Best Emotional Love Messages for Boyfriend from the Heart

2023 Best Emotional Love Messages for Boyfriend from the Heart

You can always go all emotional and loved up with your lover and boyfriend, with sweet words from the depth of your heart, tell him of your undying love for him.

Love is one thing that keeps us all going and makes the world beautiful. You cannot overemphasize or over express your love for your boyfriend.

The best 2023 emotional love messages have been compiled here for your boyfriend. Enjoy the read and be sure he’ll love them too.


Heart Touching Love Messages for Him from the Heart

Your boyfriend is so great and amazing, and you feel like showing him how much you love him through simple SMS? Then send him the following emotional love messages for boyfriend to complement your love for him.

1. Your arms are where I want to be forever and your heart is that precious gem I want to hold on to forever. I love you with the whole of my being!

2. They say nothing last forever but I want us to be that nothing that lasts forever coz it’s you and I stuck together for life! I love you from now till forever.

3. You’ve built yourself a castle in my heart, from the depth of my heart is where my love for you starts! I love you, honey.

4. You’re love defined, love expressed and love personified! My experience of love with you is the sweetest memory I’ll hold in my heart forever! I love you to the moon and back.

5. I do not trivialize your love, its the best anyone can get here in the world and even beyond and I’m sure I’m gonna spend my afterlife with you!. I love you, baby.

6. Every emotion that I feel starts and ends with you, you’re all that I need for life. I love you and my love for you is true!

7. You’re the world in which I live, the memory that keeps me alive and the thought that causes a spark in my heart, you’re that special person in my life! I love you forever.

8. In your arms is where I find love, no one brings me happiness the way you do, you’re that one person that my heart beats for! I love you unrepentantly.

9. When I say ‘I love you’, I mean every letter in that sentence, I can’t imagine a life without you, you’re the light that brightens my day and you’re the hope that I see each day, I love you more than you can imagine!

10. The thought of you make me come alive and when I’m with you, there’s nowhere else I’ll rather be! I love you, baby.

11. I feel so lucky to have you as the man of my dreams, have I ever told you that you’re the answer to my silent prayers? I love you more every passing day.

12. There was something that attracted me to you and that was love and with each passing day, my love for you is as true as ever! I love you, baby.

13. Not a day would pass without your love proving that we’re meant for each other, I see my future in your eyes and yours in mine and I say I’m stuck with you forever! It’s you and I together, forever.

14. The thought of you makes my heart leap for joy coz I know a man who will always hold my hands, look into my eyes and tell me how much he loves me. You’re the one I love forever.

15. You’re the one who soothes my mind, the one who gets my spirit lifted and you’re the true hope that I see! I love you just as ever.

16. The most unrealistic thing for me is when you’re not by my side, I can’t explain the feeling but its like when an important part of one’s body is missing! You’re that one important part of me I can’t do without.

17. This note can’t express all of my feelings to you but I just want it to be a reminder that someone loves you and cares about you! You’re my love for life!

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18. Distance is no match for our love, when you’re not here, just know that I’m seated beside you and that you’ll always be in my thought and me in yours! I love you.

19. You have made me complete with your manifold love, I have your love to glow with and your affection to set my heart on fire, if this is the love we read in books, I can say its a sweet feeling!

20. The thought of you give me chills and when you’re around me, I feel like the day is faster and that’s because I want to spend all of the days by your side! Your love is what makes me come alive.

21. This is my first time of love and the last if there’s anything like that! You’re the love I can’t put in words.

22. I’m in love with you, just you. I never knew what love feels like until I met you, your love makes all love poems and books weak because I feel love with you is sweeter than it’s been described! I love you, baby.

23. The feelings I have for you are those of affection, so pure and so true. Your acts of love compliments the words you say to me and I can’t seem to get over your love! I love you till eternity!

24. I love you so much and I won’t stop loving you even after I’ve achieved my goal to make you the happiest man on earth. You’re the one who makes the love the way I do!

25. I’ll love you till the end of time and that’s if there’s really an end. I just want to let you know that I’ll be the luckiest woman on earth since I have you to spend the rest of my life with!

26. My bond of love for you is strong and unbreakable, what I have for you is real and true and I promise to never trade your love for anything else! I love you with all my heart.

27. Your love changed me, made me come alive and made me feel like I’ve never felt before, I am so sure what I feel is true love! I love you, honey.

28. Your love melts my heart and makes me do the unimaginable, you have that magic in your eye, I can feel the love you have for me and I know the feeling is mutual! I love you, baby.

29. You’re the love of my life, the one I’m in love with and this didn’t happen just once coz I’m falling in love with you every passing day! I love you and words won’t express that.

30. The day you asked me to love you was the day you put us on the path of boundless joy and when I remember that day, I’m forever glad I didn’t resent coz since then my love for you keeps growing! I love you since then and even till forever.

