A Wounded Heart Quotes

A Wounded Heart Quotes

A heart being wounded is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can go through. Whether you are the one who has been hurt or the one who has hurt another, heartbreak can be an emotionally painful experience that leaves us feeling vulnerable and alone.

A wounded heart has many scars from all of the pain it’s gone through in life. It has tried to heal itself over time but always seems to end up back where it started: broken and alone. It doesn’t know if there will ever be anyone out there for her who can truly love her for who she is and wouldn’t leave her at the first sign of trouble

If you want to heal your heart, you have to get in touch with it. You must feel the pain of your wounds and learn what it is that has wounded you. Only then can you begin the process of healing.

It’s not always easy to be honest about what wounds you, but if you don’t acknowledge them, they will haunt you forever. You might be able to ignore them for a time, but sooner or later they will emerge again and again, like a recurring dream. The only way out is acknowledging them and find out how you can be healed. If you are looking for a better understanding, a wounded heart quotes as below will enlighten you more.

A Wounded Heart Quotes

The only thing that can heal a wounded heart is time. When you are able to move on and heal, you will be the better for it. You can’t fix a broken heart, but you can learn how to love again.

1. The wounds of a broken heart don’t always heal. They can even get infected, but the infection can be treated and healed, too.

2. There are things to never say to someone with a broken heart. All they need is your love and support. A hurt heart is no reason to give up on love. Be brave and love again to live happily.

3. A heart that’s been broken can never be mended. But a heart that has been healed can and does.

4. When your heart’s open and you’re fighting for love, the power of love is all worth it. Love is what makes life worth living. That’s why we give it a second chance.

5. A cracked heart, a bruised soul and a broken soul cannot be fixed by any amount of money or material things. 

6. Heal your wounded heart. Discover how to love again. Find your true love. If you’re not patient, don’t get involved. You’ll just make things worse.

7. After a broken heart, it can be excruciating to trust someone again. You survived once, you’ll survive again. Make a new memory. Don’t give up on love.

8. It’s possible to recover. Time can heal even the most broken hearts, but we don’t get a second chance to build a mended relationship back up.

9. A wounded heart wants to be truly loved but the pains of the past would never allow the heart to heal.

10. No matter how hurt your heart may be, you can find love again. A wounded heart can move on; it takes time but definitely there is another chance at healing.

11. A heart that is broken can be mended… if you are brave enough to reach out and pick it up.

12. A wounded heart can heal, but you will never be able to repair the damage done if you stay stuck in that place.

13. When your heart is wounded, the hurt needs to be acknowledged. If ignored, the pain will remain suppressed and deep pockets of emotional decay will form.

14. Relationships are always worth a second chance. Give love without hesitation, without fear. To heal a wounded heart, love and understanding must be given a chance.

15.When you have a broken heart, it’s not always easy to pick up the pieces and move on. But don’t lose hope. The key to happiness lies in turning your scars into treasures, and the way to do that is through self-care.

16. When you’re hurting, you know it. When somebody else is hurting too, that’s when you know they care.

16. If you’re not patient, you probably shouldn’t try to be friends with a broken heart because trying is only going to cause more pain.

17. It’s possible to move on. A wounded heart can heal in time, but there will never be another chance to get the relationships back that were cultivated before the wound occurred.

18. To have an open mind and heart is the beginning of the path to love. To be hurt and to risk taking another chance on love is how you find love again. And if it does not work out, it is okay. You will just have to wait for the next chance at love.

19. The wounds of the heart will never be healed if it never allows itself to be loved. True love can heal every wound.

20. Sometimes love is all you need. Find the love that is hiding just out of reach. It takes a little courage and a whole iota of heart. Mend a broken heart quickly by giving comfort and love.

21. The only thing a wounded heart needs is time to heal, the rest will come naturally.

22. Caring for a wounded heart is so challenging! You deserve to be happy. You can always be in love again, no matter how wounded your heart may be.

23. He who hurts you loves you. The more pain you feel, the more it is that he loves you. Don’t let a wound fester. It’s not worth it.

