gets all dirty and we say our ‘goodbye’s’ I always wish I could take back my words, but then we come back together again. You never seize to amaze me.

49. A day with you brings so much sparkle to my life. I wish we could stay together every day.

50. If you feel friendship is unnecessary, then you are yet to meet a true friend. You won’t only make them a friend, but they will grow to become your best friend.

51. Having a best friend is amazing, but if you never had friends, you are yet to experience this feeling.

52. It feels so good to be loved by your friend. You just know they love you through their actions.

53. Dear friend, I just want to say “thank you for tolerating me.” Only someone with the tag “best friend” can do that.

54. One of the greatest gifts of life is friendship and I have received it. I’m blessed to have you.

55. I want to be your friend today, tomorrow and forever. I know you feel the same way too!

56. Having a best friend who happens to be like your other half, isn’t that a blessing.

57. Friends are precious and that is why we have our path in life spiced with them. I appreciate my best friend now and always!

58. My heart longs for you and always pray for you. I know you are safe, but since you are my best friend, I feel that is the invisible, yet powerful gift I can always send to you.

59. No matter how far apart we are, you will always be my best friend forever!

60. The heart needs a friend that can support when pumping blood becomes tiring and that is a best friend that understands every stress and joy.

61. I have had friends, but friends like you are precious and few. I am glad I have you as my best friend.

62. Our conversations are always deep and since it is with you, they are priceless and each moment is a blessing.

63. You are the only one who sees the fear and tears in my eyes even when everyone sees strength and courage. How do you do it?

64. We should receive an award for being the best fighters. We always disagree to agree. I just love you my best friend.

65. You, my best friend is the greatest of all blessings I have ever received.

66. I can only imagine life without someone like you by my side. You make my world beautiful.

67. Thank you dear best friend for making me believe in myself. You are an Angel!

68. I never believed friendship could be this inspiring. You bring so many goodies of ideas to the table and you do all you can to see them come true. I love you my best friend.

69. When you have a true friend, just know you have the greatest of all blessings.

70. Even when we’re far apart, it is our best friends that make our world. They still reach out to us and see to our well-being.

71. Since I met you, or sorry, since we met each other, you have been an inspiration. I might not always tell you, but that is how I feel. Let’s do this as best friends forever.

72. When you were weak, I couldn’t take it any more. I had to use my all to cheer you up. My best friend, be strong for me, for us always.

73. If there were no friendship, I imagine how the world would be. But I would have made a ship that we, me and you will sail in. My best friend forever!

74. I admire so much in you my best friend. You make me want to improve on my person.

75. Friends are important, as one of them will be ever ready to see you through life. That ONE is your best friend.

76. Need an ingredient to spice up your life? Then pray to meet an honest best friend. Life would be so delicious for you.

77. In life, one of the best things is a good friend! They grow to become best friends and make your existence a beautiful one.

78. I’ve seen people regret having friends, but with you my dear best friend, I do not regret a thing.

79. My best friend makes me see reasons to challenge myself to do more.

80. If I’m asked if I’ll love to have a second self, I’ll gladly say ‘yes’ because I find a second self in you my best friend.

81. Even when I’m tired, your presence makes me push further.

82. In you, I have a friend who makes it easy to believe in myself. You have that special charm my best friend.

83. Give your friendship with that true friend time and you see how smoothly you’ll ride to being best of friends.

84. Looking at you today and I can’t help but appreciate the day we met. You are a blessing to me my best friend. Let’s do this forever!

85. Best friends forever? Forever is a short time to be your best friend. Can we find something else to add to forever? You are awesome!

86. Looking at your best friend and seeing how strong a bond between you two, you can’t help but say like me “I’ll do anything for my friend without blinking”

87. We talk a lot, but that doesn’t make how conversation without impact. You will ever be my number one best friend forever.

88. Friendship is born when you see the uniqueness in each other. And it begins to grow into a cherished ship. That is the best friend.

89. Just when I thought I was the only crazy on in life, you turned out to be crazier than I am. You know the ‘crazy’ I mean right? Let’s keep it up my best friend!

90. You don’t have to act up to be my friend. Just be yourself and that’s all it takes and that was what attracted me to you in the first place. You are an amazing best friend.

91. You don’t have to force a friendship with the right person, just give it time and It will happen eventually. They always turn out to be best friends forever.

92. A true best friend sits with you and without a word, you already know what is going on with the other.

93. Choose a good friend and you will have so much positive light in your life.

94. A friend is a place where you can go to when everyone else turns their back on you. They take you in because they are best friends.

95. Friendship grows to a stage where you trust your friend enough to walk into your house at any hour.

96. Choose your friends right and you won’t only have a best friend, you will have a blessing.

97. I want to assure you that I’ll always be there when everyone walks out on you. I’m not saying this because we are best friends, but because you are special.