31. You’re the first person I want to wake to every morning and the last person I want to share my goodnight with, with this on my mind, I know my world would be an amazing one, you’re the one who rules my world and I love you!

32. The day I loved you was the day I started living, to say the least, your love is what makes me want to see another day, I love you and I’ll keep loving you!

33. I’m waiting for the stars to come out at night to remind us the sparkling moments of our lives, but before then, let this note be an expression of my love to you!

34. You gave meaning to life and love, as well as you live, as well as you love, you’re the one who gives meaning to each day of my life! I can’t stop loving you.

35. Anytime I’m asked to pick a favorite moment of our lives, I find it so hard because all of my moments with you are my favorites and those moments are engrafted with gold on my heart!

36. I look forward to building more memories with you just like the ones we’ve built in times past, nothing can be compared with you laughing by my side! I love you, hon.

37. I love looking back to our memories, checking through my album to get a glimpse of those moments we’ve shared because its just as if they’re happening to me right there, you’re really the man I’ve always dreamt to have!

38. I’ll hold you close forever, with no space to come between us because I can’t imagine a world without you to share my days with! I love you now and always.

39. No matter how much of the days we’ve spent together, regardless of how old we get or how conspicuous the wrinkles on our faces, I’ll always be glad to have you by my side! I love you, regardless of the times.

40. We’ve swam into each other’s waves, the foundation for our love is strong and I believe that we can always fall back on that foundation of love when tornadoes threaten to engulf us! You’re my love forever.

41. You’re special and magical, you’ve done all there is to do to warm my heart and now the whole of my heart belongs to you! You’re that one special person in my life.

42. No amount of words can quantify my love for you, you’re the one who gives harmony to my heartbeat and tranquility to my soul, you’re the one my heart beats for!

43. The spark I felt the day I saw still lingers in my heart and anytime I hear you call my name, it’s like the heavens are rushing down, you’re the one I truly love!

44. As much as I wanted you the first day, as much as I forever want you, I want to be consumed in the affection of your love forever! I love you and everything about you.

45. All that you do reminds me of our first night, although I was shy but I remember every minute as so it were now because all you do shows the constant love you have for me! Your love is the truest feeling I ever feel.

46. Your love is one thing I’m so sure of, not even my heartbeat because I know if there’s a love from you, I still have my breath, your love is what keeps me alive!

47. Your show of love is breathtaking and the reality that I’ll always have you by my side makes me want to sustain my breath, you’re the one who adds meaning to love!

48. I want you to leave a trail of your soft kiss on my cheeks so that I can make do with that anytime you’re far away, your soft kiss is worth waking to every morning!

49. You’re my dream come true and not a single day would go by without your love expressed. You’re the true definition of a lover! I love you till eternity.

50. My soul became yours that first day you held my hand and to remember our first kiss is to remember when I made a vow to love you forever, and till now, that vow stands!

51. I’ll be there to remind you of all your magic when you seem to have forgotten them,you’re the best man I see and you’re the one I’m determined to stick with for the rest of my life!

52. All of my heartbreaks led me to you and I can say that I’m glad all that happened so I can have someone like you in my life! You’re the one I love forever.

53. We’re two imperfect people that formed a perfect match and as mysterious as that may seem, I don’t wanna think about it because I don’t even need an answer to the mystery of our love!

54. Before I met you, life was love concealed but since I met you life became love revealed and then I knew life could be filled with so much love and happiness! You’re the happiness I’ve always desired.

55. My happy days are the ones I’ve spent with you and what makes my heart merrier is the thought of having many more happy days with you forever! I love you.

56. I never believed the tales of love until I met you, now I know how Juliet felt about Romeo, you’re truly the Romeo in my love story! I love you forever.

57. I just want to lay in bed with you all day, just to look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you, but funny enough, that won’t still express my love for you!

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58. You provided the light to find my way and you gave me the last answer to my puzzle, since I met you, my life hasn’t been the same!

59. Foolish things are said to be done while you’re in love, but with, I wouldn’t mind being a fool for the rest of my life coz the love I have for you is unexplainable!

60. I’m head over heels in love with you and I keep falling in love with you every passing day! You’re the spark that makes each day worth living.

61. With your love in my heart, life becomes limitless, I can do anything to sustain this love, you’re the one I love!

62. I wish I had you beside me while growing up, I bet childhood would have been more fun and more adventurous, I love the thought of you!

63. Love, they say must be as much light as it is a flame, but with you, love is more the flames and the lights. You’re the one who lightens up my paths!

64. True love stories never have an end, it’s you in my heart forever and there won’t be an end to us!

65. I’m on fire for your love, burning in my affection for you, consumed is this reality is a woman who loves you forever!

66. With your love, nothing else matters since you’re all I need to live! I love you unrepentantly.

67. Love does not end at gazing at each other but start at looking in the same direction! Your thought is my thought forever!