24. It’s time to move on. You can’t trust him anymore. You may not be able to move on but you can close the door of the past and open the window of your future.

25. If you are not patient, do not relate with a wounded heart because you would only ending opening up more sores.

26. It’s simple. We make it easy for you to make smart business decisions fast.

27. Love heals everything if you allow it to. Give your heart to true love and let it heal, let it heal for you.

28. Healing a wounded heart takes time, but you can always fall in love again. If you are not patient, you will keep hurting yourself.

29. A Wounded Heart is someone who is hurting and doesn’t know it. They deserve our care and understanding.

20. When we’re wounded, we can’t see past our own pain and fear to the opportunity that lies ahead of us. And sometimes it feels like there is no way out of this dark place. But when we find God’s strength to forgive and forget, we can break free of our chains!

21. A broken heart is the result of a small decision. A small decision leads to a small life filled with big problems. A big life is made up of big decisions that lead to a big heart.

22. There’s no need to be ashamed of your heartbreak. It’s inevitable that you’ll fall in love again. Show love and support. Accept their feelings.

23. The One is real. He may be difficult to find, but he is out there somewhere. Look for him with all your heart and when you least expect it, you will find him.

24. Love is a complicated thing. Sometimes, you fall in love with the wrong person and it will not last forever. However, you need to stay strong and believe that there is always a chance for happiness after.

25. The process of healing a broken heart starts with a decision. The decision to start the healing process. It’s a simple step-by-step process to aid in the recovery of a bruised heart.

26. Making a wounded heart feel better could be a task but with care, understanding and patience, you could speed up the healing process.

27. Healing a wounded heart requires letting go. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and you will start to feel love. The right thing to do when someone has been hurt is to listen to their feelings and understand what they’re going through.

28. Love is not the only solution, but it is better than any other. All you need is one person to make you happy.

29. When you have an open heart, giving love a second chance is possible. And if hurts again, that’s okay too. There is always another chance to find love again.

30. Want to be truly loved? Allow your heart to heal. To understand the wounded person, you must first know that they have suffered multiple betrayals. So, don’t rush them.

39. No wound is permanent if we make efforts at healing it. A wounded heart can be healed if true love and understanding are given a chance.

40. Give someone a second chance and if you get hurt, move on. There is always another chance to find love. Forget the past. Move on. Move forward. The beauty of the future can only be found in the present.

41. It’s essential to take the time to move on. Relationships can be nurtured, but they need time to heal, so never try and rush them back.

42. It takes time and willingness to listen, but the reward is well worth it. Forgetting the injuries of the past is the first step in the restoration of the wounded heart.

43. You can help a wounded heart to heal. It requires care, understanding, and patience. A wound can heal but only if you give it the chance.

44. Forget the past; focus on the future, and you’ll heal. You have to take risks in life. After experiencing hurt, but with an open heart love can be found again.

45. You’re injured. You could rest or you could follow instructions and recover faster. A wounded heart needs time to heal. If you lack patience, do not engage in a relationship with a wounded heart because you’ll only be opening up more sores.

46. A wounded heart wants to be truly loved but the pains of the past would never allow the heart to heal. An open mind, open arms and a sexy mind will do well.

47. Your loved one broke your heart. They probably won’t ever be the same. But this doesn’t mean that you should give up on trust. A broken heart can only lead to stronger bonds and new relationships

48. A broken heart is no reason to give up on trust. With enough time, you can form new bonds, stronger than ever before.

49. The deepest wounds are those that take a long time to heal. For those wounds, we must be patient and set them free.

50. If you truly love someone and are willing to work at your relationship, you will never give up too soon. A broken heart is no reason to give up on love. Love again if you want to be happy.

51. Heal your hurt. Live a life of love. When someone hurts you, don’t let resentment and anger grow. Instead, acknowledge that your feelings are normal but strive to understand why the other person behaved in a certain way. With understanding comes forgiveness.

52. Don’t let a wounded heart stop you from healing yourself. There is only one life and you should live it. Let go of your emotions, so that you can move on to the next level of love.

