2024 Trending Apology Letters to Husband for Hurting Him

Fights happen, misunderstandings come up but the best way to reduce the continuous occurrence of fights and misunderstanding is to be able to drop your pride, admit your faults and apologize.

You can choose a variety of apology messages for your husband. Send him some messages and give love another chance.

I’m Sorry Messages for Husband from the Heart

Whenever your husband is hurting and you need to apologize to him, these apology love letters and messages to husband for hurting Him are all you need for a perfect apology. Say “I’m sorry” in a grand style.

As I type this message, it is as though my heart is about to leave its place in my rib cage. “ I miss you” is even an understatement. The last two days, I’d say are the longest days of my life. They seem to me like they will never end. Dear Husband, I am not sure I can do another day. I cannot do another day without your hug, your nice talking and your smile. I know I am the reason why those disappear but I am truly sorry. Please, forgive me and let me live again.

I thought you’d be the one to suffer for my actions; the harsh and thoughtless words I spit out on you in my anger. Now, I know I am very wrong. The resulting pain of my act is consuming me badly. My King, I truly do love you even though I couldn’t keep myself from hurting you. Find a place in your golden heart to forgive me. I am sorry.

Whenever I look at you, I am so sure you will never stay mad at me for long. This certainty is fueled by your cuteness. You are just too cute to stay mad for too long. Dear Husband, prove me right once more by overlooking my mistakes. I promise never to repeat them. Accept me back, my lover. Let’s go back to the times of laughter and hugs.

From the very first time I set my eyes on you, I know without a doubt you are the best for me. Baby, you know the above title is rightfully ours. However, if you stay mad for too long, some random couple will start claiming it on our behalf. Look favourably on me once more, beloved, and let’s live our title- the Best team in the world. I am genuinely sorry.

I do not need a seer to tell me that I am the guilty one. I have given my work more attention more than I do our relationship. It does not mean you do not mean much to me, baby. You mean the whole world to me, it is just that I haven’t found how best to balance thing. However, I promise to make the necessary adjustment. I know your heart is big and you’d forgive me. I look forward to our relationship prospering again.

I solemnly promise you today that I will be readily available for you. I will not be a soothing balm but I will be a painkiller also my Love. I will be there to erode your frown, wipe your tears and sweats and I will guard your heart with all that I am. I admit that the majority of your pain is caused by me and I am ready to take full responsibility for my actions. Forgive me, my King.

Sometimes, beautiful freeways are flawed by little potholes. Yes! The disappointment can be overwhelming because it was not expected, but that does not make the freeway less of a freeway. The little pothole can actually be fixed. Likewise, are my imperfections, I have decided to work on them. I am ready to work on me. Please, be considerate my love.

My kisses will be the next thing to your breath. I will daily give them in thousands; I will give them till my lips are engraved on your cheeks. I have wronged you in a great number of ways and my wrong keeps sapping out the life from our love. Now our relationship seems lifeless, but I promise to revive it back with undying love and kisses.

The most important and compulsory thing for me to do now is to seek your forgiveness. I am not doing it this time as a routine. I mean every word because they come right from the depth of my soul. I did not give my nagging attitude forethought until it became extremely offensive. I’m at your mercy, my King. Find a place in your magnanimous heart to pardon me.

Each time I offend you, I become scared if you’d be able to pull through and offer forgiveness. Yet, you always do so graciously. I’m at it again and all I pled for is a new chance; another opportunity. I am ready to go any length; to walk the dimension of the earth in order to take away the hurt I caused you. Pardon me, my heartbeat. Let me breathe easily again.

11. Your forgiveness will bring about an ignition in this room. Your sparkling beauty and my daunting fineness will produce nothing short of an ignition.

12. I just can’t seem to control myself being obsessed about you. You are the most handsome man in the world darling, forgive my attitude. I cherish you.

13. Fighting is part of the spice of marriage; however, forgiveness makes the spice appreciated. Owing to our love, we’d be fine again, please forgive me.

14. Your depressed state is driving me crazy, I sincerely do love you. My diamond, please forgive me, accept me and let get talking again.

15. You are what any woman would ever wish for, I’m so imperfect but my love for you is eternal. Pardon me, dear, I miss you.

16. I am on my knees right now dear. I can’t just believe that I actually caused someone as pleasant as you are pain. I am so sorry.

17. I will not exaggerate my steps in making things right between us. I admit my fault and I promise to take a step per day, I’d fill each step with abundant hugs and kisses.

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18. For always thinking I’m perfect and not giving reverence to your wisdom, I am deeply sorry.

19. One thing I will never ever regret is loving you. I can be sorry for a million things but for loving you, that’s impossible!

