Heart Touching Valentine Messages for Him

2024 Heart Touching Valentine Messages for Him

Any attempt to make him smile in the last few days may have proved abortive and your wish to have him look at you like he truly sees you may not be forthcoming.

I may be clueless as to why this has been but I am cocksure that the following touching valentine messages will bring him out of his shell and make him see just how much of a blessing you are to him.

Do not wonder why. Sometimes, just sometimes men also love to be treated to some valentine specials that stem out of things like touching valentine messages. Use these heart touching Valentine messages for him to make him feel special.

Sweet Heart Touching Valentine Messages for Him

Loving heart touching valentine sms for husband or boyfriend that will make this year valentine’s day a remarkable one for him.

1. I look back daily for reflections of where I have been and with whom I have been most happy with. Where I have been becomes only crystal clear when I am reminded that I have only had my best moments with you.

2. Happy valentine to the one that makes my heart beat with purpose and my smile broad as the day.

3. You are one person I want to breath in sync with and cuddle with at night when cold visits. Happy valentine.

4. Several valentines have passed and your love seems to be the only thing in my life that is not fading anytime soon. Happy valentines love.

5. It is not like I don’t tell you how much you mean to me daily. I just feel it is it is important to always seize an opportunity to celebrate my love. This is why I am shouting on the roof top that I love you and I hope you are thinking of me on Valentine’s Day.

6. You still remain the one I want to enjoy several valentines to come with. You are just such a beauty worth having around for the rest of my life. Happy valentine.

7. I am elated. I feel a little giddy because I will soon see you and give you the kiss I have been dreaming continuously about for days. Happy valentine love.

8. All the messages you will be receiving today are just fractions of all the things you make me feel. You are too wonderful to be summed up with words.Happy valentine

9. I have no regrets, just unadulterated joy that I said yes to your proposal last valentine. Happy anniversary and happy valentine to us.

10. This is a reminder that you are a gem, my love and the one I want to spend the rest of my valentines with. Happy valentine.

11. I look forward to reading your message and strangely the surprise gift I am sure you have prepared for me. Happy valentine.

12. Let me be the one actively on your mind today as you are on mine. We deserve to be in each other’s heart on a day like this. Happy valentine.

13. You have never given me a reason to shed tears except tears of joy. You are the most precious gift I have got and I never want to lose you. Happy valentine,

14. I am seated at our favorite spot in our home and thinking about how far we have come. I can’t wait to have you back so I can enjoy my valentine. Happy valentine.

15. Whether or not we engage in activities, a proper precious valentine for me is a smile from you and a hug so genuine. Happy valentine.

16. My heart still skips and leaps for joy whenever you smile at me across the room or grin when you are being silly. This is how I know my forever will be with you. Happy valentine.

17. I couldn’t care less what tons of other people thought about valentine. Any chance to celebrate the man I love is definitely a chance worth taking. Happy valentine.

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18. You already know my now that I fell hopelessly in love with you the first time I heard you laugh. This is why I daily make it a point of duty to hear your smile as often as possible. Happy valentine to my love.

19. I am assured of a bright future as long as you are still the love of my life and my all-round partner. Happy valentine to my happy ending.

20. You are a significant part of me. I hope and pray daily that I never lose you. Happy valentine darling!

21. I do not consider any opportunity to tell you and the world how much I love you a fluff. I take the bull by the horn and do it with glee. Happy valentine!

22. Yesterday, now and forever, your side is where I want to be and your arms are what I want you to wrap around me when u sleep. Happy valentine.

23. I’m a lucky daughter of God! I know this because I have the best man in the whole world as a partner forever, happy valentine.

24. Whatever annoying traits I have displayed overtime, I hope you forgive them on this day and remember they are my twisted ways of showing how much you mean to me. Happy valentine.

25. This valentine is probably the last one to enjoy our privacy. The next one already looks like it will welcome the beautiful babies I am going to have for you. Let us have all the fun now! Happy valentine.

26. It is all going to eventually turn out well. I am very sure of this because I have the calm to my storm riding with me. Happy valentine.

27. I hope his celebration stands as a point of contact to make all our heart desires come to fruition. Happy valentine.

28. I have not been able to keep calm since the beginning of this love story, it has lasted for years and my heart still tugs at the mention of your name. Happy valentine love.

