7 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes for 2024

Ever thought of having a friend for a lifetime? Well, it’s possible. Human relations needs great work to stand firm even in trying times.

If you’re opportuned to have enjoyed a friendship lasting 7 years and even more, then you have to start showing to them how much you really value and care for the friendship.

Without doubt, you will surely enjoy these 7 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes for 2024 and of course, make your selections from them.

Saying nice things out of the blue is like a little love tap from afar. Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated. So, be that bestie that makes your bestie feel both.

Happy 7th Friendship Anniversary for Best Friends

Cute happy 7th friendship anniversary quotes for my best friends.

1. You are the special face for this friendship. Thanks for being my friend this 7 great years.

2. It’s been fun and jolly all the way, I can’t believe we’ve been together for 7 years now.

3. You are a great human of awesome character and personality. Thanks for making our 7 years journey a unique one.

4. This is a toast to 7 years and more of unique togetherness. Happy friendship to us!

5. All the memories we share are so fresh that it’s hard to imagine if it’s 7 years already.

6. You are my most prized treasure that I’ve hoarded for 7 years.

7. The story of our friendship will always be an inspiration. It’s 7 years already and we’ll count more.

8. Memories of us together are as endless as time. Thanks for being my friend with the large heart.

9. Our fights are the best part of my memories. For those experiences I love you, my friend.

10. For years now, you’ve always told me what no one wants to. I appreciate this friendship, always.

11. We share a special bonding, you’ve been my best human for 7 years and you’ll always be.

12. You are one of the nicest things I’ve got in this world. Thanks for staying with me all these years.

13. Friendship with you has taught me that I can be the best of what I want to be.

14. You’ve known and being with me even at my lowest. Thanks for being my year-long friend.

15. You’ve known me and love me just the way I am. Cheers to our unique friendship of 7 years.

16. Even when it’s evident everyone’s gone out, you came right in and brought me sunshine and smiles. Thanks for this friendship.

17. You, my friend, know the song my heart loves most, you cheer me when I needed one.

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18. It’s been a whole 7 years of rollers and coasters. Thanks for your constant companionship.

19. You don’t want to know what these 7 years with you has taught me. I love you, my dear friend.

20. You are as clear as the day in my memories. Thanks for making this seven years awesome so far.

21. This friendship us like business to me, it’s never gonna fail… Thanks for the seven great years so far.

22. You are my greatest connection to life. Cheers to 7 years, and a lifetime of friendship.

23. You have always been the key to my sanity in this insane world. Thanks for the beautiful journey of 7 years together.

24. Thanks for letting me walk this road with you, cheers to 7 years and a very bright future for us.

25. Your hugs are always touching deep into my soul, you are so awesome.

26. Our joy, the hopes, the laughter, our tears are all what makes us unique. It’s been 7byears already but it feels like yesterday.

27. You remember all those jokes we shared, they still come so fresh to me.

28. Your effect on me is like a boomerang, it hits me hard.

29. You contributed so much to my growth that I’m positive I’d have done nothing without you being my friend.

30. My problems are not so bad when I share them with you. You are the best, my friend.

31. You make my world go round always. Thanks for all those years.

32. Thanks for having my back even when I’m cracked.

33. These years have been awesome having you with me. Thanks for the sweet friendship.

34. Our friendship has bonded more than family over the years. I love you dearly.

35. Isn’t it surprising how I find it easy to share thoughts with you over the years? You’re simply amazing my dear friend.

36. You laugh at my jokes and even my stupidity. You’re so dear to me.

37. Your ability to make problems soft and sorted marvels me.

38. These 7 years have done nothing but strengthened our bond and friendship.

39. You are my single friend, my world over these 7 years.

40. I can boldly associate my growth with this friendship. Thanks for the support over the years.

41. You touch my heart every time, thanks for staying with me these 7 years.

42. You’re a true friend, the one whose hands touches my heart.

43. I may not be the best person, but you stuck with me these 7 years and that, in itself, is enough.

44. For defending me courageously these 7 years, you deserve a medal!

45. Your patience is quite commendable, it’s grown stronger over the years of knowing you.

46. All those adventures still linger on my memories.

47. Thanks for the justly advices all those years.

48. You are and have always been an awesome friend all these years.

49. It feels so good that we’ve been together 7 years already.

50. You are that friend who has always healed my mind over 7 years.

51. Your sincerity is commendable, this has kept us for 7 years.

52. The years have been good to us, cheers to a wonderful journey of 7 years.

53. You have always been my shield. Thanks, my awesome friend.

54. Our friendship is my shade in the sunshine of life, it’s been 7 years already.

55. I’ve never had any reason to be cautious with you. That’s the kind of person you are.

56. I’ve never for once regret giving you my confidence in these 7 years. Thanks for standing by me.

57. Over these years, you’ve proved to be my benevolent half. Thanks for being my friend.

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58. This friendship is special, it’s being my sunshine in gloomy days.

59. It’s awesome to know that despite constant use, our fabric of friendship has never worn out over for 7 years and more!

60. You are the fabric that I wear with pride.

61. Your smiling face has constantly strengthened me.

62. Thanks for sharing my madness and all for 7 years and more.

63. We’ve had our money by in all, you’ve made this 7 years awesome.

64. Thanks for walking with me for 7 years and more.

65. Side by side we’ve walked this amazing journey of more than 7 years.

66. Hey stranger! You have been an amazing human for 7 years already.

67. You make our madness sync. Cheers to 7 years of fun and craze.

68. You have carried me gently in your heart for these 7 years and I am so grateful.

69. You are a true friend, born and not made.

70. What would have happened if I hadn’t chosen you as a friend?

71. You make me enjoy life with this friendship.

72. Thank God I fell in like with you 7 years ago.

73. This friendship has been the oil and water my life needs.

74. Close and dear to my heart, that’s what you’ve been for 7 years and more.

75. Thanks for improving my life with your company, you’ve been terrific for 7 years and more.

76. You, my friend, improves my happiness.

77. We’ve shared joys and grief, we’ve been through thick and thin, cheers to us for a great friendship over the years.

78. With you, I was able to move my miseries, thank you, my friend, for those wonderful years.

79. You are my sheltering tree, my friend.

80. We’ve always shared a soul as a friend, thanks for walking with me.

81. Your loyalty I’ll never take for granted, ever.

82. Thanks for the backup over the years.

83. You’ve added value to my survival over the years.

84. Silently, you help me up from anguish, you are an amazing friend.

85. The meaning of friendship starts with you and I. These year’s been awesome.

86. We’ve always shared everything, even the good and the bad. 7 years is just our beginning dear friend.

87. I love you, hammy friend, like myself.

88. Our friendship has s add bubbles to life.

89. Do you know it’s more than 7 years already? yes, you are an ideal friend.

90. Your support and loyalty is just overwhelming, thanks for the awesome years.

91. I am your shadow baby, it’s been 7 awesome years with you.

92. The comfort of this friendship I can never take for granted.

93. Thanks for not making me feel alone this 7 years.

94. Over the years, you are the only one I can afford to be stupid with.

95. You are my second and best self.

96. This life would be empty without your counsel and constant friendship.

97. Its 7 years already that I got you as my charming gardener who makes my soul blossom.

98. You offered your arm when life was slippery. Thank you my amazing half.

99. You are an excellent personality. The years have been fulfilling with you in it for me.

100. To my silly half, knowing and having you is the best.

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