Most Romantic ValentineE28099s Day Sms for Girlfriend

2024 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Sms for Girlfriend

The beauty of Valentine’s day should firstly be conveyed with a message of love to the one who has made celebrating such a day a goal.

Before setting the dinner table and ordering colourful flowers with enchanting scents to keep her blushing all day long, just before taking her to the shopping mall or even wonderland, you must not forget the place of a beautiful romantic text on such a day as Valentine’s.

If you wish to have her thinking of you as a great boyfriend material and you want her to know you’re just the best there could be for her, then, any of these romantic sms should be your choice.

So, make a quick selection from these Valentine’s Day SMS for Girlfriend and go make her Valentine’s day of 2024 the most memorable one she ever had.

Valentine Day Sms Messages for Your Girlfriend

Romantic valentine day messages for her. Sweet valentine day sms for my girlfriend.

1. To my true love and val; forever is where I dream to be with you. Take my kiss and have the whole of my lips forever.

2. I celebrate our love today but most importantly, I’ll live it every day with you, my darling.

3. Love has taken away my pain and has given me many reasons to smile. You’re my love, my darling.

4. I promise to love you till the end. It is my commitment to you every day and night. Happy Valentine’s day, love.

5. On this special day, we rebuild our love on the slab of selflessness and commitment. Forever has just began. I love you, sweetie.

6. Many more Valentine’s days shall we celebrate in love and in peace.

7. Let’s make love through the night. And make promises under the moonlight. Happy val, baby.

9. You are the embodiment of what Valentine’s day means to me. With my hand on my chest, I say, you own my heart forever.

10. With gifts in our hands and kisses dripping from our lips, let’s celebrate this spectacular day of love, my darling.

11. Today certainly will come and go, but my love for you will never diminish with time. Happy val, my love.

12. Let’s ignite the candle of love as we smile at each other through the night, sitting opposite our eyes. Happy val, baby.

13. Some days are unique. This too is one of such. And it’s all because of you, my love.

14. Tell me what you want and I’ll be sure to provide cause today is Valentine’s day, my love.

15. Let’s celebrate our love with the hope which Saint Valentine brings. I’ll always love you, my darling.

16. I look forward to the day we’ll celebrate Valentine’s day in the garden of our love with our kids in the background. How I await the day.

17. St. Valentine showed us what he did for love but I am willing to show you how far I can go for you like the saint.

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18. Because love found me in your arms, it is where I know to be home. Happy Valentine’s day, my love.

19. Put on the red dress to represent the fragrance of our love, I’ll put on the white to represent its purity. Happy Valentine’s day, my darling.

20. I want to look into your eyes until I’m old. It will be my pleasure as far as I live. Happy val, my darling.

21. Let’s smell the fragrance of love on our bodies. Let’s ooze calmness and passion as we hold hands. Happy Valentine’s day, my darling.

22. You’re not just my girlfriend but the woman I hope to share every Valentine’s day with for the rest of my life.

23. Let’s make the evening of this special day a blissful one. Let’s breathe in the freshness of this day with the love we both share. Happy Valentine’s day, love.

24. The joy today brings is one like the day I found you. Happy Valentine’s day, love.

25. The stars in the sky sing the song of our love and dance to the tune which our hearts sing without aching. Happy Valentine’s day, baby.

26. Just as Saint Valentine, I’ll be sure to fight for you for the rest of my days, my love.

27. This day is about you and I. And we are about love. Happy Valentine’s day, sweetness.

28. The beautiful flowers with lovely scents and the romantic dinners with relishing dishes cannot quantify my love for you ever. But this day, I’ll do my best to show you how much you mean to me. Happy Valentine’s day, my darling.

29. Your love is renewed in my heart as we exchange our messages of love whilst celebrating this day, my baby.

30. My heart will love you forever, but I hope your heart can take the quantity of this love! Happy Valentine’s day, my darling.

31. Every kiss with you tastes better by the day. And all the caresses of your palm feel better on Valentine’s day, my darling.

32. The eagles cannot steal your love from my heart. The stormy rage cannot change how I feel for you. This is my confession to you on this day, my love.

33. I’ll be my best for you on Valentine’s day and the days to come.

34. Love is better tasted on your lips, it is better felt in the company of your heart and aptly demonstrated by us on Valentine’s day.

35. I’ll make every day special like Valentine’s. I’ll make sacrifices for you till we grow old.

36. In the core of my heart, there is an unquenchable heap of fire burning for you always. Happy Valentine’s day, love.

37. I’ll show you how much I care every day, but when it’s Valentine’s day, I’ll triple my feelings for you. Happy val, my darling.

38. You bring out the beauty of my heart and the sweetness of my lips. I’m forever yours, my darling. Happy Valentine’s, day.

39. You’ve given meaning to this popular day like you give beat to my heart every second. Happy Valentine’s day, love.

40. You’ve turned my world around. Now I know love is the greatest of all. Let me be your date on this Valentine’s day and forever more.