29. Love according to what you have taught me these past years is a beauty everyone deserves to enjoy. I am glad I got it. Happy valentine.

30. I’ve got about three things I want to remind you of today, one of which is my love is here to stay. Happy valentine.

31. I hope with all my heart that you are as pumped up about our love story as I am. It still remains the highlight of my life. Happy valentine.

32. I wonder a little what my life would be without you and the thought becomes too painful that I eventually do not continue. That is how much you mean to me. Happy valentine love.

33. If there is anywhere I want to be on Valentine’s Day, it is in your arms and if there is any way I want to be, it is drunk in love all day and night. Happy valentine.

34. I hope this valentine is so full of adventures that will make us find more ways to love our selves better in the next years.

35. I hope we make a baby this valentine and turn the next valentine to a moment of testimonies and remembrance. Happy valentine.

36. I can’t wait to giggle as you tickle me and smile at your silly dry jokes. Come home already! Happy valentine.

37. I have prepared your favorite dish and everything looks perfect for a great night, don’t leave your oomph at work. Happy valentine.

38. There is no other person I had rather be spending this valentine with. You complete me and make me want to be more, happy valentine.

39. If all I get for being yours forever is to have your loyalty, honesty and sense of responsibility. I am beyond chuffed. Happy valentine.

40. You are my favorite playmate and the person I enjoy talking to the most. May this valentine reveal more goodness that is embedded in you for my sake.

41. People may be oblivious. But, I know no other person loves me as much as you do. I appreciate you and hope that in return you acknowledge my love for you. Happy valentine.

42. Others do not have to believe in what we share. As long as you do just as I, we are very good to go. Happy valentine.

43. If I have not made it known enough that you mean the world to me, I will begin on this very significant day to remind you that you are nothing short of a blessing. Happy valentine.

44. Because of you, I have made some tremendous changes that are very good for my self-image. I will continually do what I have to do to be good enough for you. Happy valentine.

45. For the rest of my life, one thing I am sure of more than anything in the world is that I will always cherish you and make you feel loved because you are. Happy valentine.

46. I may not be as daring or as bold as valentine, I promise to be sweet every day and show you the kindness that you deserve, happy valentine.

47. My declaration of love is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever had to do. Very terrifying too! Happy valentine.

48. I will do it over and over again if saying I love you and meaning it is what it takes to keep us strong. Happy valentine.

49. God has been so good to me. You are a living proof that I am loved so much by God. Happy valentine to God’s precious gift to me.

50. When I think of your smile, I remember how lucky I am and all my worries quickly fade. Happy valentine to you.

51. I can never be grateful enough to the universe for bringing you to my life and opening our eyes to see each other. Happy valentine.

52. You are a sign that the universe was created to favor me and make me happy until eons. Happy birthday.

53. I could spend every minute and second of the day with you and won’t still be weary of your presence. You are definitely my valentine.

54. I look into your eyes and see my home, I crawl into your arms and I feel at home, I touch your hands and I know I am home. Happy valentine.

55. It only takes a word from you and a smile spread abroad on your lips to make my heart pulsate with joy. May you continue to have this effect on me. Happy valentine.

56. Ours is a story worth telling and a love worth sharing, you and I are destined to be together forever. Happy valentine.

57. I hope for a romantic evening where you and I are not just physically present but also emotionally available. Happy valentine.

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58. Since I got your message, I have been trying so hard not to blush and laugh out loud. Thanks for that wonder you sent and have a wonderful valentine too!

59. I have a weakness, it is getting drowned in your eyes, I know strength, and it is standing right beside you. Happy valentine to you.

60. You have taught me so much in the little time that we have been together, most effective of which us how to love. Happy valentine.

61. We are definitely meant to be together forever. It is the only explanation I have for this intense feeling we share and this authenticity that comes with it. Happy valentine.

62. You already know by now that you are my one and only and that I intend to keep it this way forever. Happy valentine.

63. The first time I saw you, I knew it was just a matter of time before we figured out that we were meant to be together, I am forever glad that we figured that out quickly. Happy valentine.

64. May our love never wane. You mean too much to me to just be taken away from me like that. Happy valentine love.

65. You are still the one I want holding me next valentine and forever. Happy valentine.

66. Your presence is a reminder that everything is going to be aright and hell is not going to break loose. Happy valentine.

67. I hope our love is strong enough to outlast all the valentines that we will be privileged to celebrate. Happy valentine.

