Best Friends Prayers for 2023

Before you can qualify a friend to be best, he/she must have made a significant impact and may have played indelible and remarkable roles in your life. To reciprocate these impacts, one of the best things you can do is to bless them with heavenly wishes – which is prayer. Send them good wishes, and make them feel important and want to do more for you this year 2023. It is wise to forward prayer wishes to a good friend.

Praying and sending heartfelt prayers to your best friends is the best way to reach out to you them with positive declarations into their lives. As a good friend that you are, find it necessary and beneficial to send a powerful prayer wishes to your friend.

I’ve got you covered, don’t bother to think on what to write, just scroll down and pick one or two of these powerful best friends prayers and messages below.

Get plenty of them and forward them snappily to unlock their breakthrough this year. 

Prayers for Your Best of Friends

No matter what the occasion is, these powerful prayers are meant for that special friend of friends. Send any of them to him or her.

1. Dear best friend, one of my prayers for you is for heaven to be opened for your case and cause the shower of heaven upon your life and prospects every day of your life. May God bless you!

2. I value my precious friend and really appreciate their existence on earth and with me. My prayer is that you protect her and bless her course in life.

3. I pray for you, my dear friend, that God will crown your effort in life, and everything you lay your hands shall prosper. May you not know sorrow, struggles and heartbreak. I will always be there for you, trust me, friend.

4. God please, be mindful of my sweet friend, who treasure me. I want you to love him, and don’t be far away from him. Send helper to him and may he never lack anything good in his life now and forever.

5. As the Lord fought for the children of Israel and caused their enemies to destroy in their presence, I pray for you, my lovely buddy, that you will triumph over all your enemies in Jesus’ name.

6. I believe in God’s goodness and favour. I thereby pray for you, my one and only good friend, that you will compass about with the favour and goodness of the Lord. Always bask in God’s faithfulness.

7. I just want to say thank you, friend, for who you are and for what you do. I know you are going places, may line always fall in pleasant places for you. I love you dearly and want your success!

8. The Lord turn away the captivity of Zion, and they were like them that dream dreams. Because you represent a good persona in my life, and the love you have towards others, May the Lord reward you and turn your captivity.

9. You are just like an ornament of grace worn on my head. Your words are mellifluous and soothe me whenever I’m in distress. I hope you receive a bountiful blessing from God, for being a blessing to me. I love special Friend.

10. My prayer for your lovely Friend is that you will always rejoice, and celebrate. The remaining days of your life shall be enamoured with fulfilment.

11. Heavenly Father, watch over my Friend, do not allow the wicked hands to touch her. Always order her step and favour her course in Jesus name. Let her always rest in your perfect peace, and cause her to enjoy the fruits of her Labour.

12. May the Lord be merciful unto you friend, the Lord will be your shield and guide. I pray He keeps u oh Dear God!

14. I may not know all your heart cries, especially the deepest one, but I pray to God, who knows all the deepest things of the heart, that He well grants all that you want and yearn for in Jesus name. Be blessed dear Friend!

15. To my special friend, I pray for your comfort, everything that makes you Happy, to overtake you and cling to you till eternity in Jesus name.

16. My desire for the sweet friend God gave me is good health, holistic success, unlimited wealth, bountiful blessings and every good thing of life.

17. I thank God for having you, I mean the very best Friend that I have. I pray for your continual success, victory. I trust God’s protection of your life and family.

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18. Hear me, dearest friend, as from today, all the heritages that you have lost shall be restored in manifold ways in Jesus name. You shall have every reason to celebrate.

19. Lord, please I want you to bless my friend that I love so much. Fill her heart with your hope, immerse her in your abundant grace. And let her forever be fed with your truth and goodness.

20. Even as the Lord enlarged the coast of Jabez, I pray to a friend indeed that your territory will be enlarged, you will enjoy God’s abundance of grace and mercy. You will be kept from evil and no disaster will come near you.

21. I don’t have plenty of money I would have given you, but I know my God will supply all that your need according to his riches in Jesus name.

22. A true companion is worth more than having a reserve of gold. You worth to be favoured and honoured every day, good friend.