53. Forgive your wrongdoers. Only then can you move on. If you love someone, don’t make him/her wait too long. Breakups are hard, but they’re easier if you know the right thing to say.

54. Plunge yourself into the waters of love. Allow your heart to be healed of the pains and scars of the past.

55. If you’re looking for love, don’t give up. Give it another shot and you might fall in love again. You may have to search a little bit longer than you did before, but not all hope is lost.

56. Don’t rush people who have suffered multiple betrayals. They need time to heal. If you’re impatient, don’t try to get close to a wounded heart — it will only cause further pain.

57. If that’s the case, then why are you here? If you feel like you can move on, then move on. If not, then don’t give up. A broken heart is no reason to give up on trust.

58. Love is something that should be celebrated. Don’t let a broken heart be the end of your love life. Being impatient with anyone suffering from emotional wounds would only lead to more pain.

59. You may be guilty, but if you want to keep on living you may have to move forward. So snap out of it. Put on your best outfit. Open up your heart and you’ll find new love.

60. If you were hurt in the past, learn to forgive. Let your heart grow, heal, and love again. Don’t tell someone with a broken heart to “cheer up” or “get over it”.

61. There are certain things you should never say when trying to console someone with a broken heart. All they need is your time and attention.

62. After a painful betrayal, you must take the time to heal. Don’t let the memory of your pain continue to hold you back. Choose love and trust again so you can live fully once more.

63. It will take time. But you can heal. There is hope. The best way to heal a broken heart is to understand that it happened, talk about it, and let go of the pain. Talk about the break-up, share your feelings with friends and family, try new things, focus on yourself, and eventually, you will move on.

64. We all know that the end of a relationship can be difficult, but when betrayal is involved, it can make matters even worse. It’s time to leave the past behind. Time to heal, and time to rebuild relationships, but we are done with yesterday.

65. Heartbreak can break you — it happens. But life is precious. It moves on, whether you want it to or not. You will have to erase them from your heart.

66. If you have a wounded heart, it wants to be loved. But past events have kept you from healing fully. What’s done is done. You can’t go back and change the past by crying about it.

67. You may have been hurt before, but you can always love again. Don’t rush the wounded. If you want to understand them, you must remember they have been hurt a lot in the past.

68. A broken heart can’t be mended, but time can heal all wounds. Don’t rush the healing process—take your time and you’ll soon be ready to love again.

69. Turn your broken heart into a scar. Become stronger and stop making the same mistakes again and again. At some point, you have to give up on trying to get over the past, and just throw in the towel.

70. You have the power to heal a hurting heart. Your compassion, understanding, and kindness will make all the difference. A wounded heart is no reason to give up on trust. Love again if you want to live happily.

71. The first step to getting over a breakup is to cut off all communication with your ex. The wounds that wounded people carry within themselves have been caused by multiple betrayals. Don’t rush them, give them time and space.

72. After a painful breakup, the wounds of the heart need to be cared for. If people feel like they’re wounded, it may be because someone else has hurt them. Think about how you would want to be treated and then treat others in the same way.

73. You must move on with your life, even though you may have been hurt in the past. Love is powerful, and we all deserve to be happy. You can always fall in love again.

74. You may never forgive or move on, don’t let the past hold you back. No wound is permanent. A wounded heart can be healed. No matter how wounded your heart may be, you can always be in love again.

75. Sometimes we get hurt. When things go wrong, it takes a lot to get back up. It takes courage. I want to remind you that you are enough and you can do it!

76. There is no room for sadness so long as we keep going. Don’t let pain slow you down. Love, overcome all else. To get your heart back in one piece, you need to take care of it and heal gradually. Don’t rush the process, just let it happen naturally.

77. You need to know the history of the betrayal. Don’t expect them to heal quickly. Emotional wounds take time to heal. You don’t need to say anything, just be there for the person, and let them know you’re.

78. Fight for what you believe. Don’t change yourself to suit the world; those who deserve your love will accept you for who you are. It’s simple—there is no guarantee. When you take a chance, you may find love or you may find hurt. It doesn’t matter which you find; they will both make the next chance better.