68. Even after you are wrinkled and smell of old age, I still want to love you and be your favorite place. Happy valentine.

69. I think of the future whenever you cross my mind and I am grateful for the past because you were there, this is how I came to the conclusion that you are my past, present and future. Happy valentine.

70. I do not have a second thought where you are concerned. It is either you or no one else. Happy valentine.

71. You are my only chance at happiness. I do not say this out of fear to try others but after so many other trials. Happy valentine my one and only.

72. If I have ever made you believe you do not mean as much as I mean to you. I am deeply sorry and I promise to do better as from today. Happy valentine.

73. I am so glad that we have the blessing of our parents, friends and families. Not that anything was going to stop me from loving you though. Happy valentine.

74. You are the king of my heart and the teacher that I always look forward to learning from. Happy valentine.

75. You are so much more to me than I can ever describe. You mean too much to me for words to sum up. Happy valentine.

76. I thank my stars daily that you did not get tired of waiting for my answer. I was taking so long but you did not waver. Thanks and happy valentine.

77. At a tender age, I had already designed the kind of relationship I wanted. Never in my dream did this cross my mind. You are more than a dream come true. Happy valentine.

78. I am lucky to have found both a lover and a friend in just one personality, happy valentine.

79. I will always come to you for everything. I hope you have braced up for many years of hearing me complain, celebrate and do all the other things. Happy valentine.

80. I felt a connection when I first watched you perform and I was glued to a spot as I felt you connect with my soul too. The rest is happily ever after that we have been carefully unfolding. Happy valentine.

81. We have been through a lot of moments and all these moments have only thought me that I never want to spend any moment apart from you. Happy valentine.

82. Whenever things like ego or environment do not respect us enough to let us enjoy the relationship we deserve, I hope we are bold enough to assume our positions and send them packing. Happy valentine.

83. I am yet to experience another feeling that makes me want to shout on the roof top and declare things to the world. Happy valentine.

84. It is a perfect valentine celebration with you as my lover and friend. I love you forever.

85. The storm looming does not have the idea what strong force we are. As long as we are together, there is no reason to fear. Enjoy your valentine.

86. I hope you are thinking of me on this significant day and planning a romantic getaway! Happy valentine.

87. You have been the one constantly making efforts to ensure this relationship work. This is to show how grateful I am and to give you my word that I will now start and never stop to make this relationship the best. Happy valentine.

88. You are an angel in human form sent to the world to make everything more appealing and amazing for me. Happy valentine angel.

89. You are the joy of my life and a reason to be happy daily. Happy valentine.

90. No matter where you are on this day, be informed that I love you and I will be loving you until eons. Happy valentine.

91. I looked at my diary and saw moments of us fill every page. I do not want the rest of the pages to be written without you in it. Happy valentine sunshine!

92. One thing I am sure I did not choose wrong or get wrong in life is you. Happy valentine to the one that makes everything right.

93. If I had a chance to name you, I would name you after your smile and ensure the world gets to meet you and your precious smile. Happy valentine.

94. I do not know where I would be in the next five years. But, I hope that I am still very much in your heart and your arms still cuddle me at night. Happy valentine.

95. My favorite mornings are the ones I get to share a cup of coffee with you and my favorite days are days that bring you close to me. Happy valentine.

96. I just thought of what I would rather be doing right now than texting you and it is undoubtedly kissing you and whispering all the romantic stuff I have stuck up in my head. Happy valentine though.

97. Every time I dream about you, I ensure I think how the dream makes me feel and though every dream is different, all make me so happy! Happy valentine.

98. I have been thinking of the perfect words to convey how I feel, and so many words that have been cussing out have just been sounding so lame. Just forgive my lack of prowess and know that I love you. Happy valentine.

99. It has been so good having you in my corner as an advisor, friend and lover and though I celebrate you daily, I see nothing wrong in joining the world on this special day to declare my heartfelt love for you.

100. Nothing feels right when you are absent and everything feels all right when you are present. Happy valentine love.

101. Although it is a long haul, I still feel you as though you were right beside me. Actually, you are right inside my soul. Happy valentine sweet.

102. Just in case you were wondering where I have been I have been thinking and planning to give you the best valentine of your life. I hope you love what I have planned. Happy valentine.

Valentine may not be your greatest love. If your boyfriend is, trust these messages to put a smile on his face.

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