41. I’ll win your heart every day. And I’ll show you how far I’m willing to go for love on the days we celebrate valentine.

42. Let’s dance to the tune of our love on this special day. Let the moon and the stars be our guest as we show what Valentine’s day means to us.

43. When I look into the future, I see you and I’m living the dream of our love. Happy Valentine’s day, sweetheart.

44. I’ve counted the days leading to this special day cause it is my desire to make you feel like the queen of my heart that you are. Happy Valentine’s day, love.

45. I’ll take a clue from the hero of love. And I’ll show you what it means until forever begins. Happy val, my love.

46. Joy rings in my heart knowing that you’re the reason for the val. Be my date, my darling.

47. No one can stop our love. And nothing can break my promises to you, I confess.

48. Even if it takes my breath away, I’ll prove my love for you unfailingly. Happy Valentine’s day, my darling.

49. I’ll take you to the moon and back cause it’s Valentine’s day. I’ll show you how much I care because I love you.

50. Live with me like the stars. Let me fight for you as Valentine did for love.

51. My love for you isn’t mere talk, but of sacrifices like Valentine’s.

52. I promise to keep our love life as romantic as the Valentine’s day.

53. Today is all about you and I. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, thence.

54. From here to the moon and back, my heart will always be yours, but no one else.

55. This special day reminds me of a special someone like you. My love belongs to you.

56. Where have I fallen short of your love? Let me know, so I can make an everlasting amendment.

57. I want to serve you, my love. I want to create beautiful memories with you, today.

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58. I’ll turn the little spark between us into a huge fire on this Valentine’s day.

59. Fly on my wings and let’s make heaven together. I love you.

60. You’re my val and I am your everlasting love.

61. There’s so much I want to say to you, but 24hours just ain’t enough. Please, spare me a lifetime.

62. I’ll give you kisses like never before. I’ll spoil you silly like a damsel who has the world at her feet. It’s my duty to make you feel special on this very special day.

63. Let the aura of the season, fan the ember of your heart. I love you much more than the Valentine of Rome cherished love.

64. I’ll fight for our love just as Saint Valentine fought for love.

65. We’re here today because love brought us together. May this love be for a lifetime.

66. I’m in love with you and for the rest of my life, I’ll prove it to you.

67. The bottom of my heart is filled with rose petals with your name inscribed on them. My heart belongs to you.

68. Love looks good on you than anything else, my love. You’re my val today and forevermore.

69. You gave Valentine’s day a new meaning. Making me see the essence of love every day.

70. I love you even when I’m angry with you. That sweety is true love.

71. I do not mind looking like a fool in love when it comes to you.

72. I’ll risk everything for your sake even my fragile heart. I love you, babe.

73. I’ll tickle your invisible rib just to see your teary laughter. Be my val, sweety.

74. Of all the love in the world, our love is the greatest. Let’s celebrate that today.

75. As we step out together celebrating our love, I’ll never forget that you’re the reason behind my smile.

76. Just before I met you, I thought, I’d lost in the game of love not until, I found you and I realized that I never lost anything tangible hitherto, but found something more worthy.

77. I’ll give you my affection and make your dream mine. This is the promise of my love for you.

78. Let this message be a symbol of my love for you. Let it remind you of me in the most beautiful way possible.

79. There was never a day I loved you not. But today, I love you more.

80. When you loved me back, I felt complete and whole. Never felt so fulfilled as this.

81. I thank my stars for bringing you to me and I thank my heart for loving you relentlessly.

82. You’ve given me a big reason to honour today as Valentine’s day. Thank you, my love

83. My love can go to hell and back for you. I’m here to love you come what may.

84. My heart is on fire just as your eyes are. Love has made us so smoking hot.

85. Without a reason, I’ll still love and celebrate you today, beautiful.

86. No matter how much you age, our love will always be young in each other’s heart.

87. The stars are my witness that there’s no woman I’ll rather be with, but you.

88. If I should turn back the hands of time, I’d have found you earlier than now. I love you.

89. On this Valentine’s day, I promise you a love to last.

90. Every melody in my heart today belongs to you. How I love you, my love.

91. If I don’t love you, I wouldn’t be happy, for you’re my happiness.

92. If you’re my cross, I’m willing to carry you and if you’re a blessing to me, I’m thankful. I love you, be it as it may.

93. Steadily, I won your heart over. Steadily, we’ll make it to a happy ever after.

94. You’re the salt of my life. My life is sour without you. I love you, babe.

95. No matter how hard it is loving you, I’ll never give up on you and no matter how easy it is loving you, I’ll never take you for granted.

96. When you stepped foot into my heart, my whole world knew peace and joy again.

97. My love for you is centered on commitment, faithfulness, love and peace.

98. I’ll put you in the centre of my world, cause you deserve my rapt attention.

99. Baby, let me treat you like the Queen of Valentine today and till forevermore.

100. The one thing I got right in my life is loving you. You’re my val.

Valentine’s day surely would feel more exciting with your choice of SMS from this collection.

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