20. For my immature words and actions, I plead your forgiveness. This repentance is from the deepest part of my soul.

21. Look through my soul and see and sincerely sorry I am. Let me feel your tender forgiveness in my spirit. Actions speak louder than words. Do forgive me.

22. Every word I say to you in my high spirits are nothing short of truth but in my low spirit, I do not mean a bit of what I say.

23. My only desire is to be the joy in your life. I am so sorry for causing you pain; for making you feel terrible. I cherish you.

24. I have learnt whole lots of valuable lesson from my past mistakes. The most precious of it is the knowledge of being your wife.

25. I feel so embarrassed for treating the most precious person in my life unfairly. I showed my worst to the best human on earth. I am deeply sorry.

26. How I now regret my inability to refrain from getting uncontrollably mad. Dear Lover, I am so sorry, forgive me and end my sadness.

27. Dear Husband, I take absolute responsibility for my actions. I agree my guilt, it feels so weighty right now. Pardon me, dear.

28. It is as though my heart is rending because I have hurt the one I cherish. Forgive me, my love, I accept my fault.

29. I have erred, please forgive me. To err is man, your forgiveness will bring me absolute bliss.

30. I am sorry for using my tongue carelessly last night. Not only am I remorse but I have also learnt greatly from my errors

31. I cannot undo what I have ignorantly done. My love, look upon me with grace and save me from this depth of regret I am in. I love you

32. If only life permits a Ctrl Z button, then I’d graciously use it to correct my error. However, I promise to never hurt you again. Never again baby!

33. I know quite right that I have erred, and saying sorry won’t magically make you forget everything in a twinkle. However, I am ready to do all it takes to show you that I am genuinely sorry. Forgive me, my dear.

34. Wishing will not recreate our past but I promise to make a change that’d make your life and purpose blissful.

35. My shortcomings were like an obvious stain on our love. I feel so ashamed. My Love, please, help me by loving me all over.

36. Seeing you in this state breaks my heart. You are my most treasured possession. Forgive me for treating you otherwise. I am truly sorry

37. I yearn for the man I fell in love with. I am sorry for bringing out this part of you, do forgive me and make me smile again

38. The guilt of my misbehavior has so much consumed me that my tongue seems lost. Dear husband, can you find a place in your big heart to forgive me? I love you

39. Having you as my husband is indeed a blessing. My head is hung down because of I made you feel. Forgive me

40. Sometimes, the offender feels the pain more than the offended. Honey, please forgive me and make me free again.

41. The sadness in my heart is so overwhelming that I feel so unworthy of you. I have caused you pain and my heart is reaching out for our forgiveness, grant if again and you’d see the change indeed. I love you.

42. I do not mean all I did. I did them out of anger which is wrong; I wish I can turn back the hands of time. Please pardon me.

43. The last thing I ever imagined doing was hurting you. Please forgive me, I am truly sorry.

44. I thought I had all the wisdom needed for our marriage but I am wrong. However, I am learning. Please pardon my wrongs.

45. I am so sorry for disappointing you. You are my protector and confidant. I am so sorry for hurting you. I do not want to lose you.

46. I know all that has happened between us has affected your emotions. I can feel what you are passing through. Please, forgive me.

47. Yes! We often misunderstood each other but that has no in any way affected my love for you. Trust me, I feel more hurt by my imperfections. Please, don’t love me less.

48. This time, I will not see your forgiveness as a norm; rather I’d see it as an invaluable asset. That way, I won’t be able to think about hurting you.

49. I will not dwell on the past because it is gone. I choose to work wholeheartedly about our future, so it will be the very best.

50. My only desire is your hugs and kisses. After all, I am your better half. Please forgive me and let kisses and hugs start rolling in. *winks

51. Despite our many fights and feuds, our love has only become stronger. How awesome and undying is our love. Pardon me yet again my lover.

52. I am ready to use my love to erode of our past memory of anger, hurt and fights. I will do this wholeheartedly.

53. I am sorry for ignoring your wisdom, for always acting like I know it all and for proving myself.

54. You mean every good thing there is to me. I am sorry for hurting you, hubby. Please, forgive me.

55. My saying “sorry” to others often times lack genuineness but to you, it means everything.

56. I earnestly desire to be your major blessing. Pardon me for hurting you, I never intended to. I love you

57. You have given me the opportunity of a dutiful wife. Likewise, grant me the grace of access to your forgiveness one more time, My Beloved.

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58. I graciously do forgive you when you do things that hurt me. Beloved, it is your turn to reciprocate. Please, forgive my lies.

59. One of the things I regret most in life is trading your trust with my lies. The thought of my wicked act is so consuming, tears flow ceaselessly from my ears. Please forgive me.

60. The road of love relationships is usually sweet and bumpy. I am sorry for creating our bumps with my unreasonable acts. I love you.