23. There is a friend that is more sticker than a family. You know you are that kind of friend, see you shining throughout this year and beyond!

24. I have known you for a little time but you have proven to me that it is not how far, but how well. Continue to be that true friend that you always be.

25. Show me your friend and I will tell you, who you are. I pray for you to be successful, for your success is my success.

26. I can see breakthrough all around you in all ramifications of life. Keep this vibe, friend!

27. The wonders of the day and night shall be your portion. Continue to glow as you grow day after day.

28. The joy of my friend is my strength. Your joys shall know no bounds friend.

29. God of provisions, will command His blessings upon you and your household.

30. Do not count what you fail to do, but count on what God has done for you. Doing this will bring to fulfilment everything you want. God will be your exceeding reward in Jesus name.

31. One faithful friend is preferred to thousands of fake friends. You ever remain faithful throughout our friendship, keep it up dear and sky is your starting point.

32. You are a friend indeed! I can never leave you, I promise you bestie. Just make sure you are doing great as you always do.

33. You are part of my life’s achievement. You will never lose your portion in the land of the living. Prosper more!

34. I could have missed the direction for my life, but you came through and everything was set. You deserve the best dear.

35. I could not have asked for a better friend, you represent every good thing in my life. I pray for your progress and joy in Jesus name.

36. You are included among the best things life offers me. I don’t pray to lose you, but to always see you triumphing!

37. It is a pleasure being your friend. The Lord who binds us together will not allow us to be separated. May you live to see good in the land of the living.

38. You remain the best friend ever, I wish you everlasting Joy, Blessings, and the Mercy of the God, Heaven and Earth shall celebrate your victory in Jesus name.

39. The promises of God shall be yes and amen in your life. It is certain you are a victor and your success is guaranteed.

40. Arise and shine friend, for the light of God is upon you and His glory has risen on you and you shall not abide in darkness.

41. The Amazing Grace of our Lord will be abundant upon you. Where your ability fails, God’s grace will suffice

42. You made me always believe the scripture that says two are better than one. You will not be found wanted and you will be favoured above estimation.

43. To the best friend ever, I pray you will be honoured and favoured. Keep being the best you have always been!

44. Your good character is second to none. Just be dancing and singing because God has answered your prayers.

45. May line continue to fall on pleasant places for you. I see you mounting the top, don’t doubt it my friend.

46. Good they say, attracts good. Your good nature will bring goodness upon you, dear. Just continue to do the good.

47. There are no more struggles for you, it is just for you to relax and see God doing the wonders for you dear.

48. Count your blessings name them one by one, you are part of the blessings dear. I pray you will not cease to be.

49. I am always happy seeing you growing older and higher. You will not stop growing up and forward in Jesus name.

50. The sun shall no more be your light by the day, nor the moon by night, God Himself shall be your light.

51. Were you crying before, cry no more. For God is delighted in you and His ceaseless joy shall be released on you my best friend.

52. Please God be kind and good to my friend, she has been good to me in diverse ways.

53. All the seasons of the year shall favour you and yield to your words and wishes.

54. The angel of protection shall surround themselves around you, all the time and anywhere.

55. Under the everlasting arms you will be kept throughout this year, dear friend.

56. The doors of opportunities in every corner shall be opened unto you. May you not miss your opportunities to greatness in Jesus name.

57. To God who knows the thoughts of the heart, grants all your heart cries and desires now and forever in Jesus name.

58. To a well-deserved friend, I pray that may there be a restoration to everything you have lost in Jesus name.

59. For the glory of the latter shall be greater than the former. Today’s blessings shall be greater than yesterday and Tomorrow’ blessings shall be greater today’s own for you in Jesus name.

60. May the Lord commands His angels to keep watching over you now and always in Jesus name.

61. What would I gain if I failed to pray for my super friend? I pray you to live longer and be stronger and better as the days go by.

62. My wish to the special person in my life, that you grow in grace, favour and love of God. Happy birthday sweet friend!

63. I have come across a lot of friends but you are exceptional. I will always pray for our friendship to be rooted more in love, selflessness and understanding.

64. Thanks for who you are, and what you have done. My wish for you always is that you will not have any reason to cry. I love your joy and smile (smile).