98. Best friends make every moment worthwhile and give you beautiful memories to look back on. They are best friends forever!

99. When it is touch, best friends are there to support and when it becomes easier, they are also there to celebrate.

100. If friendship were a saving account, I should have over a billion to myself right now. You are intellectually rich and lovingly blessed my best friend forever!

101. Make friends with people who you see greatness in them and they will infect you with greatness till you soar together.

102. A friend can change your whole life. It could be a positive or a negative change, but you my best friend forever, you changed my life positively.

103. There is no weak point in friendship because when one is down, the other will be standing to bring you up. That is the essence of a best friend.

104. Life is much better when you have your best friend around. It reminds you why you chose to be best friends forever in the first place.

105. If your friendship is toxic, your life might be toxic too. So pray for friends who are less toxic and enjoy the joy of friendship.

106. Good friends are rare to come by. I see you and I see an angel.

107. Best friends share your pain and always try to make you smile through it. Tell me why you won’t be best friends forever.

108. When you see someone with a better life, know there is a best friend close by.

109. A part of one’s life consists of his relationship with friends. If your friends are less productive, you become less productive too. So choose your friends wisely to have a better part of life.

110. Life is amazing with friends! You feel free with each other and there is much joy to celebrate.

111. Your friends might betray you, but there is that one friend who will be there come rain or shine. That friend is your best friend.

112. Each stage of life brings you closer to a friend. But there are some who will be with you at all stages. Cheers to best friends forever.

113. I’m one of the lucky ones to have you. You make life so beautiful.

114. Best friends forever, that’s what you are and I promise to play my role to make it work.

115. When a true friend reaches for you, they not only hold your hand, they touch your heart and leave a lasting impact on your life.

116. When it is between friends, you are free to discuss anything and still be free with each other.

117. Sometimes, words are optional with my best friend forever. We don’t always need to talk because we connect even without saying a thing.

118. Best friends come into our lives when we least expect it. It causes a great transformation.

119. The best way to share your happiness is to share it first with your best friend. They make it worthwhile.

120. Everyone can condemn, but best friends correct.

121. My best friend forever, thank you for standing by me through it all. You are a divine blessing in a time like this.

122. Thank you for making me see reasons to laugh when I didn’t want to. You are a celebrated best friend.

123. My best friend, I appreciate you for trusting me with your secrets. They always inspire me to keep moving.

124. If there is a reason why I want to be good and good forever, it is because of you, my best friend.

125. I can’t lie to you because it is like lying to myself. So, let’s be honest with each other and be best friends forever.

126. Fake friends are like a smoke, they leave you when it gets hot, but true friends will stay with you even when you’re not yourself.

127. When a best friend leaves you, it makes you feel like a part of you is gone, but a best friend will be there forever.

128. Best friends can be far apart, but they are inseparable at heart.

129. Make sure your best friend is unique and in no time, you will see yourself in a unique form.

130. When everywhere is lonely, a true best friend will find all it takes to keep you company.

131. I hold a lot of memories with you dear best friend forever. Let’s keep increasing them every day.

132. You are my best friend and you make me face things I’ll naturally hide from. How do you do it?

133. It takes someone special to make you smile and that is your best friend.

134. Isn’t it funny how you sometimes seem to understand me better than I understand myself? I can’t pick another best friend, it will always be you!

135. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have a friend like you again, but then I tenner the memories shared and I know you will always be my best friend forever.

136. Your friends determine how far you go in life says a sage. Now I know why I am here today. You are an amazing best friend.

137. I’ll do all it takes to keep you happy because you are my best friend and we owe each other a lot.

138. You make me cry, but you don’t leave the tears there, you make them dry up as soon as they appear.

139. My best friend, promise me you will never stop being yourself. You are amazing just the way you are.

140. Having a best friend forever is like having a treasure you can always go back to that can never be exhausted.

141. Even when I look ugly, my best friend still thinks I’m amazing. Tell me why I won’t glow happily.

142. My best friend forever walked into my life and promised to make a page, now we have made chapters together.

143. Best friends don’t always have to show they are unique, it shows naturally.

144. Our plans, our fears, our mistakes, our faults, they are memories worth looking back on. We have made it through a lot my best friend forever.

145. My eyes get moist when you’re leaving, but then I remember a best friend is someone always at heart. You are always with me, in my heart.

146. Walking together, people think we’re twin, but then I smile knowing truly that you are my adopted twin. We will be best friends forever.

147. With your best friend, you don’t just have to do it alone. They are always there to support.

148. No advice from you my best friend is a waste. They always come in handy.

149. Best friend forever, we can keep bringing the best out of each other till we become toothless.

150. No matter the distance, you are always near. Your good deeds speak about you in my heart at all times. I celebrate you my best friend forever.

151. Just one true friend can change your life and make you the best version of yourself.


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