61. The memories of my unfaithfulness linger. I believe your big heart will not allow me die of regret, seeing how pained I am by my mistakes.

62. I am sorry for my self-centered attitude. The fact remains that you are the centre of my joy.

63. I will rather die than to be unfaithful to you through infidelity. Though we have our petty quarrels, our love is way too strong to be collapsed by those.

64. I am ready to become everything and anything needed to fix our marriage until it becomes a place of bliss as it was before

65. My heart has been shattered to pieces because I hurt you so much. However, every piece of my heart carries your picture in it. Honey, look through my soul and see how sorry I am, draw me back into your love.

66. You are a strong man; one who never give up. This is my assurance that you will forgive me.

67. The thought of sharing you with some other women makes me cringe, this is the reason for my actions. Please, forgive me for acting so possessive.

68. It may take time, but I promise to patiently fix our marriage. I will also ensure nothing ever comes in between us again. Forgive me my love and be patient with me.

69. Quarrelling with you makes me realize how much I love you and cannot do without you. Right now, all I want is to hold you close to myself. I am sorry for hurting you.

70. Please, do not shut me out of your life. You are my oxygen. Do forgive me and let me live again.

71. Grant me this wish, even if it is the last; let’s have a dance. Then you will feel the weight of pain I am going through. Please forgive my mistakes.

72. I will begin by saying, ‘ I am sorry.’ I could feel the pain in your heart during our quarrel last night and that hurts me more.

73. fighting you has stolen my rest and sleep, I can’t take it anymore. I am sorry. Please, forgive me.

74. Even in the midst of our quarrels, it has become impossible for my heart to stop loving you. I kept mute all this while because you are still mad at me and I do not want another fight. Forgive me, my King, my love for you is unquenchable.

75. I take responsibility for our last fight. I love you so much and I am not ready to let you go. You are invaluable to me.

76. I hate arguments and petty fights but I have realized it is part of marriage. I am feeling guilty right now. Please, forgive me, let your love embrace me again. I miss you

77. I have not been submissive and I am truly sorry for that. I promise to become a better version of myself. I cherish you.

78. I feel terrible about last night and I am sorry. I am willing to make a change and fix our marriage.

79. I will never get tired of loving you; you are my life. Forgive my attitude last night, I have realized my mistakes and I am willing to change.

80. I am sorry for disappointing and making you sad. However, I am sure it is not over yet, do come home early tonight. Let me soak you in my love so much, every hurt will drown.

81. As simple as “Sorry” sounds, it is very magical. I am ready to use this magical word to erase all the hurt I have caused you. I love you and cannot do without you, my love.

82. When I reminisce on the spiteful words I said to you, I couldn’t believe myself. You do not deserve any of those words. I am so sorry my dear, please forgive me

83. You are such a wise man; you pick your words carefully. I wish I can be more like you. Forgive me for being so careless with my words. I love you.

84. Seeing you smile makes me ecstatic but when you frown, I feel as though the whole world is crashing on me. Forgive me, my Love. I long for your smile.

85. I miss your cuddle. Each night away from your embrace seems like hell. I’m sorry for my words and action. Please, forgive me.

86. I am sorry for acting up. I speak the truth from my heart, there is nothing going on between me and him. I promise to keep my distance. Please, forgive me.

87. Seeing you wear a frown to work this morning makes me sad. I caused it and I am deeply sorry. Please, do come home with your enchanting smile. I love you.

88. I feel so foolish right now for making assumptions. My heartbeat, please forgive me. I cherish you.

89. I bless God each day for the gift of you. I am human and imperfect, I accept the responsibility of my actions. My treasured, please pardon me.

90. I ought to have apologized before now but pride kept me back. Sometimes I feel like running to you and hugging you tightly, other times I feel like falling at your feet. I love you too much, please forgive my imperfections.

91. You are such a sweet and selfless soul. I am sorry for being the opposite. I promise to make a change.

92. You have been given to me to cherish and to honor. I am sorry for taking you for granted.

93. Knowing you is the best that has happened to me. Don’t walk away because of my imperfections. Forgive me and let’s work it out.

94. Now I know that you are the spice in my life. Everything seems tasteless since we stopped talking

95. I cherish every memory of you. Please, come back home and let’s create more. I am deeply sorry

96. Each night I stay up by the window waiting for you. This is driving me crazy. I swallow my pride, I am so sorry, I cannot wait to have you back.

97. I am sorry for letting my emotions get into the way. I now see the reasons with you. Do forgive me.

98. I remember when I made you laugh hard. I am so sorry for making you mad. Please, come home and let me fix it. I miss you.

99. Indeed you complete me and that is why I have not been myself since the fight. I am sorry, do come back home.

100. I miss our gist, laugh and hug. I miss you deeply. Please, forgive my naughtiness and let’s flow again.

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