68. Your love has freed me from the world of pain, now I know someone who will always be there to listen to me! I love you, hon.

69. Your love is the best gift life gave me and I’m not letting go of this gift of love coz this is all that matters for life! I love you, baby.

70. Love, they say is life and since I have your love, I’m persuaded of life, immeasurable!

71. True love is once in a lifetime, I’m glad I held on to mine when you came my way and the good news is that I’m not letting go!

72. I’ve found the best thing to hold on to life, what will turn the dark days into the brightest dawn, and that’s your love!

73. Life is all about love, nothing else matters to me apart from loving you and getting loved in return! I’ll love till I die.

74. You can only hold my hands for few to some minutes in a day but I’ve decided to hold you in my heart forever!

75. Your love isn’t ordinary, I hold it dear and I will never take it for granted because true love is rare to come by!

76. I’m glad the love I have now is far better than what I’ve always dreamt of, I never knew you would be the one I’ll love forever!

77. Love is as beautiful as life itself, there’s nothing as sweet as loving and being loved in return! You’re the one I’m head over heels in love with.

78. You’re my love forever, my life forever and my hope for years to come, you’re that bright side of the day I see daily!

79. I need you for my heart to beat and for my day to be complete, you just have to be a part of it!

80. Your love completes me, your love is what makes me perfect and your love is what makes me walk with my shoulders held up high, you’re the confidence I live in!

81. You made reality seem like a dream, I never knew love could be so refreshing, if this all a dream, I’d rather forever live in the dreamland!

82. Even if the stars go out or the day stop its dawn, my love for you will never end! I love you forever.

83. I’ve made my heart your abode, my heart is where your love will abide forever and I promise to never let go! I love you more than I can imagine.

84. Words will fail me to express my love for you but whenever you need anyone to love you, I’ll forever be by your side!

85. Every time I see you, I see myself falling in love with you over and over again! You’re the one I love forever.

86. You’re my Romeo and I’m your Juliet, if anyone cares to document our love story, I know it’ll be more pleasant than the ones we’ve read in books. True love is what I have for you!

87. You’re the song that I sing every day and the love that can never grow weak, I love you with each passing day!

88. You taught me what love is, if I ever get to define love to you, its because you deserve it, I love you to the moon and back.

89. You’re my first love and if I ever know what true love is, that’s because you taught me!

90. Our love is drawn into destiny, destiny brought us together and fate had knitted us together forever, I love you dear, even when the sun goes down.

91. True love is the most precious thing in life, I’m glad I got mine early enough and I’m not letting go forever.

92. I’m glad the same feeling exists between us both, our love isn’t one sided, there are only two times I want to be with you in life, it’s now and forever.

93. I’m lucky to find a rare gem like you, only your love is all I need to survive in this world!

94. Your love is that singular component that completes me and makes life worth living!. I love you, baby, forever!

95. People say you can’t see love, but I think I’ve found love in human and at the same time I can feel love in you, I love you, hon.

96. My love for you isn’t an option, that was all I need to make my life complete, only your love completes me!

97. Anytime you talk to me, my heart skips a beat, as mysterious as this is I love it because it’s breathtaking, I’m looking forward to more breathtaking moments with you!

98. True love is much more than physical attraction and lust, it is a feeling of two hearts beating as one and I’m glad my heart beats with yours!

99. You have the most beautiful soul, the most handsome face and the most intriguing touch, only you make me feel the way I do!

100. I’ve dreamt of you all my life, waited for you all day, I’m glad it didn’t take you long to get your love over to me as I was losing my breath because of it!

101. No one else in the world loves me as you do. I love you forever.

102. Eternity is what I want with you. I want nothing else. Love you, boyfriend.

103. My love, you are perfect in every way to me. I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you for loving me.

104. Who else in this world would love me like this? I love you big!

105. My love for you is more than I can ever say. From my heart, I love you.

106. You mean the world to me. You are my everything

107. My boyfriend and best friend, who am I without you? Thank you for staying through.

108. Hello love. I’m in love with you all over again!

109. Hello, perfect gentleman. You’re my best!

110. My first, best and only. I love you wholly. Love you unrepentantly.

111. Forever and ever, I’ll be where you are. I always want to love and be with you, always and forever.

112. Honey, you are my world!!!

113. My boyfriend, best friend, heartbeat… My everything you are!

114. I couldn’t have felt more loved and cherished with anyone else. I love you.

115. My love for you is more than words can say. You’re the reason I keep living. Love you loads.

116. I love you, boo. And I’ll give my all to love you forever.

117. Anytime and every time, you’ll be my choice and my best.

118. My honey and sweety, what is life without you? Nothing! Love you big!

119. I love you because love is you. Thanks for all you do.

120. With you by my side, I believe I am unstoppable! You’re the best, my darling boyfriend. Heavy loads of love.

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