65. I wish you, my esteemed friend, to be blessed far above anything in this world.

65. May your life be replenished with the heavenly blessings. And you will live long to enjoy God’s favour and grace.

66. My prayer to you dear friend; is that your path should be filled with the light of God and you shall tread upon the high places of your enemies.

67. I pray for this worthy friend of mine, that she will never lack any good things in life. Abundance shall be your portion.

68. Disappointment, sorrow, failures shall never know your abode this year and beyond in Jesus name. Keep on rejoicing!

69. I can see that all your dreams are coming to fulfilment and you will have reason to testify in Jesus name.

70. I do count it a rare privilege to be your friend, I always thank God I didn’t forfeit it. May you never miss any privilege on your way to success in Jesus name.

71. You may not know the way forward, but God will lead and direct your path to the right direction for your life dear.

72. God will send angels in the form of men to help you, and when you look for the assistance you will not be stranded.

73. I pray to you my valuable friend, that the sweetest thing that you are longing and hoping for will come upon you.

74. I may not be able to reciprocate all your good deeds and labour of love, I pray the unlimited God will reward you.

75. The windows of heaven will be opened unto you and the blessings in it shall be unleashed on you. I wish you the best of all things in Jesus name.

76. Though we are not of the same blood you are more than a brother to me. I feel your impact, you will never lose your heritage in life.

77. I have come to realize that friendship is not a respecter of race or religion. You are chosen and loving dear, God loves you more.

78. This year and beyond, will not be the end of our friendship, we will continue this till we are no more. I love you my one and only best friend.

79. May the joy of the Lord overflows in your life. You will never cry. Remain blessed as you are always a blessing to me.

80. No more barrenness in your life, you will be fruitful in all your endeavours. Cheers to your new age, my adorable Friend!

81. To my irreplaceable Friend, I pray for your upliftment, greatness and success in all you lay your hands on.

82. My love for you dear friend can never be tainted, I promise to always be there for you. May God keep us together forever.

83. Many years have passed since we began our friendship, I want to thank you for being faithful. Wish you greatness in life.

84. I pray for your perfection in health, wealth and wisdom, friend. Keep on the good deeds.

85. Oh God of heaven, shower your unlimited blessings upon my wonderful friend in Jesus name.

86. Good friends are like precious gems. You are very rare dear, keep moving forward and shine your own light.

87. I may fail to remember some particular things at some point in life, but can’t fail to forget the moments we have made together, my friend. You will be remembered by God and your ways shall be illuminated by His light.

88. To the one and only best friend, always walk in knowledge and wisdom of God.

89. Your yokes are broken by the risen of the anointing in Jesus name. Your liberty is sure, happy are you, special friend!

90. One love that binds us together will be reinforced more and we never be separated from each other.

91. Dearest friend, can you just remember all the time will always smile at me, I wish you will continue to smile forever in Jesus name.

92. Birthday only comes yearly, this year birthday is more special, even as you are special. Happy birthday dear friend.

93. I pray your light will shine in obscurity, your life will be overflowed with eternal blessings. I will be your friend forever, my irreplaceable friend.

94. I pray for you dear Friend, that your days of mourning is expired. Go and possess all your possession in Jesus name.

95. This year and beyond, I pray all your needs shall be met. No difficulties on your way anymore. Be glad now and always.

96. Whatever your heart desires, whatever your pressing needs, God Almighty shall supply you all. Lovely friend, you are preferred in Jesus name.

97. My heartfelt wishes are numerous for you, my dear friend, Just keep basking in God’s grace and Mercy.

98. My sweet friend, I rejoice with you today on this your special day, may you celebrate more on earth in Jesus name.

99. A sweet friend can never be forgotten, always on mind dear friend. I wish you keep on progressing even as you add another year. Meritorious birthday dear.

100. This year shall be an unforgettable year for you. All your ways are perfected in Jesus name. Love you, my beloved friend.

Thank for reading through these powerful best friends prayers and messages. I hope you go ahead and send some to that your best friend and make him or her feel blessed and cared for.

Your satisfaction is my commitments and priorities. Don’t hesitate to send your feedback in the comment section.

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