79. The pain will stop. You will move on and you can heal this broken heart. You can make a difference in how someone is feeling today. They only need to know you care and that you’re here for them.

80. Forgetting injuries from the past is the first step to healing your heart. The best way to heal a wounded heart is to be patient, show compassion, and understand what they’re going through.

81. Do not relate with a wounded heart if you are not patient. You will only end up opening more sores. It’s time to heal your heart. Wounded hearts can absolutely heal and find happiness again.

82. If you’ve experienced heartbreak and are ready to love again, take time to heal. Trust is precious! All change begins from within. And by being aware, you can help usher in new and positive energy. By making changes to your relationship with your partner, you can begin to heal the damage done. Start by looking at the core of where the pain lies and finding ways to address it.

83. A wounded heart is open to being loved and healed. If a person doesn’t confront their past, the present would remain miserable. Don’t dwell on the past. Take your heartbreak and use it as fuel.

84. At some point in your life, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that love is never simple. Toxic relationships can be hard to escape from, but you never know when you are going to face the same problem again.

85. The first rule of getting over someone is to cut all ties. The second rule is to stop checking up on them. True love and understanding can heal any wound. Never give up!

86. When you’ve wedged a knife between two people, there’s only one way to mend the wound. You have to pull the knife out and hope they can be sewn back together. Don’t pretend that you feel fine, don’t pretend like everything’s ok. Process your grief and learn to live in a new way.

87. No one wants to live in fear. When life seems unfair, remember that you are capable of more than you think, and can let go of all the pain you’ve experienced before. Hanging onto past hurts does nothing but poison the present. To have a future, you must let go of the past.

89. Love is a risk, but it’s better to open your heart again rather than never feel it at all. Never forget someone who has been very kind to you. It’s critical to be caring, understanding, and patient to help a wounded heart heal.

90. Understand that wounded people will sometimes lash out. Learn to be patient and speak to them calmly. Look beyond their anger, hurt, and pain, and in that moment of vulnerability, reach out with kindness and understanding.

91. You can’t undo the past, but you can always do better in the future. Don’t have a wounded heart. Otherwise, the pain will only increase. The wound is deep. To understand, know the betrayals were many. But don’t rush them!

92. It’s possible to fix what’s broken, but the initial relationships cannot be recreated. In order to understand the wounded person, you must learn how they were hurt and betrayed. They may not change overnight.

93. A broken heart is no reason to give up on trust. With just a little time, you can form new bonds stronger than ever before. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it and move on to live a better life.

94. When you love yourself, and truly trust that you deserve to be loved, then you can find happiness with someone who will treat you well in return. It’s time to stop dwelling on the past.

95. Dealing with the wounded is the most difficult job there is. You have to be very careful about what you say and how you say it. Understanding a hurt heart takes patience and time. If you are willing to be patient, then reach out and help someone who is hurting. Together, you can work through the pain.

96. Sometimes wounds heal with time, To heal a wounded heart, one has to be decisive. The pains of the past should not be prevented from healing

97. In life, giving love another chance is possible. You might get hurt again, but it’s okay. There is always another chance to find love again A wounded heart wants to be truly loved. The pains of the past forced the heart to hide, but your love is stronger than all the wounds of the past.

98. It’s possible to move on. Most wounds will heal in time. Trust the one you want to love. If you don’t, you’ll be unhappy forever.

99. A broken heart feels like it’s been shattered into a million pieces. It can be difficult to know what to say when someone you care about is hurting.

100. When emotions are raw and wounds are still fresh, the last thing you want to do is get too involved too quickly. Never say these things to someone with a broken heart. They need your love, support and kindness.

A wounded heart could be said to a bruised, wounded and torn in pieces by emotional pain and hurt. A wounded heart can be said as the utmost condition where someone has completely given up on things that cannot be returned to normal again.

The very first step in moving past the hurt and regaining trust in the other party is to stop deserving the kind of treatment we have received. That’s what a wounded heart quotes above hopes to achieve.

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